Back in the Day

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“Your attention, please… Flight 713 to Montreal and Chicago has been delayed due to severe thunderstorms in the area. Your estimated departure time will be a further three hours from now.” So announced the public address system at the airport.

Sara sighed and checked her watch. Great, she thought, that’d put her in a strange city in the middle of the night. It’ll be impossible to get a cab, the weather sounds like it’ll be terrible and the stupid meeting tomorrow will be a complete waste of time. Chalk up another one to working for a living.

Seeing as she now had plenty of time on her hands, she gave the bartender a wave to order another Pomtini. Looking around at the sparsely populated airport lounge, Sara sighed and thought to herself, could there be any place more depressing? Really, could there be?

Sipping her drink, she watched people come and go into and out of the lounge. Most were busily going about some kind of business, catching a quick drink between flights, meeting with friends and family for arrivals or departures. For a time, she watched as a professional worked the lounge. The leggy blonde attracted plenty of looks in her short leather skirt, white blouse and fuck me heels; and a few drinks from admirers. Finally, though, she appeared to settle on a good-looking man dressed in business casual attire who was hauling a large briefcase.

At the bar, they sat for some time and had a couple of drinks. Sara watched her work on him, lightly touching his arm with her fingers, rubbing a bare toe against his leg, smiling and looking into his eyes. Finally, as if she’d made up her mind he wasn’t a cop, she leaned and whispered a sweet nothing into his ear. He surreptitiously dug out his wallet, some bills passed hands under the bar and she led him out of the lounge.

Sara sighed. Well, she thought, at least someone’s in for a good time tonight. At least, for his sake, she hoped he was in for some fun. It looked quite a few bills had been exchanged.

Sara studied the hustle and bustle of the lounge, sipped back a couple more drinks, listened to a semi decent piano player and waited. Finally, a good-looking guy in his 20s wandered in, catching her attention as he looked around the lounge. Apparently not seeing who he was expecting, he took a booth in the corner, and turned to watch a hockey game on the TV.

Shortly after, two attractive women who Sara thought were about the same age walked in and giggled when they saw the studly guy in the booth. One blonde, one brunette. They slipped into the booth, one of each side of him, and each gave him a peck on the cheek.

The three ordered drinks, clinked glasses, then fell into a boisterous conversation with much laughing, giggling and light touching. Sara sighed again as she watched them. Sipping her drink, she found herself actually watching the hockey game on TV. Some moments later, she snapped herself out of it and looked back at the group of three at the booth.

She now noticed they were sitting much, much, closer together and the man had his arms around both girls, a big, dopey grin on his face. Looking a little more closely, Sara, without appearing to be spying, looked under the table, where she noted the blonde had her hand inside the guy’s zipper and was fondling him. No wonder he’s smiling, she thought. And as she watched, the brunette leaned into him and kissed him, obviously slipping her tongue into his mouth.

As Sara watched the blonde’s handiwork, her mind wandered and she slipped back in time a few years.

They were college days, some of her favourite days, and days before hubby and kids. Sara smiled as she let her thoughts wander. It all started in a bar similar to the one she was in. She and her friend and roommate Tiffany had agreed to meet Lance for drinks. Lance was one of those hunky, athletic types, very sure of himself, who looked good, kinda new it, but was attractive anyway.

Over drinks in their frat house, they had realized they both lusted after Lance. They all shared a psych class and the flirting had gotten to a point where the prof had grumpily asked them to stop their “foolishness” in his classroom.

Actually, over drinks one night in the back yard, Tiff had suggested a small wager as to who would manage to sleep with Lance first. Sara had laughed off the idea of a wager at the time; fucking as a contest wasn’t really her style.

But then, one Thursday night, at the local drinking establishment, Sara and Tiff were out with a couple of other roomies. Everyone had been drinking, faces were flushed and laughter pealed out over the pub. Just as a plate of wings arrived, so did Lance, strutting in like he owned the place.

Looking around, he noticed his psych classmates and made his way across the bar. “Ladies…” he said, pulling a chair to the table between Sara and Tiff and plunking down on it backwards while nodding to the other girls. “Who’s buying me a beer?”

Tiff ordered Lance a beer and the two watched as he guzzled some casino siteleri down. Putting his pint down, he put his arms around the two and gave them a chummy squeeze. “And how are my two favourite psych babes, tonight?”

Both giggled and hugged him back, then reached for their own pints. Sara looked over at Tiff, who had an odd look about her, and finished her beer in a long pull. Turning back to Lance, she noticed Tiff had a hand below the table while she talked animatedly with Lance. A couple of the roomies tried to get into the conversation, but Tiff monopolized things.

Somewhat put out, Sara edged her chair closer to Lance, put her arm around him and gave him a peck on the cheek while moving a hand to his thigh. As she ran her fingers over his thigh, she could feel his leg muscle tense and, as he talked to Tiff, he pushed his leg against Sara’s. Looking down, Sara could see that Tiff was touching Lance through his jeans and she could see that he had responded positively. Positively? she thought to herself. You’ve been in way too many classes, girl.

With Tiff touching him under the table, Lance had a lopsided smile that said he was really enjoying her attentions. His eyes were slightly closed and he pressed his leg harder against Sara’s. Looking from one to the other, he suddenly reached to the floor, picked up his coat and put it on. “Well babes,” he said with a smile and standing. “I’m outta here. Who’s coming with me?”

Sara and Tiff looked at each other, laughed, and stood. Tiff quickly whispered to Sara, “I will if you will.” Sara nodded and they took their coats from their chairs and put an arm through Lance’s, one on each side. As they sauntered through the crowd, Lance’s hand slipped down to their bums and he squeezed a cheek on each. Moving outside, Lance flagged down a passing cab and they all got in; Tiff first, then Lance and Sara.

“Where to babes?”

“Our place,” said Tiff, snuggling into his chest, “right Sara?”

“Sure. We even have more beer there.”

“Cool,” said Lance, bending to kiss Sara. He crushed his lips against hers and she responded hungrily, kissing back, probing with her tongue, pressing into him. Breaking the kiss to run a hand over his chest, in the flashes of passing building lights, Sara noticed Tiff had resumed touching his crotch. Lance’s legs were spread in the back seat and Tiff was running her fingers over him and between his legs… squeezing a little.

Sara noted Lance looking down at his crotch and she put her hands to his face to direct his mouth back to her. She licked his lips, pushed her tongue into his mouth and slipped a hand inside the buttons of his shirt, feeling chest hair with her fingertips.

Sara then got on her knees on the seat and pulled Lance’s face to her to kiss him. “Bitch,” Sara whispered loudly and Tiff laughed. Pushing her hand into Lance’s shirt, she touched a nipple and gave it a little squeeze. He made a noise into Tiff’s mouth as he jumped a bit.

“Hey, easy there.”

Sara looked at his face and, as Tiff plunged her tongue back into his mouth, she noted what she thought was a look of… alarm? Smiling at the thought of hunky Lance now acting a little hesitant, she reached down and felt him through his jeans, feeling the outline of his firm cock.

At that moment, the cab drew up in front of their house. Frowning at having to relinquish fondling Lance’s crotch, Sara threw the door open and all stumbled out. Tiff tossed the driver some money and they headed into the house and up the stairs to Sara’s room on the second floor, tossing coats and shoes aside as they climbed them.

In Sara’s room, Lance plunked himself down on the double bed, looking at the two of them, who looked back at him. For several long moments, there was an odd, rather uncomfortable pause. Lance broke it by reaching for the fly of his jeans, but as he did so, Tiff turned to Sara and smiled lasciviously at her. Tiff moved in front of Sara, gave her a quick kiss on the lips, then reached to pull her shirt out of her jeans.

Taken aback, Sara watched as Tiff removed her own blouse and tossed it away. Looking into Sara’s eyes, she undid her jeans, shrugged them over her hips and kicked them away when they fell to the floor. Sara continued to watch as Tiff reached behind, undid her bra and tossed it on the bed by Lance. Her small breasts now bared, Sara watched as Tiff bent over, pulled her panties off and tossed them on the bed too, where Lance caught them.

Standing naked in front of Sara, Tiff smiled at her. “Your turn, Sara, come on.”

Sara, suddenly embarrassed, looked over at Lance, who smiled at her, pulled his cock out of his jeans and held it in a hans. As she hesitated, Tiff giggled, “come on, come on…” Moving close, Tiff grabbed Sara’s sweater and began pulling it over her head. Almost unconsciously, Sara lifted her arms and, as Tiff lifted the sweater up, she bent to kiss a breast through Sara’s bra. Tossing the sweater aside, Tiff looked at her. “That’s slot oyna better. Now go, girl.”

Emboldened and excited after a shock went through her at Tiff’s kiss on her breast, Sara decided to throw caution aside. She quickly undid her jeans and, as Tiff stepped back to watch, tugged them down her legs and kicked them away. Her face flushing as Tiff looked hungrily at her, Sara undid her own bra and tossed it aside, then bent to pull off her panties.

“Yesss,” murmured Lance from the bed as Tiff giggled. “Much better,” she said as she moved close to Sara, put her hands on her hips and kissed her. Taking Sara’s hands in hers, Tiff placed Sara’s on her own hips, then put hers back on Sara’s, pulling them closer together. Tiff kissed her again, brushing her lips over Sara’s as she pulled her close enough that their nipples touched. Sara shivered at the feeling, never having had a woman’s nipples against her.

Sara kissed back, touching Tiff’s lips with her tongue and also pulling her close, so their bellies touched. Forgetting about Lance, the two continued kissing, probing with their tongues, touching each other’s hips, feeling their nipples and bellies against one another.

As Lance watched, he stroked himself, suddenly feeling lonely and abandoned on the bed. Watching the girls, blonde Tiff and brunette Sara, kissing, touching, enjoying themselves, he felt so turned on and was hard to his full length, though his zipper was uncomfortably pressing into his cock as he stroked himself.

“Hey,” he complained, “what about me?”

“Quiet Lance,” said Tiff, breaking her kiss with Sara. “We’re just having fun, okay?”

“Well, shit, you want me to leave?”

With her hands still on Sara’s hips, Tiff sighed. Taking one of Sara’s hands, she led her to the edge of the bed and pushed her onto it. As Sara sank onto it, near Lance, Tiff climbed onto the bed and, on all fours, crawled to him as Sara watched. “Don’t be a baby. We haven’t forgotten about you,” she whispered to him.

Tiff pushed Lance back on the bed and reached to take his cock in her hand. She gave him a few quick strokes, then undid the button on his jeans. “Help me, Sara.” Together, they each took a leg of his jeans and pulled them down his legs. Sara eyed his cock, which now poked out of his underwear, as they tossed his jeans aside. Tiff then pulled his underwear down his legs and off, baring him.

Tiff lied down beside Lance and beckoned to Sara to do the same. With one on each side of him, Lance smiled in anticipation. This was more freakin’ like it, he thought. But Tiff bent over Lance’s chest to again kiss Sara, who responded quickly this time, more in the spirit of things. As they kissed, their breasts were pressed firmly against Lance, who writhed beneath as he watched them swap tongue and giggle as they did so.

“Hey,” he complained. Sara now broke their kiss and laughed. “Oh Lance, not having any fun?”

“No shit, I’m not.”

Sara moved up a bit, kissing Lance and pressing her tongue into his mouth… choking off his complaint. Probing his mouth, she tasted his tongue, twirled hers in his mouth and he reached to grab a cheek and squeeze as she pressed her mouth to him. As Sara continued kissing him, he reached his other arm under Tiff’s body and grabbed a cheek to squeeze. As Tiff watched Sara kiss Lance, he fondled their bums, finally feeling like he was really in the middle of things, which, of course, was where he wanted to be.

Lips pressed to Lance’s, Sara eased a knee over his body to straddle him. Pressing her pubic hair against his belly to tickle him, she then raised her hips and, as Tiff watched, reached between their bodies to take his cock in her hand. Breaking off the kiss, she raised herself up on one arm and looked at Tiff and Lance. Both were smiling; Tiff as she watched Sara stroke him, and Lance because she was stroking him.

Tiff giggled. “Let me have a turn, Sara…. don’t hog him…”

Looking at Tiff, though, Sara wanted Lance right then. Grasping his cock, she moved back on his body so his head was at her lips. Moving slowly, she ran the head of his cock up and down her lips, feeling his heat and the solid head against her. Looking more so at Tiff than Lance, she moved her hips to run the tip of his cock up and down against her pussy. Tiff reached in for Lance’s balls, but Sara let go of his cock just long enough to brush her hand away.

Wrapping her fingers around him again, Sara eased onto him, stretching as she moved over him. Putting a hand on Tiff’s back for balance, she eased slowly onto his cock, got her knees under her, then sank down onto him, sighing as his thick member stretched her.

“Oh, fuck….” said Lance. “Mmmm. Yeah baby, fuck me. Fuck me good.”

With one hand on the bed and one on Tiff’s back, Sara began slowly riding him, up and down, up and down, looking at both their faces as she fucked him. Tiff moved her head onto Lance’s belly and watched as Sara’s lips were spread by his cock, now glistening, canlı casino siteleri and she moved up and down his shaft.

“Mmmm,” was about all Lance could manage for content, looking at Sara’s body above him, trying to keep his eyes open so he could watch her fuck him. As Sara slow-fucked Lance, Tiff watched, enthralled. But, with both Lance and Sara moaning, Tiff felt too left out of the action. Getting up on her knees, she put a hand on Lance’s chest and began kissing Sara as she fucked. Following her up and down, Tiff kept her tongue in Sara’s mouth, tasting her, feeling her moans in her own mouth.

Now with a cock in her pussy and Tiff’s tongue in her mouth, Sara felt herself losing control. She pulled off Lance to slow things down a bit and quickly felt Tiff’s hand on her pussy, touching her wet lips.

“Hey,” complained Lance from below them.

But the girls didn’t care. As they kissed, Tiff probed Sara’s pussy, running a finger inside her and feeling her wetness. Breaking off the kiss, Sara moaned, “God, Tiff.” Eyes closed now, Sara felt herself close to cumming and had forgotten about Lance below them.

Sensing Sara was close to cumming, Tiff pushed Sara off Lance and back onto to the bed. With a leg over Lance and one off the bed, Sara laid back and looked at Tiff, who then dove across Lance’s legs and moved her face between Sara’s legs. Looking up from between her thighs, Tiff smiled at Sara. “Ready?” she whispered. Sara, surprised, could only nod, legs spread wide and with Tiff’s face above her wet pussy. Not needing further encouragement, Tiff began licking Sara’s lips, lightly touching them with the tip of her tongue as she tasted her and felt her wetness on her mouth.

Sara, breathing hard, moaned with pleasure as Tiff mouthed her… alternately licking her lips and teasing her clit with the tip of her tongue. Grabbing a handful of blanket from the bed, she put her other hand on Lance’s chest as Tiff drove her crazy with her mouth. Moving her pussy against Tiff’s mouth, as her thighs clenched, she looked over at Lance and had to laugh out loud at the look on his face.

Lance was up on one arm, looking at Tiff between Sara’s legs. He was actually pouting, thought Sara, as Tiff sent another shiver of pleasure through her. Sara watched as Lance reached to his cock and, watching Tiff at Sara’s pussy, began stroking himself. Sara reached for Tiff’s head and pulled her into her, muffling Tiff against her pussy. Feeling her mouth on her, moaning, panting, with her face flushed.

Finally, as Tiff moved again to suck Sara’s clit between her lips and tease it with her tongue, Sara came… moaning loudly as she bucked against Tiff’s face. Ripples of pleasure went through her and she pulled on Tiff’s hair to keep her mouth at her pussy. Tiff was tasting her, licking her as she came, with Sara’s thighs against her ears.

Stroking himself, Lance watched as, moaning loudly, Sara came. He watched Tiff continue going down on her, and as Sara lay panting, Tiff lifted her head from her pussy. Her face wet with Sara’s cum, Tiff smiled at Lance. “Awwwww,” she teased. “Not having any fun now, Lance?”

“No fucking way. I’m not. I don’t know what’s with you two; if you wanted some lesbo fun you didn’t need me here.”

“Awwww… poor baby. Let Tiff make you all better then.” With that, Tiff nearly bellyflopped over his legs onto him, wrapping a hand around him. Looking into Lance’s eyes, she traced the head with her tongue and, as Lance moaned with pleasure, he lay back on the pillow, with his head near Sara’s. Tiff sucked on his head, then slid her mouth down over him, taking his cock to the back of her throat.

As Tiff moved up and down his shaft, Lance muttered, “oh fuck, oh god… holy shit, un-fucking real…”

Sara raised herself up on an elbow to admire Tiff’s work and, reaching to her, pulled her blonde hair back behind an ear. Watching, she saw Tiff’s cheeks puffing in and out as she sucked. Eyes closed, Tiff moved up and down Lance’s wide shaft, her lips wet with spit, cheeks moving in and out, moaning in her throat against his cock.

Tearing her eyes away, Sara wanted to stay involved and she moved to kiss Lance, pushing her tongue between his lips. Probing his mouth, she tongue fucked him, in and out, in and out, as he tried to breath through his moans.

As Sara plunged her tongue as far as she could into Lance’s mouth, he almost bit her tongue as he came into Tiff’s mouth down below. Moaning, Tiff felt her mouth fill with cum as he pumped into her, but she kept Lance between her lips, swallowing.

With a loud, “mmwhawww” Tiff popped her mouth off Lance’s cock and, as Sara watched her, smiled and wiped away a bit of cum that dribbled down her chin. “Better now, Lance?”

“Yessss,” he moaned as he lay back on the bed, panting and smiling.

Tiff moved up to sit on Lance’s belly. “You okay too, Sara?”

“Mm hmmm.”

“Cool,” said Tiff, then bent to kiss her on the lips. Surprised, Sara tasted Lance’s cum on Tiff’s mouth and more so as Tiff put her tongue in her mouth. They kissed for long moments, tasting each other and the cum, rolling their tongues in their mouths and moaning lightly as they did so.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32