Back in the Saddle Ch. 02

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I was laying there with Carol Lansing. She had one arm around me. I still had my shirt on, but my pants were somewhere in that room.

“Do you want me to get you something to eat?” Carol asked.

I looked at my watch and said, “Damn, its 4:30, I gotta see my lawyer.”

I jumped up and went searching for my pants. Carol laid there looking at me. She said, “So are you going to come back?”

I wasn’t really feeling starting something with an older woman, let alone a married woman. I gotta admit though, she really knew what she was doing in the bedroom. I wondered what Joe’s problem was. At any rate, I continued searching for my pants asking ignoring her.

She asked again louder, “So, when are you going to come back.”

I then found my pants. “I don’t know when, but I’ll give you a call.” I said as I slipped my pants on.

“So that’s all this was? A quick screw?” She said.

“Come on, I just found my wife fucking her lawyer and then you started praying before jumping my bones…”

“So it was just me?”

I grabbed a few more things and started walking to the door.

“Why don’t you get the hell out of here,”

I was already headed to the door anyway. I guess I know why Joe is going elsewhere, because this woman is crazy. I went to the door as a shoe flew by my head.

I got out and slammed the front door shut. I heard her yelling in the house as I walked to my car. I looked again over at my house before jumping in the car and driving on to my lawyer’s office.

I don’t know if I was gonna get there in time so I had to really rush. Luckily I got there right when she was turning out the lights and getting ready to leave. It was then 5:30.

Barbara, I’m glad I caught you. Barbara was a fifty-five year old career woman who never married and was always working. I was quite surprised that she was getting ready to leave.

She was dressed as she always is, conservative. A business suit with a skirt that went down to her ankles. Her hair was tight and pulled back in a bun. Her dress was too loose to even tell that she was a woman.

Her makeup was always very minimal. But she was slightly attractive.

“So, I need to talk to you about the case?”

“The case, I thought Escort Bayan it was over.”

“Well, I think we need to look at the papers again, I saw her and her lawyer screwing in the house and think she might be trying to take me for a ride.”

Barbara laughed, “You are getting a divorce, she is trying to take you for a ride no matter who she is screwing.”

I angrily looked at her and said, “Are you going to look at my paper or not?”

“Not, I’m on my way out the door of this god-forsaken place. She then fought back a tear. I knew something wasn’t right.

She then began walking out the door when she totally broke down and started crying. I thought “what the hell?”

I then began to back away when she said, “These assholes, I have worked here for 25 years as the most productive associate and now when it is time for partner they passed over me again.”

“Hmmm…” I said looking for an exit.

“First they give it to someone’s kid. Then they give it to a black guy form the outside. Then a hot woman who slept her way to the top. And now they tell me that I am too old.”

I then asked her, “So what are you doing?”

“I quit, today is my last day, so I don’t want to see any other law paper, brief, or any other thing. I am done.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Hell if I know, but right now, I am about to go get drunk. Would you like to join me?”

Well, it wasn’t like I had anything else to do. I even thought I might be able to get her to look at the papers after a few drinks.

“Where are we going?” I said.

“Right downstairs, there is a bar a block over.”

We walked to the bar. It was one of those bars near corporate buildings. Clean, folks in business suits there.

Barbara started drinking from the time we got in there. It wasn’t long before she got a bit tipsy, but not too drunk.

She let her blond hair out of the bun and shook it. It really brought out her blue eye color. She also took off her jacket. At that point, I realized that Barbara had some pretty full breasts.

I couldn’t help myself as I stared at them. “What are you looking at?” She asked.

“I uh…I apologize.”

“I uh…I apologize”…she mocked, “You didn’t know I had breasts like this did you?” She asked as the alcohol was lowering her inhibitions.

“I bet you didn’t know I had legs like this either.” She said as she pulled up her skirt to show a pretty nice pair of legs. They were smooth and hairless.

“I just shaved to be ready for the pictures.” She continued. “I even shaved other places.” She laughed and then said, “Like anyone is gonna see that, it’s been years since anyone has even wanted to go up in there.” She said.

I was sitting there quickly realizing where this was going when I felt her rubbing my leg beneath the table.

I looked down and then I looked at her. She smiled and said, “Oops, sorry, is that your leg?”

My erection then was growing. I couldn’t help myself. She was a bit on the older side. I mean she had at least ten years on Carol Lansing, but she also had a much different body type. I continued to debate what I was going to do when a black guy and a white guy walked into the bar. They both had on business suits.

I saw the white guy touch the black guy and point over at Barbara, then he thew up his hands. They both turned around like they were hoping to not be seen.

Barbara then saw them and started yelling towards them. “There are those assholes now. Skip and Larry.”

They attempted to ignore her and continue out of the bar.

“Hey asshole.”

They ignored her outburst.

“Skipper, yeah you asshole.”

The two began to walk out the bar when she ran over to them, “Hold on, tell me now what you been saying behind my back.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” The black guy said.

“You said something to keep me from becoming partner, and I want to know what you said.”

The white guy said, “You are embarrassing yourself Barb, please, you don’t want to do this.”

“Skip, I just have a question, I want to know what you said to kill my name.”

“Nobody said anything.” The black guy said.

“Come on Larry, you know somebody said something.”

“Your time is up, you are an old has been, its over, you need to forget becoming partner.”

Barbara’s head dropped, I ran over to her and put my arm around her in an attempt to comfort her.

The two men laughed as they continued out the door. Then I heard the white guy say, “The old hag…”

I don’t know why it mattered to me, but I snapped. I ran over and punched the guy in his face. He hit the ground like a bag of bricks. The black guy went to help the guy up.

“Imma sue you, you don’t know who you messing with.”

I turned around and Barbara was standing there with admiration in her eyes. She walked over to me and kissed me full on the lips. Right there in that bar. The sparks flew almost immediately.

I said, “We need to go.”

She said, “I know where.”

We walked out of the bar arm in arm. Every few seconds she was kissing me again. I had to admit that my erection was making it hard to walk. We got to her car. It was a luxury sedan with tinted windows. She hit a button and the door opened. She said, “Get in.”

I got in the back seat and she came in right after and shut the door. I was laying on the back seat and she was on top of me kissing me deeply. I said, “Anyone can see us.”

She said, “The windows are tinted, we can see out, no one can see in.”

I could feel her full body at that point. Her breasts were full. Her body was stacked. Not skinny, but not really fat. Although you could tell that age was starting to win in its battle wither her as wrinkles were showing.

My hands traversed the full extent of her backside and legs as my tongue deeply explored her mouth.

She skillfully fished my manhood out of my pants and whispered, “I want you in me.”

I pulled her skirt up and pulled her pantie down just enough to make room for my entrance. She purred as I entered her. She was surprisingly tight for someone her age.

She continued to kiss me as I entered and pumped. We were like teenagers in the backseat of that car. It was a bit confining in that car, but the more confining the more alluring.

She stood up and rode me. I then yelled, “I’m coming.”

She stopped and took me into her mouth. She then totally and completely ingested the whole of my climax. I moaned as she sucked up every last drop.

I looked at my watch and it was now 8:00PM. I said, “Damn Girl, you wore a brother out.”

She laughed, “I really needed to let off some steam.”

“So what plans do you have for tonight?” She asked.

I smiled and said, “OK, so where are we going?”

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