Beach Interlude

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Big Tits

You close your eyes I’m standing behind you my arm comes round your waist and across your stomach. I kiss your neck as my hand trails lower reaching down; I undo your jeans letting them drop. My fingertips lightly brush the front of your thighs as they teasingly get nearer I proceed to nibble on

Your ear as my hand finds your panties and slips beneath.

Turning you to face me I tilt your head up with my finger then kiss you on each eye on the tip of your nose and then the lips. My hands on your hips pull you closer and then enclose you in a firm embrace, one hand traces up your back to your shoulder gently circling the outline of your jaw to your ear. Then running my fingers through your hair I kiss you deeply with my tongue probing for entrance.

Tilting your head back further I kiss your neck. My hands come together behind you and under the white top your wearing; moving upwards they release the catch on your bra tracing little circles on the small of your back causing you to shiver slightly.

My hands return to your hips and with my fingers inserted beneath the waistline of your panties come together between us with my palms facing outwards the backs of my hands against you. Kissing you fully and deeply on the mouth I go down

On my knees kissing just below your tummy button I begin to undo the buttons of your top leaving a trail of kisses as I go.

The sun is beating down outside as it is another typically hot tropical day there is just enough breeze to lift the curtains at the open door and we can hear the waves lapping rhythmically just outside. But the heat is nothing compared to the intensity in your eyes as you watch me continue the trail of kisses upwards. I undo the last button and lay one last kiss on the left side of your neck just grazing my teeth lazily and nipping slightly as I leave raising goose bumps.

I slide my hands across your shoulders letting your white top drop carelessly behind you then flicking the first finger of each hand under the shoulder straps of your bra I bring them down over your arms the front kissing the spot on each shoulder where the strap had been. Taking a step backwards I take you by the hand leading you away from the pile of clothes on the floor and towards the king sized bed.

Sitting down on the edge of bed I take the hand I’m holding and turning the palm to face me I kiss each fingertip in succession before turning it over and kissing the center of the palm of your hand. Pulling you closer to stand between my legs I pull my T-shirt over my head and drop it off to the side, then running my hands down your sides I pause momentarily with my hands on your hips I look up at you cheekily kissing your mons through your panties then tracing just the barest of fingertips I continue a path down the outside of your thighs and back up behind.

My fingers then trace the seam of your panties across the cheeks of your bottom downward Zonguldak Escort to between your thighs before lifting the seam slightly to give you a wedgie.” HEY you dirty sod” you look at me disgusted. I chuckle but it’s had the desired effect and released the tension somewhat.

Retracing the outside of your thighs my hands home in on the front. Slipping a finger inside the seam I follow it downwards between your legs which you spread slightly as I release the wedgie and the back of my finger brushes the damping edge of your labia kissing you once again through the fabric. My finger releases from beneath the panties and I trace a firm line along the centerline of the underwear forwards and up. Hooking my finger over the top of your waistband I peel it down and kiss you on the bare skin. I let the waistband return with just the slightest of snapping sounds. Standing I kiss your shoulders and neck and wrapping my arms I around you I turn us around. To lay you down on the bed. Backing off then till I’m on my hands and knees over you I consume you hungrily my eyes feasting on the beautiful woman I see before me. You notice the scarves tied all to convenient at the corners of the bed. I see where your attention has gone and explain “they’re for later much later…” leaving the meaning hanging.

You awaken slowly at first; aware of the sun hot on your face the glare making you squint. Then a shadow falls across you; looking up you see a silhouette as I stand in front of you with the sun behind me a halo of reflected light glistens off the water on my skin. “Morning sleepyhead” I say cheerfully “while you were sleeping I went fishing.” You become aware off a delicious smell arousing your hunger and your curiosity. Looking past me down onto the beach you can see a parcel of wrapped green leaves on the fire smoking away slowly and wafting incredible aromas whenever the wind comes from that direction.

I walk over and sit beside you.

“It’ll be awhile yet” I say, “It’s a big fish.” Looking at you with a cheeky grin on my face. “Let’s see if we can build up an appetite first. I’ve been for a swim already I’ll race you to the water. Come on!” Taking you by the hand I drag you out from under the makeshift shelter and onto the hot sand. But it’s only a few steps to the cooler damp sand and the water. The cooler water splashes up across you as the first wave hits you at about knee height. The goose bumps are instantaneous the water swirls around your thighs and between you legs reminding you of your nakedness.

“My is it cold in here or is it just you.” I say my eyes firmly on the erect nipples of your uncovered breasts.

“Don’t be such a smartarse.” You reply making a lunge for me. I dive just out of reach but you see my outline against the white sand circle and return to surface right in front of you dripping cold water on your still dry top half. I take your face in my hands and Zonguldak Escort Bayan kiss you wrapping my arms around you and pulling you close as I kiss you neck and shoulders. Going down on my knees in the water my chin just above the gentle waves. I kiss your thighs and stomach homing in on your love nest cradled between your legs. The heat that begins to generate inside of you makes you notice the contrast of cool water splashing against you even more. Taking your hips in my hands I circle your clit ever so briefly with my tongue. Letting it follow the groove down between your legs to where the damp spot is beginning to form. Bringing my fingertip up to the entrance of your dark tunnel I just gently insert my first finger up letting the warm wetness pool on my fingertip before sliding my tongue back up between your labia and finding the hard sensitive nub again. Slowly inserting my first to fingers into the entrance of your warm slippery love tunnel I begin circling and randomly flicking your clit with my tongue. The cool waters swirl and crash around your legs as you let your hands trail beside you enjoying the contrast of sensations bombarding you. One of the bigger waves crashes around us covering my head and causing a new tingling sensation to course through you as the cold water briefly makes contact with the intense heat being generated between your legs.

Coming up coughing, I stand. My hand still firmly wedged between your legs, my second finger replacing my tongue at your clit, as my first and third fingers trace up and down between the folds of your labia. I kiss you deeply my tongue probing for entrance as I take your head in my other hand kissing you deeply, roughly with a needing and a hunger. I pull away taking your hand I lead you back up the beach and into the shade. I sit with my back against a palm tree and pull you down onto your knees straddling me. Kissing you deeply I move down slowly trailing kisses randomly across your shoulders and breasts tasting the mix of sea salt and sweat, sweet on my tongue. My hard length trapped between us nestled on each side by your lovelips the head of my penis laying direct pressure onto your clit. As I continue kissing your breasts taking their full weight in my hands and circle each aureole in turn with my tongue ever so gently letting my teeth graze against the erect nub at their center. Slowly tilting my pelvis slowly draws my shaft along the length of you labia and onto your clit. Feeling the heat generated by my length sliding against you, you begin to rock, your pelvis tilting so that my penis comes into line with the entrance of your now dripping love hole. With a little adjustment on my part my length is taken in and devoured by your hungry tunnel. My hands reach around behind you and follow the cleft of your bottom down to where my shaft now penetrates you.

Nuzzling on your breasts, my shaft buried deep inside you, I’m Escort Zonguldak holding you as close as it is possible for two people to get. I stop kissing your breasts and look up into your eyes kissing you on the mouth My tongue probing swirling invading tangled with yours. Our rhythm has got me aroused but I can tell that you want more yet so pushing you backwards onto the blanket. I roll over you and spoon you from behind lying on our left sides with me behind you. I kiss your neck and trace a fingertip down your shoulder and arm. Wrapping my right leg over yours I encircle it giving me full access to you. Reaching down in front I play with your clit ever so briefly before guiding my full length up inside you. My hand then returning to your clit begins to rub a counter rhythm to the one that my long hot penis is stroking deep inside you. Biting gently at first on your shoulder. My finger begins to play circling your clit and discovering the folds of your labia. I begin to slowly withdraw my length from inside you till just the throbbing head of my shaft just sits at the entrance to your hole stroking in shallow quick strokes. I flick lightly at your clit with two fingers. Then holding back for a second I plunge my full length right up into you and at the same time I slide my fingers over the front edge of your love tunnel stretching its entrance further and trapping your clit firmly under the palm of my hand. Squeezing you’re certain my hot shaft cannot go any deeper but by tilting my pelvis up I violate you even further, placing even more pressure on your over-sensitive clit.

I push your right shoulder down rolling you onto your stomach and I come down on top of you my length still firmly buried inside you pushing your legs together my legs straddle yours and my hands are above your shoulders holding me up off your top half. At this angle you grip my wrists and are able to push down and take in my whole shaft. Hooking my ankles over yours I pin you beneath me and ride my pelvis hard up against you. I begin rocking a rhythm the whole length of my penis taken in by your warm wet willing hole. Building the beat slowly I begin to rock against you. I interlock my fingers with yours and begin nuzzling your neck and ear. Still building I’m driving into you harder and faster. Squeezing your hands almost until they hurt you turn your head and our lips catch and tongues entwine hunger and desire building as our need increases. A moan catches in my throat. I taste the sweat and sea salt mingled with the smell of raw sex. The sweat dripping from us in the now hot sun lets me slide over you as I continue driving deeper and harder into you. I break the kiss and arch my back holding my whole being at that one second not wanting it yet but knowing it must come. “Now” you say and together we build a rhythm built on need and want the pace almost frantic, hard and fast but not losing the beat as we give each other what we both crave. Kissing you again fierce and hard becomes more tender and loving as we both come down. Murmuring nothings I hold you to me rolling back onto our sides I kiss your neck and shoulders and neck still lying interlocked with you I trace random patterns across your front with my fingertips.. you shiver.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32