Background Research Ch. 03

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This is the third part of a continuing story. In order to appreciate the characters and their relationship, please read the previous part: Background Research.

* * * * *

Lisa typed quickly into her computer, transcribing and editing her notes. The background research that went into her books was often tedious, but it allowed her to create the sense of detail and realism that made her mysteries so popular.

When the phone rang, she glanced at the caller ID and saw that it was Don.

“Hi Don. What’s up?”

“Hey Lisa. I hope I’m, not interrupting anything. I just got a strange e-mail, and I’d like to get your reaction.”

“Sure, Don. I was just typing up some notes. Go ahead, tell me about it.”

“Well, it’s kind of sexual. I mean, it’s pretty much an ad for a sex service.”

Don actually sounded embarrassed. Lisa grinned, picturing his face. In the past few days she had watched him having sex with two different prostitutes, and even – after a few too many drinks – sucked his cock and let him cum in her mouth. But he was still shy talking to her about sex.

“Don, I get ads for sex all the time. Not to mention ads for Viagra!” Lisa laughed.

“No, seriously, it’s not spam. This is very specific, and it’s addressed to me by name. It says that I was recommended as someone who would appreciate a high-end, luxury service. It’s very descriptive, and there are some pretty explicit pictures. The basic pitch is to have four women at once. Here, let me read part of it…”

“Imagine yourself being caressed by four beautiful girls. Feel their fingers, their lips, their breasts pleasuring every inch of your body as your arousal grows.”

“Wow, Don. That sounds incredible. Think you can handle four girls at once?” she teased. “It seemed like Kathleen and I were plenty for you!”

“Actually, I wanted to find out if this is part of your research. Am I supposed to call the number in this e-mail?”

“Do you want to?”

“Well, normally I’d just delete it. But after the things I’ve done in the past few days, I’m actually considering it.”

“You’re intrigued, right? You want to experience this, don’t you?”

“Well, yeah. Is that what you’re looking for, my reaction?”

“Yes. This is pretty important Don. In my book, the victim gets an invitation like this. You know he’s kind of a sex addict, and he’s been seeing prostitutes for years. Do you think he’d call?”

“I’m sure he would. God Lisa, I’m getting aroused just thinking about it.”

“Sounds like you need to make a phone call Don,” Lisa said as she hung up.

= = = = =

Don walked through the hotel lobby to the elevator, and went straight to the fifth floor, as instructed. It was a weekday afternoon, and the hotel was mostly empty. He walked down the hall and knocked on door 530.

The door was opened by an attractive, middle-aged woman. Don was surprised by her conservative appearance. She was dressed in a simple business outfit; a mid-length gray skirt and a dark blue jacket over a white blouse. Her hair was neatly arranged and her makeup was just a little overstated. Don would have thought she was a realtor or an insurance agent if he had met her under different circumstances.

“Hello Don, I’m Mary. It’s a pleasure meeting you after our phone conversation. I’m sure our service will be everything you could hope for.”

She took his hand and smiled warmly as she welcomed him into the room. He was not surprised to see Lisa there, seated at the small hotel-room desk with her pad. She was dressed casually in shorts and a simple short-sleeve top that showed off her tan, her shapely legs, and her ample breast. He found himself staring at her, tongue-tied, as he remembered the night he had spent with her and Kathleen. She winked at him, then pointed her finger at Mary.

Don realized he had entirely missed what the older woman was saying, as he turned to her, his face flush with embarrassment.

“… and your fee has already been taken care of by Ms. Swanson,” Mary said, “so if you’re ready, I will introduce you to the girls, and leave you in their… hands.”

“Sounds good, Mary. Where are the girls?” Don asked, looking around the room.

With a smile, she walked over to a door connecting the hotel room with the next suite and opened it. Don had never actually seen one of those doors unlocked; apparently casino siteleri Mary had booked two adjacent hotel rooms.

As he followed Mary into the next room, his breath literally stopped. There, seated casually on the bed, were four beautiful young women, wearing filmy, revealing negligees. The girls leaped from the bed excitedly and crowded around Don.

As he took time to assess the girls, he realized that none of them were as stunningly beautiful as Kathleen, his previous encounter, but each was very attractive in their own way. Their breasts varied from small and pert to large and voluptuous; their hair colors ranged from blond to jet black; their figures, while all very inviting, were also quite varied.

All of the girls were young (Don guessed they were in their early 20s), and enthusiastic as they surrounded him.

“Girls, give our guest a chance to get into the room!” admonished Mary. “This is Don, everyone. Don, this is April.”

A tall, redheaded girl leaned toward Don with a giggle and gave him a quick kiss, her soft breasts pressed momentarily against his chest. With a smile, she removed her negligee, letting it fall to the floor, then slowly spun around for Don to admire.

Mary went on to introduce Kendra, a petite blond; Julie, a long-legged brunette with an incredible tan, and Nikki, a raven-headed beauty. Each kissed Don lightly as they were introduced, then removed their negligees, leaving him surrounded by naked young women.

Don noticed that Lisa had slipped past him into the room, and was already seated in a comfortable chair near the bed, her notepad resting on her knee. The girls took no notice as they hugging him and ran their hands over him.

He sensed Mary step up close behind him, and quickly place a blindfold over his eyes.

“Hey, what’s this for?”

“Don, this experience is all about the sensations of feeling, as these beautiful young ladies pleasure your body. Believe me, not being able to see will intensify the experience. For the rest of the afternoon, these girls are going to keep you at the peak of arousal until your cum explodes from your cock… and then they will arouse you again… and again… until they have drained you and satisfied you as you have never been satisfied before. It’s a good thing you have a friend here to watch out for you afterwards, because when these girls are done with you, you will barely be able to walk.” She said with a chuckle.

Don heard the door to the adjoining room close behind him as Mary left the room, and then he felt the press of the girls’ bodies around him. Up until this point, the experience had been almost unreal, but now, as the girls pressed against him, Don started to become intensely aroused. He could smell their perfume, hear their giggles, feel the warmth of their bodies, and wherever he moved his hands they brushed over smooth, soft skin. Mary was right; the inability to see was greatly intensifying the sensations.

The girls began to quickly undress him, kissing and stroking his body as they removed his clothes. They guided him to the bed and had him lay back in the center as they surrounded him. Don lay, spread-eagle, as the girls caressed him. His cock was fully erect and aching for attention, but instead the girls teased him, kissing and stroking his inner thighs and arms.

Lisa watched with fascination as Don surrendered to the girls. His strong, muscular body seemed totally relaxed, except for the rigid shaft of his penis. The girls had positioned themselves perfectly, one on each arm and leg, for the critical part of Lisa’s plan. It had worked perfectly when they had rehearsed with Lisa beforehand, but things were different with a real “victim” who was not in on the act.

Each girl leaned over for a moment, reaching under the bed and retrieving a hidden rope. Kendra, the small blonde girl, was having trouble reaching her rope, so Lisa quietly slipped over to reach under the bed and get it for her.

April, the redhead, said “Just relax Don. We’re going to play with you all afternoon.”

At this signal, the girls slipped the rope loops around Don’s wrists and ankles, pulling the free ends of the rope to make them taught. In an instant, Don was completely immobilized, his arms and legs securely attached to the corners of the bed. Lisa smiled, not quite believing that it had worked so smoothly.

“Hey! slot oyna What the hell?” Don shouted in surprise.

Julie, the brunette, lean close to Don’s ear and whispered, “Relax baby. We’re just going to tease you a little. We don’t want this to end too soon, do we?”

With that, she began to kiss him, her tongue slipping into his mouth.

At the same time, Nikki and April began to kiss and lick his chest and nipples, running their hands over his abs, while Kendra lightly flicked her tongue over his throbbing cock.

“Oh,,, fuck… ” Don sighed as the girls continued their assault. The feelings were unbelievable. Hands, lips and tongues seemed to be everywhere, as the girls caressed and teased him. He felt them sucking his nipples, sucking his cock, rubbing their breasts over his face. The girls took turns whispering dirty things to him, telling him how they were going to suck him and fuck him, and make him cum.

He felt two of the girls passing his cock back and forth, each stroking and sucking it briefly. Another girl offered a nipple to his hungry mouth. Don had never been so aroused. He could feel his swollen cock throbbing, pre-cum flowing almost continuously, only to be licked away by one of the girls.

The blindfold seemed to remove Don’s own inhibitions. He bucked his hips, thrusting his cock into whatever hand of mouth was available. He pulled at the restraints as he moaned and begged the girls, “Oh god, make me cum, suck my cock… yeah… oh yeah stroke it…”

Lisa was amazed at the transformation that had come over Don. Even during their previous encounters with prostitutes, he had never been so totally consumed by lust. Don had always been a natural athlete, and he looked incredible, displayed on the bed, as his muscles alternately relaxed and strained, aching for some sort of release. His penis glistened, wet with pre-cum and saliva. Lisa was becoming more and more aroused, watching Don’s body respond to the constant attention of the four girls. She was surprised as she realized the she was also becoming intensely jealous, wishing that she were the one bringing Don to this height of arousal.

Lisa watched as Julie swung her leg over Don, straddling his face, and lowered her wet pussy to his mouth. Don began eagerly lapping at her, thrusting his tongue into her pussy, not know or caring which of the girls he was tasting.

Kendra opened a small bottle of oil and poured some into her hand. She started to stroke Don’s cock from based to tip with a slow steady rhythm. Don felt his balls tightening and he thrust his cock upward, meeting her strokes, but before he could cum, she took away her hand. He felt soft breasts brushing over his skin, girls kissing and biting him, as the girls teased him, keeping him on the brink of orgasm.

Lisa gave up trying to resist the scene on the bed. She rose from her chair and set aside her notepad. slipping onto the bed, she kneeled next to Kendra as the young blonde girl started to stroke Don’s shaft again.

Don was in a frenzy, thrusting his hips upward into Kendra’s hand again and again, licking and sucking Julie’s cunt. Suddenly Julie cried out, her body stiffening as she released a wet flow of orgasmic juices over Don’s face. As she rolled to the side, another girl, Nikki kissed Don, licking the wetness from his face.

Kendra continued to stroke Don, increasing the pace, as Lisa watched, fascinated. His cock had turned a dark purple color, every vein bulging, and Lisa could swear that it was swollen larger than she had ever seen it. Kendra looked at Lisa questioningly, and then took her hand away. Don groaned with frustration. Lisa’s gaze was locked on his cock. She slowly reached out and closed her hand around it, feeling the slick oil, and began to stroke him. She tried to match the pace Kendra had set, but soon found herself falling into her own rhythm, stroking Don’s rigid cock faster and faster as he thrust into her hand. She felt her own pussy tingling as she realized that she wanted, more than anything, to make him cum.

Suddenly she felt his cock swelling, pulsing, as it shot forth his semen, thick white ropes flying through the air, spraying onto his stomach and chest. She lost count of the spurts as his orgasm went on and on, his cock thrusting in her hand, until he finally allowed his hips to collapse back onto the bed, spent.

Kendra canlı casino siteleri reached down beside the bed and opened an insulated picnic chest. She pulled out a moist towel, warm and steaming, and handed it to Lisa, who realized that her hand was sticky with a mixture of oil and cum. The girls quickly used more of the moist towels to clean Don, and then without a pause, April took Don’s cock into her mouth.

Lisa slipped back into her chair and watched as the girls continued to ravish her friend. He was hard again almost instantly as the girls kissed, licked and sucked him. She watched as April put a condom onto Don’s cock, and then held his shaft in place as Nikki mounted him. As the black-haired girl rocked her hips, fucking him, Don growled “Oh shit yes, fuck me, fuck my cock!”

Lisa could no longer restrain herself. She slid a hand into her shorts and rubbed her swollen and aroused pussy, aching for the feel of Don’s cock deep into her. She watched as Nikki rode Don, matching the girl’s movements with her hand. Nikki moved faster and faster, riding Don’s cock in an uncontrollable frenzy. And then she was coming, and suddenly so was Lisa, their cries mingling. Lisa watched in a dreamlike daze as Nikki rolled off Don, and April immediately replaced her.

Don lost track of time as the girls used his body, keeping him in a constant state of arousal. He had a second orgasm, then a third, then a fourth, then a fifth. Each time the girls would arouse him again, bringing his cock to hardness with their hands, mouths, tits and pussies. His body was slick with their juices and his sweat, his cock aching from the continuous abuse, when finally they allowed him to rest.

Each of the girls kissed him and thanked him. He heard the door to the adjoining room open and close. He felt the ropes being removed, but somehow did not have the energy to move.

The room seemed incredibly quiet. Don could hear his own breathing. He felt someone get onto the bed beside him. The blindfold was removed and he saw Mary, who helped him to sit up and held a glass of orange juice to his lips. He hadn’t realized how intensely thirsty he was, but he drained the entire glass as she poured the juice into his mouth. Mary helped him to stand and he realized that his entire body was quivering with exhaustion. He saw Lisa standing nearby, a look of concern on her face, but Mary motioned her away and helped Don to the bathroom, where she turned on the shower for him.

An hour later, Don, somewhat recovered, sat with Lisa in the hotel coffee shop where they quietly talked.

“What was that all about, Lisa?”

“Don, I think you KNOW what happened,” Lisa quipped.

“No, I mean in your story. What was the point of all that?”

“Well, that’s how my victim – the one who is being framed – is kept occupied while the murder is committed. And afterwards, he has no credible alibi because he can’t identify any of the girls.”

“Wait – what about hotel records?”

“Come on Don, you’ve read my books! I’ve researched enough to know how easy it is to get into hotel rooms without leaving any records.”


“The girls brought all the towels and sheets they used, and replaced the hotel bedding afterwards.”

“But, how long could they really keep somebody occupied like that? Long enough for someone to commit a murder?”

“Well, what time is it Don? Don’t look at your watch!”

“Uhh… 3:00, 3:30?”

Lisa grinned. “It’s after 5:00 Don. You were ‘occupied’ for a good 4 hours! The only thing I wasn’t sure about was whether the rope trick would work, to make SURE the victim couldn’t leave early… but it was pretty easy, even with a big strong man like you.”

Don thought he caught a strange intensity in Lisa’s voice as she said that. He suddenly recalled what he had been doing all afternoon, and the things he had said and done. He blushed as he remembered that Lisa had been in the room the enter time.

“Well,” he stammered, “I’m convinced. I guess now I’ll have to wait for the book to get the full story. You’re not planning on actually killing anyone, are you?”

“Nope. My research for this one is done. And I really want to thank you for your help.”

She leaned across the table and kissed him. Her lips pressed warmly against his, going just a bit beyond the friendly kisses they had always exchanged in the past, before she pulled away.

“I better go get my notes typed up while everything is fresh in my mind. Let’s have lunch next week! I’ll give you a call on Monday,” she said as she quickly rose from the table and walked away.

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