Bar Story

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It all started at the local bar; I was pissed at my sister because she had ditched me for a guy, so I went to see the local band alone. The band was all right but I kept noticing this really cute blond guy who was playing pool.

Well soon enough after a few shared looks he came over and introduced himself to me, “My name is Steve and yours is?” I replied Rose. Now Steve really looked good, he was tall around 6 1″, silver eyes, tight ass, long blond hair, and a red-blond beard, and a very sociable person with a lot of charisma. We talked for a while and had a few more drinks and I played a game of pool with him and his friends. While playing pool I felt him come up behind me and put his prick up against my ass, I was so surprised that all I could do was wiggle my ass a little and then he moved away.

Now, I’m no dog to look at, and all of his friends kept egging him on to do something more, so next time it was my turn to play I made sure that I bent over with my ass facing his way and I wiggled it ever so slowly that it was sure to make him hard. Boy did it ever do the trick, I saw him bulge immediately. Like I said before I’m no dog, I have really red hair, green eyes, and my curves drive men crazy. My measurements are 36DD-26-38, I’m 5 5″, and 135 lbs. I have a good complexion, with huge Bette Davis eyes, and lips that always look a little puffy from too much kissing, and I also wear a tongue ring to make things interesting.

After my turn at the pool table, when I went to go take a sip of my Jim Beam & Coke, Steve asked me if I would like to go home with him and watch a movie or “something.” I replied no, would you like to come home with me, I have a few “toys” that you might be interested in and I have a really posh pad. He said yes before I even finished the sentence. When we got to my place he started looking around and got really excited, he kept seeing a few of my “toys” here and there. I asked him if he wanted a drink or anything else, and he replied that he wanted a Beam muğla escort & Coke so I mixed us up a few drinks and put on some mood music, a collection of the Sex Pistols, NIN, Black Flagg, and some old Soundgarden.

While I was mixing the drinks Steve found my whip, the handcuffs, rope, gag, K-Y jelly, and my strap-on dildo all in my sex den, along with a big screen TV and other implements of pleasure and pain. First off I took off my clothes starting with my corduroy pants, then I took off my loose peasant blouse. Under my day clothes I wore red thong underwear and a red bra, when I took of my panties I made sure that my ass was facing him so that he could see every bit of my creamy white skin. Next I took off by bra and Steve’s mouth dropped because my tits are great, my aureoles are at least two-inch’s wide with a rosy tip to them that will make anybody’s mouth water.

Then as I watched him watch me undress, I saw him grow hard and then I popped in a movie on the big-screen TV. As I casually strutted back to the couch I sat down on top of him and started to kiss him hard, I sucked his tongue into my mouth and bit his lips, he kept trying to kiss my nipples but I kept pulling his hair so that he couldn t move his head. I was in control and I wanted him to know it, and savor it, and submit to it. After a mere few seconds of this teasing I could feel his cock growing with need and excitement. I stood up and asked Steve to do the same, I ripped his shirt off, and unbuckled his pants and watched them fall to the floor (he wore no boxers.)

I watched his dick spring out and I was amazed, it was a least nine inchs and very thick. I dropped to the floor when I saw this, and immediately started to kiss and suck and lick this treasure that I had found on this off night, when I was suppose to be somewhere else. Well little to my surprise he grew even more when I put my lips on him, so I reached up and found his nipple and pinched it hard and he moaned, loud. Now I turned him around so that he could see the TV and the porno playing on it (it was 4 girls and a guy) but I kept giving him head just when he as about to blow his wad I stopped and started digging in my box of goodies.

When I found the plastic piece that would prevent him from cumming too soon I put it on the man. Then I made him lay down on his back and I sat on his face and made him eat me. While he was eating me I moved my ass up so that his tongue was rimming my asshole, at the same time I leaned down and drew his entire cock into my mouth and down my throat, with my little pinkie wet from my own juices I put it in his asshole. That scared him because he wasn’t expecting it, but soon enough he relaxed and I started moving my finger in and out deeper and deeper. After a few minutes of that I was ready to fuck him, and I wanted to do the fucking, so I moved from the 69 position on down so that I took all of Steve inside of me with my back facing him, so that I was free to feel myself and ride him hard, and I could take off the cock-ring easier when the time came.

I fucked him hard this way for an hour and I had cum at least four times, the last time I cummed Steve begged me to let him cum but I wouldn’t let him till I was satisfied. When at last, I let him blow his load it was huge, it went all over my back, my tattoo, and in my hair. I stood up and asked him if he was ready for more refreshments, and pleasures. He replied YES. I came back from my bar with a few more Beam & Cokes. After sipping our drinks and watching a little bit more of another porno both of us were ready for round two. I asked Steve if he had ever been fucked by a woman, and he replies yes, and I asked I mean really fucked by a woman, and then he asked me what I meant.

So instead of answering him I asked him if he would like be hand cuffed to my bed, and he replied yes. I hand cuffed each of his hands and ankles to a bedpost with his chest down on the bed and his ass up in the air. Then I grabbed some silk rope I had, and tied it around his knees and pulled his legs closer to the top of the bed so that he was tied down on his hands and knees with his ass exposed to me. The first thing I did was to kiss and rim his asshole with my tongue and lips. He squirmed and moaned loudly so I stuffed the gag in his mouth so he wouldn t wake my sister in the next room.

Next I put on the strap-on dildo, it was about six inches long, and about and inch and a half thick, just right for anal penetration. Steve really got scared then and his eyes started rolling, but I told him to relax I would take it easy on him. I told him he was going to have an experience he would never forget. I lubbed up his ass with the K-Y and whipped his ass a few times lightly with the whip just so he could feel the sting, and then my kiss. While I was kissing the lash marks I slipped my finger into him slowly, and he didn t even notice until I had stuck two fingers up him all the way, and then he just pushed against my fingers, he was rocking his body trying to push my fingers into him more, Steve was loving it, and getting ready to lose control.

When I pulled out my fingers he bucked against me, so I knew he was ready for me to fuck him. I put the tip of the dildo into his ass, and let him push it the rest of the way into him, after it was in and he relaxed again I started moving the dildo slowly in and out, in and out. I developed a nice slow rhythm that made him practically cry and gave me intense pleasure with the clit button on the inside of the strap-on. By this time Steve had a raging hard-on with pre cum leaking out so I increased my speed and my pumping action till we both cummed at the same time, him all over his chest, and me all over my strap-on. After I ungagged him and untied him he showed his gratitude to me by licking my clit clean. Before I sent him home he asked if he could see me again and I said yes because I still had a lot of toys I wanted to try on him. Steve said that that was the first time that he ever had his ass fucked, and that he’s never cum before without direct stimulation to his cock, until me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32