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Walking into the club on this cool Friday night, I made my way over to the bar. Terese was on tonight, so I knew that I would be up for good conversation tonight. Terese was one of the smarter barmaids that worked here, of the others, there was only one that wasn’t cluey, just a tad ditzy, but still a damn good barmaid, her “Illusions, with a twist” were legendary by everyone’s standard, also a pretty creative cocksucker by my standards! Her blow jobs always kept me coming back for more, I mean, how else was I going to keep her mouth shut?! . Even her name was skewiff, Linney, hmmm go figure?

The other girls Kaycee, Cheryll, Jo, Tiffany & Leah were all dolls & I’m convinced that these girls were the reason that the crowds kept coming back week after week, it could also have been because they were topless barmaids. These girls only operated Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights & at a guess these were the most productive nights & three of them, I knew for a fact, had extra work hours that didn’t have anything to do with alcohol!

Leah, being the new girl, had yet to show her talents in this field, but I’m pretty sure that with a little time & effort she would come round & bend over backwards to be one of the “girls.” Two weeks was a little to much to expect from the girl, so biding one’s time was of the essence.

Kaycee, on the other hand was a regular root rat, couldn’t keep her hands off the patrons or the other staff for that matter, regular little hornbag, Cheryll & Jo (short for Josephine), straight talking, down the line lesbians who only had eyes for women or each other, they weren’t fussy, nor were they adverse to putting on a little show for a select few patrons, for a price mind you, which brings us lastly to the “2 TEES,” Tiffany & Terese, Tiff was married with 2 beaut kids, but a cunt of an old man, bashed her around a bit, don’t know how many times she’d lob at work with a bruised & battered face & body. Couldn’t leave him she would always say because of the kids & I would always say to her what would her kids gonna do if one night she didn’t get up off the floor, she would always look blankly at me & look down at her feet & turn away.

Then nine times out of ten one of the other girls would find her in the loo crying her eyes out, poor kid, needed a decent break in ataköy escort her life, if she would only let some one turn the lights out on this guy once & for all, she & the kids would be better off & you know the ironic thing, this prick was only an inch taller than her & weighed less than she did, so it beat the fuck outta me how he was able to do so much damage. I swore I’d go around there one night, watch what he does, then wait for him one night & WOOSHKA, lights out scumbag! , but Tiff made me promise to stay out of it, so I did, for her & her kids sake & told her one night, that what goes around comes around.

As for Terese, well now, here was a lady that was literally Sex on a stick, could suck the chrome off any tail pipe & fuck any which way a patrons heart would desire, even Greek style (nudge, nudge, wink, wink! ),

had been working here for about four years now & many a night she had a queue of patrons, both male & female, waiting for her service, sometimes the wait could be anything upwards of two hours after closing time, there was even a rumor that she did eight blokes in the car park one night in her Sandman, man, I would loved to have been there & to top things off she was an academic of some sort, hadn’t been able to find that out yet, but one day you know. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Between her & Kaycee there was always something new & special, always vibrant & upbeat, I’m pretty sure that given the chance they would out on on a double act & for a hefty price I’d even go as far to say that they would put on a private show for those willing to part with cash & that IS something I would love to see. Maybe if I played my cards right, tonight might be worth a try!?

The night went off as usual, Mick, Toby, Langy, Tiny & Tungo had a relative easy night with no trouble from the patrons, apart from the odd one or two fuckheads that thought they could be hero’s, it was a relatively calm night & the band played long & loud & the girls kept the grog flowing, Kaycee came in two hours after Terese started to help cope with the mob & they did it with sheer style & professionalism.

At about quarter past four after the last patron had staggered out the door, I was heading home myself when Kaycee stopped bakırköy escort me in the foyer to ask me for a lift home as her girlfriend that was supposed to be picking her & Terese up had been called to work at short notice (she was a E. R. nurse) & had left them stranded. So I said okay & off we went, all the while my cogs were in over drive. On the walk out to my car I asked Terese where her Sandman was & she told me that there was an oil leak from one of the big end main seals & was in getting repaired & that she had been using public transport all week.

The girls sat in the back while I drove. As we got a block from the club Terese pulled a reefer from her bag & fired it up, passed it to Kaycee who passed it on to me, I declined because I was driving & they finished it themselves. Terese asked me to take them to my place so they could shower & grab a drink, I told them no probs & headed to my place.

Once there, there was no time for subtlties or niceties, they both said that they were horny & wanted to fuck. Now who was I to stand in the way of two incredibly attractive, sexy & very horny women, was I about to argue with them?Don’t answer that question!

What followed was what I can only describe as the best sex I’ve ever had in my 38 years. Normally I go to bed about an hour after I get home from the club, but tonight or should I say this morning, I managed to eventually drop off to sleep at about 10. 00am. But I have to say that 4 1/2 hours of solid sex, it would be enough to send any stud to sleep.

What started out as a few quiet drinks turned out to be a night I’d never forget.

Firstly Terese & Kaycee got down & dirty into each other, fingering, licking & sucking, what a sight, then they attacked me, ripping & tearing my clothing until I was standing stark naked in the middle of my lounge room with an eight & a half inch erection proudly waiting to be devoured, I didn’t have to wait for long.

The first thing they did was treat me to a tandem blow job, two sets of lips moving up & own the length of my cock, culminating in the first of many intense orgasms. When we adjourned to my bedroom, they pushed me down on the bed & Kaycee sat on face, while Terese sat on my cock, both girls were facing topkapı escort each other, I couldn’t see what they were doing to each other but it must’ve been good, coz’ all I could hear was a lot of moaning & groaning & Kaycee rubbing her warm, wet cunt all over my face, while Terese bounced merrily on my cock, we all came at around the same time.

When we had composed ourselves, I went to get something to drink, when I got back to the bedroom, both girls were sitting against the bedhead,

diddling each other’s clit & Terese was holding another spliff, this time I accepted the joint & toked hard, passed it back to Kaycee, then handed them their drinks, Terese then asked me if I’d ever arse fucked a girl before, when I replied that I’d only tried it once, they said it was time to add to my collection, I shit you not, readers, I was going to fuck these two gorgeous girls up their pert little backsides, tonight, here, both, on this bed!

Just for the record, there is nothing finer than than feeling your cock slip past the tightened ring of a woman’s sphincter, gripping your knob, feeling it slide over the glans onto the shaft, then grip your shaft thus tightening even further around the knob, if there has been plenty of lube used, the feel of her arsehole slowly engulfing the entire length of your cock is a feeling so indescribable, that you have to feel it to know exactly what I’m talking about & when her arse cheeks touch your pelvis & your pubes chaffe against her flesh, all I can say is, TWICE AS TIGHT & FOUR DEGREES WARMER! , but you know the best thing, I had two arseholes to fuck! Once I was fucked up to the hilt she squeezed her sphincter a couple times then slowly moved away from my body until my knob was just inside the rim, then moving back down, then up again, getting faster & faster until we both came, my cum sploshing up into her rectum & her juices coating my balls, a ten minute break then did it all again with the next girl.

If I had died tonight, I would have died a happy chappy.

Later that morning when we’d been asleep for a few hours, we all awoke & had something to eat, Terese asked me if I wouldn’t mind taking them home. Not a problem I assured them, when we got to Terese’s house I asked her what it was that she gave up studying to become a topless barmaid.

She told me that she had studied to be a lawyer but got bored, then as she got out of the car, she turned to me & said,

“Thanks for the lift, will we see you tonight?”

“Yeah, more than likely & try not to be late tonight, o. k.?”

“No problem boss, yeah, I know, you’re only trying to run a business!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32