Beach House

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This is essentially a true story, recollected to the best of my ability. It doesn’t happen often, but once in a blue moon, your fantasies become reality.

The Introductions

All my life I wanted to own a beach house. Not just a house near the beach, but on the beach, overlooking the ocean. When I sold my software company for almost 12 million dollars, I had the means to make my dream come true. Last Thanksgiving, my wife Marcy and I decided to invite the extended family to converge for the weekend on the beach house that we had just moved into. It turned out to be a very eventful holiday.

Among the visitors were my nephew Cal and his gorgeous girlfriend, Allison. I am now a professor in the college that they both attend. Cal is a quiet kid but pleasant enough. Allison, who took two of my courses in marketing, is a player. Besides being physically stunning, she is charming, gregarious and charismatic. She lights up any room that she walks into.

When they arrived my brother in law and I were tossing a football around on the beach behind the house As Allison approached from the house, I couldn’t take my eyes off her – long, graceful limbs; long, curly black hair, large beautiful eyes, perfect full lips, glowing caramel colored skin – a classic Spanish beauty. “She’s a real looker huh Jack?” Sam commented.

“Yeah, your kid did alright Sam,” I mumbled in response, still taking in the Allison approaching.

Not waiting for Cal to speak, Allison strode confidently up to me and said, “Happy Thanksgiving Professor, nice digs you have here.”

“Hi Allison, I’m glad you were able to make it.” I said with my warmest smile conveying my delight.

“I wouldn’t have passed up an opportunity to see you in a different element,” she replied confidently. “I’m sure there’s more going on than what you tell us in class.” The vibrations that she was transmitting were clearly sexual. She stared directly into my eyes as though she was trying to imprint a hidden message on my brain.

“Well, this is definitely a different element alright,” I said. I greeted Cal and then asked, “Hey, what do you say we have a football game?”

“Great idea, Jack, I’ll round everyone up,” Sam chimed in.

“I’m not sure I am dressed for football; this mini-skirt might disqualify me,” Allison added looking down at her white mini and long brown legs.

“I have a pair of yellow sweat pants that have shrunk to your size. If you promise not to mess them up, you can use them,” I joked.

“Well I am not going to guarantee that I won’t get them a little wet,” she said with a very clear twinkle in her eye, “but I’m sure that you won’t mind that.”

I wasn’t sure how to react to her comment. While I was wondering what she meant by “wet” she added, “Lead me to where I can get changed and you can count me in” I followed her like some kind of befuddled octogenarian.

Changing Clothes

While Sam went around getting people interested in playing, and Marcy caucused with her sister about the logistics of feeding 14 people, I ascended the stairs unnoticed with Allison. We entered the master bedroom which had a full view of the ocean. I went into my closet to find the yellow sweats while Allison sat on the bed and stared out the window. As I rummaged around I heard her say, “I’ll bet this view inspires some very creative sex.”

“Here, put this on and never mind prying into my sex life Miss Levy.”

“I’m just naturally curious Professor, like any good student.”

“I’m curious too Allison – how did a Spanish girl get a name like Levy?” I inquired.

“My mother married a Jew. She was Miss Puerto Rico in 1984 and married some very wealthy tycoon that she met in New York. Anything else? Just ask; I keep no secrets.”

“Well in that case, how did you meet Cal, he doesn’t seem to be compatible with your energy level?”

“That’s very perceptive of you, Professor. No, we are not very compatible. I found out he was your nephew and I asked him out. casino oyna I figured it was the best way to get close to you. And here I am – in your bedroom –in my underwear.” As she finished this soliloquy, she was pulling down her miniskirt. She reached for the yellow sweatpants while I tried to catch my breath. Her underwear was a white lace thong that concealed nothing at all. I stared unabashedly at her crotch. I could distinctly see the small dark triangle of pubic hair that funneled into her pussy. Simultaneously I could detect an erection growing in my own pubic area.

“No, this won’t work,” Allison declared, “I’ll need to change my shirt. Do you have an old football jersey that doesn’t clash with yellow?” As she spoke she was unbuttoning her shirt revealing a black, tight fitting tank top cushioning a generous pair of tits. Although I hated to take my eyes from her beautiful figure, I turned and walked into my closet. I was surprised and delighted that Allison followed me in, holding the sweat pants in one hand and the shirt that she had removed in the other.

“It doesn’t have to be fancy but I just can’t bring myself to wear things that clash. I hope you don’t mind.”

Turning to face her and succumbing to the temptation to ogle, I responded, “Allison, it is entirely my pleasure. And let me add, you are simply a gorgeous example of the human form.”

“Why thank you Professor, how nice of you to notice. I hope I am not embarrassing you. I have always been something of an exhibitionist.”

“Well perhaps if I don’t find you a suitable shirt, we can play shirts against skins and you can be on the skins side,” I suggested with a smile.

“That sounds tempting but the jiggle effect would be inconvenient for catching passes,” she responded.

“The jiggle effect? I asked.

“You know…” and she shook her upper body causing her tits to jiggle.

“Oh that jiggle effect – yes, that might cause a distraction alright,” I added, as I sensed my boner increasing by the second.

“By the way, not to change this sexy subject but that Vikings jersey will be perfect if you don’t mind my borrowing it.”

“By all means, but I was enjoying the sexy subject. We will have to finish it later,” I suggested.

“That would suit me fine Professor, but if we don’t get down to the beach soon they’ll send a posse after us.” I agreed and we quickly rejoined the others on the beach.

The Football Game

The teams had already been established by the time we arrived so we each joined a team, meaning that we would cover each other on defense. It didn’t take me long to see that Allison was very athletic. She had an interesting technique where she ran directly at me, put her hands up and pushed off my chest. She would turn and catch the pass before I would have a chance to recover. Finally I said, “Your push off technique is working well but wouldn’t you agree that it is illegal use of the hands?”

“Not really, feel free to use the same technique on me,” she said with a sexy grin on her face.

“I think I might just do that,” I responded with a knowing smile.

On the next play, Sam, who was their quarterback, faked a short pass after Allison had pushed off and then went long for a touchdown. Of course she spiked the ball and did a very sexy dance in the end zone. My team berated me for letting her beat me long. I assured them it wouldn’t happen again.

On our first play on offense I reciprocated Allison’s push off technique but I added a little squeeze of her tits in the process. My heart was pounding in fear that I had misunderstood her invitation but she appeared delighted.

“Now we’re getting there Professor,” was her comment.. She followed it up by pinching me on the butt as I walked back to the huddle. When I caught a long touchdown pass from Sam’s fourteen year old son, James, I feigned indifference instead of showboating.

“Nice catch Professor, what do you think about putting a side bet on. Whoever gets slot oyna more touchdowns can use the other as a slave for the weekend. Are you game?”

“I could use a slave this weekend. Maybe I should check your teeth first,” I responded with a laugh.

“If you win the bet I’m sure you will want to check out more than my teeth but I don’t think you are going to win Professor,” Allison jokingly replied.

From there on I was highly motivated to score as often as possible. Visions of Allison obeying my every command danced in my head. I began to worry when Allison intercepted a pass and returned it for a touchdown, but I scored on an end-around play and again on a long pass to end the game.

While we walked to the house Allison remarked, “Well I guess you have won the services of a slave for the weekend Professor, or should I call you ‘Master’?”

Midnight Snack

Thanksgiving dinner was a big hit. Everyone helped out and had a great time. Marcy finished up the evening by drinking too much but, considering the event, nobody seemed to mind. She went to bed at 10 o’clock and was passed out a few minutes later. Allison hung out with Cal most of the evening playing cards with some of the little kids and casting glances my way whenever she could. We happened to cross paths in the kitchen when people were beginning to go to bed and I took the opportunity to give my first command.

“I’ll see you here at midnight slave, make sure you don’t keep me waiting,” I said.

“Oh master, I love it when you talk like that. I can’t wait,” she replied with a wide-eyed gleam.

Although I changed into my pajama bottoms and a sweatshirt, I didn’t go to bed, deciding instead to read on the back porch. At five minutes to twelve I went into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door, casting a dull light across the room. While I contemplated making a snack, Allison approached quietly and snuggled up close to me with her breasts touching my elbow.

“I am at your disposal master,” she whispered.

“You’re punctual, I like that in a slave,” I said without turning around. She rubbed her breasts back and forth on my elbow. An erection quickly began to develop and in the light of the refrigerator, it was very obvious.

“Oooh yes, I think I’m getting hungry for a drumstick,” Allison cooed, as her hand reached out to touch my expanding cock.

“Not so fast, slaves eat only after the master has finished,” I responded with feigned indignation.

“Please forgive me master, how may I serve you?” she asked.

“You can start by putting one hand down your pants and gently rubbing your pussy,” I commanded.

“Oh God, yes master, I will obey,” she said as her right hand disappeared under the waistband of her sweatpants.

“And use your other hand to massage your tits,” I continued in a breathy whisper “I want to tweak your nipple while you rub your pussy.. I want you to rub your clit and when you are nice and wet put your middle finger into your cunt.”

“Oh master, I get so hot when you talk like that. Please tell me more,” she implored.

“Get some cum juice on your finger and feed it to me slave,” I demanded. I could hear the squishy sound of her finger fucking her pussy. With one hand still on her tit, she held up her finger and inserted it in my mouth. I sucked it deeply, savoring the taste of her sweet cunt juice.

“Now for the main course,” I said as I pulled down her sweats. I lifted her to the counter and commenced to devour her sweet young pussy. Spreading her cunt lips I ran my tongue the length of her slit. Then I nibbled on her clit.

“Oh my God that feels good. Please don’t stop. Oh fuck I can’t stand it. I’m going to come.” Afraid that she was getting too loud,, I stopped eating her cunt and putting my hand behind her head, I put my mouth on hers and we immediately intertwined our tongues. Our mutual lust had been boiling for two days and it was finally exploding. My hand sought out her pussy to keep her orgasm canlı casino siteleri at full throttle. She moaned while attempting to suck my tongue down her throat.

“Let’s get out of here before we wake up everyone in the house,” I said as I lifted her to the ground. I picked up a couple of blankets on the porch as we hurried to the beach. I led Allison into the dunes outside the house and spread a blanket. We lay down and pulled the other blanket over us. Without a word we started kissing, a little more gently than a few minutes before. I massaged her pussy through the soft sweat pants and could feel the heat and the moisture coming through the material. I pulled the draw string and put my hand down her pants. When I pulled her shirt up so that I could suck on her nipples, Allison sat up and pulled the shirt off over her head. In the moonlight I could see the perfect shape of her tits.

Oh my God, Allison, your tits are beautiful, your whole body is perfect. You are incredibly sexy and you make me so horny and so hard.” I knew that I was babbling but I couldn’t help it; I was overwhelmed by her beauty.

“Let me see how hard you are master,” she said with a lascivious look in her eye. Her hand slipped below the covers and encircled my rock hard cock.

“Oooh that’s nice and hard. I’m going to suck that cock. Would that please you master?”

“Yes, I think that would indeed be a pleasure,” I responded as she descended down my body. She began by sucking on the head and then proceeded to lick the shaft and then put as much of it as possible in her mouth and loudly sucked my entire cock. I pulled back the cover so that I could watch her.

“Your cock tastes delicious. Do you want to come in my mouth master? Would it please you to come in my mouth?

“Oh fuck yes,” I answered quickly, “I want to come in your beautiful mouth. I want to come in your beautiful cunt, and your beautiful ass. Oh God, I’m going to come. Suck my cock Allison, suck my fucking cock. I’m coming in your mouth.”

I shot a quart of come down her throat and she swallowed every drop.

“Am I your slut master? Am I your fuck slut?”

“Yes you are my fuck slut and now I am going to fuck you until you beg me to stop.”

“Oh yes master I want you to fuck me hard. Fuck me hard and long with that big dick of yours. Would you like me to straddle you like this so you can watch my tits bounce while I fuck myself on your beautiful cock? Would you like that master?”

She leaned forward and put her tongue deep into my mouth and then pulled away just far enough to speak into my mouth.

“Yes you like that don’t you master? You like to watch my tits bounce up and down as I fuck your cock. I have been planning this for a long time. I used to sit in your class thinking about fucking you and now I’m doing it. Sometimes I didn’t wear any underwear so I could touch my pussy. Do you like that master – that I used to put my finger in my cunt during your class?”

By now my dick was raging again. “Oh yes Allison, I like that very much. Now I want you to take my cock and ease it up your beautiful cunt. I want you to ride that cock while your gorgeous tits jiggle for me.”

“Oh my God master, you are so big and hard. I want to feel that cock as far up my pussy as it can go. Oh yes, that feels so fucking good. Your cock feels so fucking good up my cunt. Please master fuck me, fuck me.”

I lay on my back and watched this beautiful creature bounce up and down on my cock. It was an incredible sight and I wanted the feeling to last forever. Allison leaned forward so that her clit got added stimulation

“Master I’m going to come, I’m going to come all over your cock. Oh God, I’m coming, I’m coming. Please fuck me, I’m coming.”

I could feel my balls getting ready to release another quart of come and I took hold of her hips and swung her around and down under me so that I could get leverage and fuck hard and long.

“Oh fuck yes I can feel you coming in me. Fuck me, yes, yes, yes, fuck me.”

Finally we collapsed in each other’s arms, totally exhausted. After a few minutes I opened my eyes and sp did Allison.

“Happy Thanksgiving,” I said. She laughed. And the weekend wasn’t even over.

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