Barely Paralegal Ch. 06

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Chapter 06 – Show Me What You Got

I feel like yesterday was the most productive day I’ve had at work in awhile. Linda’s test in the morning was obviously brutal, but it didn’t take that long, so I was able to put in a solid six hours downstairs with Mark doing legitimate paralegal work. You know, the work that I was actually hired to do during this internship? I’m continuing to focus mostly on proofreading Mark’s patents, and with all the time I’m still going to be spending upstairs with his wife as her sexual employee (I much prefer that word over something like ‘slave’), I doubt that’s going to change anytime soon. I guess that’s the one subtle downside to this arrangement, in that it’s really limiting the amount I’m actually learning about law.

But to be honest, I’ve always been way more interested in having sex than being a lawyer, so this is a trade off I should be fine with. Now while it’s clear I SHOULD be fine with it, it’s not clear than I am. A week ago, I was still a completely clueless 18-year-old virgin who had never even kissed a girl, but since then, so much has changed. Now don’t get me wrong, a lot of what’s happened has been good, or even great. But other aspects of our arrangement have proven quite difficult, as I’ve had to deal with both the significant age and power differences between Linda and me. I’m glad I was finally able to give Mark a little insight yesterday in how I’ve been feeling lately, and it sounds like there’s a chance he’ll get his wife to actually be nicer now, but I’ll believe that when I see it.

I mean, if Linda wanted so badly to experiment with sex toys in my butt, I’m sure there are other ways we could’ve gone about it than what happened yesterday. The blindfold, the Velcro ties, the having to hold my legs spread open for her, it was all so goddamn extreme. Why couldn’t she have just shown me the prostate massager, tell me how it works, and then let the two of us proceed together at my own pace? And then it dawns on me.

If she had been accommodating and nice, and I had complete control and a choice in the matter, would I have ever let her put that thing even an inch inside of me? I honestly don’t know. It certainly was intimidating the first time I saw it, and in the end it was clear my ass could handle it, but there’s no way I would’ve known that in the beginning. Could it really be that Linda’s surprise test was the only way to get me to take that plunge? Ughhh. I hope not, but I guess it’s possible.

Well what’s done is done, and either way a nicer, more understanding Linda today would be a welcomed change, so let’s see how the new day unfolds. After I get out of bed, I take my customary morning shit before getting in the shower, and thankfully it doesn’t feel like I have any lasting repercussions in my bowels from Linda’s probing the day before. I was legitimately worried about it, so that’s a relief.

I give my face another fresh shave, and I’m guessing this is the first time in my life I’ve ever shaved on three consecutive days. It seems kind of pointless since I barely have any stubble, but as far as Linda’s rules go, this certainly isn’t anything I need to push back on.

When I get to the Dwyers’ house, Linda is back in her customary role of answering the door. She greets me with an especially friendly hello, and this time she gives me a kiss without even waiting for the door to close behind me. I certainly have no complaints with the kiss, especially when it turns into a full body embrace with both sets of our hands on each other’s ass. As we transition into full-on making out, I start thinking about how this might be a sign that Mark did end up talking to her last night. Nice.

We eventually break our kiss, and Linda finally closes their front door. She comes immediately back to hold both of my hands between us and asks, “You ready to head upstairs?”

This seems great. Definitely no complaints from me, so I respond, “Sure!”

We walk upstairs, hand in hand, and when we get inside the bedroom, Linda starts immediately sliding her pants down, and says to me, “Naked time?”

Yes, yes, and more yes. I don’t even answer, other than with a big grin, but I start taking off my own clothes as well. Soon enough we’re both naked and we crawl into bed and under the covers. Our nude bodies are all over each other, we’re making out again, and this is pure heaven. God I love this moment. I love being able to kiss, cuddle, and feel a naked body as much as I want. It’s so good and something I missed these last few days where the focus during our time together has been all on me, and specifically my butthole, and not on her in any way.

I know what I want right now, and that’s to lick Linda’s pussy. So after a few moments of kissing, I take the initiative and start sliding down her soft and curvy body. I briefly stop to give her two beautiful breasts a quick lick, but then I continue right on down towards her crotch. And once I arrive at her meticulously bonus veren siteler shaped small patch of pubic hair, I casually toss the blankets aside so there’s nothing inhibiting me. I use my two hands to gently spread her legs open, and then I stop and take a moment to gaze into the soft, gorgeous, folds of her exposed vagina.

God, it’s so mesmerizing, and even though it’s only been a few days, it feels like forever since I was last in this position. But that’s enough admiring for now, as I dive right in and start licking and tasting. Linda’s flavor instantly hits me with its power and uniqueness. I still have no idea if this is what all pussies taste like, but I don’t care. All I care is that the tangy reminder that I’m eating real life pussy is back, and I can’t get enough of it.

But as much as I love gathering all of her flavor into my mouth and onto my tongue, I remember I have a job to do. There’s no way I could ever forget the three steps Linda taught me last week to eating her pussy, so I lift myself up a few inches and switch from literally eating out of her vaginal hole to start focusing on licking her clit. Once I get my tongue going on some small circles around her button, I take my right index finger and slide it into her vagina. I start rubbing it along the top of her tunnel, just like Linda taught me, and now it’s time to get the third and final part of the process going, the finger in her butt.

But as I start positioning my shoulders to get my left hand where it needs to be, I feel Linda abruptly put an end to my pussy licking, just as I was getting started! I have no clue if I did something wrong, as all I know is Linda is using her hand to guide my head higher while also sitting herself up on the bed. What the fuck? Why can’t I ever just do what I want in this relationship? And all I want is to be able to eat this 50-year-old woman’s pussy. Is that really too much to ask? Goddamnit, this is so frustrating.

It’s clear Linda has something else is mind, as she doesn’t say a word but is now completely sitting up. She then guides me down, so I’m lying on my back directly on the fitted sheet of the bed. I have no idea what she has planned for me, until a moment later when Linda starts to get into position, and I realize I was so dumb for ever doubting her. This is in fact going to be even more amazing!

Linda swings her knee over my chest, inverting her position with mine, and oh my god I’m going to get to 69 her! After she settles into this new orientation, her pussy is directly above and in front of my face, my arms and shoulders are free out the back of her legs, and I use my two hands to grab a couple handfuls of her butt cheeks to completely spread her vagina open. Not only can I see all the way inside her gaping hole, but with such a firm grip on her ass, I’ve never felt more in control of Linda’s body.

As great as this situation is, it’s about to get even better. I first feel Linda’s hand, and then what must be her tongue, start going up and down the sides of my cock. It’s totally out of view obviously, but it feels so fucking amazing. I’m fully aware that I’m operating on borrowed time here, so I don’t waste another second as I immediate bury my face into Linda’s pussy. It’s absolute heaven. My tongue is out, my eyes are wide opening, and I’m rotating my head in small counterclockwise circles in order to rub all of her sloppy, fleshy, goodness everywhere I possibly can. It’s simultaneously the hottest and most comforting sex act I’ve ever experienced.

During this whole process of smushing my face into Linda’s pussy, I’ve kinda of lost track of what exactly she’s doing to my penis down at the other end of the 69. I assume she has me in her mouth, but all I really know for sure is that it feels fucking incredible. A little too incredible in fact, because I’m worried I’m going to cum and I don’t want my first experience of 69ing to end so soon. So as crazy as it sounds, I use my hands to push back and give my face a little breathing room from her vagina, and I ask Linda kinda of panicky, “Can you stop touching me for a bit. I don’t wanna cum yet.”

I’m hoping Linda will honor my request, but a second after I finish asking her, I realize she’s most definitely not. In fact, not only does she ignore my request to stop stimulating my penis, but instead she does the opposite. I feel her hands noticeably increase their pressure on the insides of my thighs, pinning them down to the bed even harder, and her mouth starts completely engulfing my cock.

I can actually feel her lips make contact with the pubes near the base of my shaft, and even though I can’t see it, there’s no doubt she’s deep throating me. Holy shit. She’s clearly trying to make me cum right the fuck now, and I am completely helpless to stop her. And since I know it’s inevitable and there’s no point in fighting it, I go all-in and decide to enjoy the hell out of this orgasm I’m about to have.

I bedava bahis grab Linda’s ass cheeks and I pull them down while simultaneously lifting my face up and into her pussy. It’s a little chaotic, but my tongue ends up near her clit, while my nose ends up pressing into her vaginal opening. Oh how glorious it is, as part of my face is now literally inside this middle-aged woman’s reproductive organs. And no sooner do I pull myself all the way into her, than I feel Linda push to meet me as well, as she starts lowering her rear end down onto my face, pressing it towards the mattress. I don’t try to fight it, as I let her sit on my face with quite a bit of weight, smothering me with her glorious pussy.

This pushes me over the top and I start cumming. As I do, I let out a loud but muffled moan up and into her vagina. Right after that, I’m forced to pull away and take a gasping breath, just so I can get a little air into my lungs. I feel my cum shooting up into her mouth and almost certainly down her throat. Once again I feel her lips at the base of my shaft, and I can’t believe I’m getting to experience the simultaneous pleasures of unloading my jizz into a warm, wet mouth while burying my face in a warm, wet pussy. The combination is perfect, and I would have to say it’s an even better feeling than having sex and cumming in Linda’s vagina last week.

As I finish expelling all my semen, trying my best not to jerk my hips up as to risk causing any pain to Linda while she deep throats me, I eventually run out of steam and my arms that had previously been gripping Linda’s ass collapse down to the bed in exhaustion. I know I haven’t given Linda an orgasm yet, but I figure I need just a few minutes to regroup here and then I’ll be happy to get to work on her pleasure.

Linda can sense that I’m spent, and swings her leg over to climb off of me. As she repositions herself so she’s sitting beside me on the bed, I’m now able to see my cock for the first time. And while I can feel that my boner is already starting to fade away, I also notice my penis appears to be absolutely covered in cum and spit. It’s not just on my shaft, but all over my pubes as well. It’s a total white, creamy mess. I remember last week when Linda gave me my first ever blowjob, I was struck with how clean she left my cock when she was done, as there wasn’t a drop of semen in sight. But this time the aftermath is so different, I start to feel bad that I might have done something wrong.

But as I’m looking down at my cock, I briefly make eye contact with Linda, and she clearly sees what I see, because she says, “Let me clean that up for you.”

When she says this, I’m obviously assuming she’s going to get me some tissues or a towel, so you can imagine my surprise when instead she lowers her head down, opens her lips, and starts sucking the cum resting on my pubic hairs into her mouth. Oh my fucking god, she’s cleaning my jizz up with her mouth!

Linda licks and sucks the base of my cock until it’s clear of all white substances, and then she moves up and down my semi-limp shaft to make sure that’s spotless as well. I can’t help but be amazed at the total opposite experiences I have with this woman. Sometimes like this, or when she was passionately tonguing my asshole, she is so submissive and kind, that she really does treat me like a king. And then other times, like when she is forcing me to hold my asshole open so she can jam large sex toys in me despite my objections, she treats me like a disobedient child. It’s so fucking weird and I have no idea what to make of these two polar extremes.

But what I do know is that right now feels really fucking good. Linda finishes licking my cock completely clean, and then she even drys me off with the sheet from the bed. Meanwhile, I’m lying on her extremely comfortable mattress just enjoying the glow from a great orgasm and my first ever 69.

“Should we lie here and relax for a little bit?” Linda then asks me.

I close my eyes and respond, “That sounds amazing.”

Linda leans over and gives me a soft kiss on my forehead, and I can’t get over how sweet and nice she’s being to me today. At this point, I’m positive that Mark talked to her last night, and boy am I glad he did. This is awesome. But then I realize that unlike me, Linda didn’t get to cum yet, so I open my eyes and ask her, “Would you like me to give you an orgasm? I can go down on you like I did last week.”

This makes Linda chuckle, and then she says, “You’re just the sweetest thing, but I’m enjoying just lying here with you.”

I guess men and women must be wired differently when it comes to orgasming, because I know if I was in the same situation, I would need to cum so badly. But I decide to take Linda at her word and not push it if she’s not interested. But then Linda offers up something else instead.

“You know what I would like though?” She says. “I’d love to watch a little porn with you if you’re up for it.”

Holy deneme bonus shit, this day keeps getting better and better. I don’t think I could’ve come up with a more interesting activity for this given situation, as that sounds really intriguing.

Now granted, usually after I’ve just cum, it’s almost always because I just FINISHED watching porn on my phone or something, and I’ll have zero interest in watching more. But in this case, the whole idea of watching porn with Linda is fascinating, because obviously I’ve never watched adult movies with a female before, but also because I already know a fair amount about her sexual preferences. I’m so curious how that will translate to her watching porn, like what kind of porn does Linda like? What are her favorite websites? Does she masturbate when she watches like I do? If so, how does she masturbate? I have so many questions, and just the thought of this is already revving my cock up for a potential round two.

As excited as I am, I try to play it cool. “Yeah… we could do that if you wanted.” I answer.

Linda smiles and briefly rubs my naked thigh before hopping down from the bed to retrieve her phone. Once she has that in hand, she walks over to my jeans and fishes around in the pockets until she finds my phone as well. She then hops back into bed, hands me my device, and pulls the covers up over us both as we sit side-by-side in their giant bed.

I initially wasn’t sure how we were going to “watch” porn, because they do have a tv across from their bed, but it’s clear we’re going to look at it on our phones.

“Ok, you go first.” Linda tells me, quite excited. “Find a movie. Any movie… that you’d normally watch on your own. I’m so curious.”

Oh boy, talk about being put on the spot. What do I choose? I honestly look at so many different types of porn, How in the world do I pick one video that sums me up? And I don’t want to pick anything too weird, where she might judge me. But then I realize, I’m totally overthinking this. There’s no doubt my favorite genre is lesbian porn, and specifically pussy eating, so that’s what I’ll go with.

I open my browser, go to a private tab like I always do, go to one of my favorite sites, xhamster, and I type ‘lesbian 69’ into the search bar. I figure it’s perfect since that’s the position we were just in, and she might pick up on this as a sign of how much I loved doing that a few minutes ago.

As I search, I have my phone pointed towards me so she can’t see until I’m ready. I’m scouring over the results, briefly scrubbing any potential hits to see what each video entails, and there appear to be a number of perfectly good choices. I’m just looking for one where the girls are both pretty and there are some good closeups of their vaginas getting licked, as that’s honestly what I’d look for if I was on my own planning to masturbate.

I settle on a video that I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen before, but it looks decent. So I hit play, rotate to full screen, and show Linda my phone. The scene starts with the two girls on a bed and in their underwear, and I’m curious to know Linda’s initial reaction, so I’m watching her face more than the phone.

“So… I see you’re into Eastern European lesbian porn.” Linda says, with a tone of a little humor and a little matter of fact. She’s clearly not upset or anything, but apparently is familiar with the movie.

“Oh, do you recognize the porn stars?” I ask.

This makes Linda laugh. “Oh no, I have no idea who they are. Just that they look Russian, and I’m pretty certain aren’t lesbians in real life.”

I’m honestly a little confused now, so I follow up with another question. “Oh. How do you know that?”

When I ask that, Linda takes my phone and starts fast forwarding. She gets to a part where the two women are 69ing and the camera is focusing on the girl lying on her back licking the girl who’s on all fours. Then she asks me, “Do you notice a difference between how this girl is licking that pussy and how you were just licking mine?”

It’s true we were just in this exact same position, which to be honest is pretty fucking wild. But I can see what Linda’s getting at. So I respond, “Yeah, she looks like she’s being a lot more gentle than I was.”

“Ha.” Linda laughs. “‘gentle’ is a kind way of putting it. Look at that girl, she’s occasionally touching the tip of her tongue to a lip or two and trying to claim that’s eating pussy.” Linda then compares her to me, “Now a few minutes ago, you were trying to fit your entire face inside my vagina.” Then she pauses before finishing her explanation. “That’s because you actually ENJOY eating pussy, while these two ladies obviously do not.”

I clearly see Linda’s point now and I also can’t help but be a little embarrassed by her description of my enthusiastic approach to eating pussy.

“Awww, look at you.” Linda then says, “You’re turning red.”

Apparently my embarrassment is showing through my face, and then Linda continues, “Don’t be embarrassed. I absolutely LOVE how much you enjoy eating me out. And I also love knowing that for the rest of your life you’ll always remember me as your first pussy.” I certainly can’t argue with anything she just said.

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