Bea’s Daughter Enjoys what Mum Did

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Ellie called me on the Monday afternoon to thank me for a great weekend with Eileen and myself.. She said her only regret was that she hadn’t had more time with me on my own. She dropped the bombshell that she had had to admit to Bill, that she had ‘fooled around’ with Eileen as he had noticed her pussy was a bit swollen from all the traffic she had in it. I could imagine her grinning that sexy little grin when she said “Just as well he didn’t see my ass – it was really quite swollen.” She said she had told him that Eileen and she had a mutual attraction and she had slept with Eileen who had used a large strap on dildo with her but it was a ‘one off.’ He had found it a real turn on and they had had quite good sex.

When I asked her was her sex with Eileen a ‘one off’ she said she didn’t know. She said she found Eileen really sexy, not only because she had a fantastically feminine body but her whole attitude to sex, her confidence in dressing to show off her assets and the fact that Eileen wanted her. She had also enjoyed the physical sex especially with the both of us. But she said she hoped I could still organise a weekend away for just the two of us, if I still wanted her.

She went on to say she had thought that ‘stretching her limits’ over a weekend to experience something like her Mum had would ‘scratch an itch’ and she could return to her normal life but rather than that happening she had met two wonderful people and wanted to experience more.

She had found that she liked the excitement of dressing sexy and seeing people wanting her, the sex with us had been brilliant and getting cock from young guys had also been pretty good, and quite frankly ‘vanilla sex’ with Bill didn’t interest her any more. And I could imagine her grinning she said, “And my ass has been well and truly ‘opened up’ and like with Mum, you can have my rear whenever you want!”

I said I was surprised she had let both young guys sodomise her and she said, “I hadn’t intend to, as I wanted you to feel my ass was special for you but when the guy I was with heard his mate buggering Eileen he wasn’t going to take no for an answer.”

She went on to say the after Duncan, the guy Eileen was with, had given Eileen a few very noisy climaxes Ellie had been lying relaxing with Tim, the guy she was with, after he had just had her doggy when she heard Eileen’s guy ask could he fuck her in her big ass. Ellie’s bloke had tried her anus but she had persuaded him to do her doggy instead but he started to initiate a bit of ass play when they heard Eileen tell her guy, he could have her bum but she liked to be tongued first.

Ellie’s guy got really turned on when he heard Eileen moan as Duncan tongued her ass before she asked him to fuck her ass hard and Ellie eventually gave in to his demands. He hadn’t a particularly big cock and it wasn’t unpleasant. But she had thought the night was over when they were having a drink but Eileen’s guy, Duncan had suggested swopping partners as Tim had raved about Eileen’s big ass, and to her surprise Eileen was really up for it. So they had swopped partners and her ass was taken again by Duncan. She thought afterwards the two guys had some story to tell their mates – each having sodomised two mature women in one night!

I said I could probably manage a long weekend in a fortnight’s time as I had to do a magazine review of a northern hotel and she could assist. I knew Eileen was away again on an assignment in London – I later found out that part of this was getting shagged by our boss!

I suggested I pick Ellie up about 8.00 am on the Friday morning so we could get most of the work done by Saturday morning and have the rest of the weekend to ourselves.

She looked cool, professional and sexy when I picked her up in tight jeans, over the knee boots, white tee shirt and short leather jacket. She had, as I had asked brought her photographic equipment with her.

I had briefed her on the assignment in that she could co-ordinate existing photos and material including menus, history and previous reviews, and take internal photos, food photos etc while I did externals and looked after things to do in the estate etc. We were given a warm welcome by James and Amelia, the mid 40’s owner/managers. I was to work with James and Ellie with Amelia and we could finish off what we needed over dinner.

Amelia showed us to our rooms. Ellie’s was pretty and feminine while mine was more of a suite with a large four poster bed.

We had a busy day and met about 5.00 to see what still needed to be done. James suggested dinner about 8.00pm so Ellie and I finished off our discussions about 7.00 to get ready.

I was having a drink in the bar when I heard James say, “You certainly scrub up well.” As Ellie came into the bar. She looked stunning. She had her hair gelled – obviously Eileen’s influence and quite spectacular heavily made up eyes, dark maroon lipstick and nail polish to match but what was most stunning was her dress. I thought she almanbahis might have dressed to show off her long legs with maybe a bit of cleavage on display. But she was wearing a simple black high necked mid calf jersey dress with a simple gold chain. It was classy, sophisticated and totally sculpted to her slim figure. The thin clinging material left little to the imagination but in a very classy way. The material clung round her high riding firm breasts and displayed a bit of nipple, to her flat stomach and her long slim thighs. And from the rear clung to her pert buttocks totally emphasising her hutting rear and the deep crevice between her shapely buttocks.

Amelia also complimented Ellie on her dress and admired the only other bit of jewellery she was wearing other than her wedding ring – the sapphire ring I had bought her when she first gave me her ass. Ellie grinned and replied to Amelia, “The ring is my favourite bit of jewellery, it was given to me by a very special person on a very special occasion.”

We had a very pleasant dinner with some very good wine and brandy to follow and basically sketched out for them the basis of the article. Ellie not only looked stunning but was smart, knowledgeable and amusing. About 11.45 Ellie excused herself saying we had quite a bit tomorrow and she wanted to get things in order. I was going to follow her up but James pressed another cigar and brandy on me. I smiled when Amelia asked had I worked with Ellie long and I said this was our first assignment together. She smiled and said she was surprised as we appeared to get in so well.

When I got up, I was surprised to find Ellie in my room and still in the dress. When I said she had looked absolutely stunning she grinned and said, “I thought you might like to unwrap me.”

As I suspected, as we kissed there was no evidence of a suspender belt and when the dress came off, she was wearing only black lace topped holdups.

We went to bed and we had quite a relaxed fuck we me eating her pussy, her sucking my cock before I went between her thighs and had long, luxurious session of lovemaking with lots of fondling and kissing. I brought her off a couple of time before I spunked long deep and hard in her. As I lay in her she murmured, “That was the best ever you made love to me like you meant it.”

I said, “I did, you were wonderful tonight, you looked fantastically classy, and you were brilliant at dinner.”

Grinning she said, “Well I knew I was going to be fucked in a four poster! But I suppose you now want a bit of hotter sex.”

And reaching over to the bedside table she took the tube of lube from her handbag. And as she licked and kissed my balls and cock to give me another erection she suggested I lube her rear for the ‘next course’.

Grinning she asked, “Spoons or doggy position?”

I suggested she get up and bend over as I had been admiring her ass all night and would have loved to have pushed her skirt up to have it.

The recent traffic she had in her ass had certainly not only ‘opened her up’ but also made her more relaxed about taking it up her pretty pert ass. She was still wonderfully tight but could now take a lot harder buggering and I did ride her hard for about 10-15 minutes before spunking in her bowels.

As she fell forward on the bed with me still embedded in her rear she murmured, “I’m really glad I can now give you whatever you want sexually – I hope you think the ring was a good investment.”

Whether it was the sex, old age or the amount of drink we had but we had a deep sleep and Amelia had to knock us up for breakfast.

After breakfast as we were leaving Amelia called Ellie to one side and whispered something, “I noticed your bed wasn’t slept in, I thought you might be a couple as you seem so together on everything, next time we will give you just the one room.”

On the way to our next destination which I had kept a surprise, Ellie snuggled up against me in the car and told me what Amelia had said, she murmured, “We are really good together, aren’t we?”

When I said we were she murmured, “It’s not just the sex although that is good, especially with you, but I just love being with you. I find it hard going home.”

To change the subject I told her where we were going – to a cottage near the one Bea had gone to with Ed, Bill and I. I think she was pleased when I said, “And apart from going to the pub for something to eat we will be alone all weekend.”

She murmured,” That sounds like heaven.”

When we arrived at a group of three cottages up a bit of a track I think she was a bit disappointed to see that there was a vehicle at one of them but no-one about. So we unpacked the car and I suggested we would take a walk up to the pool where she had seen her Mum photographed with us. Although it was a warm Autumnal day, I said I wasn’t suggesting skinny dipping.

As we approached the bend in the track leading to the pool I was surprised to hear voices and as we almanbahis yeni giriş came in site of the pool we saw three young guys messing about in the water. They called out a greeting to us and one suggested that my wife turn her back until they got out as they were ‘skinny dipping’.

I was surprised when Ellie with a grin said, “Guys, if its cold just come on out I am sure you haven’t got anything I haven’t seen before.”

She grinned even more as they came out with their hands covering their tackle.

I thought they looked about mid twenties and when I explained we were staying in one of the cottages where I had stayed many years ago, they said they were staying in the other one. The middle one was not occupied this weekend. They had just arrived today and were hoping to climb tomorrow. I noticed they gave Ellie and her tight jean and unbraed breasts the ‘once over’ as they said they hoped we would enjoy the rest of our walk and they might see us in the pub that night.

As we went further up the track Ellie took my hand and kissed me. She smiled and said she couldn’t imagine her Mum, not much younger than her, skinny dipping with guys of their age.

When I said that she had been quite relaxed about it and seemed to have fun she said, “Yes I could imagine it was really good for her ego having three young good looking guys wanting her.”

She punched my arm when I said, “Well you had three plus one old guy wanting you.”

I went on to say that she and her Mum were totally different in that her Mum wasn’t anywhere near as attractive as her, or as classy. I said I could never have seen her Mum in the circumstances where we had been in the previous evening and while I was sort of fond of her Mum, and enjoyed sex with her there hadn’t really been any real connection.

She punched my arm again, “So what you’re saying is you and your mates just brought my Mum here for sex?”

I said, “Yes I suppose that’s true but don’t forget she really enjoyed sex and was very pro-active in taking cock. And I think she enjoyed being one of the guys when we were away and as you have seen from the photos she is grinning in most of them. I think she knew she would get well fucked when she coming away and was well up for it.”

I think she was sort of mollified when I kissed her and told her my relationship with her was totally different to that which I had with her Mum and I hoped we would have a great weekend.

We enjoyed our walk with lots of kissing and cuddling and got back to cottage around 5. The guys car had gone so they had either gone into town or the pub.

I suggested we head to the pub about 7.00 as if it was as it used to be with entertainment it could be quite busy. When she asked what she should wear, I grinned and said that her Mum hadn’t been pleased she had agreed to Ed’s suggestion that she wear a mini skirt and stockings, when she found it was a climbers pub and she felt she was overdressed. But I said she had carried it off well and eventually hadn’t minded being a bit of the centre of attention.

She grinned and asked, “You haven’t answered my question about what you would like me to wear.”

I smiled and said, “I don’t really mind, whatever you wear I imagine you would be a centre of attraction because you are gorgeous, with great tits and nipples, a really sexy ass and phenomenally long legs.”

“Well what would get you going most? Miniskirt, my dress from last night maybe with suspender belt & stockings or will I wear leggings?”

I said to have her shower and then surprise me when I was having mine.

I was surprised to see her wearing the dress from the previous night but it looked remarkably sexier as you could see the bumps and outline of the suspender belt. She was similarly made up with her har gelled again.

She got some admiring glances when we went into the pub and we were just at the bar having a pre dinner drink when one of the ‘swimmers’ came up introduced himself and invited us to join his friends and him at one of the booths at the back. I said we might later but we were just going to have a drink at the bar before going in to dinner. I bought him a drink. Ellie excused herself to go to the loo and I noticed his eyes followed her exciting jutting rear with the hips clearly defined in the tight clinging material round them. He grinned and said “You are a very lucky man, we thought your wife was stunning in her tight jeans but she looks magnificent tonight.”

I said, “I can’t disagree Ellie looks great, but she’s not my wife just a work colleague.”

I went on to say we had been completing an assignment and had a couple of days to spare and many years ago when we were about his age and Ellie’s Mum was about her age, two friends and I had brought her for the weekend to one of the cottages. We had even all skinny dipped in the pool they had been in. Ellie had read it in her diary and wanted to see it.

“Wow, if she looked anything like almanbahis giriş Ellie, you were three lucky guys.”

“She looked a bit like Ellie, but nowhere near as attractive but she certainly kept us well entertained all weekend!”

When Ellie came back I suggested we introduce ourselves to the other guys before we went into dinner. I noticed the two guys eyes took in her unbraed breasts and prominent nipples as they introduced themselves as Jack and James. They said they hoped we would join them for a drink after dinner.

There were not too many people in the dining room which was attractive with muted lighting and I told Ellie she looked absolutely superb. I had very little to drink as I was driving but Ellie polished off a bottle of Sancerre and two brandies. When I asked her, did she want to join the guys for a drink or go straight back she said it was up to me.

She said, “We, or you, have been very evasive about how you feel about our relationship as to whether you want it to be fairly exclusive or whether you want me to be more like Eileen and go with the flow.”

When I asked her what she wanted she said “Basically whatever you do. I really fancy you, we get on well and I love making love with you. I have enjoyed stretching my limits including with Eileen, and I have to admit I love dressing up and seeing guys want me, and I have enjoyed seeing them get erections over my body.” And with a grin she went on, “And I enjoy having cock, perhaps a little too much as I wouldn’t want it to dominate my life.”

When I pushed a little further she said, “Ok, you can tell me you really fancy me and that we will look at ways at being more exclusive , and we can go back to the cottage and make love or we can go back with the young guys and I can have sex with them, and maybe even go skinny dipping with them in the pool like Mum did with you guys.”

When I asked did it have to be either or she smiled and said, “Ok, cards on the table. I have fallen in love with you and think about you all the time. I really hate being with Bill now and if this extra work with you and Eileen works out, I am going to leave him. In an ideal world I would like us to live together but would be prepared to share you with Eileen.”

I explained that I really did fancy her and that last night I had felt so comfortable with her and a real connection but I was 12 years older than her and had a very settled life with basically all the sex and excitement I needed.

She grinned and murmured, “So be it, let’s go and have a drink and a bit of fun with the guys, who knows tonight could be the night I get made airtight!”

When we joined the guys Peter asked what we wanted to drink, I realised Ellie was up for a good night when she asked for a G&T and when Peter asked her,” Large or small?” She asked for a large one – I just had a sparkling water.

James said to Ellie, “I hope you weren’t embarrassed seeing us skinny dipping in the pool, we thought we were remote enough for no-one to see us.”

She set the tone for the rest of the evening when she said, “Not at all If I had had a towel I would have joined you.”

Peter grinned and said, “There is always tomorrow.”

Ellie grinned and said, “I might just take you up on that!”

She went on to say I had wanted to show her the pool because several years ago when I was about their age, he and two mates had taken her mum away for the weekend and they had skinny dipped in the pool. When they asked what age Bea had been she grinned and said, “Slightly younger than I am now, but from her diary she enjoyed her weekend with three toy boys.”

As the night went on Ellie got more relaxed and had at least five large G&Ts on top of her wine and brandies. When she got up to go to the loo, the guys were quite vocal about how sexy they found her. They asked had her mum been away with me and two friends or had she been with all of us.

I said her mum had previously taken on two of us and knew she was going to be bedded by all three of us.

Peter said, “I know you said you were just colleagues but I don’t believe you haven’t bedded her, how do you feel about us trying it on with her.”

I said, “It’s up to her. I know she has been with a couple of guys other than her husband.”

When she came back Peter said, “I was asking Tom how you would feel about joining us for a drink back at the cottage.”

She grinned her sexy grin and asked, “Just for a drink? I must be losing my sex appeal, I would have thought you guys would have wanted to get into my knickers if I was wearing any!”

Peter grinned, “You certainly haven’t lost your sex appeal. We thought you were fantastically sexy in your tight jeans but you look absolutely fantastic tonight. We would all love to have a bit of fun with you tonight.”

Ellie appeared to wish to take control of the situation and said, “Well you are all very attractive guys and it is only recently I realised that I was still attractive to younger guys, and that I liked being with them. I am up for a bit of fun so long as it is fun for all of us and there is no rough stuff and if I say ‘no’ it is no.”

They chorused agreement and she suggested we head back to the cottages.

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