Bar Tab

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I’ve passed it often on my way home from work, this bar that has been calling to me for a week, “Come in, have some fun, meet new people!”

It was an extremely rough evening, even for a Security Guard. I prefer boredom to the excitement I was getting. It was just the wrong kind of excitement.

Last week I had actually thrown a polo shirt into my work bag so I could stop at the store and not have to go shopping in my uniform.

I changed into it before I entered, the heavy smell of smoke burned at my eyes as the doors opened.

Scanning the room, I spotted you, sitting at a table alone, trying to fend off the wolves that were circling. Your blonde hair reflecting the neon signs around the walls. I stopped in my tracks and just looked, maybe a little too long because you sensed it and returned my gaze. Your blue eyes sparkled as you looked at me.

I sat at the bar and ordered a drink. Every once in a while I looked your way, waiting for an opportunity to approach.

Downing Buca Escort another drink I gained the courage and stood up. I turned around and you were there, beside me. As the music of Lonestar’s “Amazed” began playing you took my hand and moved me to the dance floor. Neither of us said a word as you put your arms around my neck and my hands went to your hips.

Never once did our eyes unlock their gaze. I slowly pulled you closer until your lips were centimeters away, your breath hot against my lips. My hands moved down your slim waist until they reached your buttocks. It took control to make them not go under the short skirt you were wearing. Just feeling your body pressed into mine was making me hard.

A sigh escaped your lips as they moved closer to mine. They touched softly and parted, our tongues meeting. The taste of the kiss made me press into you more. We held it until the last few notes of the song echoed through the crowded bar.

Still without saying Escort Buca a word you took my hand and lead me to your table.

We sat across from each other and whispered into the darkness. Our voices soft and quiet.

As we talked your bare foot traveled up my leg until your toes found my crouch. I was getting hard yet again.

When you asked if I wanted to go for a walk I didn’t have to think twice. I paid for our drinks and we walked out onto the dimly lit parking lot.

Walking around the building we came to an area where no light would give us away.

I pressed you against the wall and we kissed again, hungry for each other. Your hands went to the belt on my jeans as I slid my hands up your thigh, lifting the skirt over your waist while I pulled at your panties. As they fell to the ground you stepped out of them, our lips glued together like a forgotten hunger. We explored each others body as our hands traveled under our clothing. You finally released Buca Escort Bayan my pants and they fell to the ground. With one long nailed hand you reached through the opening in my boxers, grabbing my hard member as it throbbed in your hands. You rose up on your toes as you guided it into you and I pinned you against the wall. Slowly at first I pumped into you, our lips parted as our breathing became loud. Gasping for air you scratched at my back.

I held your butt checks as you wrapped both your legs around me. Deeper I went into you. Our bodies were sweating with the heat of our passion as we tried to muffle the screams in the night.

Our teeth biting at each others necks as you came around me. I kept thrusting into you, making your climax last longer, your body shaking at every brush of my lips, every touch of my hand and every stroke of my rod inside you.

Finally I came inside you. We held each other while our heavy breathing subsided, the droplets of sweat cooling us off in the cool October evening.

As we untangled and straightened out our clothing we exchanged names.

While I walked you to your car our arms encircled each other.

We parted with a passionate, tender kiss.

Until next week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32