Back to School

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Stop. There’s a fair bit of bisexual stuff here. Not just incidental but normalized, celebrated and mainstreamed. Sadly there’s no specific Literotica category for bisexuality so this may fall into areas to find readers who aren’t comfortable with that. If that’s you, my apologies. It’s just who I am and how my cock works. If gay or bi stuff creeps you out, at least you’ve been warned and you can move on to any of the thousands of other stories here. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy!


It started when my neighbors sold their house to someone who promptly turned it into student housing. In a week, we went from living next to an elderly couple who were as quiet as church mice to having half a dozen college students as next door neighbors. My initial feeling was dread as scenes from Animal House played out in my imagination.

Luckily though, they turned out to be good neighbors. Unlike me and the friends I had in college, they were much more interested in grades than in partying. They might have a blowout event once or twice a semester but for the most part, they turned out to be a solid addition to have on the block.

One day, my wife and I were doing some yard work when Alex, one of the kids from next door walked by and offered to lend a hand. He was one of the quieter ones from the house. Might have been an eagle scout with all the wholesome, do good baggage that came with it. We seemed to work really well together. Impressive how much can get done when you’re young and healthy and nothing hurts. My wife invited him in for some iced tea to cool off after we were done.

“We’re having a mid-semester party this Friday… I think it might get a bit noisy so I’ll apologize in advance but you’re both welcome to come if you’d like.”

We were already committed to a stuffy dinner with some friends for that night so we couldn’t go but I said we might stop by for a drink on the way.

When Friday rolled around Lisa was in a bit of a tailspin. She’d gained a few pounds and the little black dress she was planning on wearing was now much tighter and clingier than she’d expected. I’ve always loved her on the curvy side. Adding a string of pearls around her neck and she looked, in my opinion, spectacular.

We walked in just as the party was starting to take off. I did some mental notes to compare what was going on to what my memories were like from 1973, when I was in college. The place was dark and lit with strings of xmas lights. That was familiar enough. The wall of marijuana smoke that we had when I was younger was still there but much diminished. We had kegs of beer. These guys had a professional looking Tiki bar that looked like something out of a Disney movie. Maybe the biggest difference was in gender identities. “Non binary” was a category now. When I was their age there were only male, female and closeted. I had a few openly gay friends but sadly most of them were outcasts to everyone else. Just being seen with them threatened to infect your reputation like some contagious disease. Now, as all the mood elevating substances were starting to kick in, all sorts of gender mixes started to come together. Guys with guys. Girls with girls. Triads of multiple genders. Progress I thought. This generations music sucked but reclaiming their sexual identities was something they actually got right.

My wife followed me in, deftly balanced on a pair of high heels and a bit edgy at the prospect of having all her curves on display. Alex greeted her with a hug and a big smile and ushered her over to the bar where he ordered her a Mojito. She’d mentioned that she loved that drink weeks before and somehow he’d managed to hold on to that detail.

“So what do you think?” he asked me, leaving Lisa temporarily on her own.

“Well, our music was better but you guys still seem to have fun anyway. Looks like you’re just getting started. I’d love to see what’s going on when the sun comes up.”

This house was a clone of mine so I knew the layout. The previous owners had converted the attic into a bedroom which the guys seemed to set aside as a space for when people wanted some privacy. I kept seeing couples and threesomes of all types wandering up the stairs and disappearing behind a closed door.

“What the hell is going on upstairs?” I had to ask.

Alex just gave me a knowing smile and shoulder shrug.

“Hey, this is a party. For all the studying we do, it’s only fair we get to blow off some steam.”

He was right of course. You’re only young once.

He pointed his chin to my wife, still at the bar, now surrounded by a half dozen of his classmates.

“Looks like your wife is quite popular…”

It’s funny how context shapes perception. I’ve always thought of my wife as being gorgeous but seeing her sitting at the bar, her too tight dress riding up her thighs and clinging to her curves, she was surrounded by some drunk and horny frat boys. I got an instinctive boner at the sight. They all wanted to fuck her of course. All etimesgut dansöz escortlar of them. I noticed some girls giving her steely side eye glances. They were young and cute and dolled up of course but I don’t think any of them were ready to be competing with a certifiable MILF.

“I think it’s time for “Mrs. Robinson” to keep her dinner date.” I said to Alex, his expression a bit of a loss at the reference.

Lisa looked a bit disappointed as I reminded her we had an appointment to keep. If anything though, it was the guys surrounding her that looked heartbroken as she demurely waved good by.

She still had this stupid grin on her face when we got to the car.

“Having quite the time back there were we?”

“Oh stop, they’re just harmless boys. You’re not jealous are you?”

I wasn’t. If anything, it was awesome to see her back in the game again.

“You know that everyone of them wanted to nail you, right?”

“Just some harmless flirting. They wouldn’t have a clue what to do if they could…”

“Hmmmm. I think you’d probably be a pretty good teacher. It’s been a long time since you’ve had a couple of thick hard cocks to play with. Think you could handle 4 or 5 of them?”

I wasn’t kidding. She’d had a gangbang back in her younger days and handled it like a champ. After we had kids, we put all that stuff aside and turned into a spinoff of Ozzie and Harriet. Now that they were grown and out on their own…

She jammed a pointy elbow into my rib cage.


Of all the guys in the house next door, Alex was the one that was over the most. Lisa was fond of him, fussed and doted and made sure he was always comfortable and well fed. I hit it off with him too. There was no shortage of things around the house to do and I was happy to have another guy around to help out. A few weeks in and it was routine to find him crashing on our couch when he wanted to get some quiet time away from his house mates.

One day, Lisa stepped out of the shower and thinking she had the house to herself, didn’t bother to cover up as she walked into the living room to get her makeup bag. Poor Alex. He started to panic as he took in the sight of my naked and dripping wet wife. As he looked at her, a million years of evolution kicked in to call the shots in coordinating his perceptions and reactions to her body.

This is what he saw. She was of course, older than the teen girls he was used to, her usual, expertly coiffed hair now wet and slicked back. The perfect hour glass figure she was blessed with now just starting to fill out and squaring the curves in her waist. Still, her ass was damn impressive. Round and full and suspended over a great looking pair of legs. Her breasts were larger than he might have thought, her choice of bras apparently keeping them hidden and pressed tightly to her chest. Not the barest hint of any bikini lines in spite of a deep over all tan. He had a nanosecond thought that somewhere, this woman was spending a lot of time outside and naked.

If the reptile part of his young brain could have had its way, Alex would have vaulted off the couch, locked his arms around her waist, pushed her over the dining room table and madly fucked her from behind. Dry and unprepared, she would have screamed and resisted and fought back but as his cock stroked in and out, her pussy would start to ooze and the pain would slowly give way to pleasure. This is involuntary. Women who are raped often feel guilt about their bodies apparent betrayal in welcoming what otherwise would be an entirely repulsive invasion. It’s just biology making the best of a situation they may not have any control over. This was after all, how for most of humanity’s timeline, the way that DNA was propagated and spread.

But all those years of biological and cultural evolution did have their impact. His cock got immediately rock hard in anticipation for an encounter that wasn’t going to happen. The hormones flooding his system made him blush and shake and feel completely at a loss as to what to do with the raging hard on that was trying to punch its way out of his gym shorts.

From the time she’d walked into the room and entered his field of vision, three seconds had passed.

Not knowing what to say, he just sort of made a coughing sound. Lisa yelped in surprise and hopelessly tried to cover up using her arms and twisted legs.


“I’m so sorry. Didn’t realize you were in the shower! I couldn’t get any studying done with all the guys next door…!”

Lisa flashed a crooked smile and backed away slowly, almost tripping over the ottoman as she made her way back to the bathroom.

We were half way through dinner when she told me the story.

“Well wasn’t that a convenient accident. So Alex got an eyeful… lucky kid!”

“I’m sure he’s harmless. He is a little bit effeminate, probably gay I think.”

“Nah… I’ll bet he’s in his room right now, jerking off and playing back that elvankent saatlik veren escortlar scene in his head.”

“You’re such a pig.”

“I’m a man. I know how men think. And what they want. And besides, what’s the harm? Last I looked you were a bit of an exhibitionist. Why don’t you let yourself enjoy the thought? I know I will.”


Alex was scarce for a few days. The next time I saw him was on the weekend when we’d planned to do some work together the week before.

I could tell he was clearly feeling awkward about the whole thing and couldn’t bring himself to to bring it up so I just cut to the chase.

“So what did you think of Lisa naked?”

For once, he was at a loss and had nothing to say.

“Alex, don’t worry. It was an accident and even if it wasn’t, no big deal, no humans were hurt. Come over any time you need to get a break from your room mates.”

“She was… stunning.” he said, finally breaking his silence.

“Thanks for being honest. I think so too.”

One of the things that’s different about the 21st century is that mostly everything has a name. There’s this kink where people get off on showing off their partner or pictures of their partner for sexual arousal. In the last century you would have just lumped it in with other random, weird perversions. Now we call it “candaulism”. If that sounds like a weird deviation my experience has been that most men have it but to a greater or lesser extent, manage to keep it suppressed. For my wife and I, this was a complementary kink. Lisa was/is an exhibitionist. She knows she’s hot and loves seeing the effect her body has on men. That meshes perfectly with my own desire to show her off. In all of the sexual adventures we’d had over the years, one of the things I’ve loved the most was simply peeling off her clothes to put her on display and show her off to a new lover.

And I’d taken hundreds, thousands of photos of her. Some tastefully artistic. Others hard core raunchy. Hard to say which ones we enjoyed more.

“Would you like to see her again?”

He looked at me like I was nuts.

“No seriously. She’s been a long time model for me… I’ve got some great photos of her. It would be a shame if no one ever got to see them.”

I’ve done things like this in the past. No red blooded male ever turned down an opportunity to see my wife naked. I pulled out my iPad and opened my web browser.

“Before you start to panic, I’m a photographer. These photos have hung in art galleries so you won’t be the first one to set eyes on them. And if I say so myself, I think they’re pretty beautiful.”

Well at least I had his attention. There was this series we took early on. Lisa’s younger and thinner but no less voluptuous. She was naked of course, I’d talked her into wearing some torn up fishnet stockings for the occasion. We’d smoked a joint half way through. What started out as softcore, Playboy, 1950’s style had progressed all the way up to explicit, hardcore, Hustler 1970’s. For years the pics sat forgotten in my negative files. They got a new life when I scanned in them in.

“I was really hot!” was Lisa’s reaction when she saw them again after 30 years.

I guess Alex thought so too. His cock was starting to get hard and show off a good sized bulge. The photos were getting more explicit as he scrolled from page to page. In the last few, she was openly masturbating as each click of the shutter nudged more of her inhibitions aside.

In truth I hadn’t meant for things to go quite this far. I thought that the really lurid photos were well hidden in another folder but Alex was much more technically sophisticated than I gave him credit for. In a few clicks and swipes he managed to find the good stuff. The first pic that came up was my wife with our friend David’s cock buried in her asshole. She was sitting on top of him, her pussy on full display as she jerked off, her expression full, mindless arousal.

“Wow… check out Mrs. Robinson!”

He may not have understood the reference when I used it the other day but he’d obviously invested the 30 seconds of research required to look it up.

Lisa was wrong about one thing. Based on the size of Alex’s reactions, he probably wasn’t (not that there’s anything wrong with it) gay but just seeing how he acted and who he spent his time with, I had a pretty good sense that he was probably bi. He was having a hard time tearing his eyes away from the photos. I guess this is how this candaulism kink plays out for me. The triangulation of showing my wife off and getting someone aroused ricochets back and works its magic on me. In the past, it always started out as awkward and then morphed into something arousing as soon as everyone was clear on what the rules of the game were. I went out on a limb…

“That hard on can’t be comfortable for you. Would you like to go inside for some privacy?”

Instinctively I thought he would have said no so before he could ankara azeri escortlar answer, I pushed up one of the legs of his shorts to fish out his cock. For a second, the hard, purple head of it just sat in the flat palm of my hand as it gently throbbed up and down. I wrapped my hand around it to start to slowly jerk him off. One quick look told me he was in the game now. I typed in a link on my iPad to a series of images of a threesome we’d done a few years earlier. In the first picture, Lisa was in a 69 with me underneath as our friend David was fucking her from behind. The photos recorded his cock in my mouth and then in her pussy and then my mouth again, over and over. Then a video of Lisa riding on top of him, her asshole stretched out, exposed, riding up and down on the shaft of his cock. I remembered that had been a great day. It wasn’t the first time we’d had an MMF but it was the first when we were up for anything and no permissions had to be asked. That was also the first time Lisa embraced her exhibitionist side and got completely wrapped up in showing herself off to me.

As far as I know there’s no name for jerking off as you watch your wife getting fucked but damn, there really should be. By that point in our marriage we’d probably fucked tens of thousands of times. Every single one was great but now, pinned underneath her, her pussy oozing into my mouth and inches away from watching her getting fucked, everything felt brand new again.

I started to go inside, Alex followed me still swiping through the photos.

We made it to my living room couch. I fiddled with settings on the iPad and projected the pictures onto my big screen TV. Now whatever Alex was watching on that little screen would be huge on the TV as well. I lit up a joint, passed it over to him and leaned back to enjoy the show.

We were past the awkward stage and now he had a solidly hard cock calling the shots. Jerking off and watching porn is fun. When you’re watching your wife sucking cock with your next door neighbor, it’s a whole other level of hot. He swiped through the artsy, tasteful nudes and zeroed in on a clip from a few years earlier. This time she was with another friend, his cock buried balls deep in her pussy as she looked back at me. He’s pulling her ass apart to give me an unobstructed view of her asshole as she was getting fucked. I’m jerking off and working the camera at the same time. The expression on her face is priceless… something just short of an orgasm as she locks eyes with me, pleading to put the camera down and just fuck her already.

“We’re both bi and been married for a really, long time. We decided early on not to have affairs and just have our adventures together. This is what it looks like when everything is going right.”

I’m not sure he heard me as he stroked his cock in time to the action on the screen.

“You said you were bi?”

I nodded and jerked off in time with him.

“Would you be OK if I went down on you?

That caught me by surprise. I’m in my mid 60’s. Not in bad shape at all but time does beat the shit out of you.

“Seriously… why the fuck would you want to do that with me?”

“I’ve always had a thing for chubby older guys.”

I let that echo for a second… chubby, older, guys. And after all that kale…

With Lisa, our prime directive was to always to be open and honest and tell each other everything. But there was no telling if this was going to be a one shot deal. She wouldn’t be home for another few hours. I could say no and regret it later or yes and have to deal with the fallout. I guess I could tell her after the fact and be up front that I wasn’t hiding anything. Would she like to be in on this? She liked Alex but at least some of that was in him being a surrogate for our kids who were now out of the house. Not sure if that category of relationship allowed for sex. But it had been a long time since she had any fun with anyone but me and I kept thinking about how much she seemed to like all the attention she was getting from the boys the week before.

“Ok… this may be weird, but sure.”

He sat down on the floor in front of me and twisted his head to one side so he could wrap his mouth around my cock and still be able to take in the action on the screen.

Even in this awkward position, he was a great cock sucker. I had to stop for a second and think of how impossibly pervy this was. My 65″ Sony, displaying my wife with her 1990’s perm, sucking my friend David’s cock as barely legal Alex bobbed his head up and down on me and jerked himself off at the same time. Could anyone in 1973 have imagined that technology and depravity could make such an amazing mix?

It dawned on me that this was possibly that only time I’d had sex with another guy without Lisa being there. On the other hand, it didn’t seem like Alex’s first time. He managed to suck my cock, work the controls on the iPad, follow the action on the screen and jerk himself off all in a series of smooth, coordinated actions. And he was a slut. He started with my cock in his mouth but soon pushed me onto my back and got busy licking my asshole. It had taken me a long time to gin up the nerve to do that to my own wife. I had to wonder… at what point in the last 40 years did eating ass get to be something you did on a first date?

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