Baseball Mom Ch. 03

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Kendra had found a new sense of freedom on her trips the previous summers attending her son’s baseball games. Devoted to her son and his team, she seemed to always be playing the Baseball Mom that all the other parents went to for information about the next game or the next tournament.

She enjoyed the other parents, they were a good group, but she did get tired of being the person that everyone turned to for information. It didn’t help that her husband was the coach either, but the past year things had changed between them.

She found herself in a sexless marriage, to a man who didn’t give two cents about her. She tried to save the marriage but it wasn’t to be saved, so Kendra did what she had to do. She moved on and started casually looking for opportunities as they presented themselves. First it was a chance meeting with a baseball dad, then during another tournament, she ventured into a threesome. That was a night she’d never forget. Today was game day and she was on the prowl.

Kendra would often scout the Dads. She would watch the ones she was attracted to and then see who they were with and fantasize about them all weekend. At times she would do almost anything to get their attention by throwing herself in front of them in a concession line or brushing up against them while waiting.

Most men smiled and politely apologized, unaware of her true intentions, others were oblivious and too engrossed in other things or themselves to pay any attention.

One day Kendra found herself following a dad to his car in the far corner of the parking lot. She almost got to his car, but chickened out at the last moment. She turned around and walked to her van.

Its windows were tinted enough that unless someone was standing directly in front of her car and looking in, they wouldn’t be able to see what was going on inside. She pulled down her shorts and masturbated, imagining herself with the man she had followed.

Kendra came so hard, her van rocked as her legs shook with her orgasm. After she came down from the high of cumming, she pulled up her shorts, wiped the sweat off her face and exited the van.

She saw him still sitting in his car. She smiled to herself knowing what could’ve happened had he been inside with her. However, feeling satisfied for the moment, she returned to the ball diamond just in time for her son’s next game.

In between innings, she went to the concession stand to get some water and the baseball dad she saw in the parking lot was just a couple of people in front of her.

“Think, Kendra,” she said to herself.

There was nothing she could think of without being obvious, and that just couldn’t happen. She saw he was next in line and ready to make his order, so she took a chance and rushed to the front of the line.

“Quick. I need ice!” she shouted to the woman behind the counter.

She turned to the man at the front of the line. He was taller than most. Easily six foot six, rugged appearance, yet attractive. Deep green eyes, strong chin and dark hair with just a little grey at the temple. His broad shoulders and chiseled physique couldn’t be hidden underneath his T-shirt with the logo of his son’s team.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to jump ahead of you, but it couldn’t wait any longer.”

“I don’t mind,” he said.

“Do you need help?” he followed up.

“No. I think a small bag of ice will do, but thanks.”

She extended her right hand and introduced herself.

“I’m Kendra.”

“Tom,” he replied back taking her hand in his.

She couldn’t help but notice how large his hands were. Compared to her husband’s small pudgy hands, Tom’s were huge. She also noticed something else. No wedding band which meant no obstacles, at least on his end.

“Here Ma’am,” said the girl patiently waiting to hand her a small bag of ice.

“Oh. Thank you.”

Kendra took the ice and smiled at Tom as seductively as possible before turning away. She could feel his eyes on her as she slowly walked away. She also heard the the girl behind the counter ask Tom if she could help him two times which meant he was looking at Kendra. She smiled at that thought too.

It wasn’t long before she heard him shout her name.


She Yozgat Escort stopped and turned slowly, watching him approach. His steely stare penetrating her. The thought of something else of his penetrating her quickly flashed in her mind as well.

“Yes Tom?”

“You don’t need the ice do you?” he asked more matter of factly than accusingly.

“No. No I didn’t. I saw you from behind, liked what I saw and wanted to get a closer look,” she said bluntly.


“And that was it,” she replied.

“Would you be interested in meeting up tonight?”

“Perhaps. Where are you staying?” Kendra asked.

“The Sheraton on Wilkes Ave.”

“What time?”


“Too early. How about ten?”

“Ten it is. Meet me in the bar.”

“The bar at the Sheraton on Wilkes Avenue it is then.”

Kendra sauntered off leaving Tom with a semi erection and permanent smile. With the day’s activities finished, Kendra met up with the other parents and their sons’ and went out for dinner and later on met in the hotel lobby, drinking and laughing.

Kendra tried to keep an eye on the clock, but ten PM came and went without her realizing. She went back to her hotel room and masturbated once more, while her husband snored the night away like usual.

Baseball games can be early sometimes and all the parents dragged themselves up and got ready for the day’s games. Kendra was no exception. They all packed into the van and drove to the diamonds then unpacked their gear. As her husband was team coach, they always had extra stuff to carry.

It was Saturday. The day where most teams would find out if they had a shot at the championship game on Sunday or not. Many parents would wind up leaving that afternoon and evening. She hoped Tom wouldn’t be one of them.

She walked to the diamond where they were playing. Field 22 was about as far away from the parking lot as possible. When her husband realized he forgot his scorebook, he asked Kendra if she could get it. She reluctantly agreed. As she got back to her van, she saw Tom talking to another dad by his car. She didn’t want to interrupt so she turned her attention to her task.

Moments later he walked up next to her.

“Missed you last night.”

“Yah. Sorry about that. Got caught up with the other parents.”

“Too bad. I think we could’ve had fun.” He started to walk away.

“I masturbated thinking about you last night,” Kendra admitted.

Tom stopped and smiled.

Kendra then opened her van door, got in and told Tom to shut the door behind him. He did as she suggested and had barely sat down when Kendra pushed him to the floor of the van and straddled him. She leaned down and kissed him before taking his hands and putting them on her breasts. She could feel his cock grow beneath her.

She wasted no time and lifted her shirt and bra up and them put her tits in his face for him to suck on. Tom took Kendra’s large breasts, caressing them, licking and gently biting her nipples. His cock getting harder by the second. He knew she was a wild one, but he didn’t think she would be so aggressive, not that he cared.

Kendra reached down and felt Tom’s stiffening cock. The more he sucked on her tit, the wetter she became and the harder he got. She needed to feel his cock, to stroke it, suck it and have it inside her. She unzipped his pants and pulled his cock free. She had never seen one so big. He had to be ten inches she thought to herself.

She slid down and took his massive member into her mouth. Kendra knew how to suck cock as good as anyone and better than most. She wet it with her saliva and then stroked his cock while she sucked on him. Up and down she went and Tom’s cock became harder still.

He was lying there letting her suck him, his hands in her hair, he raised his ass off the van floor and raised his hips up and down, fucking her mouth like it was a warm wet pussy. If she were to keep it up he’d wind up cumming soon.

Kendra used her expert technique while sucking his cock. Try as she might, she couldn’t get the whole thing in her mouth so she focused on sucking and stroking. His moans indicated his enjoyment, but she wanted to feel his big cock inside her. Yozgat Escort Bayan She quickly pulled down her jeans and slid his cock in her wet pussy.

His full ten inches penetrating deep inside her. The only other time she felt something so big was the vibrator she used at home, but even that wasn’t as long as this cock. She started with slow gyrations, but quickly increased her pace, riding him as fast as she could. She had never cum from penetration before but she was so close.

Tom laid back and let Kendra work her way around his cock. Mouth to pussy and riding him hard and fast. He was about ready to unload.

“Damn that feels good. You’re gonna make me cum.”

Kendra pulled his cock out, stroked him a few times and watched as his cum flew into the air and back down on her hands and arm, on his legs and stomach. Tom let out a loud moan as he did. Kendra smiled and reached down to rub her clit while still stroking his cock. She was amazed that he remained hard after cumming.

She put his cock back inside her and fucked him like she had never fucked anyone before. Her ass flying up and down on his still hard shaft. She worked herself up to near orgasm, then sat up and rubbed her clit again while his cock remained inside her. She had to cover her mouth while she came and even then the guttural moans of her orgasms could be heard by anyone who might be standing near her van.

Kendra collapsed on top of Tom, her body still convulsing any time he moved, but Tom was invigorated with Kendra’s orgasm and was ready to go again. He started pumping her pussy and Kendra kept cumming. She couldn’t stop and neither could he. Kendra let loose with another orgasm and pulled his cock out from her pussy, gasping as she did.

“Oh God! Sorry babe, but I’ve got to get back to my son’s game,” she said breathlessly.

“Is that invitation to the bar still open tonight?” she asked.

“Hell yes.” Tom replied.

She wiped up the van, Tom’s cock and her hands and arms before looking out the windshield making sure there was no one around. She grabbed the teams scorebook and made it back to the game just in time.

Later that evening, Kendra snuck away from the parents and wandered over to the Sheraton. She chose to wear a short skirt and no panties, a thin white top and no bra. When she arrived at the Sheraton, she walked straight to the bar where she saw Tom sitting with some other adults.

Kendra went to the bar and ordered a glass of wine. She sat directly opposite of Tom, made eye contact and then began a progressive seduction, albeit from a distance.

Making sure none of the other parents were looking in Kendra’s direction, she lifted her skirt to show enough skin so that Tom could see. Once she had his eyes, Kendra would deliberately cross and uncross her legs showing him she had no panties.

Kendra was enjoying herself as she watched Tom struggle to concentrate on the conversations with the other parents. On top of that Kendra was on her second glass of wine and feeling the effects just a little bit.

The alcohol was giving her a little courage and she was feeling a little ambitious. She spread her legs and lifted her left leg and spreading her right leg. She let her hand drop down, pulling her skirt higher.

She put her fingers on her vagina, spreading her lips while staring at Tom. She could see his surprise as he swallowed hard and tried not to stare. All the other parents at his table were laughing loudly and Kendra was enjoying the tease she was giving. She put her leg back down and slid her hand under her skirt and slid to fingers inside her pussy then brought them out and licked and sucked on them.

Tom was trapped. He couldn’t leave the group and go sit with Kendra, but he couldn’t take his eyes off her either. He could feel his cock begin to get hard which would be difficult to hide in his shorts. He made an excuse to use the restroom hoping he could steal away from the group, but one of the other dads got up as well.

“Man. What a game those boys played today, huh?”

Kendra heard the conversation and smiled knowing that Tom wanted to get away from the man but couldn’t. She asked the bartender for a napkin and pen then wrote a note and Escort Yozgat left it on her table.

‘I’ll be in my van,’ it read.

When Tom came out of the bathroom he was disappointed that Kendra had left, but then saw the note. He was sure she left if for him, so he mentioned to the other parents that he was tired and going to bed.

He made his way towards the stairs but took the side exit instead. He walked around the parking lot not sure which vehicle was Kendra’s. He looked around hopefully.

Kendra had worked herself up sitting in the bar and playing. She never knew when much it would excite her to secretly play with herself knowing another was watching. She went to her van and waited.

The longer she waited, the hornier she got. She couldn’t figure it out, but she didn’t care either. She put her right hand between her legs and felt how wet she had become. Her left hand went up her shirt squeezing and pulling on her nipple.

Kendra was again enjoying the touch of her own hands. Her mind fantasizing about showing off in front of others. Something she had never done before. She never realized how much she craved the attention of others until tonight when she was playing and Tom was watching.

She thought about his big cock that she had fucked this morning and wanted it again this evening. Faster and faster she rubbed her clit. She was on the verge of cumming when she saw a figure in the parking lot.

Tom was about ready to give up his search figuring that Kendra had changed her mind or get tired of waiting. He walked back to the side door but couldn’t get in. He had forgotten his room key and would have to go back through the main entrance, right next to the bar. He figured he would just tell the other parents that he had left something in his car and forgot his room key.

He started to walk around to the front when he heard his name being called.


He looked around and saw a shadowy figure in a van. As he got closer he recognized the blonde hair and round face of Kendra.

“Hurry. I need you. Now!”

Without hesitation, Tom walked over to her van, got in and saw Kendra’s hand still rubbing her clit. She looked like she was ready to cum. He took out his already hard cock and began to stroke himself as he watched her.

Kendra leaned her head back, not wanting to close her eyes, she forced them to stay open as she watched him taking long strokes. She leaned over and took his cock into her mouth once more. Her saliva covering his entire shaft.

She then laid back and went back to rubbing her clit.

“I want to watch you stroke your cock until you cum,” Kendra said.

“And I want you to watch me cum, Tom. Watch me make myself cum,” she added.

They encouraged each other while they masturbated. Eyes glued to one another. Kendra came first in another van shaking orgasm and Tom came soon after. His cum once again flying high into the air.

Kendra took his cum soaked cock into her mouth and stroked him until he came again. Tom hadn’t cum so much in one day in a very long time and was exhausted, even though his cock remained rigid.

Kendra took advantage of it and sat on top of him in a reverse cowboy. She leaned her back against his chest and put her hand up around his head while Tom reached around and fondled her large breasts with his left hand and reached down to her clit with his right.

Kendra spread her legs wide so Tom could rub her clit while he fucked her. Harder and harder he rubbed her clit. His long cock sliding in and out, faster and faster.

Kendra’s orgasm was building. Her breath coming in short bursts as her body convulsed again and again with yet another orgasm. But Tom wasn’t done yet and he continued to fuck her. It didn’t take long for Kendra to cum a third time. Her loud moans pushing Tom over the edge as he came inside her.

Their bodies sweaty and cramped, Kendra climbed off of Tom’s still pulsing cock. Cum oozing from him. Kendra smiled, took a napkin from a local fast food chain and handed one to Tom while she cleaned herself off.

The night was late and Kendra told him she had to get back to her hotel before her husband became suspicious. She left him in the parking lot and sped off.

Tom stood outside in the cool evening air for a few minutes before returning to his room.

Kendra returned to her room, her husband sawing logs as usual. She slipped into be feeling satisfied and began thinking about the next tournament and who she might meet.

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