BBQ, Cards, Cum

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This story happened two years ago and it was the best night of my life. So far only the people involved know about it and I’ve been waiting to find someone to tell it to without the others finding out. For that reason I have had to change the names but that doesn’t matter.

I moved in to a new flat with my girlfriend in the suburbs, we had been together for a year and decided we were ready to live with other, at the same time my girlfriends’ best friend, Sally was moving in with her boyfriend too. I still fancied the ass off my girlfriend; she was in my opinion the perfect woman. Around 5’6″ shoulder length auburn hair, brown eyes, tight bottom and tits that were just the right size. Her Irish blood gave her a sexy pale complexion with rosy cheeks and lips that loved to suck cock.

However, as we started to get to know Sally and her fella, my eyes naturally started to wander. Sally, was the opposite of my girlfriend Erin, she was about 5’11” long dark hair, small tits but perfectly formed in the tight T-shirts she used to wear and the rounded ass that was just asking to be fucked. After a while, I started to think Sally had noticed me spying on her ass and tits as every time I went to visit she wore increasingly revealing clothes.

One night when we went for a barbeque, it all started innocently, she was obviously flashing me her thong over the top of her jeans and I even caught a glimpse of her pussy hair as she “accidentally” forgot to do up her top button on her jeans. After a few beers and burgers we started playing cards, who ever lost had to do a dare. It was a pretty slow game to begin with; no one wanting to cross the line, the worst that had happened was me having to wear one of Sally’s dresses. Then I lost and opened my dare “swap clothes with another player” Sally was wearing her boyfriends jeans and jumper by this time and they weren’t giving me the view I usually look forward to when visiting so I suggested we change.

She wouldn’t let me change in the same room as her, Ankara escort which was probably a good thing considering the size of my cock, and that was just thinking of her in the dress. When she appeared she had clearly put a little extra make up on and made her self look good. Maybe she knew why I changed clothes with her. When we sat back down, I couldn’t take my eyes off her, the dress was sleeveless and cut just enough to show me that Sally had ditched her bra. When she leant forward, I kept getting a peek of her perfectly formed pink nipples.

I didn’t care if my girlfriend had caught me spying by this time, I was hot and I wanted to fuck Sally. Little did I know that my girlfriend was paying a little bit too much attention to Sally’s boyfriend Dave to care what I was doing. Dave was similar to me, around 6′ well built and a little bit of stubble. We both played football so we were pretty fit. I knew he fancied my girlfriend, but I fancied his so it never bothered me. Just as I was thinking about how much I would love to see Sally’s pussy, she opened her legs discreetly and flashed me a look up the bottom of the knee length dress. She had definitely dressed up, I knew from the thong flashing what she was wearing before and this was different. Pure white lacy panties with what looked like a nice moist patch on them.

I knew that was no accident, I knew she wanted something more than a game of cards, but did the other two?

We had run out of the pre-prepared dares by now and we were making them up as we played, I got to make up the next one. Erin lost.

“OK” I said, “I want you to lap dance for Dave.

Checking her initial reaction I knew she was up for it, even if Dave wasn’t I had seen her dance and I new he would be very soon. Next dare was for Sally

“I got it!” Dave piped up “strip for Stu”

Sally stood up in front of me and slowly started dancing. First she knocked the straps of her shoulders and let the dress fall forward, this was the first time I’d seen her Ankara escort bayan tits properly, they were beautiful. About the size of Tennis balls with little nipples pointing up in to the air, they were clearly hard as rocks. She slid out of her dress revealing her beautiful shape and those white panties. Then she got embarrassed and quickly sat back down.

I leant back in my chair and it was clear I had enjoyed the show. My 8″ cock was stood to attention. Erin lost the next game and Sally noticing my throbbing piece dared her to “sort me out” Erin, crawled towards me on her hands and knees. Her D cup tits on show in her low cut top; she unbuttoned my jeans and showed everyone my hard pulsating cock. I would normally have gotten very embarrassed but when I saw Sally moving in to get a better look I couldn’t do anything. Erin placed her hand at the base of m cock and started licking the tip, slowly in circles and every now and them putting the whole 8″ into her soft mouth allowing my to feel the back of her throat.

After a few minutes I was moaning so loudly I almost didn’t notice how much Erin was enjoying it too. Sally had climbed between her legs and was gently caressing her clit through her jeans. She then worked her way up Erin’s body, squeezing her tits and then onto my cock. I looked down and couldn’t believe it, Erin sucking and Sally stroking my cock. Dave stood up, I’d forgotten he was there and I thought he would be pretty pissed to see his girlfriend stoking my cock, but he wasn’t. He dropped his jeans revealing a nice 7″ cock, a little shorter than mine but a lot thicker. He knelt behind Erin, and pulled her now open jeans past her knees and off her legs. He pulled the thin material aside to expose my girlfriends pink, dripping wet pussy. After using her wetness to lube himself up he slid his 7 inches in to her. She immediately moaned in pleasure and arched up leaving my cock exposed.

Sally wasted no time and stuck it into her mouth, sucking gently and caressing my balls Escort Ankara with her hands. Squeezing them and nibbling on the tip of my foreskin, then she stood up and finally removed her last piece of clothing and tossed them at me letting me smell how wet she was. She slid perfectly on to my fat cock and I almost came at the feeling. I sucked her nipples as she bounced on my lap, slow then fast then slow again, I could hear Erin climaxing in the background and that fired me off. My feet started to tingle and my toes curled. Then up my legs all the hairs standing on end, through my spine into my head, I almost passed out then back to my balls just in time for them to explode shooting all my creamy white juices into Sally’s pussy.

She slid off me and laid on the floor, I knew she wanted my tongue on her clit. I knelt down and as I did I could hear Erin reaching her second orgasm and Dave was fucking her like a robot. After she had cum again he slid out and placed his cock against her lips, she accepted and started swallowing his whole cock. Meanwhile I had kissed my way up Sally’s legs, purposefully avoiding the clit and into her belly button. I gently stroked her pussy with my finger and then slipped two inside her. She moaned and I wanted to taste her. I made my way down to her opening and started to lick the soft sweet smelling lips of her pussy. I probed her with my tongue and played with her little ass hole, sliding one then two then three fingers in and out at the same rhythm as I was licking her soaking wet cunt.

Dave called out to her

“Cum with me princess!” and me and Erin knew what to do. We speeded up the tempo and threw them both into frenzy; Erin was swallowing every inch of Dave as I was sucking sally’s clit and almost fisting her ass. Then they came, the loudest I have ever heard, lasting almost five minutes, Sally shuddered and I could taste her sweet juices in the pit of my stomach. Erin took all Dave had to offer and even saved a little bit in her mouth which she shared with Sally as they kissed passionately. I looked at Dave, both a little embarrassed, but both hoping it would happen again.

I took Erin home shortly after and fucked her before bed. I didn’t want her forgetting how good it was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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