Bangin’ at Hedo

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Hi there; Hedo Harry here again, ready to tell you more about my trips to Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica. As always, I go there with my beautiful wife, Sexy Sadie. As I told you last time, we live fairly straitlaced lives most of the year, but on our trips to Hedo, we turn into “vacation swingers” and do a lot of swapping, swinging, and all-around banging. Recently, Sadie and I were reminiscing about previous trips, and trying to remember all the places that we’ve fucked at Hedo. I’ll describe a few of them here. That’s why I’m calling this chapter, “Bangin’ At Hedo!”

The most obvious place to have sex is of course in your own bed in your room. And we’ve done plenty of that! Only at Hedo, of course, it has to be with a twist. For one thing, there are giant mirrors mounted on the ceiling in every room, right over the bed. It’s great to watch your wife’s sexy ass while she blows you, or while she squirms on your cock. But it’s even better when you have another couple with you.

I remember one time, we had met this very nice couple named Lennie and Lonnie (all names are changed here, of course!). We met them at the nude pool bar, all of us naked, of course. I was admiring Lonnie’s shapely body, long legs, and puffy nipples, and I could tell that Sexy Sadie was looking hungrily at Lennie’s long, stiff cock. After a few drinks and lots of touching and laughing, we invited them back to our room for some fun.

Before long, I was lying on the bed on my back, with my head down near the foot of the bed. My cock was as hard as a water pipe, and sticking straight up. Lonnie was sitting on it, cowgirl style, and riding for all she was worth. Her gorgeous nipples were sticking straight out, and I was reaching up to tweak and fondle them. She apparently loved that, because she squealed with delight each time I twisted them. She also clenched her pussy on my cock with each pinch, which made things all the better for me.

Right next to us on the bed, Sadie and Lennie were fucking for all they were worth. Sadie was on her back with her legs spread and her knees up, and Lennie was kneeling between them, slamming in and out of her with all his might, his large cock pistoning in and out of her beautiful pussy like a race car engine. She had her head tilted back on the pillow and her mouth half open, breathing in short, sharp gasps.

Anyway, I was telling you about the mirror. As Lonnie bounced up and down on my cock, and I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm start to swell in my loins, I looked up into the mirror over the bed. I could see down into Sexy Sadie’s beautiful face as if I was facing right at her. The pleasure in her eyes made me so happy. And then, she caught my eye! Through all of her grunting and ecstasy, she gave me a wink. Just a little wink, but one that said volumes. I winked back, and then I came like a geyser. The thought of this beautiful woman, who loves me enough to let me fuck other women, and is secure enough to fuck other men right next to me, just pushed me over a physical and emotional edge. The volume of my ejaculation was sufficient to flood Lonnie’s hard-working pussy, and she came too, with a loud whoop. That was enough to push Lennie over the edge, as he rammed into Sadie’s honey-pot with a final, titanic thrust. Sadie came seconds later, and soon we were all rolling around on the bed, gasping, laughing, and groping one another in post-orgasmic bliss.

Sadie and I eventually rolled over next to each other, and she wrapped her arms around me and gave me the deepest, wettest, longest soul kiss I can remember having in a long time. We were both filled with love for each other. Some people find it hard to understand how you can love your wife more every time you each have sex with someone else. Well, if you don’t understand it, I really can’t explain it to you. Maybe reading my stories will help it to make sense for you.

I told you last time about Sadie and me having sex in “The Grotto.” That’s a little cave right near the nude pool, which is sort of semi-obscured by a waterfall. Lots of people like to go in there to put on a show, with just a tiny bit of privacy. Right near the nude pool is the nude hot tub, which is huge. It’s also a good place for bangin’ at Hedo.

We go a lot in January, when it is practically a swinger’s take-over of the resort. Only the water isn’t as warm as it might be in that month. Oh, Jamaica is just as warm all year long, but there are fewer hours of daylight, so the water gets a bit cooler. Anyway, a bunch of us were in the hot tub, milling around, telling dirty jokes, drinking rum, the usual stuff. You have to understand that this isn’t some backyard hot tub. It’s the size of a swimming pool, with plenty of room for dozens of people to stand. Anyway, it was a bit chillier than usual, so many people started crouching down, to bring the warm water up to their necks. I did the same, and so did Sadie. But since she was standing right in front of me, crouching down brought our knees into contact. Almost elmalı escort absent-mindedly, I grabbed her by the buttocks, lifted her up, and brought her down into my lap. Fortunately, my cock happened to be rock hard, and it slid right into her pussy. She threw her arms around my neck, and started rocking up and down on my spindle.

We kept on chatting with the people around us, of course. I don’t remember what we were talking about; sports, the weather back home, what’s for dinner in the dining room tonight, the usual stuff. Just chit-chat. But Sadie kept bouncing up and down on my cock as we all jabbered away. You’d maybe think we would get self-conscious about it all, but nope, that never happened. Everyone could tell what we were doing, but they just took it all in stride. In fact, we weren’t even the only couple doing the exact same thing. There were at least three other couples, within my line of sight, doing the bouncy-bouncy thing just like we were!

Unfortunately, neither of us could cum that way, as we were too distracted by the conversation, and also because the water tends to dry out vaginal skin. So while the sensations were still pleasant (how could they not be!), it never reached the orgasmic level. I decided that would just not do!

So, I pulled Sadie up off my cock and set her on her feet. She started to give me a dirty look, but I gave her a wink and stood up and took her by the hand. She knew exactly what I meant: let’s find someplace to do this properly!

We said our goodbyes to the rest of the gang, telling them we were going for a “nap.” Everyone at Hedo knows that a nap is just shorthand for going back to your room to fuck. Except on this occasion, we never made it back to the room. We hauled ourselves out of the hot tub, grabbed our towels, and started to walk down the path away from the tub. Sadie started down the branch that went back to our room in H-Block, but I tugged her the other way.

The other branch of the little asphalt footpath goes back behind some trees and into a little park-like area. One of the hidden gems of Hedo is this little park, and it’s crown jewel: a bird aviary. The aviary is shaped sort of like an igloo, but more actually more like an igloo within an igloo. The birds are all housed between the two layers of chicken-wire, which is several feet wide at all points, The inner chamber is actually open to the outside, and has a little picnic table inside. You can go in there, surrounded by birds, and have a tasty lunch or snack. Or, in our case, a nice piece of ass!

We went inside the aviary and spread our towels out on the picnic table. Then I lifted Sadie up onto it, expecting her to lie on her back. But instead she got on all fours, and wiggled her ass at me. I smiled at her, and started fondling her pussy lips from behind. Before long, she was good and wet, and I hopped up onto the table behind her.

My cock was stiff as a board, of course, and I guided it between her fat, slick pussy lips, easing it in to the hilt. Her glorious pussy gripped my stiff tool like a silk sock. Sadie moaned in pleasure. I started thrusting in and out of her, slowly and gently at first, then faster and harder. The birds were chirping and singing all around us. It was like an X-rated Disney movie! I thrust into her faster and faster, harder and harder, and she slammed back with all her might. I could feel the heat welling up between us. I leaned over and put one hand around her rib cage to grab her breast. I squeezed her boob tightly. She reached back with one hand and started massaging my ball sack with an expert touch, neither too hard nor too soft. This was not a spontaneous thing. We do the boob-and-balls thing every time we doggy style. That’s one of the great things about a long-term relationship. You get to really refine your techniques! And it’s another reason why we never get jealous when we see each other fucking other people. However nice a strange pussy or mouth feels on my cock, and however much she enjoys a bigger or fatter or just plain different dick inside her than mine, we know that we’ll never duplicate the deep commitment and love that we feel for each other.

Anyway, we kept that up for about ten minutes, I think. Obviously I didn’t time it, but my knees were starting to hurt from the wood of the table. Those towels only have so much cushioning to them! When the time came, I squeezed her tit a little harder, and she squeezed my scrotum a little harder, and I thrust one last time, emptying my balls into her sweet, hot pussy. She took her hand off my sack and started sawing it back and forth over her clit, putting herself over the edge of her own orgasm. She moaned loudly, and then slowly sank down until her belly was on the top of the table. I sank down with her, my limp dick still in her snatch. We both sighed heavily.

And then we heard the sound of applause, followed by laughter, behind us. We both hopped up off the table and turned around. Three couples döşemealtı escort had followed us from the hot tub, to see where we were going! They had watched the entire show. Sadie and I looked at each other and grinned, and then turned back to our audience and took deep bows while holding each other’s hands. They applauded all the more. For the rest of the week, we carried the nicknames Bird Man and Bird Girl.

On another trip, I remember lying on a beach lounger next to Sadie, just soaking up the sun and looking out over the peaceful bay. Out in the water, not too far from shore, were two floating platforms. They were about ten feet square each, covered with green astroturf, and mounted on barrels so that they floated about twelve inches above the water. They were anchored with ropes to the bed of the bay so they wouldn’t float away, but they still rocked and swayed with the waves. People liked to swim or wade out there, and sun themselves on the platforms, away from the crowds. Of course, the platforms saw other uses as well.

On this one occasion, while I was relaxing and watching the peacefulness of the bay, my eye caught some movement in the distance. I glanced over, and saw that there was a couple on one of the platforms, going at it like there was no tomorrow. She was on her back, he was face down between her legs, and her ankles were locked over his tailbone. His ass was pumping up and down like a jackhammer. She was thrashing her head from side to side, loving every minute of it.

I elbowed Sadie in the ribs. She put down her book and gave me a dirty look. I pointed out toward the platform. After that, we both watched the show. Other people walking by saw us gazing intently out to sea, and had to stop and see what we were watching. Pretty soon we had a little clot of about a dozen people, all watching the couple on the platform.

After a while, I guess they got tired of missionary, and the man got up to his knees. He pulled his woman up and put her on all fours, and proceeded to fuck her doggy style for awhile. Then she pulled away from his cock, and turned around, motioning him to stand up. He did, his erect cock bobbing in the breeze, and she proceeded to inhale it into her mouth. She wrapped her hands around his buttocks, and it looked like she was trying to stuff his entire pelvis into her mouth. He grabbed her by the ears and swung back and forth from the knees, fucking her mouth relentlessly.

Our little group of onlookers were getting pretty affected by the erotic antics on the platform; most of the men were sporting erections, and a few of them were starting to gently stroke themselves. I was still lying down next to Sadie, and she obliged me by gently stroking my stiffie for me, slowly and casually. One of the single guys in our little group saw this, and took the opportunity to stand on the other side of her. Sadie obliged him as well, and started stroking his cock with her other hand. Meanwhile, we all kept watching the show.

The woman on the platform was apparently ready for a change of pace, as she pulled away from the man’s cock and grabbed his hand, pulling him down to the astroturf. She put him on his back. His cock stuck up skyward like a flagpole. She sat on his face, and he dutifully buried his nose in her pussy. She leaned forward, and gave his cock a few more licks and sucks. Then she shimmied forward, squatted, and impaled herself on his stiff pole, in a classic reverse cowgirl position. She bounced up and down a few times while steadying herself with her hands on the surface, and then she straightened up to get a deeper penetration.

It was at that point, when her posture became erect and her back arched, that she saw our little peanut gallery! I can only imagine what went through her head, seeing a dozen naked men and women, stroking themselves and each other while watching her and her man go through their entire repertoire! But I’ll give her credit; she is true Hedo material. She just smiled, waved, and continued bouncing up and down on the erect cock with renewed vigor. The man was still oblivious, and she didn’t seem interested in informing him. In fact, she seemed more interested than ever in making him cum! She bounced harder and faster, squirmed her hips in all sorts of gyrations, and reached down and massaged his gonads and tickled his thighs with her hands.

That was all the poor fellow could take, and he suddenly lost it. He screamed in orgasm and bucked his hips like a bronco at the rodeo, pumping his spunk deep into her body. She rode harder and faster until he was completely spent. Then she leapt up and took a bow.

Our little gang on the beach roared with applause and adulation. We clapped, we hooted, we hollered. The poor guy, lying there on the platform with a withering dick, turned ten shades of red. But he was a good sport. He got up and took a red-faced bow all the same.

But it wasn’t over yet. One of the couples in our little audience türbanlı escort decided they could perform just as well, if not better. Holding each other’s hands, they ran splashing into the water, and soon pulled themselves up onto the other floating platform, fifteen feet away from the first one. They immediately dropped into a sixty-nine position, sucking and lapping at each other so loudly that we could hear it all the way back on the beach. The first couple, not about to be shown up in their hour of triumph, quickly dropped to a sixty-nine position on their own platform. And that was the beginning of one of the strangest episodes I’ve ever witnessed at Hedo. And that is saying a lot!

Fortunately, someone in our group of voyeurs had run to the nearby grill and gotten some paper plates and some Sharpies. We now had plates with large numbers written on them, from 1 to 10. When the newcomer couple felt they’d put on enough of a show with their mutual oral display, they jumped to their feet to take a bow. We held up our plates: a nine, a nine, and a six from an East German woman. Everyone howled with laughter. The original couple leapt up to take their bow. They got an eight, a nine, and a ten. More laughter.

The newcomer couple did several minutes of doggy style, earning themselves a seven, an eight, and a ten. The original couple duplicated the feat, earning two nines and a ten.

Then the newcomers, trying to win all the marbles in one fell swoop, executed a very difficult and dangerous maneuver: the reverse piledriver. I won’t even begin to try to describe it; if you aren’t familiar, Google it. Suffice it to say that if both of you aren’t very strong and very limber, you could seriously hurt yourself. Anyway, they carried it off magnificently, earning tens across the board, as well as hoots and applause and two-finger mouth whistles.

The original couple stared open-mouthed at this display of virtuoso fucking. Then they shook their heads, turned to the newcomers, and applauded, conceding defeat.

Meanwhile, Sexy Sadie had been slowly stroking both my cock and that of the young single dude standing on her other side this entire time. She hadn’t intended to get either of us off, but even that gentle type of stroking builds up after a long enough time. She could tell that we were both close to blasting off. She pulled the young single guy closer to her so that his dick was pointed right at her naked boobs. I rolled over to my side so that my cock was likewise pointed at her chest. Both of our breaths were coming short and fast, and all three of us knew that the inevitable was close at hand. And it was! I shot first, drenching my wife’s bosom with my spunk, and our new young friend was only seconds behind. Soon his pearly cum joined mine on Sexy Sadie’s sexy chest, glistening on her globes and dripping off the tips of her erect nipples.

I relaxed back in my lounger, exhausted after all the excitement. But the young fellow did not. Without bothering to ask permission, he sank to his knees and bent his head down. He licked up all the jism, his and mine, from my wife’s chest, cleaning up every inch of her boobs, belly, and even the odd shot that had made it down to her thighs. Sadie then spread her legs and said that she thought there was a little more there that he might have missed. Soon he was lapping at her cunt lips like a man who hadn’t eaten in a week, and before long he brought Sadie to a thunderous orgasm.

Sadie thanked him, and asked him for his name and room number. Later that night…. Oh, but that’s a story for another chapter. For today, I’m focusing on fucking in unusual places at Hedo. But never fear, we had lots of interesting adventures with our young single friend, and I’ll get to them eventually.

Back to today’s topic: alternate locations for sex! One night we were having dinner with our friends Zane and Zelda. They are a fun couple that are always up for anything. Out of the blue, Zane asked us if we’d ever had sex in the hammocks.

Now, the hammocks are your basic rope hammocks, tied up to palm trees and scattered around the resort, mostly at the beach. And as a matter of fact, yes, Sadie and I had tried to have sex in one of them late one night. But we kept falling out! There is no way to keep them stable while you are climbing into them, let alone while trying to consummate the dirty deed! I told Zane as much.

“Ah, I know your problem!” he said. “You need a spotter!” We all laughed. But after dinner, we dropped our clothes off at our rooms, and then we all wandered down to the beach, naked, in search of a hammock in a secluded spot. The nude beach, even though it was pitch dark out, still had plenty of people milling around, walking the sand or the surf, or having sex on the loungers; none of the hammocks on that side were private enough for our taste. So we went to the prude side of the beach, which technically requires one to wear clothing. But after dark, nobody cares. And there is rarely anyone on that side of the beach after dark, anyway.

So we found ourselves a nice secluded hammock on the prude beach, and went up to test its stability. I rocked it back and forth. Sure enough, it had no stability at all. Zane said, “Harry, you and Zelda hold the hammock stable. Sadie and I will show you how it’s done.”

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