Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 46

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Big Tits

Sometimes, bathhouse visits work in a certain fashion, leading to spending a couple of hours satisfying various sex desires with total strangers – along with people who are not exactly strangers after passing years. Such as the short man a couple of visitors behind me in the line of men waiting to enter on a Sunday afternoon, another true bathhouse slut, something that I look at from two different perspectives.

The first, since I have seen him barebacking repeatedly over the years, is that there is a certain risk going beyond certain boundaries. The second being he is a slut, and a very skillful cock sucker. The one who pretty much made me give up using condoms when enjoying oral sex. Basically, he cannot resist a nice available cock, and he knows mine can be very available. Which it was even now, in public outside of the sauna, considering how long it has been since my last bathhouse visit. Memories only satisfy temporary desires while making anticipation grow ever larger, especially of feeling a man’s lips slide over my cock head and down the shaft.

It has become a well worn routine, getting undressed, drinking a beer, going upstairs with my bag, including a camera. Walking around the empty upper floor, I went into a booth and laid on my stomach, legs open. Nobody came by, since basically no one was upstairs, as is typical for at least the first hour after this bathhouse opens. Not always by any means, for when something happens upstairs at the start of a visit, it is generally more than worth the time of the other periods spent waiting.

Putting the camera and bag into my locker, the dressing area was not too crowded. Going downstairs, I first looked at the whirlpool, which held a couple of people and the main fountain jetting. Not exciting enough, particularly after noticing how many towels were in the steambath wall cubbyholes.

The steam room was half full, most men being in the somewhat lit front area, at least a couple of pairs seeming quite intimate. Spending some time in the back, nothing developed except a bit of sweat. Leaving, I saw my towel had been taken, which is one of the slightly strange things that happens here. I went to the bar, naked, and they gave me a fresh towel. This is not something so unusual that they aren’t familiar with men needing a new towel. Occasionally, pretty serious disputes about towel ownership have erupted in the dark room, something I find mainly amusing.

Going back upstairs, the ‘new’ section with a sling room and booths was empty. In the other section, a door to one porn cabin was closed. Walking down the short entrance space into the porn room, what could be seen on the wall was promising, a pair involved in anal oral sex, both hard. The video was definitely to my taste, even before it became apparent there was a pair in the center of the benches. The man sitting getting head was the one recognized at the entrance as a true slut.

The man with the large cock getting head turned to look as I sat, spreading my towel, then putting down the condoms and the magic brown bottle. Sitting back naked, legs open, hand naturally finding a horny swelling cock, watching erotic gay porn. After starting to get harder, I looked down at an actual blow job, thinking how good it would feel to get sucked. Knowing that it would likely happen soon, horny cock going into a stranger’s welcoming mouth. Everyone who visits a male only sauna is aware of the opportunities and temptations, and how easily they can be satisfied.

The man getting blown turned to directly look at me playing with my stiff length, and seeing its size, he soon moved between my legs, gripping the shaft of my rigid cock. ‘Fuck yes .. god yes .. want it .. suck me’ I moaned as he started to go down, taking his time to tease and tempt. He is quite a skilled cock sucker, good enough to have basically made me give up condoms by oral sex. A decision I have yet to regret, particularly considering how good it feels with a bare cock compared to a covered one – giving or receiving.

After a delicious moment of giving head, he asked for the poppers. Of course I was happy to share, as poppers make sex fantastic. Particularly bathhouse sex, among other men who know just how oerfectly poppers adds to male only sex. I opened the bottle under his nose, his lips still spread over my cock head, and he breathed in a couple of times at each nostril. This is one method, but the way I prefer is to take a single long hit, and hold my breath as the rush takes control. Even better is doing the same long hit, then sharing it by kissing your partner, breathing out as they breath in, lips and tongues merging.

But once the rush starts to expand through your body, the method of breathing in the scent is meaningless. Keeping my breath in as he started bahis şirketleri to take me deeper again, looking at the hot dirty porn action, sinking into paradise before breathing out. This was heavenly, sharing poppered male sex with someone I’d had sex with before, seeing how his cock was still being sucked as he went down on me. My cock felt immense filling his mouth, feeling how the poppers were taking control of him also, recognizing the attraction of giving head while the rush fills you.

The thing that makes getting head after doing a hit of poppers extraordinary is when the person going down on you does a hit first. Both becoming pure mouth fucking sluts, connecting at a primal level of pure sex. Pumping my cock into his mouth, hips moving, legs spread, knowing he would deep throat me as I watched the rimming porn. Rimming has always been part of what I associate with a bathhouse, and watching it while being sucked was irresistible. This was the sort of thing imagined years ago, indulging in a certain late 70s sexual haze, enjoying how so many things come together in a bathhouse. Most definitely including the bowl, beer, and brown bottle combining to make anonymous sex like this irresistible – especially knowing that the baths were always easily available to repeat the pleaure.

After an extended interval of oral bliss, he stood up and moved towards my mouth. Considering just how truly slutty I know he is, sucking his cock was not really going to happen. Instead, I began to teabag him, fingers wrapped around his truly majestic sized cock, tongue bathing his balls. As I did this, the other cock sucker began to caress my shaft.

The standing man became more insistent, but never crudely rude. We do know each, in certain ways, both of us being serious bathhouse sluts, each aware that the other can easily have sex with a half dozen men. However, my refusing his various desires goes back years, boundaries being a necessary part of enjoying the bathhouses without undue problems. Being slutty is one thing – being a complete bareback slut is something else.

However, adapting has occurred on these boundaries over the years, and he has been involved on each side. He definitely played a central role in my giving up using condoms when getting head. This was years ago, when getting blown was still unexpected, much like the thrill of watching gay porn, openly stroking my horny cock at the scene. He sat next to me, and was soon turning me on in a growing wave, before asking whether I wanted to go to a booth. My mind was barely functional, but my free hard cock was on display as we left together, knowing that the other men there were aware of what would be happening.

The video in the booth was showing a threesome that was so hot to watch as he stroked my cock. Size rarely matters to me in any sense, but he had a magnificent sexy big cock, and stroking it was surprisingly enjoyable. Even then, I knew that no condom would fit over its majestic girth and length, but when it became obvious he wanted to go down on me, I paused him to put on a condom. At which point he grew irritated, basically demanding that I take it off since there is no pleasure in sucking a covered cock, and then left.

This is a basic part of sex of the baths, where the freedom to accept and refuse, to either decide to stop or simply float along, is always available. There are no obligations on anyone’s part, at least when it comes to what is done or not done. One needs to be aware, that like riding a motorcycle, caution is necessary for extended fun over years, but this particular incident put into sharp focus just how much easier it would be to ignore using a condom, at least for the naked delights of oral sex. As began to happen increasingly after that point, thinking how easy it would have been to just give in instead of missing out.

On the other side, though, after a recent steam room session of hot public anal sex, he wanted to be fucked too – and tried to take off the condom. This is utterly unacceptable, of course, and his opinion about it is meaningless, particularly as I am now much more aware of how he enjoys the baths.

When it became clear that he was not going to get head, he moved down to the middle row again. Meaning that the other familiar cock sucker simply took his place, starting to blow me almost immediately after the other man left. Watching hot gay porn, in paradise, knowing that several men were seeing me get off this way. Also knowing that they were fully aware of how fantastic it is to have sex this way, just letting go. becoming so sexually available among other men.

This second blow job was so good that using poppers again would have likely led to orgasm, so I just kept staring at the hot gay sex on the wall, my stiff rod inside his bahis firmaları mouth. It was simply too early in the visit to cum yet, even if the beer, bowl, and poppers were working their familiar magic, as the baths offer any number of truly addictive pleasures. However, regardless of not exactly subtle hints, rimming never happened. Rare as it is, rimming remains a true desire of mine, even knowing that it does not happen with anywhere near the frequency of sucking or fucking.

Finally, having almost cum several times, I left the porn room after the scene ended, and the opening credits of another movie started playing. This sort of straightforward simple satisfaction has basically become routine, even if it is just one pleasure among a wide variety one can encounter here.

Going into the dark room, it took little time for someone to find me, a stranger whose kissing and intimate caresses were wonderful. It took him just a couple of moments to make me thoroughly rigid, my foot exploring his crotch as he moved closer. However, he shifted a bit before starting to go down on me, causing my foot to lose contact even as his lips slid lusciously down my shaft. I gave up doing anything except letting him give me irresistible head, something we obviously both preferred.

At some point, another man lay on my left side, his hand playing with my nipple after I reached for his hard cock. However, we never really became a threesome, with the cock sucker to my right moving away as the new man continued to explore my body, first with fingers, then soon followed by his soft mouth, lips and tongue working their magic. He moved on top of me, and we began to enjoy some lovely cock to cock satisfaction. Discovering how sexy cocks are was truly eye opening, even if the process took a long while from my first high school experiences watching a friend cum as we jacked off together decades ago to now enjoying the sort of decadent physical cock delights found at a male only sauna.

He too soon went down on me, and again, his skill so exquisite that rush was again out of the question. We floated in a haze of cock sucking pleasure for an extended interval. Which ended when he found another cock, mine no longer really available, after having almost cum repeatedly.

Walking around again, finding surprisingly little happening downstairs, I went back upstairs, returning to the dark room after finding the porn cabins occupied and the porn room empty. Happily, it again took little time for another pairing to start forming. We were still not hard when another man approached the platform edge, checking to see if we were erect in turn, then quickly leaving. This makes no sense to me, in general – making another man hard is always delightful, and the attraction of getting hard is always enticing.

There is no question that the baths are direct, and that directness is part of what makes them so attractive once experienced. But this style is simply too mindlessly direct, seeming to lack even the simplest understanding of what makes sex so irresistible, starting to get lost so easily in shared growing pleasure.

The dark room was quite full the entire time we played, most of spent on my back, knees up, providing a certain boundary to the motion around us. He was another skilled cock sucker, and it was clear he liked me playing with his hard cock as he went down on me. However, in the crowded conditions, his cock was never available to suck, starting to create a certain desire to rise. The space grew warmer, and as we humped cock to cock, I could feel his sweat, including hot drops over chest and face.

At some point, he simply disappeared into the crowd. Considering how my cock had been on the edge of cumming, I needed a pause also. The dark room had become truly full, and after sensing that a path had opened, I tried leaving – only to be blocked by a man who decided to sit down between my legs just as I started to stand up. Where he remained, until finally working around him.

Going over to the gloryhole wall, there was no action. Sadly not a surprise, even if discovering they existed originally had been so delightful, adding a missing element to the variety of how men have hot anonymous sex. A bathhouse without gloryholes lacks one of the most intense ways to enjoy oral sex, body pressing against the wall, completely cock focussed as you cum in a stranger’s mouth.

Outside, it was no real surprise to see three quarters of an hour had passed, much of it with my cock in the mouth of a couple of talented cock suckers. Both of whom were fully focussed on worshipping whoever’s cock they could entice into their soft willing mouths. Having become a devoted cock sucker myself, I understood how much pleasure they were taking from going down on a hard cock, and kaçak bahis siteleri was more than happy that mine was available. Without any thought of using a condom, having become as completely addicted as everyone else here to wonderfully naked oral sex.

Downstairs, the steambath was now quite full, yet nothing was happening among all the standing figures. I had reached the point of considering leaving – not only of the steam room, but the baths too. But then I saw a man sitting on the bench, and it became possible to work through the bodies to get next to him, sitting to his left. It took only a short moment to start playing, teasing and touching cocks and nipples, getting harder together, stroking each other’s cocks.

He went down on me first, leaning over to take my cock into paradise. Sinking deeper, aware of apparently being the only man here getting his cock sucked. This is one of the more unexplainable things about the baths – when truly full, the amount of sex seems to shrink to almost none. Yet I was also aware that he would be the man I would go down on after doing a hit from the poppers bottle. His sucking was exquisite, especially as he jacked off while I played with his hard nipples, both of us floating in bliss, my hand feeding my cock into his wet mouth, using it to get off so good, riding the edge of orgasm with a skilled partner.

My hand was coated in a mixture of his spit and my pre-cum when it reached for his stiff hot cock, kissing his neck as I began stroking its gorgeous length. My left hand reached around his head, guiding his face to mine, to start kissing him deeply. Cock suckers appeal to me in several slutty ways, and kissing where a cock has been is a total turn on, tongue going deep and exploring.

He had been turned into a total slut, unable to resist my desire to go down on his sexy rod. Breaking our kiss, I moved from the smooth bench to be in front of him, perfectly positioned to worship his cock after deeply inhaling the scent from the little brown bottle. Taking his cock in my hand, lips sliding over its slippery soft skin, the feeling of pure horniness expanding from my lungs, finally enjoying the effects, indulging my desire to become a bathhouse cock sucker again. cock so hard.

I began deep throating even before breathing out, feeling how cock and mouth merged into a universe of pure pleasure, starting to jack off like he had, both of us lost in mindless mutual satisfaction. I love cock, as do so many other men at saunas like this, and poppers make a great accompaniment when stroking, mouth filled with a stranger’s gorgeous hot cock. My left hand ran over his balls and between his legs as my mouth reached the base of his cock, feeling how it quivered as I began to touch around his hole.

However, the crowding became a problem, making me move back to the bench. Prompting him to stand up, his jutting cock at the perfect height for me to continue deep throating its luscious silky length. He played with my nipples as he started to mouth fuck me, my hand pumping a totally horny dick, legs wide open, my finger pressing against his soft pulsing anus. It is a real turn on for me to touch a person’s hole, a wonderfully dirty pleasure to feel how yielding they become.

Soon, he was guiding me, communicating what he wanted easily, just as I had before. Cumming quickly tends to end the fun, an attitude both of us shared. After several pauses, he finally stopped my sucking, pulling out of my more than willing mouth. I assumed he was just pausing again, but his jacking off became ever more intense along with mine, and the hot drops I began feeling were not sweat, but his hot cum as he orgasmed.

Normally, the story would end on this note, leaving the dim steaminess and getting dressed, but there is a bit of a final twist. Finding my towel gone again, I simply took someone’s towel, from the same spot mine had been taken, knowing that I would be leaving after a final shower, unwilling to ask for another fresh towel. Putting this towel over my condoms and poppers while showering, someone wearing a baseball hat but otherwise naked and half erect, kept looking at the naked men showering. He was in the sort of daze that the baths can so easily produce, then he started to lift up my towel as if to take it.

At which point he was informed that it was not his, causing him to turn sheepishly, after seeing what the towel had been covering, making my claim of ownership difficult to dispute. The irony involved was obvious and quite amusing, at least after it became clear there was no danger of the rush bottle breaking – or disappearing.

Having decided to go after spending two and a quarter hours this visit turned out to be a good decision, as the first rain was just starting to fall. Leading to racing the weather, leaving without putting on any rain gear, adding a last thrill of what felt like a surprisingly unsurprising trip. Arriving home just as the rain started again, pleased at how perfectly another sauna visit had gone.

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