Back to School

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It was Saturday night and Angel and I decided to attend our local S & M Club theme event party. Tonight it was “Back to School.” Club members were encouraged to dress as their favorite school personality.

You could go as a naughty school girl, nerd, professor, band member, bad boy, rebel outcast, janitor, cafeteria worker or any other character you could dream up.

Angel chose the naughty school girl, with ultra short plaid, pleated skirt that showed her ass when she bent over, white blouse, tied in a knot under her ample, braless, breasts, knee high stockings, twin ponytails with red ribbons and flats. She wore red cat-shaped bejeweled rim glasses, freckles and way too much make up for a school girl.

I chose the nerdy, cross-dressing professor, with long black graduation cap and gown, concealing fishnet stockings, lacy pinafore, and elastic stretch panties. I also wore nerdy black horn-rimmed glasses with a safety pin holding on one earpieces and white tape around the nose bridge and black Ugg boots.

With the gown closed, I looked like a nerdy but stern college professor. When I opened the gown, all could see that the professor had some kinky issues.

We got to the club about 9pm, which was early so we could shoot some photos using their rooms and props. We took a couple of pictures in the “dungeon room” with Angel across my knee getting spanked, and two in the wooden stocks, taking turns as victim.

The evening went well. We had lots of complements on our costumes and the club photographer asked to take some photos of us for the web site. There was a cute skit with a stern lady school teacher tying up, stripping, fondling and kissing two naughty school girls. There was also some very good pole dancing going on all evening.

About 11pm, after having 3-4 drinks on an empty stomach, I decided it was time to head home. Angel had to get up early for work, so we hit poker oyna the road.

After driving about three mile on the freeway I saw the red lights in my rear view mirror. “Oh shit!” I said. “I hope they don’t make me take a sobriety test!” I wasn’t drunk, but I have some medical problems that make ambulating a little awkward.

“May I see your driver’s license and registration Sir?” One of the two officers asked. After examining them closely, he asked “Have you been drinking this evening ah, professor?”

Very funny, I thought to myself. “Just two drinks officer.” I replied. Not wanting to give them anymore cause than they already have.

“Tell me professor,” the other officer who had gotten out of the vehicle and was shinning a flashlight on Angel, said. “Is this young lady old enough to be out with an old guy like you at this time of night? “

Another cute remark regarding our costumes. They must be having a slow night I thought to myself. I was trying to play it cool. I didn’t want to take a sobriety test and risk the chances of being taken to jail with the outfit I was wearing. I could just imagine being locked up with some hard felons wearing lace pinafore and net stockings. Talk about asking for it.

“You were weaving a little; maybe we should give you a sobriety test.” The first officer said.

“Please officer, can’t we just change drivers and let it go at that?” I requested.

“Hmmm,” the other officer injected, “Well, I am also concerned about this young girl’s welfare. We need to know that she is not an underage school girl, being led astray by her dirty old professor. I know she probably has fake ID. There is one way to settle this. If she can give me and my partner a real adult-like cocksucking to prove she is of age, I think we could let you go with a warning.” He said, smiling at his partner.

Angel nudged me and whispered, “Let’s do it. It’s the quickest canlı poker oyna and easiest way to get out of this predicament. I’ll get them off quickly and we can get the hell out of here!”

“B…b…but baby, you’re my fiancée. How can I allow you to suck off two guys while I just sit here?”

“Well, if you fail the sobriety test and have to go to jail, you might be the one who is force to suck cock or worse when the other prisoners get a load of that costume you’re wearing!”

She had me there. This was so humiliating. “OK, ok,” I said, to the officers, “She’ll do it, so how do you want to do this?”

“Well, she’ll get in our squad car with me, while my partner keeps an eye on you, then we’ll change places.” The second office replied.

They watched as Angel got out of our car, her schoolgirl skirt riding up above her ass and her braless breast jiggling under her thin blouse, as she walked back to the car with the first policeman. The other cop, smiled at me and said, “That’s a fine piece of ass you got there professor, glad you saw it our way. She will save you a lot of time, money and abuse!” He laughed and continued, “I never had a cute little schoolgirl suck my cock before. I’m really looking forward to this!”

“That cute little schoolgirl is my fianceé; she is fifty-five years old and a grandmother!” I curtly answered back.

“That makes it even better!” he replied, laughing some more.

We could hear sounds emanating from the squad car.

“Holy shit baby, where did you learn to suck cock like that? Oh my god, you are making me come already, slow down, slow down, oh shit, don’t slow down, keep sucking, yeah, yeah, oooooooh yeah! Take it all in your mouth! Hear; let me smear some on your face while you swallow the rest. You are really good baby, you could make a dead man cum!”

I felt completely mortified, but glad she finished him off quickly. I just wanted internet casino to get Angel, and get the hell out of there!

The second cop walked back to my car with a big shit-eating grin on his face and told his partner.

“Wow buddy, you won’t believe what that little gal can do with her mouth! I don’t think we have to worry about her being underage, but a second opinion would be a good idea, enjoy yourself pal!” he quipped.

He joined Angel in the squad car while his partner smiled spitefully at me and said. “That’s some mouth your lady has, you teach her that in school, professor? “

Again, with the jokes.

As we sat there we could hear the other officer’s exclamations echoing in the night. “Oh yeah, oh yeah, you know what to do! Just keep sucking; you are doing it just right. This sure beats getting a ticket and having you fiancé locked up and being raped all night, doesn’t it darling? That’s it, suck harder, oh yeah, its cumming, its cumming! Swallow that cop spunk baby, show me what a slut you are for the man, ahhh, so good, so good! Now swallow, oh yeah honey, your good!”

After swallowing his cum, Angel got out of the squad car, smoothed down her skirt and walked back to our car and got in. I could see the cum on her face and blouse. She smile sweetly at me and said, “Piece of cake, with frosting.” she giggled.

The cop standing next to me handed me back my license and registration and said, “Well we’ll let you go with a warning this time, but drive carefully now, and have a nice evening!” He gave us both a smirk and walk back to his car.

As Angel and I were driving home, I said, “I appreciate you doing that to get me out of trouble baby, but it’s too bad that they can get away with stuff like that, just because they carry a badge!”

“Well,” Angel replied, “They may not get away with it this time.

“What do you mean?” I asked

When the first cop walked back to our car, I saw their police radio was turned on so I held the mike button down with my hand while I sucked his partner’s cock. They may have some explaining to do!”

That’s my girl!

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