Bathroom Remodel Project Pt. 02

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After my retirement I decided to do small remodeling projects to stay active and make a few extra bucks. My first customer was Dan. He needed someone to help with the remodel of his bathroom. Since he was busy managing his accounting business, we agreed that I’d do some of the work during the week and then we’d both work together to complete the “heavy lifting” on the weekends.

In Part 1 of the story I told of my adventure with Helen, Dan’s stepsister. Helen is an older, sexy redhead who has a killer body for a woman in her 60s. Part 2 of the story goes on to tell of my encounter with Maggie, Dan’s wife. I still can’t believe what happened.

I arrived at Dan’s house bright and early on Wednesday. I expected Helen to answer the door since she was staying with them during the summer while her house was being remodeled, but was surprised when Dan’s wife, Maggie, answered the door. Maggie was the office manager at Dan’s business, so I expected her to be at work.

Maggie was in her 50s, a few years younger than me. I had met her briefly when I dropped off the written estimate for the remodel project at Dan’s office. At that time she was dressed very conservatively which gave the impression of a prim and proper business manager. In the office she wore half frame reading glasses that she looked over when she talked to you. Her hair was pulled back in a tight bun. Her blouse and skirt looked expensive and covered her shapely figure and ample bosom from her neck to her knees in fashionable, no-nonsense style. So, I was a little surprised when she answered the door in a thin, swimsuit cover-up that barely concealed her bikini. A pair of sunglasses that were perched on her head replaced her reading glasses.

“Oh Hi! I’m Maggie, Dan’s wife,” she said warmly as she opened the door. “Dan said you’d be starting today.”

I shook her hand as I returned the greeting. “Hope I’m not too early.”

“Oh gracious, no. I’m always up and out of the house before 7. Except I’m taking today off so that Helen and I can go shopping. Dan’s at work. Helen went to the grocery store.” she said with a smile. “Please make yourself at home.”

I carried my tool box up the stairs to the hall bathroom. My goal for the day was to remove the tile and wallboard that surrounded the tub. The grout had failed, which allowed water to seep behind the tile and break down the gypsum board. I needed to remove everything down to the studs. Plus I was going to replace the outdated, leaking shower control valve.

As I pulled the crowbar out of my toolbox I looked up to see Maggie standing in the doorway. “It looks like such a big job,” she said as she scanned the tile surround.

“Yeah, I might make a bit of a mess when I pull off the tile and wallboard, but I’ve protected the tub with that heavy tarp.”

“I’m so glad Dan hired you. He’s not that good with tools,” Maggie said as she pushed her hair back. “I’m sorry to bother you, but before you get started could I get the suntan lotion out of the medicine cabinet? My bottle is empty. Helen said that I could borrow hers. She’s getting more at the store.”

Maggie’s ample tits brushed against my back as she sidestepped behind me to get to the medicine cabinet. I could smell her perfume as she steadied herself by putting her hand on my shoulder. “Sorry,” she said softly.

“No problem,” I replied. “It might get dusty and noisy when I pull off the tile.”

“I’m going to sit by the pool, so don’t worry about the noise. Do what you have to do,” she said as her tits brushed against me again on her way out of the bathroom, suntan lotion in hand.

I watched Maggie walk down the hallway toward the stairs. She had a really cute little ass that swayed seductively. I noticed that she was wearing high heels instead of sandals, which seemed a little strange, but nice; no complaints from me.

I had just started breaking up the tile and pulling it loose from the wall when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I pulled down my dust mask and googles as I turned around to find Maggie standing next to me.

“I’m so sorry to bother you again. Could you put a little lotion on my back? I’ve done everything else, but can’t reach my back.” she said pleadingly.

“OK, guess I can do that,” I said as I pulled off my gloves. Maggie handed me the suntan lotion as she took a seat on a hallway chair with her back facing me. She had removed her coverup which gave me a full view of her ample cleavage as I peered over her shoulder. Her skin felt smooth and soft as I massaged the lotion into her back.

“Ya know,” Maggie started, “Dan hired a couple of college guys to paint the house last summer. They were cute, strong guys. And I’d watch them paint as I was sunbathing by the pool. It was so hot that summer. And they’d take off their shirts. And I’d watch them. Since I work so much, I don’t have anyone to watch. They looked so good.”

I wasn’t sure why Maggie was telling me this, but I kinda sensed where she was headed. I urged her on by commenting that I don’t do exterior Escort painting.

“Oh, I didn’t know that,” Maggie replied absently. “Well, anyway, I’d watch them for a while. Then I’d play with myself. Once I rubbed my clit until I came,” Maggie said with a little giggle. “I can be so naughty some times,” she added mischievously.

Maggie turned around on the chair to face me waist-high as I put the cap back on the bottle. “You’ve got nice, strong hands,” Maggie commented.

She looked at me and paused for a moment, then said, “Helen told me that you’ve got other things that are nice and strong.”

It took a second for my thoughts to gel. “What do you mean by that?”

“I mean that Helen told me that you’ve got a nice one,” Maggie cooed as her finger traced an imaginary line down my crotch with her red fingernail.

“You mean Helen told you about what happened the other day?” I replied incredulously.

“Every detail.”

I stared down at Maggie. “She made me promise that I wouldn’t tell Dan,” I said trying to hide my anger that Helen was a blabber mouth.

“Oh, don’t worry, she didn’t tell Dan. He’d blow his stack if he found out that you were playing with us. But don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.”

“Look. I don’t know what Helen told you. I only caught a glimpse of her dancing in her bra and panties as I walked past her room. I wasn’t spying on her.”

“She said you’re a pervert. Are you a pervert, Bill?” Helen said as she examined the bulge starting to form in my crotch.

“Listen to me. I’m no pervert. I admit to being a dirty old man. OK? But I’m no pervert. I’m just a red blooded guy. Hell, if a woman doesn’t mind showin’ ’em, I sure don’t mind lookin’ at ’em. That’s not being a pervert. That’s called being a Man!”

“Do you think I’ve got nice ones, Bill?” Helen said softly as she cupped her tits. “I’m a pervert, too, I guess. I like lookin’ at ’em too, just like you.”

I stared down at Maggie’s tits that were just barely covered by her bikini top. They almost spilled out as she hefted them up with her hands.

Maggie ran her hand softly over the bulge in my jeans. “Helen has gotten me really curious. How does she know that you have a nice one? Did you show it to her?”

I hesitated for a moment. “Well, yes,” I stammered.

“I’d love to see your cock. It’s getting hard already. I bet it’s big. I’d love to stroke it for a while,” Maggie cooed as she fumbled with my zipper. “Do you want to feel my tits?”

I reached down and caressed Maggie’s boobs. I pinched her nipples, which made her gasp softly. “Oh that feels good. I love to have my nipples played with. Take your cock out. I want to see it.”

I unzipped my jeans and unleashed my semi-erect cock. Maggie immediately grabbed it and started stroking. “Put some of that suntan lotion on my hand,” Maggie urged.

I did as Maggie asked. “It’s getting so big and hard. Helen was right! You have a nice one, baby. I bet it feels so good when it’s inside a pussy.”

I unbuckled my belt and let my jeans drop to the floor. Maggie pushed up my shirt indicating that I should take it off.

“Why don’t you take off that little top and show me your tits,” I urged as I pulled my T-shirt over my head. Maggie continued to run her slick hand up and down my shaft. She reached behind her back and undid the bikini strap in one quick motion.

“You like my tits? Stroke it while you look at my big tits. I caught the painters looking at my tits. They were such hot boys. You’re a sexy guy for an old pervert,” Maggie continued as she let her hand roam over my bare chest. “When I see you working in the bathroom, I wish you were my boy.”

“I told you, I may be a dirty old man, but I’m not a pervert,” I replied as I pinched Maggie’s nipples until they were erect and hard as gummy bears.

“Oh god, you got me so wet. Stroke it while I play with my clit. Let me see you make it big and hard for me. I’d like to taste it too. That cock would be so big inside me. Yeah, and I’d ride up and down on it.”

I watched Maggie massage her pussy in little circles with her finger tips. Then she licked her fingers as she gazed into my eyes. I returned her gaze as my erection grew more intense. “You like that? You like looking at a hard cock? You want a cock inside you right now, don’t you?” I hissed.

“You don’t have anyone to fuck, do you?” Maggie said as she continued to look me in the eyes seductively. “Can you believe you’ve got me rubbing my pussy. I bet you’d like to fuck that pussy right now. But you can’t fuck me. I’m not going to let you fuck me this time. Keep stroking it for me.”

‘What is this bitch doing?’ I thought. ‘She gets my cock hard and then tells me I can’t fuck her.’ “You’re a cock teaser,” I said accusingly.

“I told you I was a pervert,” Maggie replied with a slight grin. “I want you to cum all over me. I want to lick your cock clean. But you can’t fuck me. Oh,yeah. It’s getting so big. You’re so lucky to have such a big one. If I rub Escort Bayan it faster and hard, maybe you’ll cum all over me.”

Maggie continued to stroke my cock. Then she started to suck and lick the mushroom head, which put me close to the point of no return. Maybe she wasn’t going to let me fuck her, but it was clear that she was determined to give me a great hand job.

“I can tell you’re going to cum soon. Look at my pussy while you stroke it. Look at me playing with my clit. You’re making me so wet, baby. You’re stroking it so hard and fast. I’m going to tell you when I cum so you can cum too. Oh yeah, shoot all that white cum all over me.”

“Where do you want me to finish?”

“Shoot it on my tits. Let me have your load, baby. I want it bad.”

I felt the cum boiling in my balls as I soon reached the point of no return. With a few more strokes I shot ropey streams of cum over Maggie’s tits. Some of it hit her chin and cheek.

“Oh god, did that feel good? Yeah? That felt so good for me, too. You’re such a bad boy shooting cum all over your boss’s wife,” Maggie said as she rubbed my cum into her skin.

She smiled at me as she licked her fingers. “I guess I don’t need that suntan lotion any more,” she said with a grin.

Maggy picked up her bikini top from the floor and smoothed her hair as I collected my T-shirt and pulled up my pants. “I better get back to work. But thanks for, ah, whatever you want to call this thing we just did,” I said.

“You mean this perverted thing we just did? You cumming on your boss’s wife’s tits? Is that what you mean?”

“Listen to me,” I offered. “This is just between you and me. You aren’t going to tell Dan or Helen. Right?”

Maggie smiled over her shoulder as she walked down the hallway toward her bedroom. “Don’t worry, baby. It’s all good.”

I wasn’t sure how that answered my question, but I had no choice but to hope for the best as I returned to my work.

I didn’t see Maggie the rest of the day as she soon left to go shopping with Helen. I started to wonder if Helen had spilled her guts to Dan about what happened between us seeing as how she seemed to have no problem blabbing to Maggie about our encounter. I also wondered if Maggie would keep her mouth shut or if she was just itching to tell Helen about our little escapade. Sometimes these things can get out of hand and cause problems. But it was too late to worry about stuff like that now. I made a vow to myself, however, that Helen and Maggie would be off-limits from now on.

Later that afternoon, just as I was finishing up for the day, I got a call from Dan. He asked me how the project was going and said that he wanted to meet me the next day for a drink at our favorite watering hole. He said he wanted to talk about the bathroom remodel, but I worried that maybe Helen (or perhaps Maggie) had said something to him. Maybe I was headed for a confrontation.

The house was completely quiet the next day. I was able to get lots of work done without interruption (or ejaculation). But I couldn’t help but think about what might be awaiting me when I met with Dan later that day.

Dan was seated at the bar when I arrived. He had already finished a martini and had another one ordered when I took the seat next to him. The bartender, Gayle, was a young, hot babe in her mid-20s. She wore a low cut top that showed off her ample cleavage and tight shorts that hugged her firm, little ass.

Dan seemed his normal self except he looked a bit tired. We talked about the remodel job and he expressed how happy he was with my progress in stripping it down to the studs. He went on to tell me what he wanted me to do next as he sipped his double martini before ordering another one. By the time we finished talking he was half in the bag. It was then that he mentioned Maggie, but not in reference to me.

“Geez, Bill. I’m tired. Didn’t get much sleep last night,” he began as he took off his glasses and rubbed his brow.

“Yeah, you look like you’ve been rode hard and put up wet,” I observed.

Dan leaned closer to me and said, “It’s Maggie’s fault,” he slurred. “Don’t know what’s got into her, but she’s been horny as hell lately.”

“Maybe it’s her hormones?” I offered.

“Could be. But she’s not normally like that. I mean, around the office she is, well, prim and proper. You know, professional. And she’s kinda like that at home. Always working around the house on stuff.”

“That’s good,” I said hoping Dan would continue.

“But last night,” Dan said before pausing to take another sip. “She came home from shopping, changed into her skimpiest bikini, and started making dinner.”

Dan paused for a moment when Gayle came by to check on us. She bent over slightly to retrieve our empty glasses. Dan gazed at her ass as she walked away. “Damn, she’s got nice tits. Bet you’d like a piece of that,” Dan said with a little laugh as he jabbed me lightly on the shoulder.

“So, it was just you and Maggie at home last night?” I offered Bayan Escort in hopes that Dan would continue. I still held out some hope that maybe his story wouldn’t end with Maggie telling him what happened between us the day before.

“Yeah, so she’s walking around in her bikini with her tits swaying back and forth. And she’s got a nice body, ya know. And I’m starting to get a boner ’cause I haven’t had any in a while with work and all.”

“You’ve been working a lot lately, right?” I said.

“Yeah. And then she starts telling me how happy she is with the way the bathroom is turning out. She said you’re doing a great job.”

‘Oh no,’ I thought. ‘Here it comes. This is where Maggie tells Dan about what happened yesterday.’

Dan continued with his story pausing only to take sips of his martini. I sat back to listen, prepared for the worst, as Dan revealed the scene at home.

Dan leaned forward and lowered his voice. “And so, she tells me how happy she is with the way the bathroom project is going even though I haven’t done anything. You’ve done all the work.”

Then she said, “Since you work so hard and I work hard, you get my special reward. I’ve been thinking about this all day. You deserve a very special reward.”

Maggie took my hand and urged me up from the chair. “You want to follow me?” she asked as she lead me to the bedroom. “Don’t keep me waiting. I’m been thinking about this at work. We both need this, baby.”

“As soon as we got into the bedroom Maggie tore at my shirt and pulled on my belt buckle. She was only dressed in her bikini, so it didn’t take her long to get completely naked. She tossed her bikini top on the floor and pulled my shorts down to expose my boner.”

Dan continued with his story as the image he was creating in my head was strangely giving me a boner.

Maggie dropped to her knees. “Remember what we talked about? You need to last a little longer this time. ‘Cause I need my reward, too,” she said as she sucked and stroked my cock.

Dan looked at me. “I don’t know what got into her, but she sucked my cock like never before. The woman was on fire. And she kept saying how nice my cock was and how good it would feel in her pussy and how much she needed a big cock right now. And how she would ride up and down on it. And, I gotta tell ya, Bill, that’s not like Maggie. You know what I mean? She was sucking my cock so hard that I could hardly control myself.”

Then Maggie looked me in the eyes, Dan continued. “Are you ready for the next part?” she said as she massaged her pussy and licked her fingers. “You’ve got me so wet. Sucking your cock makes me so hot, baby. Look how wet I am.”

Maggie climbed onto all fours on the bed. “Why don’t you get behind me. Do you want to pull my panties down? Do me doggie style?”

Dan looked at me straight on. “Well, I got on the bed behind her, ya see, and she started pushing back on my cock like crazy. ‘Oh yeah, that’s it. Oh that feels so good. That’s it. Keep fucking me. That feels so good,’ she kept saying.

Then she looked back at me. ‘Should we roll over now?’ she asked. “But without waiting for an answer she just flipped over onto the bed and spread her legs wide. I noticed she was wearing high heels, which isn’t like her at all. Normally, she goes barefoot around the house, ya know?”

I nodded in agreement to keep Dan going.

“By now she is out of her mind. I can tell she wants it bad. She strokes my cock hard and then guides me toward her pussy. And then she says something strange. She says, ‘Fuck me now, Bill. Fuck me hard. Give it to me. I need it so bad.’

“Then she pulls me down on top of her while I’m fucking her, wraps her legs around me and starts moaning into my ear. ‘Oh yeah, that feels so good. Fuck me faster. Oh fuck. Oh yeah. Oh fuck. You are such a good boy.”

“We are really humpin’ now. And she says, ‘I want to feel you cum inside me. I want to see how much you enjoy me. You’re doing such a good job, Bill. Oh that’s it.’

I tried not to look shocked, but I don’t know if I succeeded. Dan looked at me. “She said, ‘Fuck me now, Bill.’ Just like that.”

I remained calm. “Are you sure she said ‘Bill’?”

“Oh yeah, clear as day. Not just once, but twice. I know she dated a guy named Bill before we got married. And there is a guy at work named Bill. She told me once that the lead painter last summer was Bill. And, of course, there’s you,” Dan said as he took another sip and peered at me over the rim of the glass.

I paused to think before saying anything, “Well, maybe she just likes to think about other guys while you’re doin’ it. I like to fantasize about other women when I’m rubbing one out. Hell, I might fantasize about Gayle tonight, ya know? Don’t you like to fantasize about fucking some tight, young pussy while you’re doin’ your wife?”

“Well, sometimes,” Dan confessed. “I don’t know what she thinks about. Maybe she’s fucking some other guy. Who knows?”

Dan paused and stood up. “Well, I better get going,” Dan slurred as he swayed next to his bar stool.

“Hey man, you’re too hammered to drive,” I warned. “I’m going to drive you home. We’ll come back and pick up your car tomorrow.” I grabbed Dan by the arm and guided him to my truck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32