Barbara’s Cuckold Story Ch. 05

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This is a true story by a drop-dead gorgeous mid-thirties housewife (so I’ve been told) who has been proudly black owned for the past three years. Many of the details may not be as graphic as you would like, but I am putting this together from three years of memories.

Again, I woke up before James, and made some coffee. I was still too tired to cook breakfast, so I logged on into the computer and checked out the websites that James had saved for me. I thought back to my college days, when I first heard the phrases, “Once you try black, you’ll never go back” and “Once you go black, you’ll always go black”! Was it just a phrase? I was beginning to think it had some truth in it. Derek was my first black lover, and he gave me the strongest orgasm, that I have ever experienced at that point. Was it seeing a black cock penetrate my white cunt, was it because it was taboo, was it because black cocks were longer and thicker, than any I have had until then? Was I going to become like those other wives on the website, needing black sexing on a regular basis, preferring black cock to white cock, being a slut or whore for my black lover and his friends. Would I cuckold my husband, denying him to have sex with me, or allow him sloppy seconds after letting my black lover have me first?

Whenever James’s cock is hard and throbbing inches in front of my face, or his cock is buried full length, pressing against the walls of my cunt, I want him and only him as my lover. Would I someday have my pictures and stories on websites like this?

David wanted and enjoyed seeing me have sex with a variety of white men, and then would have sex with me, to show that he was just as good as they were. Would he still allow me to have sex with James or other black men, if he was clearly unable to compete with their greater size, stamina and ability to produce more cum than he was able to?

“Sex, sex, sex. That is all women ever think of, once they try black. James said, when he came into the living room wearing only his boxer shorts.

He pulled up a chair, and sat next to me. His hand went between my legs, feeling my wet pussy. “What’s turning you on so much?” He said.

“Everything”, I said, “But why are black men so dominate and treat women as sluts?”

Because women want a man, who’s in control, not just in sex, but also in all aspects of life, and women want to be submissive. Women may want a partnership lifestyle, but want their men to take charge once in a while. Their men get so used to sharing everything with their women, that they become wimps, and never make a decision on their own. Black men realize this, and dominate their women openly and with direction. Black men have more between their legs than white men, and women’s pussies can accommodate 10″ or more of cock, so why settle for 6″ when you can have more. The more cock a man has, the more orgasms a woman will have.

“That’s definitely true.” I said.

“Go get the cameras”, he said, “and we’ll see if we’re porn star material.”

I went to the bedroom and got the cameras and brought them to the living room. I got the cable from the computer desk drawer and hooked the camera to the computer. From the expressions on my face, almost all the pictures showed me hot, horny and a slut for black Ataşehir Escort cock. Especially the close-up pictures of me sucking on James’s huge cock.

James then started E-mailing the pictures to himself. He said not to worry, as that the pictures and video would only be seen by him, unless I wanted to send some to the website that I was looking at, or to my husband.

I told him, NO, don’t show them to anybody else.

He said ok, he wouldn’t and then hooked the video camera up to the DVD recorder.

I couldn’t believe how erotic I looked in the video. My eyes and my expression showed how much I enjoyed sucking his black cock. I was so into it, I looked like I was receiving so much pleasure from kissing, licking, sucking and fucking his cock, that I would never be satisfied with anything less. The verbal directions that James whispered to me, couldn’t be seen or heard, and made my vocal comments make me look even more like a slut for his big cock.

Whenever I heard one of my comments on the tape, I would feel embarrassed and could feel a shiver go up my back.

I told James this and he said that’s what it’s like when a woman experiences great sex, she can’t contain her emotions and has to vocalize what she feels.

My pussy started getting wet from watching the erotic scene on the TV, from the first minute of the tape. Now it was leaking like a sieve, as I listened to my cravings of wanting James to fuck me. Begging him to give me all his cock, to fuck me like a slut, a whore and to never stop fucking me. As I watched him fuck me on TV, his fingers explored my wet pussy again.

“Damn girl, that gets you hot, doesn’t it?” James said. “You like watching a nigga taking you, fucking you like a slut, don’t you?”

“Yes”, I said, “It looks hotter than any porn movie that I’ve ever seen, your big cock looks so sensuous and powerful, just watching it makes every nerve in my pussy come alive.”

“Go ahead and stroke it, while you watch it fuck your hot cunt on the screen”, He said. “Remember how good it felt, sliding in and out of your cunt, stretching you so good, bringing you off like no other cock in your life.”

I reach over and took his semi-hard cock in my hand and began to stroke it, and within seconds, my phallus was rock hard and ready to pleasure me or be pleasured by me again. I looked up at the TV screen to see James fucking me hard and deep, and I couldn’t believe that the long, thick black cock that my hand was stroking could possibly fit into my tight white pussy and cause me to experience so many orgasms. I was being torn by wanting to get on my knees and worship this beautiful cock with my mouth, lips and tongue and watching the sensual scenes on the TV. At that moment the house could be on fire and I wouldn’t have noticed.

James said. “Do you think we should send David a copy of this tape? Let him see how his wife became such a slut for my black cock?”

I said. “No. I mean I don’t know. He wants me to send pictures of my sexual experiences, but I think I had better lead up to it, before I do.”

At that time, the tape stopped and James led me back to the bedroom. He told me that today was my day to have his cock anyway that I wanted, as much as I wanted, in any position that Kadıköy Escort I wanted. I sucked his big black cock, swallowed his thick creamy cum and fucked him for the next six hours, in a variety of positions.

I was fucked raw and tired, by the time we called and quits. We cleaned up a bit and I drove him back to the barracks. When we arrived, I leaned over and grabbed his cock, as I gave him a long tongue probing kiss goodbye.

He said. “Give me a call Friday, but only if your ready to become my slut, my bitch, a whore for my black cock. Call me if your ready to give your married white ass to me anytime I want, for me to take you as my woman and for me to share you with my friends as I want. I want you to buy a big black dildo and butt plug, and practice taking it in you ass, because the next time, I will take your married white ass, and want you to be ready for it.”

He got out of the car and closed the door before I had a chance to respond.

As I drove back home, I thought about what he said, setting the conditions under which I could call and meet him again. I took a shower when I got home and went straight to bed. I was exhausted from all the fucking and sucking, but my hands went straight to my pussy and my thoughts were of James huge cock. I was missing his big black already.

I went to work the next day, and my thoughts stayed with James and the great sex we had all weekend. My job allows me to do a lot of my work from home, but I usually put in a full day at the office on Mondays, gathering all the new purchase requests for the week. My thoughts were also buying a butt plug and dildo that James said I should get to prepare my ass to take him. I knew where I would go to buy it. There was a popular adult video store on my way from work that I would pass on the way home. I left work at 4:00 PM, and went straight to the video store. There were about 10 men and five women shopping there at the time. I found the sex toy section and browsed the anal toy section for more than ten minutes before picking out the one’s that I thought I could accommodate.

When the sales clerk saw what I had, he said, “Is your lover this big?”

I replied, “Bigger.”

He blushed, and put the items in the bag.

When I got home, I went straight to the computer to see if James had e-mailed me. No messages. I then logged on to one of the inter-racial web sites that James had saved on the computer for me, and read more about what other women had to say about black sexing.

When I initially viewed the site, I thought that I was like “some” of the women on the site. Now as I viewed the site, I thought I was like many of the women there. I liked a man that was dominant and I liked the fact that sex with James was Taboo. I found that having sex with a man with a much larger cock could be more satisfying. The sight of a black cock entering my white cunt could be such a visual turn-on. Would I willingly cuckold David, or was it something that David wanted.

I stayed on the website for about two hours. I wanted to see more, but I was so sexually turned-on, that I needed some sexual relief. I took the videodisk of James and me having sex and my new sex toys to the bedroom. I put the disk in the player, got a tube of anal lube Bostancı Escort from my drawer and put a liberal amount of it on and in my asshole, and coated my black dildo with some more.

I learned to take David’s 7″ cock in my ass, and I knew I could eventually take this black monster or James cock also, but that it would take longer to accommodate.

I hit the play button, and then the slow motion button on the player, watching myself as I sucked James cock and placed the head of the dildo against my bum hole. As I applied pressure on the dildo, it started to press against my asshole seeking access to my insides. As the head tapered wider, the stinging pain increased, but it was not an unbearable pain. I knew from previous experiences with David what to expect.

I concentrated my thoughts on the video scenes before me of James and me, and the actions of the dildo second. I fingered my clit as I rotated and push the dildo further, and after a while I had the head in me and I could concentrate on taking its length in me inch by inch. After several minutes I had about 5″ in my ass, and started it stroking my ass, in and out, back and forth and I started getting some semblance of pleasure instead of pain. I increased the pressure taking a centimeter at a time, as I withdrew it and pushed it forward again and again. At times, I would feel a sharp jabbing pain, so I repositioned the dildo at a different angle and the pain would dissipate.

After about a half hour, I had about 9″ inserted, if James fucked me deeper than that, I felt that I could accommodate him. I tried different positions; on my back with my knees bent, on my side, on my knees (doggie style) and in the sitting position. I felt most comfortable on my back, so I assumed that position. I had 9″ in my ass, and began stroking it back and forth about 2″ at a time while I fingered my cunt, and watch the video of James and me.

I came close to cumming several times, but stopped and let it pass. After fifteen minutes, I couldn’t hold back any longer, and gave in to my need to cum. It was the strongest orgasm that I had ever given myself. I got up and used the restroom and washed it off and placed it in zip lock bag.

I returned to the bedroom and tried my other toy. I inserted the butt plug. After stretching my ass with the dildo for over a half hour, the plug inserted somewhat easily. I continued watching the video and fingering my cunt, and soon drifted off to sleep, with the thought of James big black cock filling my ass.

When I woke the next morning, I was aware of the plug in my ass, but it felt comfortable there, not an object restricting my movements; but I removed the plug and examined my asshole with a hand mirror. My hole was big enough to put four fingers inside easily. I wash it off and took a shower and re-inserted the plug. I wanted to see how much longer I could keep it in.

I fixed some breakfast and then I started to do my work from home on the computer. I found from experience, that if I put off getting my work done, something would come up, and I would work late into the night to catch up, and I had to see Carla later that day also.

I finished my work about ten-thirty and called Carla to see if our date was still on.

She said it was, and to come over as soon as I could.

She lived only three blocks away, and I said I would be there in about an hour. I figured she wanted to hear the juicy details of her matchmaking of James and me. She would, and also would offer me to join in inner circle of special friends.

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