Bad Girl Meets Good Girl

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The barman gives me a nod of recognition and a knowing smile as I take my drink and spin around to observe my surroundings. I prop my shoulders back against the bar and take a good look around.

The same old people. The same old girls. I sigh deeply. Maybe I should have given tonight a miss. I take a sip of my drink, closing my eyes as I enjoy the feeling of Bourbon slipping down the throat, the cool ice followed by the slow burn sating my need for a little kick. As I lift the glass away from my lips and open my eyes I see you striding across the dance floor towards me.

I stand upright as I see you walking towards the bar with purpose. I have never seen you before and I like what I see.

You stop next to me at the bar to order a drink and smile at me awkwardly, your confidence waning. I smile back, trying to give my best “I don’t bite” face. You nervously fiddle with the spaghetti straps on your thin top and I find my eyes wandering lower, the silky material leaving little to the imagination. I can clearly make out the shape of your breasts, the soft silky material unable to hide your nipples that are so obviously making an appearance for me.

I snap out of it as you turn to face me and for the first time this evening start to enjoy myself, wondering if this good little girl could be the one I’m looking for tonight.

I see you swallow hard when you notice me looking, trying not to fidget. You clear your throat slightly, “Do you think it would be ok if I maybe bought you a drink?” You wince at the question and look back at the bar, pretending to study what they have. You hold your breath, waiting for me to respond.

I think to myself, this is cute, you can barely hold eye contact with me. I am amused by the fact you are unaware of just how sexy you are and how much I want to feel more of that sexy nervous energy emanating from you.

I smile widely and lean in closer to you, catching a whiff of your alluring scent. ‘I’d love one thank you, I’ll have a beer please.’ You look relieved and signal the barman over.

You look nervously at the bar as we wait for the drinks. I reach out gently to touch your arm. Your gaze softens and you seem to loosen whatsapp escort up at my touch. ‘I’m Luna. You’re new here, aren’t you?’ Don’t worry I’ll show you around.’ You relax more and grin back at me. Your smile is gorgeous and I find myself dying to kiss you.

I lean in to whisper in your ear. ”And I really know my way around.’ I stroke your arm as I softly say these words and smirk to myself as I watch you struggle to control your nerves, your chest heaving up and down gently. It doesn’t escape my notice that those nipples are even harder than before.

I am surprised to see you lean forward to kiss me softly. Your lips are pillowy, soft and warm. You pull back to look at me, checking it’s ok to carry on. I smile. This girl is overthinking everything.

That kiss has left me wanting more. I can see how nervous you are still. I wrap my arms around your neck and pull you closer, kissing you back, this time with more passion. I grab a fistful of your hair and my tongue probes your mouth deeper. Your breasts feel amazing pushed up against mine. This time I pull back. “Forget the drinks. We’re leaving.”

You pant against my mouth and I know whatever I suggest you will follow me. I grab your hand and lead you out of the bar. I notice your eyes go to my ass as we weave through the crowd.

We tumble into a taxi and I can sense the nerves again once more. I stroke your bare leg slowly, pushing up your skirt inch by inch while whispering in your ear. “Don’t worry. I’m going to look after you. I’m going to tell you exactly what to do. You’re going to listen to my every word ok?” You nod enthusiastically. “Now. Take your underwear off.” You look over at the driver and hesitate slightly. “Look at me. Not him. Do it.” You look at me and do as you’re told, slipping off your lace black thong never taking your eyes off me. “Spread your legs wide.” You submit and open your legs. I move my hand between your legs and tease your delicate pussy lips. “Wet already? I haven’t even started on you yet.”

Your mouth drops open as you stare at me, a look of amazement on your face, your lust for me becoming more and more evident.

I kiss istanbul escort bayan you tenderly and feel you pushing into me harder. I’m loving how you’re not fighting your neediness for me anymore. Do you even realise how sexy you are? I hold back from telling you as I love watching how desperate you are vying for my attention. Yes. I think you could be the one I’m looking for. A little shy, but willing nonetheless. I tease your pussy lips slowly as I kiss you back, coating my fingers with your ever increasing wetness.

You gasp as I push you backwards and slip my fingers into your mouth. “Tell me how it tastes?” You suck on them longingly and your tongue stroking my fingers makes me quiver between my legs. “Mmm, tastes sweet.” My thoughts are filled of nothing but tasting your sweet juices.

You lick between my fingers, pulling them further into your mouth. Slowly lapping between them, showing me what you want me to be doing with you. I pull my fingers from your mouth and I realize that we are here and get out of the cab. I swifty move towards you and kiss you.

You are kissing me so hard we slam against my front door. I push you away and laugh. “Easy. We’ve got all night you know.” You look away apologetically and bite your lip again. I open the door and grab your hand, leading you inside. “I don’t buy that shy girl bullshit. Wearing that top with your tits on show.” As I say this, I gently caress your breasts. “Your nipples on show. Begging to be stroked, licked and sucked.” You close your eyes as though hypnotised by my words. “Come.” I lead you to my living room. You walk in and stand, unsure of what to do next. “Stay there.” I sit down on the sofa and take a good look at you. “Take your top off. Slowly. Let’s see those tits of yours I’ve been imagining all night.”

You grin at me and slowly lift up your top. The silk slides off your skin smoothly as you toss the shirt to the ground. You keep your arms by your side even though you want to cover yourself. You kneel down and shuffle until you’re between my legs. Your hands on my thighs, licking your lips and desperate to touch me.

“Stop right there.” I command. I push your hands away. özbek escort “Take off your skirt and lie down on the floor. I watch eagerly as you slip off your skirt and lie down. You caress your breasts before slowly moving one onto your stomach, never taking your eyes off mine. My eyes roam up and down at your naked body and I quickly whip off my dress. I peel off my undies and sit back on the sofa. I spread my legs wide, revealing my own wet and throbbing pussy. “Do you like what you see?”

It takes everything in you not to crawl over to me and bury your face between my thighs. You stay on the floor, practically panting as you watch me smirking at you. Your lust for me is obvious. You are dripping.

I caress my breasts slowly and writhe around gently thrusting my hips up and down. I look into your lustful eyes as I slowly move one hand over my stomach and onto my wet lips. You look at me in desperation as I rub my lips up and down, alternating between spreading them open and circling my clit with my fingers. “Play with yourself. And I mean really fuck yourself with those fingers.” I bite my lip and squirm as I watch you push two fingers inside yourself, the sounds of your wetness smacking with each penetration. I can’t resist. I finger myself too. The sounds of both our wet pussies and the moans throughout the room are intoxicating.

“STOP!” I shout. “Get over here.” I pat the space next to me on the sofa. You jump up enthusiastically and lay back. I waste no time thrusting your legs apart and placing my face inches from your pussy. You whimper as I linger there. “Hmm. Look at that pussy. So wet. So inviting.” I kiss your thighs gently, brushing your clit ever so slightly as I move from one to the other. You breathe erratically. Finally, I plunge my tongue deep into your slit, tongue fucking you hard. You cry out loudly. My tongue moves up between your lips and onto your throbbing clit. I circle your clit gently before returning downwards, lapping up the juices pouring out of you. I tongue fuck you some more, harder and faster before moving back to your clit. I slide two fingers in massaging you whilst lapping at your clit, until you are panting rapidly. “Oh you taste so good. Such a tight, warm, wet pussy.” My words take you to your limit and I feel you contracting on my fingers as you orgasm hard, moaning loudly as you gyrate wildly.

I look at you, laid back on the sofa as though you’re about to pass out. I laugh. “We’re just getting started baby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32