Be Careful What You Wish For

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Corey begs his boyfriend, Brian, to pretend to be dating his sister, to please his, visiting, homophobic parents.

Be Careful What You Wish For

“It’s just for the night,” Corey pleaded with his boyfriend. “I don’t like it either, but besides begging Jane to find somewhere else to sleep and finding a way to explain her absence to my parents, I don’t know what else to do.”

“I can’t believe this.” Brian told his boyfriend of eighteen months, “how have you still not told them about us, about you? You can’t live your whole life hiding who you are. Why not set things right today, and come out to them? You’re out to everybody else.”

“You don’t understand. They’re very religious. They’ll never accept it. Accept me. And today’s not the day to try testing it. It’s their 30th wedding anniversary next week. I don’t want to be the one to spoil the the occasion for them.”

Corey continued, “please, Brian, I don’t know what else to do.”

Brian was not happy at all. In fact, he was fuming inside. He was an out and proud gay man. Had come out when he was twelve-years-old. Already being exactly sure of who he was.

He had never hidden himself from anyone, it was one of the stipulations he had for being in a relationship with someone, ‘I don’t date closet cases!’.

But Corey’s parents lived out of town, it never came up, and Corey was out to everyone else they knew. The fact that his boyfriend was begging him to hide their relationship, and pretend it didn’t exist. To pretend that he was straight and in a relationship with Corey’s own sister, to even share the bedroom with her overnight, had him feeling furious with his boyfriend. He was almost mad enough to storm out of the house and reconsider the status of their relationship.

“I’ll think about it,” was the only response Corey got. Brian left the house to try calm himself down and think through things.

The two had met just short of two years ago, at a party that one of Corey’s work colleagues had thrown. Brian being an handsome 6’0 tall, red head with enchanting green eyes, and Corey, a slightly taller handsome brunette, with sparkling hazel eyes, being the only two gay men there, they hit it off right away. What began as a brief friendship had turned into a long term wonderful romance.

Brian had agreed, with extreme reluctance to Corey’s request. But things were far from good again between them, and Brian could barely look at his boyfriend while keeping control of his temper. He managed to return Corey’s small kisses, and short, one word replies to questions, it took everything he had to go along with Corey’s plan.

While Corey’s parents were over, Brian and Jane played the part of happy the ‘boyfriend & girlfriend’ couple. They sat together, instead of where they would usually sit, when they were all in the living room, with Corey and Brian on one couch, and Jane on the other.

Now Jane and Brian sat together, and Corey sat on a stool from the kitchen he’d brought in for himself, while his parents took the other couch.

They even held hands for a moment, to continue looking the ‘part’, which made Brian feel extremely awkward and uncomfortable. He could barely hold back a scowl as Jane slid her hand into his.

That night, instead of joining Corey in their bedroom, Brian followed Jane into hers.

“I tried to make it more comfortable for you,” she told him. “I moved some of my lady things into the closet out of the way, and the bedsheets are neutral instead of pink,” she grinned a little trying to lighten the mood between them, feeling some of Brian’s frustration as he looked around her room.

Brian looked around her small bedroom, and then at the bed that he’d be sharing for the night. It was a rather small bed. Her bedroom was a modest sized one, much smaller than Corey and Brian’s, and so it wouldn’t fit a large bed inside. It would be a squeeze, fitting them both on the small bed, Brian mused.

He seemed to realize he was making Jane feel uncomfortable, and apologized. “Look Jane, I’m sorry, it’s not fair me taking this out on you. It’s not your fault any more than it is mine. I’m just really angry with your brother at the moment. Him hiding us, hiding me, even, and then having to pretend to be Mr. Straight, it’s not me and it has me really pissed off. I’ve never hidden who I am, and Corey’s really upset me by asking me to.”

“I get it,” Jane replied. Then she sighed to herself, mentally. The truth was, she didn’t have a problem with tonight’s arrangement. She was single herself, and didn’t have a boyfriend to explain anything to. Brian was a good looking man, and even if nothing happened between them, it wouldn’t be a terrible thing to be sharing her bed with him for the night.

With her parents taking the spare room, and Corey already settled in the other, there was really nothing left except for getting undressed and getting into the bed.

Once they were sure everyone else in the house was settled in their respective bedrooms, the Maltepe Escort fake straight couple each used the bathroom separately, getting dressed for bed while they were in there.

Ten minutes later, Brian awkwardly slid into Jane’s bed. Her deskside lamp was still on. The light in the room was low, but not so low that he couldn’t see her face. She was buried under her side of the covers, smiling kindly at him.

“This is really weird”, he told her, then chuckled a little at the madness of it all. “I’m in bed with my boyfriend’s sister. Don’t tell him will you, he’ll freak out,” Brian joked, and Jane giggled.

“I’m really glad you’ve managed to find the lighter side of it. We don’t have to let it be something to feel angry or awkward about. At least right now. I know you and Corey have things that need to be worked out, but right now we can handle this lightly, it doesn’t have to be embarrassing.

Brian sighed, “I suppose you’re right,” he told her, smiling back.

In the middle of the night, every occupant of the house was sleeping, some were dreaming, others were in a dreamless sleep. Jane woke up, feeling something long, warm and firm pressed against her left buttock. She wasn’t sure what it was at first, and reached around to inspect it with her hand.

She almost gasped out loud when she realized what it was. Brian’s body had somehow managed to find itself pressed up against her back, in his sleep. And being such a small bed, it wasn’t that much of a surprise that they’d find themselves in such an awkward position, without intending to.

Brian groaned in his sleep when Jane had grabbed his erection which was poking through his boxer-briefs and pressing against her butt. She let go instantly, worried she’d woken him, but Brian didn’t stir, and hadn’t moved again.

Jane felt a conflict of emotions. There was something quite amusing about having her brother’s gay boyfriend erect and pressed up against her, in his sleep. She was also concerned about causing any more problems for the troubled couple, even if it was nobody’s fault. She was also pretty damn aroused about the whole thing, if she was being completely honest with herself.

Jane had been single for quite a while, and truth be told, she’d always been attracted to Brian. And she was ashamed to admit it but on more than one occasion, she had fingered herself to the sounds of the gay couple making love in the next room. She ignored the fact that one of them was her brother, and focused solely on Brian and what his gorgeous body must look like while making love to her.

She’d imagine his long hard cock exploring her warm depth. Her body replacing her brother’s. The look of ecstasy across his face. And Brian would groan and whisper into her ear how much he’d been wanting her, desiring to taste her and make her his own.

And that’s when she’d climax every single time, immediately feeling guilty about the whole thing, using the image of her brother’s boyfriend in such a sordid way, she’d banish the thoughts from her mind, until the next time she’d feel uncontrollably lustful for Brian.

Jane couldn’t resist it. She just had to feel his firmness in her hand again. She’d keep him sleeping, and would try to be gentle so he that wouldn’t wake up.

She raised her nightgown over her hips and pulled down her panties, so she could finger her damp slit while she slowly jerked Brian’s cock back and forth, hoping to make his dream a pleasant one.

Brian woke up to a wonderful feeling. A closed fist was currently stroking his hard cock back and forth, slowly, but deliberately. A low groan escaped his lips. The hand felt… a little different. It wasn’t the hand he was familiar with. This hand felt smaller and softer, and a little tighter around his shaft than his boyfriend’s did.

‘What the hell?’

“Jane, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” Brian whispered sharply once he had woken and regained enough sense to realize what was happening.

“shhhhh” was her only response. And then she took her hand away for a moment, only to return it back to his cock to coat his shaft in her saliva. She rubbed her spit up and down his swollen shaft, making it slick and sticky.

Then Jane shuffled back a little into Brian’s groin, with the bottom half of her body slightly raised and Brian could feel something warm and wet sinking down onto his inches, and he had to fight hard to repress a groan, realizing far too late what was really happening, he was now fully sheathed inside Jane’s warm, tight pussy.

A shocked Brian could only look on, paralyzed by conflicting feelings, while Jane began flexing her hips back and forth to fuck herself fully on Brian’s cock.

“You feel so big inside me!” Jane told him between soft feminine moans.

Brian wanted to shout at her.

To tell Jane to get the fuck away from him!

To jump out of her bed and flee the room.

But he was also reeling from the incredible sensations that being buried Cevizli Escort inside her warm, velvety sleeve was bringing him.

“Fuck me back, Brian, please. Please!” She begged, and to his own astonishment, Brian found himself thrusting back and forth, sliding his hard thick cock in and out of Jane’s pussy.

Jane thanked him, and reached behind her to pull one of his hands on to her body, where it settled on her hip. He gripped her there tightly as his mind tried in vain to process everything that was going on.

He knew, logically, he should put an end to this, That he was loyal to his boyfriend. That he was a gay man, for Christ sake! He shouldn’t be doing this.

But at the same time, he couldn’t deny how incredible this was making him feel. It had never felt quite this warm and snug when he was buried inside Corey, an admission it pained him to make, with him being gay and committed to her brother.

At some point Brian had just had to let go of any resistance to what was happening between them, he held nothing back as he fucked Jane back as hard and fast as he could, getting everything he could out of the wonderful experience. His whole body felt alive, like he was going to explode, it felt so damn good.

It was a few moments later when Brian could feel Jane’s movements becoming even more urgent against him, and she abruptly said “fuck!” possibly loud enough to wake the whole house, and almost cause Brian to have an heart attack in the process.

Then she started to cum and Brian felt it immediately as her pussy started to spasm around his cock, followed a moment later by a hot gush of a wet substance that coated his shaft and then leaked out onto the bedsheet between the two.

The feeling of her velvety soft walls fluttering around his inches, clenching and vibrating against his entire member, felt amazing. Then Jane’s whole body started to shake and spasm against him, and she made a loud prolonged moaning sound as an overwhelming orgasm overtook her. This was the first time Brian had ever witnessed someone having a full body orgasm, and it astonished him.

“Fuck….Brian….fuck…..ahhhhh,” she implored as her body writhed against his in the throes of climax, her vagina gushing as her body bucked against him. Her pussy gripping him, pumping him, holding his twitching shaft firmly inside her, while her pussy muscles rippled and massaged his sensitive inches.

His cock, now buried deep inside her and pressed against her cervix, started to throb and then his dick was shooting thick ropes of his cum inside, filling her womb with his warm, potent seed.


The next day, Brian could barely look at anyone. Astonishingly, he found it easier to strike up a conversation with Corey and Jane’s homophobic parents than to talk face to face with their two grown children.

After the parents had left, a guilty looking Jane hastily retreated to her room, mumbling about things she needed to take care of before tomorrow. That left Corey alone with his very guilty feeling boyfriend.

Corey moved toward Brian, as if to kiss him, after he had told him how grateful he was to Brian for agreeing to shack up with Jane for the night and for keeping the façade going about him and Brian only being friends, about his relationship with Jane, which felt so ironic given the previous night’s events, Brian almost laughed out loud to the irony of it all.

Brian pulled back from Corey, feeling guilty and so unworthy. He didn’t deserve Brian’s kiss. He didn’t deserve his love or his commitment. He had betrayed his boyfriend in the worst possible way. He just couldn’t kiss him back.

He wanted to tell Corey what had happened the night before, but he was terrified of his boyfriend’s reaction. He’d never forgive him for having sex with his sister. While he was in the bedroom next to them, sleeping. It was the ultimate form of betrayal. He knew once he told Corey the truth, it would spell the end of them as a couple.

Fortunately for Brian, Corey took his resistance to mean Brian was still mad at him for pressuring him into doing, and being something he didn’t want to do, and apologized to his boyfriend once again.

“I’m really sorry, Brian. I don’t know what else I can do to convince you, except to keep telling you so until you accept it and move on from this weekend. I love you with all my heart. I’m so, so sorry that I put pressure on you to pretend to be someone you’re not. I know how proud and open you are about being a gay man, and I should never have asked you to pretend to be someone you’re not.”

Corey’s words felt like knives to Brian’s heart. His boyfriend was still convinced that this was all about him being forced to go temporarily back into the closet to appease his boyfriend’s homophobic parents. But that was the furthest thing from his mind right now. Just being around Corey, being intimate with him, reminded him painfully, of his betrayal. He had no idea how he was ever going to get over Atalar Escort it.

What was also eating him up just as much was just how great this whole adulterous affair had felt, in the heat of the moment, it had been incredible.

Somehow, a woman he had never previously felt anything for, at least sexually, had made him feel so good. It had felt wonderful, thrusting his dick and out of her flesh tunnel, feeling the warmth of her soft body pressed against him as they fucked each other. Feeling her entire body writhe and shake against him when she came.

When he’d made her cum.

Corey had occupied none of his thoughts once he had given up resisting her advances. The whole experience had felt incredible. But the guilt eating him up inside now, felt just as overwhelming.

He guessed Jane had felt the same. She’d hardly spoken at all the following day. Just enough to keep her parents and Corey from being suspicious.

She’d barely looked at Brian and once her parents had left, she’d gone to her bedroom. Maybe she thought Brian was mad at her for seducing him like she had.

Maybe she felt guilty like him for betraying her brother’s trust in such a terrible way.

Maybe it was a mix of the two, Brian didn’t know. They’d not spoken since they’d separated shortly after waking up that morning.

That night, in bed with his boyfriend, facing away from him, Brian couldn’t sleep. His mind was racing with thoughts about the night before and how he should deal with it. Whether he should tell his boyfriend, or keep it from him. It went against everything he was, to hide and keep secrets, especially something this serious. His boyfriend had a right to know. You can bet your ass Brian would want to know if Corey had been unfaithful to him.

A moment later, and Brian heard Jane’s bedroom door open and footsteps walk across the hall and enter the bathroom. Once she had returned to her bedroom a few minutes later, Brian had decided that he was going to go talk to her about what had happened between them. About what they should do about it.

He knocked on her room door, and heard a soft reply inviting him inside. Brian opened the bedroom door to see Jane in her bed, covered up with her blanket. She was smiling politely at him, but he could tell she was nervous at his presence.

“I.. well, I just wanted to talk about last night,” Brian told her, “it’s been on my mind all day, and it’s driving me crazy. I feel so guilty about what we did, and for betraying Corey.”

“I know. It’s been eating at me too.” She sighed, and patted her bed, inviting him to sit down on it.

At first Brian was going to resist because that’s where all the trouble began last night, but then, on second thought, he accepted the invite because they needed to talk, and being so near the door, as he was, it was possible that Corey could overhear them if he woke and realized Brian was missing from their bed.

So Brian sat, feeling uneasy at the bottom of Jane’s bed. They talked for about fifteen minutes about how guilty they’d felt the entire day. About how difficult it was just to be around Corey, carrying such an awful secret. The way they’d betrayed him when he was such a nice guy who was selfless, sweet, kind, and helpful with everybody he knew.

Then the proverbial elephant in the room somehow came up and Brian admitted how surprised he was by what had happened between them. That he was having a lot of difficulty not thinking about how nice it had been, the way he had felt being buried deep inside her. He confessed to her that every time he’d looked her way, during the day while her parents and Corey were around them, that he’d feel himself growing hard, remembering what they had done the night before.

Jane blushed at what she took as a compliment. And she told him she’d been kind of crushing on him since the day she’d met him. That she’d dreamed about him, dreamed about them having passionate sex together.

She told Brian that he had felt fantastic when he was inside her, fucking her. Even better than her dreams had prepared her for. That she’d had a difficult time trying not to recall their time together last night, while she was across the room from him, and her parents and brother were in the room. Jane told him that she had to get away as soon as her parents had gone before she slipped up somehow and caused Corey to become suspicious.

It wasn’t long after their confessions that Brian and Jane once again found themselves feeling incredibly horny and giving into their new found urges for each other.

Their bodies came together for a heated kiss. Their very first kiss. Brian ran his hands through Jane’s long, glossy brown hair, while Jane’s arms sneaked their way around Brian’s body, and she pulled him down on top of her.

They kissed in this position for a while before Jane rolled over until she was positioned on top of him. Then she raised her nightgown up over her head, exposing her fully naked form to a hungry Brian.

Brian gazed at Jane’s nude body as she straddled him, trying to make sense of the foreign form before him. The same form that had brought him such unfamiliar pleasures the night before.

Now, the only item of clothing separating them was his jogging pants.

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