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I am Sheba, she thought.

Born from sin, her mother had once told her. She had not been a good mother, or person, and very bitter, drunk, and high for all of Sheba’s life. Sheba did not care now, for she had grown up and embraced the world for what it was. Wicked, and evil, and yet full of sinful pleasures that she had developed a taste for.

Having been born in sin, she reveled in it, and had become a unique woman with unique desires. Especially after her mother, when she was a teenager, had told her all the juicy details of how she had been conceived.

But that was in the past.

She had laundry to do. The rain had stopped, and she could hear thunder rolling across the distant sky. South Carolina near the cost was a mystical place where the heat and humidity was trapped between the Appalachians and the Atlantic, where the Savannah swarmed with insects and alligators. The trailer park was tucked away between a swamp and the beach, and a lonely concrete building with a single street light. It was 3am in the morning, and the trailer park was quiet. Palm trees rustled gently in light breezes.

Sheba had no clothes but a long, white t-shirt. She had waited entirely too long to get clothes washed, but didn’t like doing it when the laundry room was busy. In the middle of the night it should be empty, so she had waited for the rain to stop. Now was her chance. She did not waste time trying to find pants or anything else, a t-shirt was enough. She felt clean and fresh after a shower, and the shirt was the only thing she had anyway. Putting on dirty clothes on a clean body made her skin crawl. She got her purse on, which was really a small backpack that she wore as one, grabbed her two netted bags full of dirty laundry separated into whites and colors, and stepped out into the muggy, hot, night air. She loved the smell of the sea and swamp mixed together, a smell rich with life. She shut the door behind her, made sure it locked, and took off barefoot down the steps and onto the hard dirt road.

Anyone that saw her walking in the dark would see a tall lightly dark, Mulatto woman in a white t-shirt, which was a common sight. No one could tell at night that she was totally naked underneath. The ground was wet on her feet. Transformers buzzed with power as she went by, insects swarmed around the street lamps that were too few to keep the place well lit. Anyone that saw her would not see all of the details of her body, but they could tell that her ass was firm and round, her legs long and strong, and her breasts enormous and bouncing as she walked. What they could not see in the dark was the wide, dark areoles and thick nipples, or her large clitoris and shaved vagina that felt the open air between her legs, nor her full lips, big eyes, and exotic features. They would not see these other details well, if at all.

Sheba was the epitome of sin, lust, desire, and pornography.

She kept to herself. No one knew her. She went to work, came home to rest, lived cheaply, and saved for a better life to buy her own business. Being a sinner did not mean being without goals. Her only addiction was the sensual. Sex was her religion, her faith, her ideology.

It began to rain again half way to the laundry building, and she muttered under her breath as she quickened her pace. She was drenched by the time she reached the lonely concrete building with no windows and an open door revealing bad lightning inside that flickered. Out of the downpour and onto a cement floor she found herself dripping wet and her shirt clinging to her body.

And to her surprise, five guys already their doing their own laundry, one black guy, three whites, and a Latin. She had not expected company at 3am. Sheba glanced at them, but ignored them and found some empty washers. Silence had erupted in the small laundry room that now seemed overcrowded. She could not tell if she were in danger, but to flee might reveal fear, and men preyed on fear. She had no fear, not like other girls might.

“Hi there,” said one of the five.

“Hello,” she replied.

Sheba felt their eyes on her as she worked, and know her wet t-shirt left little to the imagination. She knew it was too short, and those sitting on the old plastic chairs bolted to the concrete floor could probably see the bottom of her ass, or the slightest hint of her shaved pussy. When she dropped clothes, she bent down to get them, forgetting too late that they would see everything as she did so. Her pussy, her anus, all of it. She heard the sounds men make at seeing such things, and this pleased her.

“Damn girl, don’t people wear underwear anymore?” one of them asked.

“I usually do. It’s just that I waited too long to do laundry, and this shirt was the cleanest thing I had.”

And that was the truth, she mused. She did often lie to get what she wanted, or to get out of bad situations. But these men posed no real threat, she saw. She stood and looked at them, and smiled.

“Well go ahead and wash that, too, baby,” the black guy ankara bayan escortlar said with a smirk.

“If that is okay with you all, I will,” she replied.

She then pulled the wet and uncomfortable t-shirt off, and that was the last thing out into the whites load. Utterly naked now, she got her backpack purse, got out quarters, and got the two washers going as casually as a housewife at home without an audience. Her long black hair was wet and clung to her bare shoulders and top of her swelling breasts. If felt better to be naked in the hot, muggy night.

“Damn, girl, you crazy,” one said.

They whispered things to each other, and shifted uncomfortably. They simply did not know what to do in this unusual situation, perhaps a fantasy come true. She knew how males thought, after all. She knew their deepest, darkest desires that kept them so far away from God. She knew God, and almost married Him and became a nun. But her presence amongst males made that life impossible, when her very soul seemed to seduce godly men to sin. Yes, she knew all too well the desires of all men, even the holiest of them.

Having gotten the laundry going in both machines, she casually sat down in one of the plastic chairs bolted to the concrete floor and waited. She drew her legs up and pressed her knees up against her breasts. With her feet together, she covered her shaved vagina and heavy breasts from view, but was no less naked as before. Then she casually spread her feet apart a little and exposed her pussy for them to see. A smooth vulva, a prominent clitoris, her flower of flesh was a sight to behold and seduce angels.

“You live here, sweetie?” one asked.

She nodded that she did. “And you guys?”

“I do,” said one of the white guys. “These are my friends. Tony, Richie, Trey, and Mark. And I’m Dan the Man,” he said, and his friends snickered.

“More like Dan the Fag!” Tony exclaimed.

But Dan, the largest of them all, a football player she suspected, just rolled his eyes.

“No, Tony the Phony, it’s because I got the biggest cock. We already had our dicks measured, so quit talking shit.”

“A big cock doesn’t make you straight, bro,” said Trey, the big black man. “And why you lie? We measured exactly the same, damn! Can’t a nigger get some honest white boy friends, shit!”

This perked her interest, and provided an excuse to talk about sex.

“Let me see,” she said. “Show me your dicks.” They seemed surprised she was this bold.

“Damn, girl, you asking to get a train thrown on your ass,” the Hispanic, Richie said.

“Whatever. Most men can’t handle sloppy seconds or thirds, or want to hit pussy full of cum. You talk a lot, but I bet when it comes down to it, you couldn’t do a gangbang. So let me see your dicks talking a lot of shit.”

They looked at each other, and began to wonder how far this would go. But their manhood was on the line, they had to show it, or throw it. To encourage them, she put her legs down and let them all see her heavy tits and wide areoles again, and her flat stomach. Her knees together, shins apart and feet facing towards each other, she knew how to look cute and innocent and sexy all at once.

“Alright, you asked for it. Come on, Dan. Let’s you and I show this bitch what we got,” Trey said.

So Dan stood up and faced her next to Trey, and they both brought their cocks out, which were already pretty hard from already being aroused.

“Someone should watch for anyone else coming,” she said as she took both cocks in each hand and rubbed them.

She didn’t waste time, for she was aroused at once by the thickness and length of these two men. At least nine inches, both of them, one black, and one white. She had not expected this, what were the odds? She sat on the edge of the seat and leaned forward, and then took Dan in her mouth first, sucked on his enormous cock and pulled the foreskin back, and then did the same to Trey. She loved taking turns sucking on them both, and it made her very wet.

Holding both cocks in each hand, she used a lot of saliva to get them both moist and slippery, and moved her hands up and down each shaft as she took turns. The other three guys stared in awe at this display of multitasking adeptness. Then she would pause, and forced one cock down her throat, still rubbing the other cock, until her thick lips were against his balls. She took all nine inches of Dan down her throat, which very few women, or gay men, could do. Everyone cheered at this amazing feat, as she gagged slightly on the thick meat. Then she did the same with Trey’s cock, whose balls were enormous as well, a little bigger than Dan’s. She then took turns licking their balls, black and white, making them shiny. They were clean, and smelled of manliness, and this made her wetter.

“Well, who’s cock is larger?” one of the other men asked.

She stopped and smiled. “They feel the same in my throat,” she replied. “But I won’t know until they come, that’s when the penis achieves its maximum ankara seksi escortlar size and hardness.”

“Damn, baby,” Trey said. “You hungry for nut, or what?”

“I’m always hungry for nut,” she replied. “Let’s see which one of you comes the most in my mouth.”

So she gagged on Dan once more, rubbing his shaft with a hand as she forced it all the way down again. Feeling he was about to come, she pulled his thick shaft out of her mouth just in time for the first squirt of hot, white cum to be seen go into her wide-open mouth. She held Dan’s cock aimed at her mouth, and his hot cum filled it up, and she sloshed it around with her tongue. Some spilled out and slid down her throat.

Trey came next, holding his cock aimed her mouth. He missed and got cum on her face, the bridge of her nose, but mostly in her still open mouth that had Dan’s cum. He filled her mouth completely, and white cum spilled from her lips and plopped to the concrete floor.

Then she swallowed it all, two loads of cum, and they heard it go down her throat. She smiled with a cum-splattered face, and Dan and Trey had looks of pure ecstasy on their faces.

“Wow, girl, that was awesome,” Dan said.

Sheba stood up and went to one of the washers, opened the lid to check on her clothes, bending over just enough for all of them to see her pussy and anus. Tony, Richie, and Mark looked eagerly at her. Sheba looked back, and smiled seductively. Richie was the handsome Latino, black curly hair and green eyes, and she looked right at him.

“Well?” she asked. “You going to fuck me, or not?”

Richie got behind her and put a hand on her ass, and then brought the other hand around to weigh her breasts, and touch her nipples. He fingered her from behind, and she closed her eyes and bent completely over the washer, her tits now touching the white metal surface. Tony came to one side, and Mark to the other and they all began touching her body.

“Oh mama,” Richie whispered. “You are one fine bitch.”

Richie dropped his pants, and guided his hard cock into her from behind, and she hissed as his thick mushroom tip stretched her more than she had expected. She had not yet seen his Hispanic cock, so she was surprised by how deep it thrust up into her, bottoming out completely against her cervix. She looked between her tits and down her stomach, and saw large dark balls bouncing against her pussy.

“What the fuck,” she said. “Are you guys part of the Big Dick Club?”

“If there be such a thing, then we would be,” Trey replied, sitting down and playing with his clock as he watched his friend fuck her.

And boy, did Richie start fucking her hard, as if she had just got out of prison. She knew what that was like, because when she was only fifteen, a couple of escaped convicts had raped her. Never had she experienced such raw, animal lust. And had she not taken charge and gave them more pleasure than they could handle, they would have destroyed her. But she killed them, instead, and buried the bodies while their cum still oozed from both her holes.

And Richie thrust hard and fast, also with animal desire, and brought her to orgasm quickly, making her cry out.

“Oh yeah, that’s what my pussy was made for! Fuck that pussy! Show it who da boss is,” she said. “Oh yeah, pump it and dump, baby!”

Evidently, her words made Richie groan with unrestrained pleasure, and his semen exploded inside her, and erupted around his hard shaft, down his balls, and plopped onto the cement floor. Her eyelids fluttered as a hard orgasm shuddered through her whole body, from her curling toes to her face.

“Oh man, Richie busted his nut already!” Trey teased.

He pulled out, and cum poured from her pussy as she remained bent over, her legs shaking. Richie put his penis back in and zipped his pants, a dumb look on his face as if he was awakening from some dream. She could feel cum slide down one leg as well, hot and watery.

Tony and Mark just stared at her with their dicks out, hard as rocks, and also pretty fucking large. Sheba saw a look in their eyes, that animal passion, that loss of control men sometimes got to. They would have raped her if she had stopped right now. But she had no intentions of stopping.

She got bent over with her long legs straight, and opened her mouth. Let them figure out what to do. And they did. Tony brought his cock to her head, and grabbed her hair in his hands to hold it steady as he thrust it down her throat. She gagged on the beautiful, hard penis.

She felt Mark get behind her, and push his hard dick into her cum-filled pussy. It slid right in, stretching her pussy wide with its girth, and digging in deep and hard into her. Mark held her waist firm, his nails cutting into her dark skin, just like she liked it. Tony’s cock slid in and out of her throat at a perfect horizontal angle.

They both got rough with her, and fucked her hard from both ends. She felt Mark’s thumb touch her anus, and press into it a little, exploring it.

“Anyone bayan ankara escort got lube?” Mark asked? “I want to fuck her ass.”

“Ah shit,” Trey said. “I bet she’s like that, huh?”

A bottle of lube was produced, and Mark while still fucking her pussy, lubed her anus with his thumb. He thumbed her ass good, pressing it all the way in.

It felt wonderful as she was fucked with two dicks, and she took it all like a champ, like the willing slut she was. Then Mark pulled out, lubed up his dick, and pressed it against her anus. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks for him.

A loud groan as she still gagged on cock came as Mark pushed his big cock into her ass. She felt it slide up into her ass, into her rectum. He took his time, pulling back, then pushing in, and pulling back again, going a little deeper each time.

“Oh yeah, she’s fucking tight,” Mark breathed.

Then she pushed herself back, taking all of his cock into her rectum, and loving it. Tony came into her mouth, unable to hold back any longer. Cum filled her mouth once more, and she swallowed what she could as it dribbled down her chin. She moaned and groaned as cum came out of her mouth, and as Mark grabbed her hair and held her firm as he fucked her in the ass really hard now.

“Fuck!” she shouted.

To her surprise, Trey’s big black dick was hard as a rock, and he pressed it to her lips. She opened wide and took it into her mouth, and down her throat. She was beyond gagging now, but the sound of her throat being filled still made sloppy sounds.

Mark came in her ass, and she felt his hot cum deep inside her. He pulled out, and Dan got in behind her, and inserted his huge white cock into her ass next. He did not even try to be gentle, he just thrust it all into her, balls to the wall … balls slapping her pussy.

Then she was brought up straight, and Trey with a crazed look in his eyes got right up to her. Trey and Dan both slapped her tits around.

“You ever been double-stuffed, bitch?” Trey asked.

There was no point in answering, and she was too busy moaning anyway.

Standing up between them, getting sandwiched, she felt Dan’s cock seek out her pussy, and then thrust into it while Trey cock stretched and pumped her asshole. It felt so good, she screamed out in ecstasy.

The feel of two enormous cocks sliding in and out of her, sometimes at the same time, and sometimes back and forth like an engine’s pistons, was so good.

The fucked her so hard, thrusting upwards with their hips, that she was on her tippy-toes, and sometimes lifted up. She just hung on to Dan, clinging to him as they both pumped into her harder and fast, her tits pressed against his shirt.

Nearly at the same time, they both came inside her, into her ass and her pussy. Cum oozed out around Dan’s enormous white cock, and Trey’s cum mingled with Mark’s cum deep inside her rectum. When they both pulled out, a little bit of cum oozed out her anus as well.

“Nasty,” someone said.

“Fucking awesome,” another said.

Her legs were shaking so badly, that when they were no longer supporting her, she had to lean against a washer, bending over a little. They all got behind her, and she felt hands spread her ass to see all the cum coming out.

“Damn, bitch, you loved every bit of it,” Trey said. “You a fucking freak!”

At this point, Bathsheba gave herself up to lust and humiliation, and let them continue to do whatever they wanted to her. At least they used the sink to wash their dicks with soap and water after they fucked her in the ass. And as least they lubed up when they all took turns. They had her on her knees on one of the seats, throwing a train on her ass, all coming deep inside her.

Young horny men with plenty of cum in those enormous balls. When they were done, they had her on the ground, like a slave, and they all had a bukkake. The last of their sperm was ejaculated all over her body as she lied on the concrete floor, propped up on her elbows, her legs slightly bent. They had raped her mouth one last time to get to that point. All of them had come at least four or five times.

“Dang, we fucked the shit of this chick. You alright, girl?”

They all had their pants up, and their dicks put away, as they stared down at her defilement on the floor. Naked, covered in cum, her hair all frazzled, and cum pouring out of her ass now. She couldn’t hold it in forever. She stood up on shaky legs, and more cum slid down her legs.

They had been at it for two hours, and the sun would come up soon. She even had a chance to move her laundry from the washer to the driers in between being gangbanged.

Efficiency was key.

“I’m fine,” she smiled. “Now help me take my clothes home, before he gets light. I’m not putting on clean clothes after this.”

They gladly helped her, and now they knew where she lived. Since they were young, and dumb, and harmless, she invited them in.

“When you guys want a quickie, stop by,” she offered. “But don’t plan on staying long, or sleeping over. You want to watch a football game while fucking the shit out of me, fine. But don’t fuck it up.”

“Yes ma’am,” they all said. “Are you serious though? We get horny, we can just come by and get some ass?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32