Barbarian Bound Ch. 05

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Author’s Notes: This is an erotic fantasy written by Lyssabyss. This chapter as you may notice is not in the “Non-Consent/Reluctance” category, because it is not the primary element of this chapter. There is some romance, f/f action and some answers to questions you may have had. A special thank you to EricaW for some great inspiration and being a superb beta-reader.


Was it Oro or the sway of the boat that rocked me so gently? My right eye had long since swollen shut, and my left eye was puffy from the tears that refused to stop falling. Still he held me in his arms like a small child, as I wept and shivered, and I hated the fact that I needed him now, after all that had happened.

Oro begged my forgiveness, tears in his own eyes, and I wondered if we could ever truly recover from the brutality experienced in this room. Could I ever learn to trust him, after what he took regardless of my hesitation?

He placed the dagger in my hands, but I am the one that used it against the old man. I am the one that allowed Oro to turn me into a shadow of his likeness. Another shiver passed through me, the air was getting colder as it swept in from deck above, the stench of vomit and copper burned my nostrils in this small space.

“–Going to be sick.” I muttered, blood draining from my face as I felt saliva building in my mouth.

As quickly as Oro could without jostling me about, he took me above deck and to the starboard side, setting me carefully onto my feet, using his hands to brace me. I heaved over the boat, the pressure splitting my head and threatening to tip me over into the encroaching abyss.

I heard muffled words behind me as consciousness faded in and out.

“–down below.” Something probed against my head “Jakob,” and I flinched at the pain in my temple. ” –with her.”

I faintly recognized Oro’s voice and clutched against his arm and slurred, “Don’t leave me.”

A hand caressed my back, and wiped my face carefully. “Get Jora.” Oro commanded.

“Aye –.” Kaptan Jakob’s soft voice replied.

I was being moved, my feet dangling in the air, pressed up against a warm hard body. A ringing sounded in my ears, leaving me alone to my thoughts which threatened to suffocate me. You mustn’t get caught Esyld! My father warned me of the dangers of these men, but I was captured, the scent and lure of a hidden need, baiting me into an inescapable snare. Oro was an expert at his craft, the enticing decoy completely disguising the barb of his intentions.

“Esyld.” A voice called out to me, but I did not return sound. Let the storm rumble around me, let me go…let me sleep. I had given up on trying to see with my eyes, not believing that what I would find would be worth the effort.

Sound was returning around me as the buzz in my ears faded. “What have you done!” A woman’s voice bellowed.

I winced and groaned painfully. “Loud.” I croaked.

A hand rubbed my arm, “Majohr, let Jora look, while we take care of the–” I recognized Jakob’s voice, even as stress obviously strained him, “–of the Governor.”

“This is treason, Majohr–”

“Quiet.” Oro hissed. “Do as you are commanded Jora. Leave the treason to me.” I was being moved once more, I felt the stiff fabric of the bed beneath me.

“Can you hear me?” Jora’s voice was gentler now, her fingers probing my face.

I nodded slightly. “Yes.” I croaked, my throat sore from screaming and retching.

“I am going to inspect you, and clean you now.” Jora’s fingers nimbly worked at my clothing to loosen them away, driving a whimper from my lips. “It is only me, Esyld, no one else will touch you. This I promise.”

I nodded once more. She helped me take off my dirtied clothes and braced her hands against my sides. “Gods, you poor woman. Here lay carefully.” She whispered, helping me lay on my side. I felt a cool rag against my face, rubbing off the blood and salted tears that had caked it.

“How is she?” Oro’s voice loomed in the distance.

“Spirits, now!” Jora barked. My flinch brought new tears to my eyes as my face pinched painfully. “I am sorry.” She had wiped the rest of the grime away from my face as the door squeaked open.

“Here.” Oro said quietly. I heard the swish of liquid in a decanter and peaked out my left eye to take a look. Jora’s hands were red which was stark against the clear bottle of water she was holding. “We are almost finished–” Oro started.

“Go.” Jora said as kindly as she could. I could hear Oro’s huff at the insubordination, but in the present state of things he was not willing to argue with her until this was behind us.

“Drink.” She said helping to hold my head up as she brought the bottle to my lips. Feeling parched I took as much into my mouth as I could, and nearly spewed it back out as the liquid burned bitterly as I swallowed. “Good, this will hurt. Bite this.” She indicated putting the familiar leather straps near my mouth.

My eye widened and I shook my head, “I can’t.” I cried. It was the very same strap Oro had gagged grup escort me with.

“Hear me, Esyld, you cannot cry out. I am going to hurt you to make you feel better, but you cannot make a sound. Do you understand?” Jora said slowly.

“Yes.” I said softly, the effects of the burning liquid warming my stomach and calming my nerves.

“Close your eyes.” Jora urged, and I heard her swallow as she spilled some of the liquid fire onto the cloth. “No sound.” She whispered and pressed the rag against my temple. The pain was immediate, and worse than that night I had been branded. I whimpered and clenched my teeth tightly to avoid screaming.

Soon I felt the pour of the strong liquid right on my face, Jora was careful to avoid my eyes as she mercilessly poured it over me. “You are doing great.” She dabbed the cloth at my face. “We need Gurt.” She hissed under her breath.

“I killed him.” I whispered.

“You?” Jora asked with genuine surprise. “Hold this to your head.” She put my hand over the cloth that was pressed painfully against my temple. “Where else does it hurt?”

I thought for a moment trying to isolate the pain that rang throughout my body, “Lower” was all I could manage before tears overtook me.

“Bastard.” She growled. She carefully spread my legs and pulled the lantern closer. She gently touched my used entrance and rubbed her hand against the seed there. “H-he spilled inside…” She took the cloth and began to wash cool water against my sex and battered hole. “The Governor?”

“Oro.” Unable to hide the resentment I felt. “Governor did not finish–” My voice cut off.

Jora’s own breath became labored, “What happened?” she seethed.

“I pushed him too far. He tied me–h-he–I was left here, just waiting…” I tried to be strong, though I felt very weak.

“Was this the first time?” Jora questioned, wiping my soft spread gently until I was clean.

“Like this, yes.” I whispered. I wanted to forget all of this, I wanted to roll back the time, and redo the entire moment that lead me here. Maybe if I had simply succumbed to Oro’s wishes, I would have been absent from this boat when the Governor came along. I would have been protected.

“Has he seeded you before?” Jora asked delicately.

I nodded shamefully.

“When was your last bleed?” She was softer now than before when I first met her. She was patient and tended me carefully.

“The stress… I have not been regular.” My head felt much clearer now and I was able to prop myself up slightly to look at her.

Our eyes met and she whispered, “I will help you, with whatever needs done.” She gripped my hand tightly. “Men are beasts and Oro is not above this nature.”

The door opened and Jora stood suddenly, blocking my view from the door. “How is she?” Oro asked once more, panting heavily, as if he had been running all through the city.

Jora stepped forward and slapped him hard across the face. The sound echoed in the small room but did not seem to affect me as much as it would have before. The room was incredibly still and quiet and I could feel the pressure between them.

Oro spoke first. “I deserved that and more.”

“I am coming with you both to Barbos.” Jora decided. I heard Oro drag in a breath of air and Jora spoke up, “I will watch Esyld as my charge.” She stepped in closer to Oro now, “I followed you, because you promised to be different, and I will hold you to that promise.”

Oro’s breath shuddered, a mixture of sadness and anger fighting for dominance. “If that is what Esyld wants, you may take her under your care as her guard.” He started to try and move around Jora but she stood firm, “Move, you will not keep me from her, as her champion or not. I have no intention to ever hurt her again.” Oro’s voice was vibrating with challenge.

“It is okay.” I mumbled.

Jora stepped aside to grab a blanket and lay it across my body before letting Oro near me. She stayed nearby and only moved to whisper to Kaptan Jakob when he appeared.

Remorse plagued Oro’s face, but my anger prevented the emotion from touching me, and softening me to his pleas. “How I could have let this happen to you…”

“The world is a dangerous place.” I parroted his words from days earlier. My voiced choked as I whispered, “What the old man did was awful, but it did not hurt as much as what you did.” My voice sounded so broken and small, “I do not know what this is, Oro.” I motioned my hand between us. “But, it will be my choice, to ever let you touch me again.”

Oro nodded. “I would expect no less.” He leaned in closely, “I hold no regrets for what I did to the ‘old man’, nor do I think less of you for how you reacted. Jakob and I have seen to his send off, you will be safe with Jora till we leave in the morning. I will be above deck.” Oro carefully leaned forward and placed a feathered kiss on my forehead when I did not turn away.

“You will stay with her?” Oro asked Jora, and she gave a tight lipped nod. Oro and Jakob left the eskort bayan istanbul room, shutting the door softly.

I looked around and noticed that we were in a completely different room. This one did not reek of blood nor was it stained with it. It was also noticeably larger, and the bed I was laying on was bolted into the wood floors. “I am so tired.” I slurred with a yawn.

“You look much better now; you should get a few winks in while you can. Tomorrow will be unpleasant.” Jora sat down behind me, “May I?” she asked stroking my hair. I nodded my reply. “It has been some time since I have braided hair, my sisters are much older now, and it is not practical for a maiden warrior to have long tresses. I miss it.” She worked her fingers carefully through my hair and smooth it back against my scalp, working her fingers to slowly twist and pull my hair into an elaborate plait.

“Shipmaster Graff, has given his quarters for the Majohr Oro’s favor. He might not have, if he knew we killed the Governor of Lamoria aboard his vessel, but that is behind us now. The door locks, and I will be watching over you.” Jora said rubbing my back between my shoulder blades, “Get some rest.”

With that Jora rose and squared a book in front of the lantern so that it did not shine light directly on me, allowing me to finally close my eyes, and rock with the boat into a sleep that settled heavily over me.

Over the next couple weeks at sea, the wound by my hairline that had been sewn shut with fishing line was healing nicely, and for the most part my other injuries were also healed. I grew tired of the constant supply of fish, and longed for some fresh fruit, which we sadly ran out of within our first week. I had overheard that we would stay at Port Villesra for the night, resupply and leave in the morning.

Even with my attempts to avoid Oro, he managed to bypass Jora and corner me against the deck rail; in addition to once again seeking my forgiveness he also asked I join him on the mainland for dinner.

Despite Jora’s protest and my uncertainty, I accepted Oro’s request to meet him for supper. On a ship of this size, it became obvious that I would be unable to avoid him, and meals shared with the crewmates were both rowdy and intimidating. My own emotions had calmed and I was finally ready to break bread with the man who hurt me deeply and still managed to leave me wanting more from him.

Jora worked a hand through her short black hair and scratched the back of her neck. The snicking sound of her nails raking over her skin drew my eyes to her form, anxiety wafting off of her like a weeping onion. Her berry tinted lips were plump and chapped from the cruel sea wind, and as she darted a tongue out to wet them, I wondered if I might taste the tension she felt on those lips.

“I am at odds with myself Zee.” I smiled at the nickname she formed for me, it made me feel like a new person, a stronger version of myself.

She had started calling me Zee, during some of our training sessions. She was teaching me ways to defend myself, as her father taught her before she became a warrior. The sentiment was endearing and came at a time when I most needed a transformation.

Jora took a deep breath, “When I met you, I saw your fire, and I had hope that he would not crush you under the weight of his power.”

“I thought you did not like me.” I smiled softly, fidgeting with my braid.

“I have never been told I had a cool temper. Ofttimes I react poorly when I am riled, as you have seen.” Jora apologetically stated. “Zee, your fire is strong once more, but I would have you wait before you invite the wind to test you.” Jora sat down on a bolted chair, tapping her fingers along the table.

“In all of this I am lucky that our paths crossed again.” I hoisted myself up onto the table next to where she tapped her fingers. “I am glad to have found a sister.”

“If you are sure of your decision, then I would like to go with you.” Jora asserted, resuming the tapping of her fingers.

I placed my hand on them to still her, “No, Jora. This is something that must be settled between us.”

Jora sighed heavily, “Zee,” she placed her hand atop our mounded fingers, “I–.” Her voice cracked and she cleared her throat.

Why was my heart thumping so loudly and when had my stomach learned to flutter so fiercely? My chest heaved under the replacement linen tunic.

“Do you love him, Zee?” Her onyx eyes reflected the light beautifully and distracted me for a moment.

I knew with certainty the answer to her question, “No, I do not, but I do lust for him. I have worked against that urge, but a gate was opened inside of me…”

I could see Jora’s relief in the minor dip of her shoulders. She nodded her head, “I am familiar. It has less to do with him, and more to do with your own desires and needs.” She licked those sweet lips again, and I unknowingly mirrored the action.

“How did you manage it?” I asked, eyes never leaving her bronzed face.

She smiled coyly, oral escort “I have never known the patience to resist my desires, and it is not in the nature of our people.” What was the harm in admitting your wants, in acting on them, as long as it hurt no one? She stood up abruptly and moved in front of me, her tongue darted over those beautiful lips once more, “Zee…”

I gripped her face in my hands and leaned forward, lengthening my torso to reach my lips up to hers. Despite their cracked surface they were every bit as soft as I had imagined, her mouth moved into the kiss, a felt the tremor of her desire.

I was striking out into unknown territory, but for the first time I felt I could handle the challenge ahead. We both breathed heavily into each other’s mouths, our chests heaving against each other as she pressed closer against me, angling me backwards with her height.

I released her face from my hands and worked them over her shoulders and arms, dragging them down to her athletic waist. I felt an aching need, but I was unsure how to fill it in the form of a woman’s touch. I felt my innocence stain my cheeks as I sheepishly whispered, “I am not sure how to please you.”

Her breath caught in her throat and she whispered, “Are you sure you are ready Zee?”

Doubt vanished as I nodded my head, rubbing my thumb under her leathers over her belly button. She shuddered under my touch, and I understood the delicate signals we submitted to one another, so very different than my time with Oro.

“Come.” She said backing up and drawing me to the bed. “I will show you the true pleasure of a woman.” I sat down on the bed and watched as she stripped herself of her leather armor and stood gloriously naked before me. Her nipples were dark brown points atop her smaller chest, and her toned stomach allowed my eyes to drift seamlessly down to the trimmed thatch of her mound.

She smiled as I appraised her and moved to once more stand between my legs as I sat on the bed. “You are far too dressed, Zee.” She tugged the tunic over my head slowly, allowing it to catch against my breasts and giggle them about. My hands unbound the ties at the sides of my leathers, and with her aid, we shimmied them down my legs until I too was completely bare.

She kneeled down at the edge of the bed between my legs, “Lay back” she instructed softly. I heard something slide across the floor as I lay back, and I felt a small wooden object touch my foot. “Rest your foot on this.” I raised my leg to prop it on a small wooden stool, exposing my delicate bits to her. I felt her kneel between my legs now, my inner thigh rubbing against her shoulder.

She stroked my legs softly, and brought her lips to kiss the inside of my ankle that was propped on the stool. Gooseflesh broke out over my skin and I giggled happily. I closed my eyes relishing in the sensation of what I could not see, and allowed her to work her fingers and mouth all over my legs and thighs, until my lubricant dripped from me marking the sheets beneath.

She kissed the crook of my thigh where it met mound and I gasped softly. “Is this alright?” She breathed heavily.

“Yes, Jora.” I said equally panting with desire. I ran my hands over my breasts, massaging them gently and thrumming my pink nipples with my thumbs.

Jora’s mouth kissed once more at the crook and I felt the dart of her tongue against my sensitive flesh, followed by its prolonged absence. All the while she maintained her kisses and quick licks around my outer lips. My hips twitched as her actions became more brazen, her mouth now sucking on my soft folds and rolling them against her tongue.

I moaned my arousal as she kissed me so intimately. I felt her slender fingers against me now, massaging the lips she had just lashed with her tongue and then moved her lips to my throbbing clit. My hips jerked as she gently sucked my sensitive bud and I felt her fingers moisten with my lubricant as she smeared it across my aching pussy.

She stopped sucking my clit long enough to run her tongue across my puckered flesh, into my hot depths and sweep back up to suck at my clit once more. At first her tongue against my puckered hole brought unwanted memories, she could feel my body freeze with each pass, but she had more patience than she admitted and eventually the pain was replaced with extraordinary pleasure.

“O-oh!” I cried as my pussy tingled and clutched around the vacant spot within.

She laughed softly and I looked down my body to her glistening face, she was massaging her jaw and a drunken smile played across her lips.

“C’mere.” I slurred, motioning her up the length of my body.

“Scoot back all the way.” Jora urged. She climbed onto the bed next to me, her own slit glistening with moisture. She lay beside me facing my feet, and had me turn onto my side. “Like this.” She whispered, and demonstrated as she bent her knee to expose her sex to me. She tapped on my corresponding knee and I too moved it into position.

She rested her head against my inner thigh, coming face to face with my flushed sex. I could smell the perfume of her arousal filling my nostrils and as I lay my head against her inner thigh, I wasted no time in licking at the wet core of her body. She moaned softly, pushing her hips forward to grind against my face.

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