Banging Mom in the Shower

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Living in suburban Amherst, Mass, you get used to a quiet lifestyle. Not much happens. You go to school or work, and then spend evenings at home with family and the weekends meeting your extended family. This is especially true for a family with a conservative Indian background like mine where you are encouraged to grow within the clan. There comes a point where you begin to despise family and just want to get away from everything – from all the family politics and backstabbing that comes with it and from all the confining and limiting thoughts this set up brings.

My mom had noticed this change in me. This story is from four years ago. I was in my final year in college and was looking at maybe three or four different job offers. Being an IT guy in the Internet boom era, I had my options. I could have taken a job in sunny California, or decided to move down the I-95 to New York where I had no more uncles and second cousins to deal with.

I am purely speculating as to whether this had anything to do with my disillusionment toward family and my disdain for living at home during college. But it might have been, because she was the one who made the first move. Maybe she wanted me to stay home with her and never leave. I don’t even know if what she did counted as a move. All I know is I reacted naturally and did what everyone else would have done.

Now my mom is an attractive woman. She is petite, about 5’3” and 110 lbs. The B-cup tits sat nicely on her chest and bounced in a rhythm as she walked around the house like a free spirit. As far as I remember, I was probably born with oedipal thoughts in mind! Ever since early puberty, I had been attracted to her body. I thought it was natural. She was young then, attractive, full of energy and her supple assets were always there to distract my attention from whatever I was doing and just focus on her and her aura.

Despite my extreme horniness, I obviously never could get myself to even think about letting her know what I thought. But I can swear that whenever I kissed a girl or made love to one, my mother was the person who I was thinking of. My partner’s lips became my mother’s, her tits became my mom’s B-sized mounds of love, and her ass became the shape of my mom’s ass. This was just part of my fantasies. Never had I thought I was ever going to touch her sexually or see her naked and those types of things. Yes I made love to other females thinking about her and when single, jerked off to her occasionally but nothing intense. I guess I was just another horny son who fantasized about his attractive mom. The only difference is, now I can say I lived through some of the stuff I used to think about, and I am not sure how it has affected our relationship.

Dad was never home during the day. He owned (and still owns, yes he is not retired), a gas station just outside Amherst. I used to be home after class. My hanging out and partying days were over by the last semester in college. I had to get by with 18 college credits and my research and all of this wasn’t easy. In between my research breaks, I went out to see my friends or just stayed home playing computer games, or just jerked off. I guess a mother knows what her son is up to. Or maybe my mom knew. She always gave me my space. It was almost like she knew I had to jerk off and was never around when I needed some time to myself. She either went out to get grocery or went and visited a friend or just hung out in the other corner of the house. I don’t know what she thought and what went on in her mind.

One day as I came home from school, I heard she was in the bathroom and the shower was on. Mom always took long showers and I knew she probably just went in. I had heard the shower turn on just as I passed the bathroom. I just went about my business. I went into the other bathroom, took a shower and came out. I had my research project on my mind but I didn’t want to hit the books quite yet. This was October, and I wanted to watch a little sports TV. So I turned it on and just lounged on the couch, flipping channels. Mom was going to come out of the shower and give me some food. I intended to start studying after I had lunch with mom. I was just thinking about this when I heard her call my name:

“Raja… Beta…Tum aa gaye?” she yelled in Hindi (Indian) from the bathroom. (Raja…Son! Are you home?)

“Yeah Ma. Khana chahiye”. (Yes Mom, I want something to eat), I yelled back from the living room.

“Raja yeh bulb fuse ho gaya hai bathroom ka. Bulb change karna ho ga!” she called out. (Raja the bathroom light just went out, you have to change it.)

“Ok! I will change it right now….”

I yelled and walked towards the kitchen, without thinking much; my mind was still focused on the TV announcer. I grabbed a light bulb and obediently walked toward the bathroom, all the while listening to the TV and just paying attention to what was going on there. But when I reached the bathroom door, I realized mom was still in the shower.

The bathroom door was now quarter open for me, as Gümüşhane Escort she had peeked out to let some light in. She didn’t want to stumble in the dark I guess.

“Ma here is the bulb…”

“Beta tum laga do, mera haath nahi jayega” (Son you have to change it, I can’t reach the bulb).

The light fixture was on the ceiling and she was not tall enough. I probably needed to stand on the edge of the tub too to reach the ceiling.

“Ok then come out,” I said, a little vexed.

“Kaise aaon? Sabun laga hai!”, she replied. (How can I come out? I have soap all over my body).

“Dho lo na!” (Wash then…), I said hurriedly.

I knew this was going to be just a painful encounter as I was talking to my mom naked in the shower, and I was just going to be left out jacking myself off dry all alone, all turned on by this situation! And I had no interest in this.

“Kaise andhere mein dho loon? Aur geeli bahar aa jaon? Beemar nahi hona! Pagal!” (How can I wash in the dark? And how can I come out wet? I don’t want to get sick! Stupid!)

“Ugh Ma! Fir towel bandh lo?” (Ugh Ma! Then wrap a towel!)

“Sabun pe kaise towel bandh luun buddhu?) she laughed. (How can I wrap the towel when there is soap all over my body).

“Ugh!!! kaise bulb fuse hua aik dum??” (Ugh Ma, how did the bulb just go out?), I was frustrated.

“Change karo jaldi se, andhere mein kuch dikh nahi raha! Aur sardi lag rahi hai.” (Son please change the bulb quickly, I can’t see anything in the dark and I am cold!). She said forcefully.

“Tum kahan ho?” (Where are you?)

“Darwaje ke peechey” (I am behind the door).

“Tum tub mein jao to mein andar aaon…” I said, still feeling bothered. (Ok then get in the tub so I can come in.) I just wanted to stay on the couch and watch TV, and now I was forced to be so close to my naked mom and change a stupid light bulb!

As I was thinking this, she came out from behind the door and walked to the tub. From the little opening she kept to let some light into the bathroom, I could see her naked body move out and step into the tub. And this is when I realized how sexual this situation was!

She had her long beautiful hair wrapped on top of her head in a towel and had soap all over her lower body. I saw her beautiful creamy ass walk past me and into the tub. As she lifted one leg to step in, my heart skipped a beat. I also saw the silhouette of her luscious tits with the quarter-size right nipple standing upright from the cold! What a sight! Her ass crack was all I could think of. And what lay at the end of it. The doorway to a man’s heaven!

The object of my desire, the beautiful heavenly body of hers, was now standing naked from me, only a few feet away.

She stepped into the tub and pulled the curtain shut.

“Chalo aa jao.” (OK son come in).

“Acha Ma…”

I said ok and opened the door wide to let as much light in as I could. The door opened with a creak. Our hold house was falling apart I thought.

Thinking this, I flipped the light switch to the off position and held the bulb in my left hand. My dick was semi-hard by now. My brain was playing still images of her naked ass walking by me, albeit for about 2 seconds, into the tub. All images contained one common purpose. I wanted to see if there was light at the end of her tunnel. What lay at the end of that ass crack and whether I could see it. Heaven knows I had been lusting after this for so long. I just wanted to lick her pussy and lick it dry while I felt her soft and supple boobs!

Trying to ignore these thoughts, I looked up at the burned out light bulb.

“Ugh… Tub pe charna parega,” I groaned as I tried to stand on the side of the tub. (Ugh! I have to climb onto the tub edge).

“Beta dekh ke dekh ke!” (Son be careful!), she said plainly.

The shower was turned off and my mom was just standing behind the shower curtain, naked and with soap all over her body. I was now sporting a full and complete hard on which I am sure was sticking out of my lose pajamas. I was not too concerned about that as I was sure she couldn’t notice it from behind the shower curtain. And it was dark anyway.

I am very close to being six feet tall but this freaking ceiling was quite high. I slowly stepped on the ledge and exhaled loudly as I tried to reach up.

“Kiya hua?” (What’s going on?), she asked.

“Haath nahi jaa raha!” (I can’t reach!) I exclaimed.

It was just now that I realized my head level was above the shower curtain pole! If I wanted I could take a peek over the curtain and into the tub where she was standing naked. This blew my mind. My heart beat must have raced all the way to about one thousand! Should I? I think the question was could I? Or could I not?

I struggled with the idea. All of these thoughts were just coming in and whizzing out of my mind. I was still trying to reach the ceiling.

“Beta koi stool le ao”, she said. (Son get the step ladder or something)

“Nahi Gümüşhane Escort Bayan nahi…” (No no!) I insisted as I kept panting and trying to reach up.

Now I just couldn’t help it. This was it. I had to see her! I just had to!

“Aray aray beta dhiyaaan se… acha?” (There there son, be careful, ok??)

As she was saying the OK, and looking up to see where my hand was, my eyes met hers. I had looked over the shower curtain and looked straight into her eyes.

Her beautiful black eyes were shining in the dark, looking dead straight at mine! The long eyelashes batted up and down several times as she noticed me staring at her for about 2 seconds. If you look a person straight in the eye, you can see their entire body, and that’s exactly what happened.

She immediately covered her naked breasts with her arms and crossed her legs to conceal her pussy.

“Upar dekho…” she said sheepishly and then looked down herself. (Look up…)

I immediately moved my eyes away. My heart skipped a beat as I was now trying to absorb what I had just seen.

She was so cute! The way she had asked me to “look up” (and not at her body) just made me fall in love with her. She was so vulnerable there, so dependent. She needed my help and her loving son was there to help her. She didn’t seem angry, I thought to myself. After all, I was there helping her. And she had called me in herself.

“Maa haath nahi jaa raha, mein fisal na jaaon?” I said in a shaking voice. (Mom I can’t reach up, my foot might slip.)

I was not scoffing anymore. My frustration had vanished and any thoughts I had about the TV were long gone. I just wanted to stay right here, in the bathroom, with her. I wanted to delay this bulb replacement process as much as I could, so I could stay in there. It gave me a weird kind of pleasure, even though I was delaying this in the name of help.

Now I was looking down at her again. Her arms were still covering her boobs and she was looking up at me, trying to get comfortable with the situation. Her body was heavenly, and every inch was so smooth and silky! She did not have a hint of hair on her upper body. I couldn’t see her crotch though. It was too dark down below and her pussy was covered with pubic hair. Her legs were still crossed and her boobs covered with her forearms, as she was now replying to me.

“Mein tumhari taang pakar loon? Phir tum try karo…” (Let me hold your leg? Then you try to reach up, ok?)

“Haan.” (ok) I affirmed in a hoarse voice.

To hold my leg now, she had to move her arms away from her breasts. Her cheeks were flushed as she looked white as a ghost. We both knew there were better alternatives to this. She could have said the heck with it, and wrapped the towel around her soapy body and walked out covered.

I could have gone back out and gotten a step ladder from the yard. But there was something else at work here and it was too subliminal to be put into words. She knew I was still looking at her, scaling every part of her body that was visible in the dark.

“Oye Raja! Mein tumhari taang pakarti huun, phir tum upper dekho, acha?” (Eh.. hello Raja! Let me hold your leg, then you look up, ok?) , she said in a hoarse voice, and kind of loudly to snap me out of the trance I was in, looking at her naked body from the top.

She was asking me to look up so I didn’t look at her body! But how could I have obliged? How could a normal human being just turn away from the sight of heaven?

As I was staring intently, and she was looking straight into my eyes, she moved one of her arms away from her chest so she could grab the shower curtain. Now she had only one arm to cover her tits.

As she switched arms, her tits hung free in the air for about a split second and that was enough to rejuvenate my hard on. My dick twitched in my pajamas as her quarter-sized shiny brown nipples showed their glory. They were erect, all twisted upward and staring at me, just as her eyes were. I let out a sigh.

She then looked down and moved forward, towards my leg so she could shift the shower curtain a little to the side and took out her arm to hold my leg.

“Upar dekho ab!” (Look up!) She repeated her “look up” mantra, in a moaning sound, pleading me not to look at her naked body once again.

“Haan haan!” (Yes I am!) I stretched out the “am” to convince her I wasn’t looking at her butt.

“Aray Maa nangi hai bey sharam…” she laughed. (Mom is naked you naughty creature!)

I laughed in response, I couldn’t say anything substantial. The word “nangi” (naked) was stuck in my mind. It echoed “nangi… nangi…” over and over. I was losing it!

Her head was now sticking out from one side of the shower curtain and her left hand was holding my right leg in a tight grip. Her head was at the level of my crotch and she had to be blind not to notice my hard on. It was so prominent!

Meanwhile, I was still peaking over the curtain and enjoying the beautiful view of her Escort Gümüşhane naked back and the top of her ass crack.

I looked down now into her eyes, peeking out from the side of the shower curtain. I could tell she was really embarrassed as her cheeks were totally red now. Her eyes had a static look, as if to tell me she was only objecting to me looking at her just for the sake of saying it and she really didn’t mind it. At least I hope that’s what her eyes were saying to me.

“Ugh!”, I groaned as I turned my head away from her eyes, and reached up again.

My leg slipped a little, but she was holding it tight.

“Dekh ke Raja…” (Watch out Raja)

I looked back down at her and found her staring at the pole sticking out of my pants.

Now it was my turn to be embarrassed. As horny as I was, this was really an awkward moment. My own mother was naked in front of me and she could stare at my erect penis making a tent in my pajamas. There was not much left to say! She knew why it was hard and I knew that she knew it.

But she looked calm. She looked away, pretending as if she hadn’t even noticed it. I was expecting her to say something about it any second now. Part of me wanted to bury myself with shame! The other part – well, it just wanted pleasure. Even though she was my mother. My very own mother. But the fact remained that I had lusted after every inch of her body ever since I remember getting a hard on and wet dreams.

I was still pretending to reach up for the bulb, with my cock inside the pajamas rocking up and down with my movements. Her eyes were focused on the cock movements. I was peeking down from the corner of my right eye, waiting to see how long she could stare at it intently without saying anything. My embarrassment had long gone away. I just wanted to see what happened now.

“Raja ladder le ao. Ma kitni dair se nangi khadi hai dekho! Sardi lag rahi hai ab. Darwaja bhi khula hai, hawa aa rahi hai.” (Raja please go and get a step ladder. See how long mom has been naked now. I am cold too, the air is coming in through the open door).

She wanted me to go get a step ladder? Was this it?

“Ok Ma. Theek hai…” (Ok, fine). I said, giving up and letting out a long sigh.

I didn’t know how this would go. I had seen her naked all over and she had noticed my hard on in my pajamas and hadn’t said a word about it yet. Of course, I hadn’t made any effort to hide I either, which I am sure was giving her ideas too.

She had encouraged my every move until now. Now she was telling me to get it over with soon?

I kept thinking these things as I stepped off the side of the tub and started to walk out.

“Darwaja khula chor do Raja…” (Don’t close the door Raja), she said moving her body behind the shower curtain.

“Acha Ma” (Ok) I said as I walked out.

I went to the yard and brought a step ladder back. She was still behind the shower curtain but the shower was now on!

I could see the water falling down through the semi-translucent shower curtain on her naked body as she washed the soap off. I could see her moving her hands all over her tits and then down towards her crotch. There had been enough light in the bathroom coming from the open door for her to wash the soap off before, wrap and towel and come out. But she hadn’t done it before I climbed the tub and tried to change the bulb, but now she was showering! I now had real hopes she wanted to do something.

“Ma tum ne pani kaise chala diya?” (Ma you turned the water on?). I had to yell so she could hear me. “Pehle to nahi chala rahi thee?” (Why didn’t you do so before?)

“Aray sabun laga tha badan pe, khujli aa rahi thee”. She yelled back from the shower. (I had soap on my body for so long, it was drying up and I was beginning to itch!) She said as she continued to wash.

“Acha…” (Ok) I was going to continue as she cut me off:

“Haan lekin theek tarah se dhula nahi…” (Yeah but I can’t wash it off right).

Why had she thrown that in? I ignored the comment and went ahead with the task at hand:

“Ma mein ladder pe char ke try karta huun.” I said. (Ma I am going to climb the ladder and try now.)

“Haan theek hai. “ she replied.

So I climbed the step ladder, changed the light bulb and flicked the switch on. The new bulb was all right. I could now clearly see her silhouette through the semi-translucent shower curtain. Her boobs were sticking out like two melons on her chest, and she was rubbing her hands on her nipples, pretending to wash them.

“Theek hai? Ho gaya.” (Is it ok Mom? I am done.) I asked plainly and started to move the ladder out, when she exclaimed:

“Aray aray Raja beta!” (Wait , wait, Raja, son!)

“Ji Ma?” ( Yes, Ma?)

“Meri kamar pe sabun laga do gey?” (Raja, son can you please rub soap on my back?)

“Acha? lekin…” I stuttered. (Yeah? , but…)

She was naked! How could I have? And she understood.

“Lekin kiya?” She teased. (But… what?)

“Sabun to laga tha abhi!” (But you just had soap on!)

“Bataya to hai sookh gaya tha, khujli aa rahi thee iss liye dho diya!!” (Didn’t I just tell you it was drying and I was itching so I had to wash it off. I couldn’t do it right!)

“Pehle kaise lagati thee fir?” (Well, how did you do it before?)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32