Bailey Brown’s Big O

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This is a disgusting story about a cock-sucker who triumphs in a way that wouldn’t impress all people. But so what? She’s a genius despite being a blonde.

* * * * *


Unkindly earning the nickname of Princess Fellatio instead of College Queen for reasons it’s unnecessary to promulgate, thus avoiding tarnishing her new reputation as being top graduate of her class from the J.B. Philips Law School, Bailey Brown flicked back her fringe as she sat outside HR at Sheering Corporation.

She was back to being blonde after seven years of being mousy-haired in an attempt to avoid being branded a bimbo at college and then law school. As it happened she would have preferred being called a bimbo rather than Princess Fellatio but it was too late when she reached that conclusion.

Bailey was intelligent enough to accept you don’t adopt your own reputation or naming slur.

Miss Childs, head of HR, said to the senior attorney, “But we can’t accept her Mr Cream.”

“Why not?” said the director of admin. “She’d the only applicant that passed the admission test.”

Miss Childs said grimly that was because Applicant Brown gained a reputation during her senior academic years of being overly promiscuous.

“Aren’t we all?” he said to the 55-year old spinster who croaked “No” but was ignored.

“Just sign her on Mabel.”

Five women in admin gathered around a computer screen reading the company announcement that Miss Bailey Brown (26) had been appointed to the legal team as junior counsel.

“God she might be a natural blonde.”

“She looks to be a legal bimbo.”

“Look at those lips girls, she’d a born cocksucker.”

That conversation ended with some hair pulling after Brigit said to Anna, “It takes one to recognize a competitor.”

Their supervisor broke up the scuffle and glanced at the screen. She scowled, “Those boobs can’t be real.”

The head of the legal team Ted Burrows welcomed the new recruit and thought her rack couldn’t be genuine and decided it was his responsibility to remove any doubt.

“Take off your top and bra.”

Bailey smiled and said softly, “What is your preferred day to appear before the Employment Complaints Commission?”

“On the other hand just sit Bailey, it’s not all that hot in this air-conditioned office,” he said, dabbing his forehead with a grubby handkerchief.

Bailey soon found she liked her business home. The team comprised of old Ted, Mrs Sally Stone and Bailey, legal executive Emauha Hoake and legal support, Micki Toms and Jennifer Lusk.

Bailey gained office notoriety on her first day. Ted’s wife came into the office to take Ted to lunch, saw Bailey and said she’d have to go.

The Burrows had a scrap in the main office, Emily saying the new girl goes or she’d go and she struck Ted for saying then she’d have to go because if he attempted to fire Bailey she’d land him before the Employment Complaints Commission.

An office investigation followed and Emily Burrows was banned from entering the building again unless accompanied by a security officer at all times and Ted was issued with a formal notice for inappropriate behavior by allowing such a conversation that was bound to end in conflict to occur outside the confines of his own office.

Emily suffered a nervous breakdown. Ted developed a crotch itch every time he glanced at Bailey’s breast and wearing dark sunglasses didn’t help. He seized an opportunity to have Bailey transferred.

Bailey looked at the head of HR in astonishment and said, “But Miss Childs I have no experience at light aircraft maintenance. You need someone who is qualified.”

“Well there were no other applicants simply because the vacancy has not been advertised. You are the corporation’s new assistant-director of light aircraft maintenance and don’t worry, we have engineers who do the actual maintenance work.”

“Then what do I do?”

“Do what you are ordered to do young woman, and that’s an order.”

Charlie Lord, father of five from his three marriages, unzipped and said to his new assistant, “Suck this Tally.”

“It’s Bailey.”

“Just suck and don’t be so disagreeable.”

Bailey recalled the words of Miss Childs, and did what she was ordered to do, mindful that she’d only just met Mr Lord five minutes earlier.

She took the bloated, freckled and scarred piece of meat into her warm hand and looked admirably at the way it hooked to the left near the tip.

“Oooh this looks like an offensive weapon.”

Charlie became aware his dick had just extended another quarter of an inch in rigidity to probably reach record length. He beamed in delight.

And then he saw the wonder of Bailey’s genius.

He watched her gorgeous lips form wide into a perfect ‘O’ and he trembled.

Charlie then saw her tongue tip dart out, serpent-like, inviting his dick to enter and he groaned and fired, all over his new assistant’s face. Much of her face was left running in streams of cum, his grandest shot for at least ten years.

Charlie Gaziantep Oral Escort was struck with shame and humiliation but knew that would be nothing like appearing before the Employment Complaints Commission and being castigated by its president, a closet lesbian. His wife, ex-wives, their children and families would disown him. He imagined his ruined career falling around his testicles in chunky pieces, an indictment as of his folly.

“Oh god.”

“No it’s just Bailey,” she said brightly. “I need to wash up.”

“Use my bathroom. Push the button to the left of that bookcase.”

She returned, void of make-up and smiling.

“I’m sorry.”

“That’s fine, we all climax prematurely at times and semen is not corrosive to my face. It’s a wonderful substance. Are you ready to go again?”


“Come on Mr Lord, I can get your off again, guaranteed.”

“C-call me Charlie B-B…”

“Bailey. Think of Hailey.”

“Oh yeah, check Hailey.”

Charlie and Bailey enjoyed the usual sexual relationship rife in corporate offices these days between the principal and his/her assistants. His wife apparently has confided to her closest girlfriends, “Charlie has acquired this humongous sexy assistant. Since her arrival he’s been at me only once every night. Previously at the rate he was banging me I feared my parts would be worn out within a few years.”

Bailey had completed an MBA along with her law degree and soon was operating as an efficient administrator. The guys in the workshops just loved her making her required unannounced inspection tours of the workshops.

Work would temporarily stop as the cry went out, “Here comes Bailey.”

Smirking guys would call good morning Miss Brown and then one of them would call, “Show us your tits Bailey.”

She’d behave unprofessionally. Bailey would pull up her top, to display the bra of the day, straining at the seams, but she’d never flop out her tits.

The guys just loved it and loved Bailey because she’d pull her top down and shout something like, “Now jerk off guys and gals and then and put your ass into gear and get the job done ahead of schedule.”

Remarkably production efficiency in the workshops lifted and absenteeism also improved with workers unwilling to stay home sick or whatever and miss the Bailey Bra Show that excited the guys no end.

Bailey shared an apartment with two other young women, and one of them was banging Bailey and at the office Charlie usually banged her as soon as he arrived at work, and his productivity slipped as a result but the slack was taken up by Bailey.

Eventually Charlie lost Bailey. At a management meeting the CEO said, “Who is this Bailey woman working for us?”

“We have no Miss or Mrs Bailey on the payroll,” said Mr Cream, director of administration.

“There’s a great-looking chick Bailey Brown who works as Charlie’s deputy,” said someone.

“Tell us about this remarkable woman,” said CEO Rick Kennedy.

“Remarkable?” Charlie responded, alarm bells ringing in his head.

“Yes,” said the CEO. “I received a deputation of disgruntled employees yesterday complaining our Employees of the Month voting is rigged, that this woman Bailey has won the award four months straight.”

“Unbelievable,” said someone and the CEO said something sounded fishy.

But Burt Lemon, floor chief of workshop operations, provided the explanation.

“Engineering comprises the biggest slice of our workforce, 57.77% to be precise and that’s unsurprising given that the corporation is an engineering specialist. Bailey Brown through sheer personality and, excuse me ladies, her great tits, has won the hearts of my guys and er also my females.”

“Call them breasts Burt,” said the CEO. “And I cannot see where this explanation is going.”

“Well listen for enlightenment,” Burt snapped.

Burt managed operations that provided the company’s main income stream and the CEO was mindful of that and so he said pleasantly, “Carry on with your enlightenment Burt.”

“Well since Bailey Brown was thrust upon me and my crew and began spot checks as a management spy, she’s become something of a legend and not only because she sports a great rack.”

“The first time she toured she was challenged for being ignorant about engineering, she said, ‘Your name please’.”

“He identified himself as Al Morgan.”

“The supervisor told me the guys practically saw her mind spinning. She said, ‘Ah yes, Al Morgan, married to Liz with two kids at lower elementary, been with the company seven and a half years, you possess a diploma in airframe alignment whatever that means. Hand me a wrench Al’.”

Charlie grinned. “She took the wrench and said, well so I was told ladies, ‘I believe this 9-inch wrench, that’s possible twice as long as your dick, has a torque rating of 2000 lbs. per square inch when turned by someone with my strength. Kindly tighten this wrench around your balls Al and I’ll swing on it to demonstrate I do have fundamental knowledge of engineering principles’.”

Everyone in the boardroom gasped.

“Al reportedly turned white and wet his overalls and the guys around them fell about laughing.”

Burt then gave details of the Bailey Bra Show.

When he finished, one of the female executive directors said, “This is disgusting. That Bailey woman must be fired.”

“Debbie,” Burt said laconically, “I suggest you turn to page 16 of our amalgamated reports.”

Everyone turned to page 16.

“Note the chart midway down the page showing production for the maintenance division for the past six months. The figures at the end of the columns indicate performance, and those in blue indicate a new peak in division work-rate efficiency.”

“Those blue figures indicate incremental improvement over the past four months and it’s of interest that performance coincides with the time Bailey Brown has been involved with my guys, er on spot checks, and her popularity will have ended up with a deluge of votes for the Employee of the Month award.”

The room remained silent in astonishment until Gwen O’Toole said, “It’s difficult to believe one person can make such a big impact within a company of our size.”

Burt grinned.

Charlie, who’s listened to that discussion and observed reactions with interest said, “I have an invitation to inspect a new lathe from Germany that might suit our needs. I’ll arrange it so I’m away at the time of next week’s management meeting and will brief Bailey to take my place at this table and then you guys may assess her.”

“We’ll rip her apart and show her up as being such a novice,” Gwen smiled.

“You guys do you best to humiliate her,” Charlie said. “I really know what Burt has been talking about. After she attends your meeting I won’t be surprised if at least some of you realize you’ve been dealing with our next CEO.”

“Well just arrange her to deputize for you Burt,” said the CEO. “We should now return to productive business but that’s a damn good result for your division Charlie.”

* * *

Bailey missed her regular bout of being pinned to Charlie’s desk that morning because he was away.

At 10:00 she entered the boardroom and found people standing and chatting over coffee.

Conversations stopped.

“Oh Miss Brown, welcome,” said CEO Rick Kennedy. “We met briefly on your first day at work here.”

“Oh good morning Mr Kennedy, a black coffee please and I suggest you call me Bailey.”

Other executives watched in disbelief as Rick poured Bailey her coffee. Everyone including Rick customarily poured their own.

“So you’re the new kid on the block?” Gwen smiled sweetly.

“Indeed Mrs O’Toole.”

Gwen said in surprise, “You know my name?”

“Oh yes, I briefed myself to prepare for this meeting. You are director of finance and also have a law degree as does your husband Peter and your eldest daughter Minnie and eight years ago, the year before you arrived here, you won the Gilbert J. Fisher Award for best company annual report in this region. I believe you know Sharon Cross well?”

“Good god, how do you know that?”

“Sharon is my godmother and I had dinner with Stephen and her last night. That does show the value of networking. I’m still green and am learning to put what I’ve been taught into practice.”

“You admit you are green?”

“God yes, I graduated only eight months ago and I signed on here as my first real job.”

“I’ve heard you are likely to be a future CEO of this corporation,” said deputy CEO Frank Bridgeman.

“God Mr Bridgeman I’d have the person who said that undergo drug-testing. I guess you are next in line unless the board decides to introduce an outside successor when Mr Kennedy retires.”

“Me retire?” the CEO said.

“Yes it’s something to look forward with pleasure.”

“Look forward to?” Rick said disbelievingly.

Bailey smiled and said everyone suffered burn-out sooner or later, hopefully later.

Frank said anxiously, “An outside successor.”

“Don’t worry about it Mr Bridgeman. It’s something the board will consider at the time but rest assured that possibility will be measured against the test, do they already have the successor on the payroll ready to step forward. None of us can control what will happen at board level.”

“Have you any ideas how to exert even a little influence?”

“I’m as green as grass but know to keep knowledge of such information to myself. I do however caution you against attempting to bribe the chairman.”

Everyone listening looked shocked at the mention of bribe.

During the meeting Rick said, “It has come to our notice Bailey that you have influence on workers on the floor of the workshop. How can you explain that?”

“Well those guys are in the lower order of the feeding chain, so to speak, and they know it and accept it, but what they don’t accept is executives who regard themselves as superiors. So I treat them how I suspect they’d like me to behave, as almost one of them but with an edge of authority because I write the report about them.”

“So do you exercise any special techniques?”

“Not that I’m aware of.”

Gwen pounced. “We’ve been told you bare your breasts at them.”

“Oh that, Mrs O’Toole or should I address you as Gwen?”

“Yes call me Gwen.”

“Well it’s just a bit of foreplay. You probably can remember what guys are like when they are together and any piece of skirt comes into their vicinity is fair game. Well when the call came the first time, “Show us your tits” I was prepared not to falter. I pulled up my top but kept my tits in my pretty bra. Now the thing about this was I believed I gained immediate respect from not being up myself. In fact they would have been quite staggered that I was prepared to go even that far in response to the taunt. I knew providing I didn’t flop out a breast I was fairly safe from the wrath of management because I wear bikini tops as bras, with my having an upper structural physique that doesn’t require reinforcement or reshaping and it’s legitimate to wear swim bras on the street in this city.”

“And so the workers regarded you as one of them?”

“Well almost and that goes for the females as well because they probably saw me as a tough-ass not frightened of raw meat-eating engineers.”

Senior management erupted into laughter.

Discussion commenced on the report filed by Charlie. He’d briefed Bailey extensively. All questions, even technical ones, were answered competently.

“You performance in presenting that report was commendable Bailey,” said the CEO, still smarting about her reference to his retirement, however distant that day might be.

“All I can say is you are quite an amazing young lady,” Gwen said and her arch-rival to become the next deputy CEO, Debbie Richards, said, “I agree.”

When the meeting broke up Rick asked Bailey to accompany him to his office.

When he closed the door she smiled and asked sweetly, “Are you interested in having sex with me?”

He grinned. “I really ought to censure you for making such a comment Bailey but instead at this stage I’ll just say, “Is there no stopping you?”

She grinned. “During MBA lectures we were advised that sex is a useful method of gaining promotion but the tactic must be accomplished discreetly.”

“God we didn’t have fundamentalists as instructors in my day.”

They laughed.

The discussion continued to for almost an hour and then Bailey left the office, untouched but with her mind reeling.

The head of the new business/complaints follow-up department would be fired on the grounds of incompetency and Bailey would succeed him. She would be allocated a Chrysler 200 sedan for business and personal use and have access to a Piper Matrix with pilot to visit prospective clients more than 250 miles away from base.

Bailey couldn’t believe she’d gained this promotion without providing sex. The only conclusion to be reached was Rick believed she had genuine talent. She was to spend the next three weeks working alongside Burt Lemon, director of workshop operations, and believed that wouldn’t make sexual demands because she’d heard Burt had left his wife to live with his lover, a guy.

Charlie was devastated at losing Bailey.

“I’ll miss my weekdays morning fuck,” he complained and then added, “As well as being the best assistant I’ve ever had I must also sat your ability to pick up on things is unbelievable.”

Those final comments melted Bailey and she suggested he take her away for a dirty weekend, an offer seized on by Charlie although for a moment he’d thought his heart had stopped beating when she made the suggestion.

* * *

Bailey wrote a new business plan for herself, with A-listed prospective clients operating within 200 miles of the workshops and B-listed prospects operation 200 to 700 miles within reach of the workshops.

He mind jumped to the thought of sex as soon as she met Ryan Link, her pilot. He was already briefed about her, having pulled up her personal pages on the company website as soon as her appointment was announced, knowing he’d have to fly her and some trips could be overnight stays. He’d also was aware she’d become something of a legend with the guys in the workshops.

Ryan went to shake her hand when she came to his office to introduce herself.

“No kiss me.”

He went to kiss her cheek but found her mouth under his lips as his blond short-cropped head with its smooth, tanned face descended.

“Sorry,” he wheezed, having jerked away as he’d felt her mouth open.

“It’s okay,” Bailey smiled. “It’s only one way to get to know a person.”

They flew the 628-miles to Eltham City on their first flight together. As they cruised along Ryan smiled and said, “Would you like to take over the controls?”

She smiled unafraid and asked sweetly, “Is that permitted under company rules?”

“Yes because I am a certified flight instructor.”

“Then let’s do it,” she said in a tone that made the married pilot’s toes curl.

He delivered the basic instructions and handed over control. Bailey took over and as she’d been instructed said, “I have the flight controls” and he replied in acknowledgement.

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