Bar Tails Ch. 1

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Boku No

I’ll cut to the chase. I am a bartender at one of the local hot spots. It is usually such a thankless job that if it weren’t for the tips, it wouldn’t be worth having. Tonight was one of those nights, just your average Friday night. It was actually about 1 a.m. on Saturday and things were winding down. We close at 2:30 but we cater to a crowd that averages in their 40’s so tonight all the younger people had left early and went to the teenie bars. By teenie bars I mean the ones that have the disco atmosphere. They like the bright lights and the loud music and we did not have that here. Just the usual Friday night crowd of people who worked all week and needed to get away from their routine and down a few cold ones.

I had called my boss earlier and talked him into letting me get out of here at a decent hour when I heard someone come into the bar. I looked up and I have to admit I liked what I was. It was a petite woman who appeared to be in her early to mid 20’s. She had sandy colored hair and was about 5′ tall and a trim figure. She was not steady on her feet and I assumed that she had been drinking. She sat down at a booth and I picked up my order pad and made my way over to where she was.

“What would you like miss?” I asked her.

“I want the strongest fucking thing you got mister.”

I have to admit I was a little shocked at her words. She didn’t seem to be the kind of girl that talked like that but I’ve come to find out you really can’t tell that much about people on by first impressions.

“Coming right up!” I said. I walked back behind the bar and took a bottle of my special stuff that my buddies in the hills made for me. I smiled as I poured it into a shot glass and then put the cap back on the bottle. As I walked back to her table, I noticed that she had her head resting on her hands. I thought she had passed out because she was pretty inebriated.

“Here you go miss,” I said as I set it down.

“Thanks mister,” she slurred as she looked up. I noticed for the first time that it looked like she had been crying. I ignored it because I’ve found out that over the years if people want to tell you about their troubles they will. The girl picked up the glass and put it up to her lips and took it down in one long swig. I heard her try to catch her breath when she was through. Tears of pain instead of tears of sadness were running down her cheeks now. “What the fuck is that?” she asked after coming to her senses.

“Oh, just a little bottle of special stuff that I keep for my personal friends or someone that looks like they need a little extra boost.”

“That ought to fucking do it,” she laughed. “I want some more of that!”

I shrugged my shoulders and walked back to the bar and poured her double shot this time. I took it back to her and she put it to her lips and slugged it down. “That’s some powerful fucking shit mister,” she said. She sat the glass down and closed her eyes and leaned back. I thought for a minute that my special elixir had taken her down but she opened them again in a few seconds and then asked for a Michelob to soothe her throat.

I looked at my watch and noted the time. It was 1:35 and I had planned on being gone by now. I walked to the door and turned the closed sign toward the street and locked the door. I walked to the bar and took 2 brews from the cooler and a couple of frosty mugs from the freezer. I walked back and sat hers on the table. “My name is John,” I said as I held out my hand to the lady.

“Hi John,” she slurred her words. “My name is Kim.”

“Nice to meet you Kim. You’re new around here aren’t you?”

She looked at me and nodded. “I’m from Arizona originally. I moved out here because my boyfriend got a new job and today is my wedding day.”

“Wedding day? You aren’t gonna feel much like having a wedding today if you keep downing that stuff,” I said smiling at her.

“Well…there ain’t going to be no fucking wedding anyway,” she said as she took a sip of her beer.

“I thought you said…”

“Yeah, I know what I said. But I’m not marrying that no good two timing son of a bitch.” Tears were starting to run down her cheeks. I ignored them because like I said before, if people want to talk, they will.

She reached for the salt and poured a little in her glass. She watched Escort Bahçeşehir intently as the bubbles started at the bottom and worked their way to the top. She took another little sip and sat it back down. “You know, I gave my entire teenage years to that son of a bitch.”

“So why aren’t you marrying him?” I asked her.

“Cause all he wants is to fuck around with that fucking whore that he works with. Julie I think her name is. Yeah, that’s it. Mother fucking bitch, cunt,whore Julie I think it is.” She giggled after saying this obviously feeling the effects of the alcohol.

“Give me another one shot of that stuff, whatever you call it.”

“I think you’ve had enough Kim,” I told her.

“What the fuck? Why is everyone always telling me what is good for me. All my life I’ve been told what to do. Now are you gonna give me another shot or what?”

I got up and walked back to the bar. Instead of pouring her a shot this time, I took the bottle to the table and sat it down. “Drink up Kim if you think you can take it.”

Kim took the bottle and poured a little bit in her glass. “What do you call this shit mister?”

“It’s got lots of names depending on where you are from, but around these parts people call it moonshine.”

“Sure makes your head spin,” she said as she took another shot.

“I think what you ought to do is let me call you a cab so you can get home and be in half way decent shape for your wedding tomorrow.”

“I told you I ain’t marrying that no good son of a bitch,” she said suddenly getting angry.

I raised my hands to signal that I had surrendered. She laughed. “You’re funny John. I like you.”

“You know what really makes me mad John,” she asked?

“I have a feeling you are going to tell me,” I smiled and took a sip of my beer.

“What really makes me mad is the fact that we went through high school together, and then we went through college and didn’t plan on getting married until both of us were established in our careers. Now I’m 25 years old and have moved half way across the mother fucking country and I have nothing to show for it.”

“You’re still young,” I said to her, trying to keep her from noticing that I was looking at her pert little breasts and trying to look at her pretty freckled face instead.

“Oh that’s not all,” she said as she poured another shot of shine. “You wanna know what’s worse,” she asked?

“Once again I think you’re going to tell me.”

“Well the worse thing is…” she said leaning closer to me and lowering her voice to almost a whisper. “The worse thing is that I’m 25 years old and I’m still a virgin.”

Now at this point I have to admit I was intrigued to the max. “You’re shitting me aren’t you,” I asked her?

“Fuck no I’m not shitting you John. I’ve saved myself for this asshole all these years and then I find out that he’s fucking that little mother fucking, cunt, whore, slut Julie down at the office.”

“Now now there girl,” I said patting her on the hand. “It’s not the end of the world you know. There are lots of guys out there who would think that’s a virtue.”

“What’s wrong with me mister? Is there something wrong with the way that I look?”

I looked at this petite little woman sitting next to me. I have to tell you that there was absolutely nothing wrong with this girl in the least. “No…” I said. “You are a very pretty girl,” I assured her.

“Then why wouldn’t he just keep his cock out of that bitch,” she asked obviously hurt and angry over the events that led up to today.

“It’s hard for a guy to…you know.”

“Know what?” she asked.

“It’s hard for a guy to turn down a chance to make love to a woman if the opportunity is there.”

“Yeah, or fuck the office whore!” she said.

“Look, I think I better call you a cab to take you home.”

“Answer me one more question John.”

“Sure kid,” I said, not really wanting to get too involved in a lover’s quarrel.

“If you had the chance…would you want to fuck me?”

Holy shit!! I couldn’t believe she even asked that question. I looked down at my watch and it was past 2 a.m..

“Yeah. I sure would if I had a chance and you were a little more sober.”

“Well, are you gonna take me home Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan and fuck me then?” she asked. I studied her face and I could see that she was indeed serious about expecting an answer from me.

“Look honey,” I said to her. “You are just pissed and I don’t think you are thinking clearly. Let me call you a cab.”

“I don’t want a cab mister, I want someone to give me his hot cock tonight. So are you going to take me home and fuck me or what?”

I sat there with the look of utter disbelief on my face. Here was this girl who claimed she was a virgin who was 18 years my junior asking me to take her home and fuck her! I sat there, mind spinning, thinking of all the things I would love to do to her. After a couple of moments of silence she reached into her blouse and pulled out a couple of 20 dollar bills and threw them on the table. “Well…I guess that answers the question then.” She stood up and wobbled toward the door. She tried to turn the knob but it was locked.

“Let me out of here mister, I am going to go somewhere else. If you are not man enough to do it, then I am going to make sure that in the morning when I wake up that I am not going to be a virgin any longer.”

I stood up and pulled out my keys. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I turned off the light and walked to the door. “You sure about this miss? You sure you want me to be the one to do this?” She staggered forward and leaned against me. She slid down and put her knees on the floor. Reaching out she put her hand on the crotch of my pants and squeezed my dick. She then unzipped them and pulled my fly open wide. Reaching into my shorts she pulled out my semi hard cock and pressed her lips to it. “Does this look like I’m serious John,” she asked. She put her hands into my shorts and started to massage my testicles. Holding my cock in her other hand, she stuck out her tongue and ran it up the underside of the shaft.

“I’d say you were very serious,” I told her as she ministered to my needs. She looked up at me and smiled and then once again ran her tongue up the length of my shaft. I felt the earth move as she circled her tongue around my purple head several times before she let it slide into her warm lips.

She let it pop from her mouth. Looking up at me she smiled and stroked my hard member in her hand. “What’s wrong daddy?” she asked me, suddenly acting like she was a little girl. “Don’t you like it when little Kimmie does this to you?”

“Y-y-yes Kim. I like it when you do that.”

“Well why don’t you give me my reward daddy? she asked, rubbing it on her face.

I looked down at this petite little woman-child that was smearing my precum on her face. I didn’t know if she was aware of what she was doing, but at this point I have to admit that my cock didn’t care what the fuck she was aware of.

“Yes Kimmie, daddy loves it when his little girl sucks on his cock. Now lick it up and down like an ice cream cone baby. If you do that, daddy will give you his reward.”

Kim looked up at me and she grinned big like she had just been told she could have the world. “Thank you daddy, oh thank you daddy. Kimmie will make you so happy daddy and then you can give me your reward.” Kim put my cock to her lips again and started to stroke it as she put it into her mouth. Her saliva had made her mouth wet and it felt so warm and cool at the same time as she started giving me what was definitely the most intense blowjob that I had ever had.

I felt a hand reach for the snap on my jeans and she unsnapped them and I assisted her in pulling them down. She removed my blood-engorged cock from her mouth and although it was hard to do, I was able to get my cock through the hole and pull them down.

“Do you want Kimme to make you cum daddy? Do you want Kimmie to let you cum in her mouth?”

“Fuck yes Kimmie. Let me cum in your mouth baby.”

Kimmie went back to stroking my cock and licking the head just like I had told her. The flesh of my cock was hot and I don’t recall any time in the past when it had been as hard.

“Daddy! Your cock is so hard for Kimmie. I think you really like what Kimmie is doing to you don’t you daddy?”

I could only nod my head at her, speechless from the wanton lust Bahçeşehir Escort in this beautiful girl’s eyes. I felt her hand move around to my bare ass and I felt her run her hand down the crack as she licked my cock. Opening her lips, she put her mouth and took the entire length of my cock into her mouth. Her finger made it’s way to my ass and I flinched as she inserted her hard fingernail into the opening of my anus. The inside of her mouth was like silk and the finger at the opening of my ass was creating a pressure that I had never felt before.

Kim must have know at this time that I was about to shoot my wad down her throat because she sucked hard and slid her lips off my cock and pulled her finger out of my butt. Looking up at me with those blue green eyes, she smiled at me and said, “Turn around daddy!”

I didn’t want her to take her lips from my cock, I wanted to stay inside her mouth forever, but she was in command here, not me. I did as she told me and turned around with my butt to her face. “Bend over a little daddy,” she said.

I wasn’t sure what was to come but I knew that more than anything, I intended to cum so I did as I was told. I leaned forward a little and I waited. I felt her hands touch my ass cheeks and she started to massage each one of them. Her hands felt so wonderful on them and every once in a while she would slide her hand down my crack, making me think that she was going to insert a finger into my ass again. After a minute or two of this massage of my buns, she spread my ass cheeks and I felt her breath against my anus. “Oh god Kim!” I said as she breathed into it.

“Does daddy want Kimmie to keep doing what I’m doing?” she asked.

“Fuck Yes!!” I almost yelled.

With that, I felt it. Not her finger this time but her warm tongue press against my asshole. I leaned forward a little more and she started to wiggle it back and forth and then trying her best to insert the tip into it!!

“Oh fuck Kimmie. Oh fuck Kimmie, assfuck your daddy with your tongue Kimmie.”

Kim reached around me and took hold of my cock and started stroking up the length of it. I felt my cock twitch with every stroke of her hand. After a minute, he tongue strokes and the strokes of her hand were in unison.

“Oh fuck Kimmie, daddy’s gonna cum baby. Daddy’s gonna cum hard!”

Instead of slowing down, Kim increased the pace of her hand and tongue job. I felt my balls literally feel like they were boiling and then I knew that I could hold off no longer. “I’m gonna cum Kimmie! Daddy’s gonna cum!!”

Kim moved her face away from my asshole and pulled me around by my cock. She continued stroking and then she looked up at me. “Come on daddy, give little Kimmie your present. Come on daddy, you promised me.”

That’s when it happened, that’s when I felt the most intense orgasm start to build in my balls. “Yeah daddy, give it to Kimmie. Come on daddy, give me your present.”

Kim opened her lips and inserted the head between them and then the first burst of sperm entered her lips. She continued to stroke it and just let the sperm pump into her mouth, not trying to swallow it but holding it in her mouth. The sight of this woman-child pumping my cock while I was cumming in her mouth was a sight I will never forget.

Kim released my cock and stood up, still holding my cum into her mouth. She staggered over to the table and picked up her shot glass. Holding the glass under her mouth, she pushed my cum out of her mouth and down into the shot glass! She set the glass down on the table and looked directly at me, licking her lips. She picked up the bottle of shine and poured it on top of the cum.

“Here’s to you daddy,” she said as she lifted up the glass, stirring it with her finger. Kim put the glass to her lips and leaned her head back and sucked the cum-moonshine drink down her throat. She plopped the glass on the table and then turned around and walked toward me.

“Well are you gonna take me home daddy, or are you going to just stand there with your fucking pants down around your ankles?”

I bent forward and quickly pulled my shorts and pants up and Kim walked up to me and whispered, “Now daddy, you can take me home and fuck my virgin pussy.”

I took Kim by the arm to steady her and we walked out the door. I locked it, my mind wondering what was in store. I led her to the car and pressed myself against her.

“Daddy’s gonna take you home and fuck your pussy raw!”

Kim just smiled at me and slid her cute little ass into the front seat. Like I said at the first of this tale people, the job doesn’t pay well…but the tips can be great!!

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