Barcelona Beauties Ch. 08

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Chapter 8: Lisa

Note: The first installment of Barcelona beauties describes the characters and explains the situation.


During the holiday break. All of the Europeans went home to their families. It was an expensive flight over the Atlantic, and apparently to Turkey. Carmen didn’t return to Mexico but joined friends in Madrid for the holidays, including a trip to Andalusia.

Myself, Yara and Kiraz were staying for the winter and we learned, after being asked if it was okay, that Lisa would be staying too. Apparently, Sylvie wasn’t’ ready to spring her girlfriend on her family for Christmas that year. I liked Lisa and looked forward to getting to know her more.

Freed from our school schedules, the four of us went to movies, museums, restaurants, and wandered around the Christmas market where an astonishing array of booths sold the peculiar character of Catalan Christmas. The caganer (shitter) is a miniature squatting figure with it’s pants down and a swirled deposit below it. It has something to do with fertility and is improbably—at least to outside eyes—encountered squatting behind the manger in every nativity scene. The anal obsessed Yara made a collection of these and Kiraz, Lisa and I each bought one.

The cold, rainy weather put a crimp in Kiraz’ exhibitionist activities. She even took to wearing leggings under her miniskirts. While I know she missed flashing her ass and pussy in the street, her more bundled up look made her look like a naughty schoolgirl, which, I’ll admit, turned me on in a different way. It was cold and damp in my basement but either Yara or Kiraz welcomed me into their beds every night and kept me warm.

Yara and I developed a leisurely sexual routine that lasted several hours on many nights and mornings. My tan had faded but Yara’s skin was still a radiant mahogany. We kissed and gave each other massages with the coconut oil she favored. Of course I loved running my hands all over her firm, fantastic tits and ass, but also her lean arms and legs, graceful neck and shoulders, and her long sexy fingers and toes that often made me hard just to look at.

Sucking and licking Yara’s toes and feet always made me stiff, especially as she trilled her pleasure at my attentions. Yara massaged me in a similar way, progressing to a cock massage with her fingers and toes. The routine was that she would stop before I came so that I eventually came somewhere else, but there were also occasions where this made me so hot that I spurted all over her incredible toes.

Yara moaned with a high, musical sound as I loved her upturned breasts and pointy nipples with my mouth and hands. Sometimes she could have a minor orgasm from this. I loved to lick her bald pussy too. She would hold her legs apart and place her oiled feet on my back, sensuously massaging my shoulders with those long toes until my licking drove her to distraction.

The main event for Yara was her ass. She always kept it carefully washed, hairless and lightly oiled. The progression from my tongue, to my fingers and to my stiff cock was also a routine. Ass up, chest down and knees apart, Yara bent her legs back until her feet were against her ass. As I plunged my cock into her ass, I could watch her wiggle her toes against her ass, sometimes managing to tickle my balls while I fucked her. Yara really knew how to turn me on.

While I thought of sex with Farah as animal sex, with Yara, it was the art of sex. Not only because she was a work of art herself, but because of the care and attention we directed to our love-making. And unlike Vesna, who boiled my blood with her sexually explicit sex talk, Yara’s vocalizations were formless, soft and birdlike—at least up until the point that I pounded my cock deep into her pulsing ass and she shrieked in orgasm.

After recovering from the ass-fucking, Yara and I went to the bathroom to shower together, soaping each other’s body in the hot water. After the obligatory application of coconut oil to our bodies, we returned to bed, and held each other naked under the blankets and talked comfortably into the night. As Yara languorously slid a sleek, lanky leg between my own, my cock would begin to stir. Yara began to lightly touch it while continuing our conversation. As her stroking became more focused, I began to caress one of her perfect breasts and flick her hard nipple. Yara’s conversation faded into bird-like moans. Finally, Yara licked her way down my chest to my cock and licked and sucked the head of my cock while stroking my shaft with one hand and my balls and ass with the other until I came in her mouth and she drank down my cum with a final satisfied moan.

Waking up in the morning, we repeated the late night routine. Sometimes this ended with my cum down Yara’s throat, others with fucking her pussy. Yara liked to straddle me, sometimes facing me, sometimes facing away, as she sucked my cock with the fluid movements of her pussy lips. Less frequently, casino siteleri we fucked missionary style, her legs and feet crossed behind my back, toes digging into my ass as best she could manage. I really loved Yara too. Not with the deep, tender, even conspiratorial intimacy I shared with Vesna, nor with the animal passion and easy companionship of Farah. But Yara and I loved each other and repeated the words “I love you” to each other often and effortlessly.

Intimate acts with Kiraz also increased over that winter. At night in her bedroom she would mount me for a brief and frenzied fuck, then lie down beside me, clasping her tiny body to mine to fall asleep. Outside of the bedroom, Kiraz took to sitting in my lap whenever practical, at home or around the city. I suspect this was party to warm her very lean, chronically chilled body, but also to scratch her exhibitionist itch. When she had some kind of audience, Kiraz would subtly rub her little ass into my crotch, or reach beneath herself to rub my cock through my jeans, keeping me hard during the course of an evening at times. Yara recognized what was going on immediately, smiling and winking at us when ever Kiraz crawled into my lap. Lisa either didn’t pick up on this or feigned oblivion.

We were drinking wine in the living room after dinner, radiator blasting, our faces flushed and sweaters shed to reveal tight-fitting tank tops on Yara (orange) and Lisa (white) and a filmy lavender camisole on Kiraz who had also shed her leggings. Yara had illuminated the room with candles and put Brazilian music on the CD player. Kiraz hopped into my lap and started moving with the music. Lisa and Yara watched as Kiraz made the sexual tone of her movements more obvious, approaching the performance of what I would later learn was called a lap dance. Pulling her skirt up behind her, I felt the bare ass of Kiraz grinding into my cock.

Lisa and Yara sat on the couch together. Lisa watched us intently, unconsciously darting her tongue between her lips. Her rounded breasts heaved on her 5 foot frame. I heard Yara whisper to Lisa: “delicious, no?”

Lisa nodded and gripped Yara’s leg with her left hand. Yara moved her right hand down to clasp Lisa’s. They both leaned forward, glancing at each other and then back to Kiraz. Kiraz now pulled up the front of her skirt, baring her pussy for everyone. She was lost in her experience, head back with her soft brown hair brushing my face. Lisa kissed Yara. Yara kissed her back then pulled her own tank top over her head. Lisa gasped at the sight of Yara’s upturned breasts and quickly pulled off her tank top revealing a white underwire bra that displayed her rounded cleavage.

Though Kiraz’ hair I watched the building excitement of the gradually disrobing Yara and Lisa. I really wanted to free my cock from my pants and I was very thankful to Yara for what happened next. Yara caught my eye and stood up to approach us. Reaching beneath Kiraz’ gyrating form, Yara unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them off me. Grabbing my cock and giving it a few strokes, Yara carefully guided my cock into Kiraz’ wet pussy and returned to the couch with Lisa to watch.

Yara pulled Lisa into her lap, both of them facing me, and unhooked Lisa’s bra, setting free her rounded orbs with their tiny dark nipples against her golden skin. Kiraz continued to fuck herself on my cock as I took in the sight of Yara cupping Lisa’s breasts, squeezing and pulling on them, bouncing and caressing them. Lisa gazed at our fucking with a spaced-out expression, biting and licking her own lips with intensity.

I held on to Kiraz by her slender hips to fuck her with more force. Except for heavy breathing, Kiraz was silent, all of her attention directed inwardly to her sensations and the awareness of her exposure. I drank in her scent and watched Yara unzip Lisa’s jeans. Lisa jumped up to pull them off, and after a second’s hesitation, pulled of her white panties, revealing her hairless mound and large dark pussy lips. Yara got naked as well and Kiraz opened her eyes to take in the other exposed bodies in the room. Kiraz began grunting and thrusting herself onto me with unusual ferocity. She came with a shriek as I spurted up inside her with my own loud groan. Lisa and Yara were transfixed as they stood naked, hand-in-hand before us.

Kiraz slumped back against me with my cock still inside her as we watched tall, dark slender Yara and short, pale, curvy Lisa return to the coach. Kneeling on the coach and facing each other, Kiraz and I had an ideal view of the two beautiful women. I’d read accounts of this sort of thing but assumed that the majority were purely imaginary. I still couldn’t get over the fantasy sex life I was living. Me: skinny, five-foot-six art-guy Claude that none of the pretty girls in high school would even look at except in scorn or pity.

Lisa put her hands on Yara’s shoulders and attacked her lips. Yara reached around Lisa and pulled their breasts slot oyna together, bouncing curves and rubbing nipples. Kiraz pulled off her camisole and I lightly caressed her tiny breasts and ran my hands up and down her body. Although Kiraz’ boyish body might have left some guys cold, something about her lean form electrified me and sparked a strong desire in me to touch and possess her. I wasn’t attracted to women who appeared underage: that wasn’t the attraction. On one level, there was a chemical attraction between us: I couldn’t get enough of the smell of her skin and hair. I also got a vicarious thrill from her exhibitionism and loved that she made me her accomplice.

Yara and Lisa had moved on to licking and sucking each other’s breasts. My half-hard cock throbbed in Kiraz’ dripping pussy. She moved against me slowly as we watched Lisa move down to lick Yara’s smooth mound and the flower petals of her labia. Lisa inserted a finger in Yara’s pussy and seemed to home in on her g-spot. Yara’s warbling became unstable, her face frantic. I would have to remember that. Yara came.

Overcome with intensity, she pushed Lisa’s finger away, and pounced on the smaller woman. Yara made Lisa get on her hands and knees and began licking her pussy from behind. Flicking Lisa’s clit with a finger, Yara began licking from pussy to perineum, and up to the cleft of Lisa’s delicious-lloking butt. Tentatively, Yara flicked at Lisa’s ass hole. “Oh God,” Lisa moaned.

Yara licked and flicked at Lisa’s ass and clit, electing a string of secular invocations of the deity as Lisa’s round breasts swayed beneath her. My cock was fully hard by now but Kiraz said “my pussy’s sore,” pulled off and slid down to lick my juice-covered cock. Yara glanced over at my cock and renewed her attack on Lisa’s ass. Lisa came with a last screamed “Oh God!” and flopped over onto her back, breasts heaving on her chest and legs outspread before Yara.

Yara placed her face above Lisa’s mound and inhaled the heat. This raised her ass into the air in a position I had come to know very well. “Claude,” Yara simply said. I knew what she wanted.

Kiraz gave me a final lick and led me by the cock to Yara’s impossibly sexy ass. “Lick it, Kiraz,” Yara implored. I think this was a first for Kiraz but she licked and fingered Yara’s asshole with intensity while stroking my cock with her other hand. Lisa looked on, rubbing her breasts as Yara’s glossy tresses tickled her pussy.

After coating my cock with a generous amount of saliva, Kiraz guided my cock to Yara’s glistening asshole. I pushed in easily and gradually. Saliva didn’t lubricate as well as coconut oil but Yara’s ass was comparatively relaxed from the heat generated by her body. Kiraz pushed my ass, encouraging me to fuck Yara with greater force. Yara’s birdlike cooing erupted into a ragged arpeggio as I plunged my cock all the way into her tight brown ass.

Lisa was rubbing her clit with one hand and pulling on her nipples with the other when Kiraz licked a skinny finger and forced it up my ass. Yara and Carmen had done this while sucking my cock and it always gave me super intense climaxes, supposedly something to do with the sensitivity of the prostrate gland. But the mental image of a sexual act considered nasty or forbidden was at least as exciting as the sensation. I blew my load into Yara’s pulsing ass while she trilled her own orgasm. Lisa seemed to come again too with a few more cries to God.

After recovering, not bothering to get dressed again, we gathered our clothes, ready for bed. “Sleep with me,” said Kiraz.

Yara gave Kiraz and then Lisa a passionate kiss, then planted another on my eager lips through which she thrust her tongue. She looked me in the eyes and said, “I love you. I’ll see you in the morning,” As she walked toward the door we watched her wonderful and well-fucked ass leave the room. Knowing we were looking, Yara gave her ass a slap, turned and winked, and with a flash of curls disappeared into the dark passage to the stairs.

Lisa looked at me questioningly. “Can I kiss you goodnight, Lisa,” I asked amiably. Lisa nodded. I approached and lifted her chin, kissing her lips gently, not intending more than this. Lisa put her hands on my shoulders and returned my kiss. Her lips were incredibly soft. We kissed for a while, she drew closer and I felt her wonderful breasts against my chest.

With a sigh, Lisa pulled away. “Thanks, Claude,” she said. I wasn’t sure why thanks were in order to me in particular but I smiled and wished her good night. Kiraz and I fell asleep in each other’s arms, loving each other without saying a word.

The next couple of days there was heavy rain. Beyond brief excursions to the local café and corner market, we stayed inside the house. I painted in the winter light of Yara’s attic or read books in the living room while the others pursued similar activities. We were often in each other’s company but without much conversation beyond canlı casino siteleri meal times. The house felt like a cocoon to me. I was very content.

After spending a candlelit night with Yara in her nest (I had come to consider Yara as a beautiful bird, rather than a goddess, the latter carrying connotations of unattainability that were clearly not the case), I went to my own frigid quarters to shower, shave and put on a change of clothes. As I was gathering a few things to bring up into the warmth of the house, I heard a tap at the door, just like Vesna’s. With a pang in my heart I realized how much I missed Vesna. Farah was more fun and glamorous but Vesna and I were more alike, given to books and reflection. I wondered if she was my soul mate, that is, if there was such a thing. But knew that she wasn’t due back for weeks.

“Come in,” I called, and was surprised to see Lisa in jeans and a long raincoat. “Hi Lisa, thanks for coming to visit,” I said to put her at ease. “Have a seat,” I offered her my only chair. I saw that questioning look again and asked her if she had something on her mind.

“After the other night, you must be wondering about my relationship with Sylvie.” I actually hadn’t wondered about it but remained silent as she went on: “Sylvie called me once when she arrived at home, but I haven’t heard from her since.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I said consolingly.

“I understood that she didn’t want to introduce me to her family as her girlfriend—my parents are traditional Chinese and wouldn’t accept it either— but I didn’t see why she couldn’t bring me as a friend from school who would otherwise be alone for the holidays.” I saw her point and realized that she must have been feeling bad about this. “I don’t understand much French but from phone calls I’ve overheard, and the way Sylvie acts, I’m pretty sure that Sylvie has a girlfriend back in Aix.” She paused. “If she had told me, I could have accepted it. After all, I’m going back to LA in June. But the secrecy. I don’t know. I feel…disrespected.”

Carmen, although she was only twenty-six, was the oldest among us, and tended to gently mentor us in different ways. Chhaya was clearly a project and she had also given me advice about what women like. I knew very well that different women like different things but some of the general principles made sense. One thing I had learned from Carmen is that many men don’t listen to women, or quickly respond to women’s expressed problems with well-meaning advice or diminishment of their concerns. Sometimes, Carmen said, women just wanted a man to listen. I remained attentive to Lisa and listened to her.

“If I had heard about the situation in this house from another person, I would have thought you were a callous player out to screw as many girls as you could. But I’ve seen how you treat…all your…women.” She went on, “You cook and help around the house, you’re respectful, you treat them with kindness, and I can see how much tenderness there is between you.”

Lisa paused, then said, “the sex is great with Sylvie but at other times she takes me for granted. I feel more like a pet than a girlfriend. She calls me ‘China doll” and makes a big deal of my so-called ‘exotic’ looks. It’s not blatantly offensive but I feel weird about it. I mean, sure, lovers objectify each other’s bodies as desirable but it doesn’t feel right. I’m not a doll or someone’s ethnic fantasy.” Lisa looked like she was holding back tears. “But maybe I’m too sensitive. Maybe I shouldn’t let it bother me. What do you think, Claude?”

“Lisa, as a white man, I don’t get treated as exotic, but the way you’ve expressed how you feel sounds very reasonable to me. Since living here I’ve been making love to some women who would fit someone’s textbook definition of exotic. To be honest, it is a big turn on for me. I’m hardly indifferent to appearance. But they’re all individuals to me, not just a model of some ethnic flavor. I think I can understand how Sylvie’s behavior wounds you. I think what we’re talking about is complicated. It’s not as simple as pretending we don’t see skin color and other differences, or denying that they carry powerful associations for us. But I think treating each other with respect is a good starting point for making our way through it.”

“Thanks Claude,” Lisa said, rising from her chair to sit next to me on the bed. She laid her head on my shoulder and I put my arms around her and held her quietly. After a few minutes, Lisa stood, kissed me on the lips got up to leave. She said that Yara had gone to the bakery and that I should come up for breakfast.

As I was laying down my art supplies on a chair in the portico to bring up to the attic later, I heard Yara and Lisa talking through the open kitchen window. “Did you just come from Claude’s room?” Yara asked, “I didn’t know you liked guys in that way.”

“I just went to talk to him,” said Lisa, “you know, about Sylvie. What he said was really comforting, you’re so lucky to have a lover like him.”

“Oh, so you’re not interested in joining the club,” Yara teased. Lisa’s face must have betrayed something to the highly perceptive Yara.

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