Beach Trips , True Romance

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Sequel to Beach Trips & Road Head and Beach Trips & Sex On The Beach

Sitting on the toilet, I waited until I heard Chad and Robert leaving. What was wrong with me? I had a roll in the hay with a guy I just met this morning, it wasn’t like we were in love. Why did my chest hurt?

The ocean breeze jostled the vertical blinds, startling me out of my pity party. I didn’t need Chad, I was on vacation and I was here to have fun.

Yanking open my suitcase, I fumbled around for something sexy to wear. I slipped into a clean jock strap and pulled a pair of tight jeans over my thick ass. A pair of leather flip-flops and a pineapple print tank top almost completed the outfit. I remembered I had thrown a couple of necklaces in one of the pockets and untangled a wooden beaded rosary. It hung down low, the chain nestled between my hairy pecs while the cross pointed straight to my crotch. Totally sacrilegious and I loved it.

Sounds of dance music pulsed from a few blocks away. I knew it wasn’t a gay bar, but every beach club has its share of men who wanted to blow off some steam. I hastened to the bar and ordered a Margarita, watching for any signs of attention. I made sure the top of my jock strap stuck out above my jeans. “It do pay to advertise,” RuPaul always says.

An older gentleman came over and sat beside me. He winked at me as ordered a rum and coke and I winked back. He wouldn’t be my first choice, but I wasn’t gonna turn down the attention.

He began to lay down some lines and I was picking them up. He paid for my next margarita and watched with enjoyment as I played with the garnish more suggestively than was necessary. He leaned in to nuzzle my neck and whispered to meet him in the bathroom. Really, bitch? Why does everyone wanna fuck in the same room as a toilet?

Besides, I just wanted some flirtation and a little distraction. We could do that on the dance floor. I told him to finish his drink and meet me there.

I’m no J.Lo but I can catch the beat and get down. Mature Dude wasn’t any better; in fact he downright stiff at first. (Not in the good way, either.) Once I started shaking my ass against him, though, he seemed to loosen up a little. I threw my arms over his shoulder and pressed my body against his.

He slid his hands down my pants, snapping the waistband of my jock strap against my skin. Naughty. Then he slipped a finger in my crack.

I pulled away. I’m not a prude but I didn’t want a finger bang in a crowded club. But, hey, it was nice to know he’s interested. Resuming my previous dance move, he forcefully bent me over. I squirmed away.

“Woah, sorry. I’m not sure we’re on the same page here.”

“What?” He shouted.

I shook my head. “Never mind.”

We danced a little bit longer but he continued to try to force me into positions I wasn’t ready for. Finally fed up, I faked a yawn.

“I had fun but I gotta get to bed. Thanks for the drink.”

“I gotta get to bed, too. Let’s get to the same one.”

“Maybe another night.” Or maybe not. “See you around.”

“That’s it? ‘Maybe another night’ At least give me your number.”

I didn’t want to, but I really didn’t want to piss him off any more than I had already. I waited while he fumbled with his phone to put my number in. I would just not answer any strange calls this week.

He leaned in to kiss me and I didn’t resist. In a split second I knew it was a mistake. The taste of cigarettes and alcohol filled me as he immediately slipped me the tongue. I’d rather kiss Chad and his asshole brother.

Dammit, I wasn’t bahis siteleri going to think about them. I pulled away, gave him a fake smile and headed to the nearest exit.

The night air held some warmth as I scoped out the alley. Empty, as usual. Mature Dude bumped into me from behind. I heard his pants unzip.

“Dude, catch a hint. I’m not in the mood tonight. I just want to sleep.”

“Well, then don’t let guys buy you drinks if you’re gonna pussy out when it’s time to pay them back.”

He grabbed my arm and tried to pull me closer. My eyes widen as I realized just how much stronger he was than me. He pushed me down to my knees with one hand and grabbed his dick with the other.

Closing my eyes, my thoughts began racing, terrified of what was coming next. He slapped his dick against my face. I didn’t know if I tried to scream if he would shove it in my mouth. A thudding sound filled the night air and his grip released.

Opening one eye, I saw two bodies struggling in the shadow of the building. They toppled to the ground. The Mature Dude stood and kicked at the other figure but his pants were still opened and his legs tangled in them. I stifled a laugh as he again dropped to the ground and stumbled towards the front of the building.

A crescendo of emotions smacked me in the face as I began to recognize the figure in the shadows.


Hours before, while picking at his plate, Chad worried about Andy. Everyone said he wasn’t that bright, but he knew enough to put two and two together. He could guess that Andy had overheard the stupid conversation with his brother.

He looked at his phone again, the read receipts showing that Andy hadn’t opened the two text messages he’d already sent.

The first was tentative, just a simple hey, hope you feel better followed by im sorry if you heard what I said to Robert he’s my big brother and i knew he wouldn’t understand

It didn’t take long for Chad to grow restless. He slipped away to the restroom and began to type.

I know im doing all this wrong. I dont know how to be around a guy like you. U made me feel like a real man for the 1st time in my life but the minute things got awkward I turned back into a scared boy. I dont know if I can tell my brother about us. I dont know if there is an us to tell. But I think u are the coolest sexiest funniest smartest guy ive ever met and I am more sorry than words can say. Plz talk 2 me.

His thumb hovered over the “send” button before he moved over to the backspace and deleted what he had written. Starting over, he wrote pls text me back with a broken heart emoji and slipped back to the table.

Brenda piped up as he sat back down. “We were gonna go out for a drink or two. There’s a nice hotel bar down the boardwalk. You coming?”

Chad exaggerated a yawn and shook his head.

“I’m gonna hit the hay. Robert, you mind bunking with your girlfriend so not to wake me up when you come back?”

Robert shot him a puzzled look. He couldn’t figure why Chad would willingly put himself in a room alone with a known ass bandit. Must really be sleepy to be that stupid.

Chad walked back to the motel, hoping against hope that Andy was awake and willing to talk. Seeing the darkened room as he approached the door puzzled him. He flipped on the lights and didn’t see Andy anywhere. Is he still in the bathroom? Nope, empty.

His heart sinking, Chad ran to the window. He felt an unexpected sigh of relief escape from his lips as he saw Andy’s car still in the parking lot. He dashed down the stairs and into the canlı bahis siteleri city streets. Wandering the streets seemed the only option if Andy wouldn’t text him back.

The thump of dance music lured him from a few blocks over. Worth checking out, Chad said to himself. He had to back into an alley to avoid a group of highly intoxicated young ladies. As he backed up to allow another group past he bumped into someone, knocking them both onto the ground.

As they both stood, Chad opened his mouth to apologize. He saw a dangling dick followed by a swift punch. Grabbing his victim-turned-attacker by the balls, he tried to return the volley of punches only to cause both to topple over once more. The flasher tried to rise again but his jeans were still around his knees. He couldn’t kick anything but air and his own ass as he hit the alley pavement again.

Chad heard a stifled laugh and turned his head to lock eyes with Andy. Oh, shit.


Dammit, Chad looks so cute when he’s confused. I didn’t care how cute he was, he was an asshole and I hated him. But he did save me from and attack so I’ll admit the puzzled look on his face made him look like a lost puppy.

“I’m sorry, did I interrupt something? I mean, I’m sorry for everything else too, but were you and he, uh?”

“Chad, no. I mean, yes you interrupted an attempted rape.”

“What, oh my god. Did he hurt you?” Chad reached to wrap me in a hug but stopped himself.

“No, not really. I mean, it was scary and I really didn’t know what was going to happen but nothing did.”

“I’m so sorry. Should we go to the police?”

When did he get so woke? Yes, I knew that I should go to the police because rape isn’t just some convenient plot point to get two star crossed lovers to talk. It’s a serious crime. This guy could do the same to someone else if I didn’t say anything. But I was just feeling lucky that I got out of that alley unharmed and didn’t want get involved. Besides, I dressed slutty and was a little tipsy. The police wouldn’t give two shits.

“No, I just want to go.”

I couldn’t read Chad’s face. Hell, I couldn’t read my own feelings right now. I wanted to despise him for what he said to his brother but the fact was I knew he had come looking for me. What did that mean? Did he actually care after all?

We walked towards the motel, side by side. After a few feet, I slipped my arm around his. After what happened I needed to feel the body heat of a safe person and he felt safe. He tensed for a split second and then relaxed and wrapped his arm around my shoulder, leaning my head on his chest. God, I could forgive almost anything in this moment. I think he knew that.

“I’m so sorry. I know you heard what I said to Robert. I know it was awful. Especially after seeing how a real sexual predator behaves, it was wrong to imply that’s how you made me feel. I just can’t tell him. He’s my brother. But I can’t stay away from you either.”

Maybe it was the adrenaline or maybe it was the margaritas. Maybe it was that fact that he still smelled of Curve Crush and the ocean but I knew I couldn’t stay away either. I pulled my head off his chest and kissed his neck.

“It hurt. It really did. But I know how hard it is to tell people that you are different and I respect your need to keep it private a little longer. I can’t be your dirty little secret forever but I want to be your dirty little something else for now.”

Tears sprung to Chad’s eyes for a split second. He kissed me on the lips before pulling me close in a bear hug. I soaked in his canlı bahis warmth to drive out the chill from my body, despite the warm night air.

We practically ran to the motel and my hand trembled with excitement as I fumbled with the door key. Finally bursting through the door, we both toppled onto the bed. A blur of clothing removal and sloppy kisses followed. I held his face close as he kissed me, filling my mouth with his tongue. For a second I flashed back to Mature Dude’s tobacco flavored mouth but Chad tasted of mint and medicated ChapStick. More important, his kiss held emotion as well as lust.

I could also feel his lust through his boxer briefs as he lay atop me, grinding his crotch against my own. This time they weren’t a WalMart special; these were at least Target level quality. I was more interested in the hard cock inside, the one I wrapped my hand around. He moaned in almost an animalist growl, head raised to the ceiling as his sounds of pleasure filled my ears. My breathing intensified as I stroked his dick and wrapped his whole body around me.

Pulling my jockstrap down, he snapped it across the room like a sling shot. We giggled like schoolkids. I pulled his underwear off and swung it around like a flag before tossing it in the same direction as my own.

He laid me on my back and put my legs in the air before kneel at the foot of the bed. I felt the flick of his tongue on the head of my own hardened member before his lips surrounded the whole thing. He used his tongue in tandem with his lips and hands to drive me into fits of ecstasy. Trembling, I grabbed at his hair with my fingers, guiding his willing mouth up and down my shaft.

Chad pulled away and pushed my legs even further back, exposing my hole. He grinned and stuck out his tongue, which he flicked across the pucker. I closed my eyes and just the sensation of his face buried in my crack, for the second time that day, to wash over me. Just when I thought I could cum from that alone, he slipped his finger inside me. A groan filled the room as he slid in and out, then used a second finger to teasr the entrance to my cave of wonders (did I really just call it that? It’s an asshole, geez.) He smacked my asscheek with his other hand. God, I wanted him inside me.

“Oh God, I want you inside me.”

“I want your ass so fucking bad.”

“Then grab a condom and FUCK ME!” I roared with more intensity than I knew I had in me.

He prepped his fat cock with a prophylactic and some lubricant before flipping me over. I stuck my ass in the air and Chad knelt down to give it a final lick, taint to top. Standing, he grabbed me by the hips and entered me, slowly at first. I could feel his hesitation so I backed that ass up, swallowing the whole thing. After a few seconds of almost unbearable pressure, his thrusts began to hit my prostate. My eyes rolled back in my head.

“Oh Chad! You feel so good inside me!”

He groaned loudly in response. Each thrust pushed my own dick up against the comforter and I could my orgasm building.

“Flip me over baby. I want you to watch me cum while you fuck me.”

I got back on my back and Chad reentered me. A few seconds of stroking and my sphincter clenched around his cock as my stream of jizz shot onto my chest.

“Yes baby, yes. I’m gonna come too.”

Chad pulled out and let his load mingle with my own. We both let out a deep, satisfied sigh before Chad collapsed onto the bed beside me.

I reached for his under shirt and wiped away our good time from my chest before it got stuck in my chest hair. Chad wrapped his arms around my naked body and kissed me.

“I never met anyone like you before. I’ve never had sex this amazing before. I like you. A lot.”

I held my breath. What were we doing?

“I like you too.”

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