Backdoor Man – The Missing Chapter

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Having settled the matter of who owns whom by everyone agreeing that I owned them all, I was very much engaged in what turned into the Orgy To End All Orgies, or so it seemed that evening, as we fucked our way far enough into the evening that by the time that we were all hungry, we didn’t have time to cook. It was partly the fault of those blue pills, which several of us men took, but also the fault of the fact that even when cocks weren’t available, tongues could pick up the slack. We had the camcorder on the whole time, too, so we filmed the entire clusterfuck from beginning to end for our later viewing pleasure.

The whole episode was very wild indeed, with the men going bareback on each occasion, wipes having to be used repeatedly on dicks that had just sodomized someone, and probably a record amount of analingus, especially on Trent’s part. In fact, despite fucking more than a few people and taking a number of loads up his ass, he spent most of the orgy rimming everyone who would let him, which WAS everyone because they had already consented in the past and I gave them instructions to comply, anyway. By the time that the group sex concluded, Trent’s tongue smelled and tasted like everyone’s asses, but no one complained because we were all clean enough that it wasn’t an issue.

For myself, I lost count how many times I came inside the ladies and gentlemen of the household, my flesh covered with sweat after so much exertion. I filled everyone that I could find in whatever hole was available to me, from Arnold’s mouth to Devi’s ass to Natalie’s twat. Each of the men and women, including me, had cum leaking from our holes as well, as I didn’t hesitate to let my slaves sodomize me, either. We were all sore, stretched, drenched with sweat and other bodily fluids (Devi started her period that afternoon, in fact), and soon rather drained as we finally collapsed from a record amount of sex of every kind, including lesbian sex in all forms, too.

When we finally turned off the camera, we were all panting and breathing deeply, as I reached the phone to call for some pizza. With sixteen people, it was going to be a lot, but we all had plenty of resources between us, and we all chipped in a little for the bill and the tip. I naturally made sure of there being cheese and veggie pizza as well as the meaty stuff, due to Rajiv being a vegetarian (but notably not a vegan) and Devi abstaining from red meat and pork (she ate only poultry and fish). We all lay there on the floor, quite naked and in no mood to get up, simply pressing our bodies and fondling each other as we awaited the delivery guy. We also chatted lazily as we enjoyed the afterglow of some of the wildest, kinkiest, steamiest sex of our lives.

So it was that when the doorbell, we were all naked, and not wanting the pizza guy to go away, Natalie rushed to answer it in the buff, which brought a rather stunned, “jaw-dropping” look from what turned out to be a pizza girl, not guy. She stood there with her mouth wide open as we took the pizza off her hands and paid her a generous tip, and then Natalie figured out the problem, unzipping her pants while she spaced out.

Before the lady knew it, Natalie’s tongue was buried inside her pussy and she was writhing so completely in ecstasy that we remembered to close the front door so as not to disturb the neighbors. It didn’t take long for my new ginger slut to get the strange woman to the point and beyond, which was a good thing, because she needed to get back to work. When she left, though, she left with a smile and an open invitation to visit us on her free time if she wished. The way that she looked at all of us, but especially Natalie, made it clear that she was ready for a lot more of that.

The next thing that I knew, Natalie shared the pizza girl’s juices with me in a very steamy French kiss, and I had to admit that they were rather delicious. They certainly didn’t take any edge off my appetite for the pizza, nor Natalie’s for that matter. Of course, it made my cock stiffen just a bit, despite so much use, seeing (and tasting) how much Natalie had made that girl cream herself in her pants.

We all lay around and ate our pizza for a good hour or so, while my dick alternated between complete limpness to semi-softness to semi-hardness. Nor was I alone in that respect, as several of us guys had gone above and beyond in terms of our sexual performance and needed a rest, a chance for our cocks to recover from so much activity. The pizza was very tasty, but I kept thinking of the pizza lady and her delectable twat. I wondered if she was gay or bi, but I supposed that we would discover that in good time. I knew that she had very nice, dirty blonde hair, albeit short or at least tucked under her hat.

In the meantime, the sixteen of us lay around on the sheets on the living room floor, eating pizza and soaking in the juices of so much wild and wanton debauchery. We were all still quite naked, though the camcorder was off, and none of us was ready to put on any clothes. This continued casino siteleri for quite a while, as we joked, teased, ate, and fondled each other whenever the mood struck us. We all basked in the glory of so much pure bliss, of course, knowing that we were now committed to more of this for life. We would be lovers for the rest of our lives and they would all be my slaves, which should keep things from getting dull.

A couple of hours into this languid, leisurely recovery from the sexual marathon, the doorbell rang again, and once again, it was the pizza girl. Natalie answered the door personally as she had before, and she was greeted with a lip lock that left no question of the girl’s feelings for her, at least. When she knelt before Natalie and just started licking her cunt, our sweet ginger slut didn’t resist in the slightest, nor did the strange girl when Trent came over and started unzipping her pants. I knew what Trent had in mind by the way that he licked his lips and got a wet wipe ready, but the poor girl had no real clue that she was about to be rimmed into the stratosphere.

It wasn’t much longer until the stranger was sucked into an oral daisy chain, which just snowballed, and before she knew it, she was in the middle of a licking and sucking bonanza, lips and tongues exploring her body in ways that she never expected. She was kissed, licked, sucked, nibbled, and even bitten a couple of times, and each oral assault on her flesh made her squirm and shiver in response. First she was bottomless, but before long, she was stark naked and engulfed in the swirl of bodies and skin that happened around her. She had no relief from the decadent pleasures of oral manipulation, which made her yield entirely to her lust.

It was only a matter of time before we men got hard again, and the next thing that the new girl knew, I slipped my cock past her blonde bush and into her pussy for the hell of it. She was engaged in rimming Brit right then and her only response to my dick invading her was to suck ass even harder with my strawberry slut, whose knees just about buckled under the onslaught. She kept thrusting furiously back at my prick, her hips moving wildly as I took her aggressively from behind.

I noticed that her skin wasn’t fair, but it wasn’t tanned, either. It was more of an olive complexion, which combined neatly with her blonde hair in a way that was hard to explain. Her hair definitely had somewhat darker highlights than expected, and her accent as she cursed wasn’t exactly American. She also genuinely seemed to get into being used sexually, as if she had been magnetically drawn to this household in an inescapable way, unable to resist the urge to yield herself entirely to Eros. It was much more of the nature of a naturally hedonistic girl brought up by strict parents who simply didn’t have any will or desire of her own to refuse the pleasures of the flesh.

She was also a virgin, as I had discovered when I had to push past her hymen to get inside her for the first stroke. However, after the initial gasp of pain, she began to really get into it again, especially when my finger probed her bottom and she felt the delights of ass play. Her moans were certainly not smooth or loud enough to be faked, and she didn’t strike me as the sort of woman who would know how to feign sexual bliss, anyway. Rather, she was overwhelmed by so much flesh, so much bare skin, and so much sexual abandon that she surrendered completely to it, partly from sensory overload and the novelty of new pleasures that she had only vaguely understood before.

When I came inside her tight, virgin snatch, she shivered yet again, and then she licked Brit one more time for good measure, making her scream with delight. As I pulled of her bloody twat, the new girl actually kissed the head of my cock and licked off her own blood, much to my shock. Then she gave me a French kiss that was inexperienced, but ardent enough to grab my attention before she knelt to suck me straight from her own pussy.

Before long, though, she was pulled back into the maelstrom of bodies, our flesh fusing seamlessly together as we all licked, fucked, and sucked each other without restraint again. I was glad that someone turned the camcorder back on in time to catch me deflowering this new member of our group, followed by Rajiv entering her slit from above to fuck her next and get my sloppy seconds. Everyone wanted a piece of the new girl and she ended up very much the center of attention, as Rajiv was followed by Trent, who was followed by Giovanni, and then Rich, and then Gustavo. Sanjay came next and he also gave it to her good, though more worshipfully, as he tended to be with women. By the time that Armin was inside her, she was more than ready to scream out our names, especially while the ladies serviced her ass with their tongues and took turns nursing her with their breasts.

When we were done with the pizza girl’s snatch, we guys began taking more blue pills to keep going, and soon enough no woman or man in the slot oyna group was safe from our cocks. We also fucked her face and eventually worked our way around to taking her ass, starting with me again. If her virgin pussy was great, her cherry bottom was magnificent, tight as could be, and she worked her hips yet again to encourage even more cock to claim her.

If the previous orgy had been an amazing clusterfuck, this one was an initiation of sorts, luring the newest companion into our way of life and our family. She ended up taking on ten men, as even the gay Giorgio and Arnold were ordered to try out her pussy and ass at last. Being good sex slaves, they obeyed me and simply pretended to be with men to get past it. She also let six women use her body as they pleased, making her crave even more as a result.

I had to admit that while I always enjoyed Brit’s ass, it was even yummier when she licked the newbie’s butt-crack, while said neophyte rimmed Natalie, who herself tongued Carly’s bottom. The new girl might have been in a state of shock by now at her own actions, let alone what the rest of us did to her. To do it on film was even kinkier and she was now enthralled by the group as we had hoped, unable to bring herself to resist even slightly the wildest, raunchiest ideas that we had.

When we dropped from exhaustion, stopping the camera and deciding to simply fall asleep on the sheets on the living room floor, I snuggled up with Brit on my right and Carly on my left, while Natalie held the pizza girl in her arms and spooned her. It was apparent that this comforted our newest member, who clearly showed no interest in leaving us.

The next morning, I arose to shower and found myself hardly alone, as the new woman in my harem put her arms around my neck and kissed me fervently once she joined me there. I took in her beauty and grasped just how much she would add to our growing family, even as she washed me eagerly and welcomed my touch as I cleaned her as well. She then pressed her head to my chest and I held her close for a moment, letting her weep for whatever reason occurred to her.

“Don’t worry. They’re tears of joy. I don’t know if you understand how us girls can be about that. It’s hard for men, I think, because even your emotions seem to require some logical consistency or else it really bothers you. I know. I have four brothers and three sisters. Eight of us. It’s a fairly large family. We’re from Tunisia, if you know where that is. The blonde hair is from the Berber side of the family. I’m Najma, by the way.

“Don’t worry. My family won’t be coming after you or me for ‘honor killings’ or any other such nonsense. My parents still live back in Tunis and only one of my brothers lives here in the States like me. Two of my brothers live in Canada, though. I’m one of three blondes in my household, the other ones being my mother and my brother Amjad, who lives in Montreal. We’re a fairly moderate family, anyway, and Amjad has even converted to Catholicism without any real censure from our parents.

“Don’t get me wrong. I do have some guilt and anxiety as a Muslim girl doing all this wild and raunchy stuff, but I can’t help myself. From the moment that Natalie went down on me, I was hooked. I’ve been in a delightful daze ever since. Oh, God, the man of my dreams and he’s a Jew! What would my Uncle Ibrahim say to that? Not that I care anymore. I just want to belong to this group … and especially to You and Natalie … In fact, I already signed your little compact, quite happily. I’ve committed myself to be yours, bound to you for the rest of my life!” Najma informed me with even steamier kisses.

“What did you think of Trent rimming you like that?” I teased Najma, who giggled when she heard that.

“Oh, my! That was like being in my own private Heaven or something! He knows what to do with that tongue of his! Does he really enjoy it that much? Because he seems to really get off on licking ass!” Najma reacted as I began fucking her in the shower.

“Oh, Master, this is even better than when you fucked me the first time! It doesn’t hurt at all this time! The first time was great, even though it hurt a bit. It was a dull, throbbing pain and after a short time, the pleasure was worth it! Please don’t think I’m too silly or anything, but I’m falling for you. Well, for you and a little bit for Natalie, too. And maybe Brittany a little, too. Hell, I’ve got a crush on all of you, but it’s strongest for you three. I think that I might be a little on the queer side, but not strictly a lesbian, if you get the difference. I mean, I couldn’t be a true lesbian if I have feelings for you, after all,” Najma told me, biting her lower lip as I fucked her good and hard from behind in the shower.

“Honey, it’s called bisexuality, and there’s nothing wrong with that, okay? Mind you, Giorgio and Arnold are gay, but I did have them fuck you because I’m their Master and they like obeying me, even if they don’t always enjoy the actual commands. So, apparently, I’m your Master, canlı casino siteleri too, right?” I said as I held onto Najma’s fine hips while hitting it from the back.

“Oh, yes, Master … I’m such your slave it’s not even funny! I worship you! I adore you! I would give anything to please you! I gave you my cherry and now I want to have your baby, too!” Najma urged me.

“Are you on the Pill?” I asked her pointedly.

“Yes, but I will quit it whenever you say. Just tell me when!” Najma promised me as we fucked longer and harder than ever last night.

“Okay, quit taking it this week, abstain from vaginal sex with anyone else but me during the week, and come to my bed every day for the next six days. That should do the trick, I think. Once your fertile cycle is over, you can let other men have you again until or unless I say not to do so. I will do other things with my other lovers, of course, but to save up seed, I will refrain from masturbating during the day.

“I manage political campaigns and do substitute teaching at a local high school, so given the nature of my profession, I have a lot of downtime that I often spend jacking off. Quit your day job, move in with me, and during those times that I would normally masturbate, I’ll just fuck you instead. I don’t want to deprive the others of my body, so I’d rather sacrifice my own self-gratification instead. Prepare to be fucked a lot, though, during the day, since Brit and Rich and several others have normal day jobs. I’ll fuck them at night when they’re home, but you during these daylight hours instead.

“Word of warning, when the next campaign season starts, I’ll be working very long and crazy hours, plus traveling, so the sex will have to be hit or miss, whenever I have the time and energy for any of you. I apologize in advance if you or the others feel shortchanged, but I’ll more than make up for it the rest of the time. I make good money with the campaigns and that allows me plenty of free time during the off-seasons, so to speak.

“By the way, how old are you?” I asked Najma to be sure.

“Nineteen. I will be twenty next February. Valentine’s Day, to be precise. That would be the perfect Valentine’s Day and birthday gift, to have your spawn in my womb, growing inside me. Imagine how great that will be, to carry your love child for nine months, just as I know that Brit, Sherry, Carly, and Natalie will soon, if they don’t already. After that, I will gladly to submit to breeding with whichever man you choose for me, of course. I understand and I love that we share each other, but at your command. It’s your harem and I get that. It’s just the first one that I need to be yours, Master,” Najma swore to me as I came at last inside her.

“Well, I love the idea of breeding you for sure! Now, how about we join the others. You’re still on the Pill today, so no hole is off-limits until tomorrow!” I reminded her, making her grin impishly at that thought, “You know, I loved taking your cherry.”

“And I loved giving it to you,” Najma confessed as I dried her off, “Both cherries, in fact. So, what do we do today … Master? I just love saying that word, you know.”

“First, we have breakfast, and then we go to an adult bookstore/theater, that sort of place. I know of just the right one, too,” I winked at Najma as she licked my cock straight from her own pussy.

We walked hand in hand to the dining room, where this time, Sherry and Sanjay had made the breakfast and served me first, followed by the newest member of my harem. Najma later told me that the eggs that Sherry made were the most delicious that she had ever tasted in her life. Sanjay did a rather terrific job on the pancakes as well, adding just the right about of butter to them, too, and topping them with strawberries and whipped cream. When she tried the turkey sausage, Najma was very pleased with that, too.

Meanwhile, I sat with Carly to my right, Brittany to my left, both of them taking every chance to flirt with me and play footsie with me, while Najma sat on my lap and kept rubbing her wonderful ass against my dick. Both girls made a point of chatting and even flirting with Najma, too, as did Natalie and Sherry before too long. They later told me that they wanted her to know that they didn’t resent her being the “shiny new fucktoy” in my harem, because they knew that I still loved and desired them as well. Najma admitted that they had really put any worries about that at ease for her by doing that as well.

“So, I’m going to take you all to the Master Bates’ Adult Shoppe,” I announced, drawing some obvious grins and winks from several people there.

“That’s the one with the glory holes, right? Do we get to use those today?” Rajiv chuckled.

“Absolutely. I think that it’s safe to say that you’ll get very good use out of them. Oh, and Najma is going to be fully available to everyone today, but after today, her pussy is off-limits for fucking until the weekend. I’m going to breed her, you see. It’s very important that I do this, I think, to help secure her an anchor baby and help spread my seed as well. So, get in some good fucks with her today, alright? Najma, prepare to be fucked like there’s no tomorrow, too,” I warned my newest companion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32