Back to the Future

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Anita sat back in her chair and relaxed for the first time that day. She was the Manager of a Branch Office in the financial services industry and had chaired several staff meetings in preparation for a two-week absence. She would be returning to her hometown to relocate her widowed father into a seniors’ home, an ordeal that she did not relish.

She was forty years old, tall, slim and attractive. Anita was cool and reserved towards her staff, business associates and clients. She was considered a demanding boss moderated by a sense of fairness and compassion. This was the persona of Anita at work and she never wavered from this basic approach towards her business life.

The social version of Anita was almost the complete opposite in a Jekyll and Hyde sort of way. She was humorous, engaging and flirtatious although only acting that way during gatherings of a small group of close friends. She and her husband had become more curious and exploratory in their sex life as a result of this interaction with those same friends.

She was married to Dave, a man with a mission in terms of his own career. There had been serious adjustments to be made during their early-married years that had allowed two aggressive people to cohabit and learn to separate church and state.

They were now at that point in their lives where they gained as much pleasure giving to one as receiving from the other, and this particularly applied to their sex lives. They had never strayed from their marital vows but their explicit chat and action in bed belied their real life fidelity. They talked frankly about being turned on by others and often playacted their fantasies. Sex with another couple was the focal point for most of their bed games. Their minds became more open to the erotic pleasures available around them.

Anita left the office early in order to finish packing for her long trip next morning and to prepare her husband for their looming 14-day separation. Her outward appearance changed from severe and distant to relaxed and easy as she entered her home. She immediately released the pins in her upswept hair as if saying ‘next’.

She was as efficient in her efforts at home as she was at work and soon had her travel and garment bags packed and ready to go as she merged from one life approach to the other. She called and ordered pizza for that night’s dinner and started the hot water in the shower. She turned on some mood music and removed her clothing in front of a full-length mirror, her body swaying and reacting to the throbbing beat. She imagined her husband Dave watching her as her bra and panties fluttered to the floor. He was going to get his teeth rattled this night.

It was a warm humid day so after showering she selected her most sensual shorts and halter-top ensemble, all the while imagining Dave’s reaction to her aroused state of mind. She made the necessary preparations for their meal and opened a bottle of Italian wine to breathe. Damn, she hoped that Dave would not be late.

She met him at the door and handed him the glass and slipped into his arms. She encircled him with her arms and rubbed her hard nipples against his chest. She applied a lingering tongue tipped kiss to his neck and lips.

He set the wine glass on a table and pulled her into his arms, hands sliding down her back to grasp her cheeks as the kiss lingered on. His fingers slid in under the elastic waistband of her shorts to luxuriate in the feel of her bare silky cheeks.

“Baby,” he moaned, “this is how I love to be greeted. You’ll have to go away more often.”

“Bite your tongue,” Anita said, “you know that you could not live without me.” They broke contact and walked hand in hand out to the back deck.

Dave said, “We should go to bed right now, I’m going to be thinking of nothing but screwing you until we do.”

Anita replied, “Well that’s not the plan. I’ve ordered pizza for dinner; we can sip wine before getting serious about saying goodbye. Go change and shower, the pizza will be here when you get back down. Oh, and give me a twenty plus a ten for the delivery boy.”

Dave said, “Damn expensive pizza. A ten-dollar tip? What’s so good, the pizza or the delivery-boy?”

Anita laughed and said, “Who knows, maybe it will be a delivery-girl.”

It was not a delivery-girl as Anita well knew it wouldn’t be. The guy that arrived with the pizza was delicious young hunk named Harold. They had flirted mildly several times and Anita always managed to get her blood flowing as this Adonis leered and admired her face and body. The reaction was mutual.

Harold normally followed her to the kitchen with the pizza to be paid, providing him the opportunity to drink in Anita’s swaying hips and legs. But this time she stopped him as he made the move. She said with a smile, “Just put it on this table Harold, hubby’s home tonight. We wouldn’t have much time to chat.” The chat was normally an excuse for Anita to enjoy watching this young stud get horny.

He loved the way she said ‘Harold’, Trabzon Escort sort of drawing it out and ending with the emphasis on the last syllable. She was the only one that pronounced it that way and it struck him as being quite special.

He placed the pizza on the table and turned to her as he handed her the bill. She took it and while staring deep into his eyes slipped her hand into her halter-top and pulled out the thirty bucks.

He gulped and said “thank you” as his eyes remained focused on her breasts. Damn, he had almost seen the nipple.

The exchange had the expected effect on Anita and she moved quickly to find Dave in the kitchen serving himself a snack of some sort. She ground her body against his once again and pressed her hips tight to his. “You were right babe, we can’t wait until later,” she said, “we’ve never done it in the kitchen.”

They each dropped their shorts to the floor and Anita pushed him to a kitchen chair. She straddled him and as she settled down he untied her halter-top allowing her cherry tipped breasts to spill out. She groaned, “Oh baby, you’re not ready yet,” reaching down between her legs to locate his swelling cock and to rub it on her pussy.

He raised a breast to his lips, kissing the nipple saying, “Count to three.” She swabbed the knob in her slippery slit and worked it into her pussy. They kissed passionately as his cock stiffened and slid up into her vagina, the soft wet folds of her pussy seemingly licking the full length of his shaft and knob.

Anita took over, her arms circled behind his neck, her knees clamped to his thighs and her feet anchored in the rungs of the chair to brace as she attacked his cock at a feverish pace. The only sounds were the bouncing chair legs on the tile floor along with a sound resembling a plunger in a toilet.

She cried out as she got off, pressing down hard on him and clamping hard on his cock, grinding back and forth on his lap as if shifting gears in a car.

She finally pulled back saying, “Sorry baby, I got myself too worked up. But I don’t regret it, that was the most fun.”

Dave said with a grin, “So it was obviously a male pizza deliverer.”

She kissed him and whispered in his ear, “It was, a nice young guy named Harold. I think he likes me.”

He stood up lifting her in his arms to set her on her feet facing the counter top. She assumed the position, bending over, arms braced, tits swinging as Dave sank his cock into her from behind.

He reached under her arms to find her swinging tits as he stroked Anita’s pussy deep and slow. She pressed back into him, her head held high with short peeks back to watch his eyes. “I like the way he looks at me.”

Dave let out a strangled growl and began to bang her faster, his thighs slapping against her ass cheeks.

“I think he had a hard-on,” she taunted.

Dave spanked each cheek before hunching over her back, squeezing her tits as he released his pent-up load.

Anita had never particularly enjoyed returning to her hometown. It was the ‘same old, same old’; the town had just never changed and what friends from her youth remained seemed distant on first meeting, as if she had betrayed the town by leaving years ago. Most people living there preferred this lack of change. A shopping mall had been developed but never came close to being successful as the locals continued to shop in stores still owned by the children of the former owners.

But there was always a certain feeling of comfort in staying in the spacious apartment in which she had been raised. When snuggled down in her own bed, she would sleep like a rock. It was different now, her mother passed away, her father still fairly healthy but acting like a lost soul who could not make decisions of the mildest order. Her mother had always been the strong one in the family, and her father had been just along for the ride, nodding and approving of his wife’s every direction while providing the family a comfortable life.

Anita spent the first few days moving her father into a senior’s residence while she stayed at the apartment, packing all the family mementoes and clearing and cleaning in preparation to meet a Real Estate agent.

Among other duties was the need to arrange her father’s financial affairs. She went down to his bank, a bank that had been her first place of steady employment.

The bank had not changed at all in the intervening years, still largely polished wood trimmed, green walls white ceilings, the motif of many banks of those years and including chandelier type lighting. The teller stalls had not been modified although banking equipment was current with computers and electronics prevalent.

She had barely entered when a lady came out of one of the offices with hand outstretched and a beaming smile. Sylvia Booker, formerly Miss Booker to Anita, had not changed in the least since Anita’s departure almost twenty years previous. She had been the head teller and Anita’s first boss and was about Trabzon Escort Bayan ten years older than she. She had always been a little loud and boisterous but had been a good friend to a young woman just starting out in business life.

They exchanged brief hugs and Sylvia directed her into her office to settle and arrange the financial future of her father.

There had been a little history between the two ladies. Sylvia had never married and it was suspected that she had a preference for lady lovers. Anita had been the object of a few advances from her that served to support the rumor. During the last few months of her work at the bank she had accepted several invitations to join Sylvia for tea or wine at her apartment, usually after a night out with the bank bowling team.

Sylvia controlled the dialogue and usually managed to direct their chats to erotic subjects. She flashed Anita with spread legs several times as they sat opposite each other, asked her into her bedroom to try on some of her dresses, and obliquely chatted about sex between women.

Anita had been intrigued but mildly concerned that this woman could evoke erotic thoughts in her. This was really new to her. Anita had just turned 20 years old, and had only recently lost her virginity.

Sylvia had been there before, knew that this young woman was at least curious, and knew that she could not push this too hard. But during their last meeting and after helping Anita to try on a tight dress, she turned her to face her, their tits brushing as she boldly said, “Spend a night with me Anita, I’d love to show you what sex is like with a woman.” She allowed her warm hands to drift down Anita’s sides to her hips and then around to her butt. She pressed against her and whispered, “Think about it.”

Anita did think about it, but she was involved in an affair at that time and never allowed the liaison with Sylvia to become reality. Life moved on and she was soon on her way to a job in the big city. Since that time she had experienced similar attraction to a few other women, but had never taken any action.

Sylvia expertly guided Anita through all of the arrangements necessary to keep her father in good financial shape for the coming years and to resettle in his new abode and life. As she collected the various documents she looked up and said, “You must be terribly busy straightening up the apartment. Can I be of help? My evenings are wide open and I would love to give you a hand.”

The offer caught Anita by surprise and she had to focus on her need for help. “Oh, how kind of you,” she said, “yes, thank you for asking and I could use some help.”

“I’m the right one for this work Anita,” Sylvia said, “I love cleaning work following a day in this office, it cleanses my mind. I’ll bring my rough clothes and dig in with you.”

Sylvia was true to her word and arrived dressed in rough jeans and blouse and ready for work. It occurred to Anita that she looked better in the rough clothes than she did in her business attire. The jeans displayed a nice tight butt; a crossed halter-top exposed the deep valley between her tits. She looked like Daisy Mae except for smaller boobs.

Anita was feeling more and more social and was entering that ‘what the hell’ attitude towards life away from work. She opened a bottle of wine to sip during breaks. As the evening wore on, the wine breaks became longer than the work sessions and the chats more humorous and intimate.

Sylvia raised the issue of their last meeting twenty years ago in her apartment. Anita’s thighs loosened, her senses tightened anticipating some sort of an erotic advance. She locked eyes with Sylvia and then deliberately allowed them to drift down her body and back up. Her lips were wet and she could sense that Sylvia was with her in mind and spirit as her eyes were clouded with lust.

They agreed that they had done enough work for that night. Sylvia looked purposely into Anita’s eyes and said, “Let’s shower now. Together.” She noticed Anita’s indecision, now obviously aware that this shower was to be all about sex. Sylvia continued, “C’mon baby, I once told you that I would love to show you. It goes as far as you want it to go. I know that I’ll have fun no matter what, and so will you.” She put out her hand.

Anita’s mind was made up and she clasped Sylvia’s hand and said, “Damn it yes, I’d love to shower with you.”

They entered a spacious bathroom featuring a walk-in glass shower closet. Anita started the warm water and turned to see Sylvia already bare breasted and struggling to push her tight jeans to the floor. Her tits were small but perky, nipples already hard and jutting out. She had wide hips framing a shaved pussy and long thin legs.

Anita quickly tore off her sweater and unhooked her bra in order to catch up. It was Sylvia’s turn to watch as Anita forced her slacks to the floor to stand there in mini-panties, a little embarrassed but otherwise comfortable.

Sylvia was fully aroused, and Escort Trabzon aware that she had captured her prey. She was anxious to see her with her panties off. Anita turned sideways as she slipped her panties to the floor, providing a profile of full tits and round ass. Sylvia thought, ‘Oh God, she’s gorgeous, I’m in heaven.’

They did not touch until Sylvia followed Anita into the shower and snuggled up behind her, pressing her tits on her back with her lap nestled around an ass cheek. She shivered a bit as she slipped her arms under Anita’s and clasped onto her now warm wet silky tits. They stood quietly enjoying the emerging sensations.

They turned towards each other and kissed, bodies melded, tits meshed together as the warm water streamed over their heads and down their bodies. They shared a bottle of soap gel, giggling as they soaped each other from head to toe. Anita had never imagined that another woman’s hands and body could arouse her to this degree. Sylvia maneuvered their bodies to allow them to rub their pussies on the others thigh.

Anita led Sylvia to the bed after toweling each other dry. She lay on her back, Sylvia mounting her, licking and kissing from her mouth to her toes, finally settling with her mouth and tongue kissing Anita’s swollen pussy lips. Lust had overtaken tease as Anita grasped her lover’s head and rubbed her pussy on her mouth, chin and nose. The orgasm arrived slowly and deliberately, unlike the clutching erupting desperate type she felt with Dave. She collapsed with arms and legs akimbo.

Sylvia lowered her body full length on Anita, kissing her neck and ears and finally lips. She groaned, “Oh baby, I’ve wanted that for years. Now you have to help me out.” With that, she moved upwards dragging her tits, belly and pussy along Anita until her nipples were at Anita’s mouth.

Anita was tentative at first, never having experienced tit play with another woman, but she was guided by Sylvia’s adjustments and murmured directions. Their legs intertwined as Anita clutched Sylvia’s ass while becoming more comfortable and aroused. She slipped her hand between the cheeks from behind, Sylvia spreading until Anita’s fingers could feel the warm wet pussy lips and quivering anus.

Sylvia sat up to straddle Anita who gazed at the fully exposed pussy swaying over her belly and tits. Anita had played with her own pussy enough to know how to please another woman and was aided by Sylvia’s murmured suggestions and hands. Matters settled down as Anita began to run two fingers in and out of Sylvia’s rather tight pussy. Her brightly painted fingernails slowly appeared and disappeared into Sylvia’s naked pussy. Sylvia began to twist and grind, her head in the air, eyes closed and pinching her own nipples as she enjoyed a long slow orgasm.

They lay side by side, not touching when Anita said, “That was beautiful Sylvia. Have you ever been with a man?”

Sylvia turned to smile at her and said, “I knew that you would ask that, first timers always do. And yes, I have been with men. My preference is women but there have been a few nice encounters with a man. In fact, you could say that I am going steady with one, or at least seeing one quite often. Of course, he brings his wife with him.” She laughed at Anita’s surprised reaction.

Anita said, “Wow, you do get the best of both worlds don’t you? Have you known him a long time? Or them I mean.”

Sylvia said, “Oh yes, a very long time.” She stopped, uncertain whether to explain more. She finally said, “And you know him, quite well I think.” She didn’t wait for Anita’s response before saying, “It’s Robert and his wife Elsa.”

Anita jerked up in the bed and said, “Robert? Does he still live around here?”

Sylvia said, “Yes he does. I was not really sure that I should tell you. I believe that you two did have some sort of intimate relationship before you left, so I thought that I would mention it.”

Anita’s mind went back in time. She had indeed had a very hot sexual affair with Robert before marrying Dave. He had been the bank manager, about 20 years older than she, married, handsome and confident, and just someone that a young woman starting out in life would find attractive. She had been the aggressor, she had flirted and teased and aroused him during work days.

She had seduced him, meeting him at a motel in the next town one evening. He had been her first lover and had taken her virginity. Anita considered her trysts with Robert to have been the hottest sex in her life. She had badgered him continuously to meet and fuck.

He had been uncomfortable about her youth and his infidelity, but could not resist her. They had to be so careful. A bank manager in a small town was a leading and recognizable citizen. The affair had ended with Anita’s sudden decision to go for work in a big city.

Anita said, “Yes, well, your information is right, I did have an affair with him. Did he tell you about me?”

Sylvia said softly, “Yes he did, but only a few years ago and long after you left town. He admitted that you were the first of several affairs he had enjoyed with young women, generally those working for him. He believed that his affair with you had instigated the ones that followed, perhaps seeking to replicate what he lost when you left town.

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