Bad Uncle Ch. 04

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I landed in North Carolina early Sunday morning. Past the head of the passenger next to me, I could see an orange glow on the horizon as sunlight started to stave off the dark of night. I used to like the window seat, but as I got older, I found that if I didn’t have access to the aisle that I felt a consistent urge to pee. Probably psychosomatic, but my reality.

I pulled out my phone and shot off a quick text to my wife, Sarah, letting her know I’d landed and would be heading to the hotel hoping for an early check-in. I was surprised when my phone lit up immediately.

“Glad you’re safe! Why don’t you head to my sister’s if you can’t check in?”

“Will do. I’ll try hotel first. Love you!” I quickly typed back. Although I would love to see my sister-in-law and of course Stacey, I wasn’t quite ready to confront my emotions and the dilemma I had placed myself square in the middle of.

“Ok, let me know when you’re at the hotel! Love U2!” Sarah responded.

I arrived at the hotel, and thankfully my rewards status and my frequent visits allowed them to provide a room for me early. I didn’t think I could look Stacey’s mom in the eyes right now and was worried that I would pay too much attention to Stacey and arouse suspicion.

Reaching my room, I pulled out my phone and gave my wife Sarah a call.

“Hi babe! I’m checked in and in my room.”

“Hi hunny! That’s great! What are you going to do today?” her cheerful voice responded.

“Not much, most likely. I’m going to go over my presentation a couple of times, maybe take a soak in the hot tub, grab an early dinner and get to bed early so I’m in top shape for tomorrow.”

“That sounds like a plan! Rest and relax, you don’t owe that company anything!”

“Ok, will do. Love you!”

“Love you too!” Sarah said, and I hit the end button on my phone.

I putzed around for a while, then headed down to the pool area and took a relaxing soak. I kept envisioning Stacey standing over me, reliving my last visit here. Finally, overheating, I dragged myself out and headed back up to my room.

I glanced at my phone again. Nothing.

I couldn’t take anymore and with shaking hands picked up my phone and started to type out a message to Stacey. “Hope you’re ok. Room 408 if you want to talk.” I hesitated. I had two paths in front of me, one pulling back and trying to fix or forget what I’d done, the second was to compound my mistake, yet enjoy the company of my youthful vivacious niece.

Before I could stop myself I hit send.

I tried to revisit my presentation; I took a shower. Every 5 minutes I’d find myself checking my phone, but there was no response. I found myself experiencing sadness as I came to the conclusion that Stacey regretted what we’d done, or wanted it to stop and was afraid to see me and have to tell me herself.

Eventually I headed down and grabbed dinner from the restaurant in the lobby. I picked at my food, finding myself not very hungry, then headed back up to my room. It was still fairly early, but I had made sure to stay awake all day so that I could get to bed early. Usually that would help me with my jet lag and allow me to be semi-normal the next day.

Entering my room, I stripped down to my boxers and headed into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I had just finished rinsing when I heard a gently knock at the door. Stepping over, a peeked through the peephole and my breath caught as I saw Stacey’s face looking at the door. I grabbed a robe out of the hall closet and put it on, then opened the door.

Stacey stood in front of me, fidgeting nervously, her face tipped down, her dark hair flowing over her shoulders and hiding her so that she didn’t have to look me in the eye. She was wearing a peach t-shirt, her teenage breasts swelling against the surface. Her shirt ended right at her belly button, and she had on a pair of denim shorts that looked to be a size to small.

“Hi Uncle Mike.” She said quietly.

“Hi doll, come on in!” I replied, holding the door open and letting her enter the room.

“I can just stay a few minutes.” Stacey mumbled as she brushed past me. “My parents don’t know I’m here and they’ll wonder where I am if I’m gone too long.” I closed the door behind us as Stacey walked down the hall into the main area of the hotel room and turned around.

“Uncle Mike…” she started again. I held up my hand and stopped her.

“Shhh…” I whispered. “It’s ok. What happened happened, and we will be fine. You’re a lovely woman and I am lucky to have had the chance to be with you. I hope you don’t regret what happened, but I can assure you that you mean the world to me and I would hate myself I overstepped my bounds.”

“I don’t know altyazılı porno what to think.” Stacey sniffled. “I know it’s wrong, but it’s what I’ve wanted! I’ve been thinking about you all week, and it’s driving me crazy!”

I pulled Stacey into my arms and hugged her tight. She nestled in against my chest and started to cry. I couldn’t help but feel horrible that I had let it go this far. I reached up and grabbed her chin, tipping her face up towards mine. Stacey stopped crying, although there were still tears in her eyes and her lips were trembling. I kissed her right eye, then her left, tasting her salty tears on my tongue. Then I bent down, and gave her a gentle kiss on her lips, reassuring her.

Stacey looked at me for a second, then closed her eyes and kissed me back. As her lips touched mine I hesitated, then pushed back against her with more urgency. I could feel her chest pressed against me as she curled her arms up behind me, her hands on my shoulders pulling me tighter against her.

“We can’t!” I gasped as we continued to kiss each other enthusiastically.

“I know!” she whispered back, refusing to release me from her grasp.

Suddenly Stacey reached down and reached into my robe, grabbing my growing cock through my boxers.

“Hurry, we don’t have much time!” she panted as she rapidly jerked at my dick.

I pulled back and put my hands on her shoulders, giving her a gently push so that she fell back on the bed. She lay there, her chest heaving as I shrugged my robe off my shoulders to the floor behind me. Stacey’s eyes locked on my waist as I pulled my boxers down, revealing myself to her penetrating stare. Reaching down, I tugged at her shorts, my eyes greedily taking in her belly, then drifting down as I pulled her shorts down to expose the band of her white panties.

Stacey kicked her shorts off and lay there, naked from the waist down. Her pussy was gently hidden beneath her wispy hair, and I drank in the site of her. Stacey held up her arms, and I dove onto her, kissing her passionately. I could feel Stacey’s hand reach down and grab me, guiding to her opening.

I felt the head of my cock nestle into her folds, and she released me from her grasp, wrapping her arms around me.

“Please!” she pleaded. “Hurry!”

I shifted my hips and gently pressed, hearing her gasp as I felt her lips part, and I slowly entered her. I kept a steady pressure sinking deeper and deeper, feeling her slowly yield and part to allow me entrance until I couldn’t go any further. I didn’t pause, but slowly started to withdraw. Stacey moaned in disappointment as I retreated, and wrapped her legs around me, trying to pull me back inside her. I obliged and started to increase the speed of my strokes, sliding in and out faster and faster as I let pure lust consume me.

Stacey clung to me as I pounded away at her, feeling her wetness coat me as I continued to bury myself in her as deep as I could with every stroke.

“God Uncle Mike, you’re so hard!” Stacey squealed. “I missed you so much!”

I redoubled my efforts. The smell of Stacey’s sweat permeated my nostrils, and the heat of her arms and legs around me burned.

“Fuck… Fuck… FUCK!!!!!!” Stacey cried as she suddenly shuddered underneath me, convulsing in orgasm. Her pussy clenched at me, pulling at me, and I buried myself inside her, my hips jerking as I came hard, pumping my sperm deep inside her.

With the last jerk of my hips, I collapsed on top of her. Stacey held me tight against her for a minute.

“I love you Uncle Mike!” she whispered breathlessly in my ear. “But I have to get home.”

Reluctantly I lifted myself off her, sitting on the end of the bed. Stacey sat up, then reached down and grabbed her shorts, quickly pulling them on. Standing up, she pulled them over her hips.

“I can feel you dripping out of me!” she giggled.

“Don’t let you parents find that!” I admonished, picking my robe back up and putting it on. I grinned and pulled her into my arms, and she wrapped her arms around me and snuggled in again.

“I have to go.” She said.

Pulling myself from her embrace, I put my hand on the small of her back and guided her towards the door. I opened it, and she turned and gave me one last kiss before moving into the main hall.

“I’ll stop by after school tomorrow!” she said buoyantly, and before I could respond she skipped off down the hall towards the lobby.

I closed the door behind her, my head swimming again. I thought I was in the clear, but I had just buried myself right back up to my neck in moral dilemma. Dropping my robe again, I climbed into bed, pulling the blankets up over me. The scent of Stacey, and sex, filled mobil porno the room and my thoughts traveled in circles. It was going to be a bad night, but one thought kept running through my head.

“Bad, bad, bad!”

I spent the next day at work being counterproductive. My mind kept drifting back to Stacey and watching the clock. I got admonished by Bill, my boss, for not focusing on the last walk through of my presentation, and I was definitely off my game when I presented to the client. My gut told me that this would come back to haunt me in my annual review which was coming up soon, but no matter how hard I tried I was infatuated — no obsessed — with Stacey.

I finally snuck out of work an hour early and rushed back to the hotel. When I reached my room, I didn’t know what to expect, but I found myself pacing, hoping Stacey would arrive shortly. I kept going in the bathroom, studying myself in the mirror, making sure I was well trimmed, that I smelled good, that everything was perfect for when she arrived.

Finally, a little after 4:30, I heard a knock on the door. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, and I tried to nonchalantly open the door. As I opened it, my heart skipped a beat. Stacey stood there in her cheerleader outfit. It was red with black edging and started at a sleeveless top that wrapped over her shoulders and down her back in a Criss cross pattern, before ending in a skirt that ended halfway down her milky thighs. Her dark hair cascaded around her neck, and I could see a sheen of sweat on her skin.

“I came right from practice!” she exclaimed, slightly breathless from exertion. She jumped into my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist and kissed me. “They’re expecting me home for dinner, but I had to see you! I NEED you!”

I turned around and walked into the room, carrying her with my hands under her ass and her arms around my neck, kissing her urgently. She tasted of sweat, and it overloaded my senses, making me delirious with desire.

As the door closed behind us, I lowered Stacey back to the ground and she looked up at me with an urgent look on her face. I reached out and spun her around, forcing her down so she was bent over the desk in the room. I desperately fumbled at my belt, trying to drop my pants while staring at her ass hidden just beneath the short skirt of her uniform. As I dropped my pants, I pushed her skirt over her hips and drank in her curves, tightly covered by the spankies underneath. I reached down and slid my fingers under the side of them, feeling Stacey shiver as my fingers brushed against her pussy. I could feel the heat emanating from her, and I rubbed her opening, feeling her juices as her lips started to part.

Removing my hand, I knelt behind her and started to tug her spankies down. The crotch stuck to her for just a moment, then pulled away exposing her juicy lips to my greedy eyes. I let go and let them fall around her ankles, then buried my face between her legs, licking at her urgently, savoring her taste on my tongue.

Stacey’s knees buckled and she started to move her hips up and down, rubbing her pussy on my face. She was soaking wet, her juices coating me. I took the tip of my tongue and flicked it over her clit, then sucked it into my mouth, running my tongue around it before tickling it with the tip, then circling it again.

I could feel her start to tremble as her orgasm neared, so I slowed down, releasing her from my suckling mouth and started to run my tongue back up and down her slit lazily, keeping her right on the edge of orgasm but not allowing her to cross that threshold.

“Make me cum!” Stacey plead, desperate for release. I said nothing but withdrew my face and stood up. Her ass was so tight and cute, with goosebumps texturing her skin. I grabbed my cock and lined myself up, listening to her groan as I slid deep inside her.

I grabbed her hips and started to thrust myself into her slowly, powerfully. Stacey pushed her ass back at me each time I drove into her, building into a slow steady rhythm.

“Oh my god!” Stacey whimpered. “I had no idea it would feel this good!”

I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her towards me, wrapping my arm around her chest so that her back was pressed against my stomach. Reaching down with my other hand, I started to rub her clit slowly as I continued to pump into her.

“Uggghhhhhh!!!!!!” Stacey groaned, then started to grunt each time I bottomed out in her. “Uh… Uh… Uh…” The pitch of her grunts started to rise as I slowly increased the speed of my strokes, continuing to rub circles on her clit with my 3 middle fingers.

Suddenly Stacey gave a strangled cry, convulsing forward as she finally crossed the sex izle precipice into orgasm, her body straining against mine as her pussy pulsated around me. I stopped rubbing her clit, but held a steady pressure on it as I continued to thrust away.

“I can’t… I can’t…” Stacey groaned as her orgasm started to subside. I ignored her and continued a steady rhythm into her, feeling her start to tighten up around me again until she cried out again, pulling out of my grasp this time and falling forward onto the desk gasping for breath. Her body was shaking, her legs wobbly from the intense sensations rushing through her body. Her pussy was a sopping mess, red raw and open to my gaze. I gently rubbed her back and shoulders, soothing her as she started to recover.

Stacey sank to the floor as her breathing slowly started to return to normal. She looked up at me, looking so sexy still in her cheerleader uniform. Her skirt had fallen back around her waist, giving me a tantalizing image of her legs with just a hint of what lay between. My cock still stood proudly erect, pre-cum dripping from the tip.

Stacey rose and crawled the couple of feet to me on her knees, then grabbed me in her hand and pulled my cock to her mouth. She moaned, then pulled off me, a trail of saliva connecting her mouth to my dick.

“I can taste myself!” she groaned as she slowly stroked me with her hand, then took me back in her mouth. She continued to slide her hand up and down my shaft, bobbing her head up and down on me. She was still only to take a couple of inches, but what she lacked in experience she made up in enthusiasm.

I was already close, and as she slobbered all over me I could feel my balls start to churn.

“I’m getting close!” I warned her. Stacey didn’t respond but increased the speed of both her hand and her mouth.

“I’m gonna cum!” I hissed, wanting to make sure I didn’t surprise her.

“Hmm mmm!” she moaned around my cock.

I couldn’t hold back anymore and let go, feeling my dick jerk as I shot a load of cum into Stacey’s mouth. She gagged but grabbed my ass and held on as I jerked again and fired another load. With the third pulse of cum Stacey relented, pulling her face back just as a rope of cum exploded from me, hitting her on the cheek. As it dripped down her chin, one more small blast erupted from me, arcing down and landing on her chest right in the middle of her school logo.

My legs were weak but I remained standing in front of her. Stacey cupped her hand under her chin as my cum dribbled out of her mouth.

“I’m sorry Uncle Mike!” she cried. “I just couldn’t swallow it all!”

I grabbed her arm and pulled her to her feet. Walking backwards I sat on the bed, and pulled her onto my lap, wrapping my arms around her. I could feel my cum leaking out of her pussy onto my leg.

“Oh my god, Stacey. Never apologize!” I admonished. “You are so beautiful, and everything you do to me is so amazing!”

“Really?” she asked, nervous hesitation apparent in her voice. “I’m pleasing you as much as you’re pleasing me?”

“Even more so!” I promised.

Stacey looked relieved and hugged me tighter. Then she pulled back and looked down at her uniform.

“How do we always end up so messy!” she laughed. “I’m going to have to clean up before I go, I can’t walk in for dinner looking like this!”

Stacey stood, and walked into the bathroom. I waited for a second, then followed her. I stood in the bathroom doorway, watching her grab a towel and first dab at her uniform, then lift her skirt and wipe her pussy, working her way up her thighs to clean what had leaked out. She looked so cute, and my heart went out to her.

“How can we spend some time together?” I asked quietly.

“What do you mean, Uncle Mike?” Stacey asked, looking at me in the mirror.

“I mean a date. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sex and these stolen moments, but I don’t want that to be everything we do, and I don’t want you to ever feel like that’s all I want from you.”

Stacey’s face lit up in a big smile, and I could see just the hint of a blush appearing on her cheeks.

“Really Uncle Mike?” she asked gleefully.

“Of course, doll! I just don’t know when we could…”

“Let’s think about it and see what we can do!” she answered. “Ok, I’ve really got to run.” Stacey stepped out of the bathroom and grabbed her spankies from the floor and tugged them up her legs, pulling her skirt down around them. As I walked her to the door, she kissed me on the cheek.

“I’ll let you know!” With a flurry, she was out the door and down the hall, and I let it close slowly behind her, turning back toward the room.

“I’m getting in over my head!” I thought to myself, as I walked back into the bedroom and flipped on the TV. I had no idea what I was watching, it was just motion in front of me as I tried to grasp on to a rational line of thought, but only one phrase kept surfacing in my mind.

“Bad, bad, bad!”

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