Bachelorette Club Ch. 02

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Sara awoke to the sound of running water. She was quite content to lay in the king size bed, the overstuffed down comforter covering her naked body. Karen and Julie had fallen into the other bed and Sara smiled as various body parts protruded from under their comforter.

A voice gently called from the living room and Mr. Storm walked in as Sara turned. She smiled as he entered the room asking, “have a nice nap?” “O, ya what a nap, Sara responded.” “Well, you ladies have three masseuses waiting for you in the other room, two baths are ready and then the ladies will work on you.” “Afterwards, we will have your clothing laid out and I have a beautician ready to help with hair and makeup!”

Sara was still amazed at how much fun they had had so far, although she had not expected to be giving exotic dancers blowjobs! Still, they were all having the time of their lives and the evening was just now starting. Sara got out of bed, still naked and allowing Mr. Storm to watch her, she walked over and pulled the comforter away from the other bed. The girls stirred as the cool breeze swept over their also naked bodies. “Hay, stop that” Karen moaned.

“Come on, we’ve got things to do and boys to screw” Sara said, surprising herself. Sara walked towards the bathroom, once again allowing Mr. Storm to watch her every step, she even worked her hips a little for extra effect.

The bathtubs were huge Jacuzzis that could seat two easily, however, Julie was a shower person and headed towards the glass-enclosed shower. Sara though that the damn shower was as big as her whole bathroom at home! Both Karen and Sara played in the jets as they watched Julie though the glass. Julie covered her body with soap and seemed to linger at all the right spots. With boobs covered in bubbles and that red hair, Sara thought she looked like the gal in that old stripper movie. Rum soaked chocolates were set on the edge of the tub along with the ever-present champagne. Sara had agreed with Karen that the champagne was the best they had ever had and it seemed that no expense had been spared so far. What a deal for $1,500.

The girls with hair and bodies wrapped in towels walked into what they had though was another bedroom, only to find three massage tables set up, candles surrounded the room, soft country music was playing and three gals were waiting for them. All three could have walked right out of the playboy mansion; even with their official white terry cloth wraps they were wearing. Karen noted with a playful smile that like the girl’s schoolgirl outfits, the terry cloth wraps barely covered the masseuse’s ass’es.

The girls climbed on the tables and removed their towels, no formality needed at this point. Each masseuse started her work at each of the girls’ heads. They gently worked on the muscles and kinks of each of the gals. Each inch of flesh was given delicate personal attention by trained hands, as fingers searched out spots needing special care. Karen was enjoying the attention and so it seemed was her masseuse. After nearly a half hour of working on her back, the masseuse was working on Karen’s legs and gently stroking her inner thighs. Karen could feel her temperature rise and a tingle inside her pussy as the masseuse’s hand gentle rubbed the edge of her clit. Karen purred under her breath as the probing hands searched her thighs for a response.

Each of the other masseuses had also worked their way down the girl’s bodies; both were gently working Julie and Sara’s ass and thighs. All three girls seemed susceptible to these tender probing fingers and one by one each spread their legs to invite more touching. As professional fingers found the wet spot of each girl, the masseuse’s feet, clicked a paddle that slowly lowered the massage table. Karen, then Julie and Sara were gently rolled over on their backs, as fingers probed their bodies.

Karen’s eyes opened to see the terry cloth wrap her masseuse had been wearing open, exposing a tan, firm body. Small perky breasts protruded straight out and Karen slowly closed her eyes as she saw a bare shaved pussy inches away from her head. Each of the masseuse’s had fingers probing the girls now dripping pussies, moving from breasts and nipples to pussy and clit. And Sara, as usual was seconds away from her first organism. Each masseuse inched their way forward as they leaned towards the girls, covering their client’s body. Karen was the first to smell the juice of a throbbing pussy above her nose. She lifted her head and allowed her tongue to penetrate the clit of her masseuse. Sara did not hesitate, pushing into a thick black bush that was soaked. Julie wrapped her legs around the body of her masseuse and six bodies merged into three.

All six girls seemed to bond as they licked and sucked each other. Moans from waves of passion drew Mr. Storm in from the living room. Watching from the corner, he slowly moved towards Karen’s table. Her head hung slightly back as her masseuse moved around and off of her, positioning herself between Karen’s fully spread Escort Avcılar legs. Karen’s eyes opened to find a familiar face and erect cock pointing towards her face. Her mouth opened wide as her head lunged to engulf the head of Storm’s dick. Karen loved cock and had wanted Storm’s in the limo. He was hers and she was going to suck this one down her throat if need be.

With head back Mr. Storm’s eight-inch shaft slid down her throat and she was taking him in to the base of his balls. This had gone from a blowjob to having her face fucked and with one face between her legs and hers buried in Storms cock, she was lost in a sea of desire. Yelps, cries and a whimper marked the end of the session. As Storm arched his back, Karen grabbed the throbbing cock with her hands, intent on milking him dry. As cum shot into her mouth and down her throat, she lost control as a final rush swept over her, the masseuse had licked her to a soaking, throbbing, muscle twitching climax. Storm’s cock popped out of her mouth for a moment and her face and chest took a direct hit from white cum spewing from the head of his cock. Storm reached down and massaged her tits, squeezing her nipples as the final drops passed her lips. Karen pulling him back to her lips really wanted to lick him clean.

“Well, that was interesting” Karen said smiling at Mr. Storm who was replacing his still semi erect cock, back into his pants. “Ladies, relax a few minutes and then work your way into the bedroom. Nadia is ready to help you with makeup or your hair. Your clothing is laid out and ready and the fun is just beginning.

Nadia was an older former show girl, who was there “just” for makeup and hair. She easily recognized what each girl needed and worked non-stop to get them ready. Their makeup was perfect and the girls looked ready for anything. Their clothing was once again, the “bad school girl look” with stockings and garter. Sara looked at herself in the mirror and swore that the skirt was a good two inches shorter than earlier, but shrugged it off as her imagination.

Their escort, Mr. Storm was waiting in the living room and walked them down to the limo. Julie and Karen hung on his arm since they were “close” friends now. Dinner was at the most elegant restaurant in Vegas. And the girls were waited on hand and foot by the staff. Sara commented to Mr. Storm on the constant attention and with a rather sly smile, Mr. Storm ran his hand along Sara’s leg, pointing out that her skirt was covering very little of her thong. Sara did not move away from his hand and could feel herself tingle as she looked down to see his hand on her leg, and her white thong panties showing. The fact that the stockings and garter were completely exposed and the straps of all three of their garters were showing did not faze any of them.

Dinner was by far the best any of them had ever had. Lobster, Shrimp Scampi, mussels and clams, steamed, sautéed and dipped in butter, covered the table. Champagne was mixed with some exotic lacquer that Mr. Storm had ordered. It tasted great, and went well with the food. Desert was a rich cheesecake that the girls wanted to take with them. The waiter came back with a boxed cake for them. Sara noticed that he was staring at Karen’s lap and also had a raging monster desperate to get out of his pants. O’ well she though, not tonight!

After dinner the girls were escorted to the casino. Mr. Storm handed each of them a tray of silver coins. “Ladies, each of these is worth $10 and you each get $1,000 to play with, so have fun.” Giggles and big smiles greeted the money; it seemed like play money, not really theirs and any fear of losing it was gone. Almost every eye in the casino followed the girls, as they bounced from slot machine to game tables and back. Sara seemed to be able to do no wrong at blackjack and in two hours was up $1,500. Both Julie and Karen were flirting with the men around the poker table and went broke fast and returned to Sara’s table empty handed. As Mr. Storm walked over, Sara gave each of the girls $700 of her winnings and all exited the casino, breasts bouncing and nipples erect.

The girl’s playfulness had gone into overdrive as the limo pulled out. The paper money they had exchanged the silver dollars for, was thrown in the air all over the car. “God, Mr. Storm, this is great, what a rush that was,” Sara said. “Well, the evening is young and the best is coming, in more ways then one” Storm told them. The limo pulled up to a glittering entrance as the girls peered out to see a nightclub sign. A huge bodyguard met them and they were escorted through the VIP entrance. Music and lights hit them as they went through the second set of doors. The dance floor was packed with young people as the bass pounded out a driving beat. The girls rushed out on the floor and blended with the crowd.

Even on a packed dance floor, the girls were noticed. The outfits they wore, were in fact shorter than the first set and exposed both the garters and a nice Avcılar Escort Bayan amount of creamy ass. Soft hands and hard cocks covered by strained clothing seemed to rub against the girls as they danced. As the music grew, Sara was first to cut loose, allowing a redhead behind her to dance against her body and lightly fondle her ass. Two-inch nails slid inside her panties to rub against a moist clit. Bodies bounced to the music and soon, several girls had pulled off their tops, exposing various sized breasts. Karen was not being outdone and had undone the three buttons on her top. Only the tied knot held her bouncing breasts from popping out.

As the beat continued, bodies gravitated towards the girls and unrestrained hands touched, grabbed and groped body parts. Karen wanted to fuck someone, anyone at this point and Sara glanced across the floor at Storm, wondering if she would get her hands on his cock. Just as a group of college age guys made their way towards the girl, Storm and the bouncer moved in to sweep the girls away. A few more minutes and he was sure the girls would have been bent over right on the dance floor. And he had no intention of letting that happen, yet.

The girls, horny and a little taken back were escorted to the limo. Storm was sure they would have fucked someone and in due time they would. The drive was only ten minutes and the girls were chatting about wanting to dance more. Karen broke out a joint for them to share, since Mr. Storm was riding up front. The limo pulled up to a glittery spot that drew their attention. As they exited, Sara noticed that it was a “Men’s Club” and asked Storm, just what was up? “Well, ladies, this is a special spot and I’ve arranged for you all to get some ‘very special’ dance lessons!” An attractive older lady escorted the gals to a VIP area, overlooking the mirrored dance floor. A dozen girls were dancing on stage and a dozen more were giving “lap dances” to men in the crowd. Karen commented that there were about 6 other women in the club, watching the girls dance.

Drinks were brought over to the girls as they sat in the “exclusive area!” Their club escort waved her hand and a blond Amazon with huge tits came over to them. A separate sound system vibrated in the seats as she began to dance. Dressed in revealing clothing, she moved body parts, that Julie was sure, up until that point, could not be moved. The dancer did not touch them, but mimicked some of the moves the girls had done earlier at the club. Karen, always the adventurer, was the first to wave a twenty in the air. In fact, that was all they had, twenties and fifties from the casino. The Amazon moved up and stood outside of Karen’s legs, her breasts attempting to free themselves from the silver half top that covered little. As Karen slipped the twenty into the dancer’s G-string, the Amazon reached behind her and undid the clasp, her top dropping to the floor.

Julie was sure that those were, the biggest breasts she had ever seen. With areolas the size of silver dollars and nipples that stuck straight out a good half inch. The dancer had them bouncing and swaying less than an inch from Karen’s mouth. Her hips were moving as well and riding down on Karen’s lap. Karen’s skirt had ridden up the inch or so that was left leaving her thong exposed to both the dancer and other girls. The dancer allowed her hands to drift down to Karen’s side and in a smooth, fluid motion reached down and pulled the thong down Karen’s legs. Not only did Karen not resist, her hips popped up every so slightly to allow them to be pulled free. The dancer threw them towards the people below and moved to reposition herself, between Karen’s legs.

As Karen spread her legs wider to allow the dancer to move closer, her tightly trimmed one-inch triangle was visible, covered in shimmering drops of wetness. Two more girls appeared in the VIP area, a redhead, with a nice set of D size boobs, and a little Asian gal, who was wearing the tiniest bathing suit that Sara had ever seen. The two girls positioned themselves in front of Sara and Julie and joined in the dancing that the Amazon was already doing. With legs spread wide, Karen was lightly touching the monster tits of her dancer. As she cupped one in her hand, the dancer moved forward and placed it at the front of her mouth. A tongue leaped out to circle the hardened nipple growing before her eyes.

Julie and her Asian dancer were a perfect match, as Julie seemed to move with her as she did a lap dance. Sara had quickly decided that she wanted the best lap dance that anyone had ever had. Sticking four, fifty-dollar bills into the redhead’s thong produced instant results. She not only removed her top, but also pulled off her thong handing it and the money over to Storm. The redhead also reached down and started to remove Sara’s panties. Sara was not that sure about it, but the dancers soft hands seemed to reassure her and she lifted her hips to allow them to slide free.

In a matter of minutes Avcılar Escort all three dancers were bare-naked and the girls were panty less. Karen kept playing with her Amazons tits as her dancer played with her now soaped pussy. Karen’s top was untied and the dancer returned the favor playing with Karen’s nipples. Julie had a mass of long black hair in her lap, as her dancer had decided to give attention to Julie’s now soaked pussy. Julie had never been given head this way and she was leaning back in her seat, head back, eyes closed, with both hands gently guiding her dancers head, deeper into her thighs.

Just when things started getting wild, Mr. Storm stepped in and told the ladies that it was time for “their” dance lessons. Hot, panting faces looked at him in disbelief, as the dancers stepped back from the girls. Each reached out for the girls, as a butt-bumping tune started to play. The dancers showed the girls various moves and with the girl’s panty less, Mr. Storm took a seat to get a first hand look.

Sara turned into a hip gyrating, dancing machine as she worked her body to the music. Julie was not doing to well, but was having fun rubbing against her new Asian friend. Karen was getting down right nasty as she lifted her skirt and rubbed herself in front of Mr. Storm. Karen was fingering herself faster and faster, hips swaying to the music, eyes locked on to Storm’s. Storm was taking it all in, making frequent long eye contact with the girls, especially Karen and Sara as they danced.

When the song was over, the girls dropped into their seats, taking several swallows from their various drinks. Karen was seconds short of having an orgasm, but could not bring her self to keep masturbating in front of the group. The dancers leaned over and gave each of the girls a long tongue dancing kiss goodbye, as they collected their clothing and money and ran back down the stairs.

Storm stood up and told the girls that they were going to get to try their hand at performing on stage. Surprisingly the girls were all excited about this, especially Sara. “I’ve arranged for you to dance for a small group in the back room,” Storm said. “This will be more intimate and you all can enjoy yourselves more.”

The club’s female manager led them down a set of back stairs and through two doors into a small dance area. The room was pitch black, except for a focused spotlight center stage. The girls could see a few shadowy faces, including the redhead that had danced for Sara.

A heavy bass-beat song started and the redhead started to dance around a pole at the edge of the stage. The girls were guided to the stage and encouraged by the manager to dance. Sara jumped up and started where she had left off, bumping and grinding her hips to the beat.

Julie joined in close by Sara, spinning in multiple turns with her arms extended straight out skirt riding up to show bare ass and pussy. Karen, surprisingly took a minute or two to get out on the stage. The girl that would go down on a guy in a heart beat, was a little stage shy. The music transitioned to another song, the singer asking the dancers to shake their ass and pop their pussies. All three girls were getting into it now, enjoying the freedom and oblivious to anyone in the room.

As they danced, the lighting in the room came up once, just slightly and then again a few minutes later. Around the dance floor were twelve men, sitting in chairs facing the stage. The three dancers from earlier were moving from man to man, teasing them, rubbing their boobs against their heads and rubbing their men’s now bulging pants. An announcer told the men to get their money ready, because the girls would give them personal laps dances.

As one attractive man about 35 and in a suit waved a hundred dollar bill, Sara danced over to him and started to dance in front of him. All the men started waving money at that point and Julie and Karen moved in towards them as well. Sara allowed the man to put the hundred in her skirt and danced up to his lap. She moved her hands to lift the short plaid shirt, revealing her bare pussy. Storm smiled, wondering if Sara knew or had forgotten that she and the other girls had their thongs taken off earlier. No matter, it was a sight he was enjoying.

As the girls moved from man to man, each getting a dance, the music’s beat became more intense. One gentleman asked Karen to remove her top and handed her a handful of hundreds. Karen ripped the top off, allowing her tits to bounce and spring free. She buried them in his face, moving the nipples back and forth in front of his mouth. Julie was standing on the edge of one guy’s chair as he held a dozen hundred dollar bills over his head. She stood up on the edge of the chair and planted her skirt right in the guys face, allowing him to put the money in the waistband of her skirt. Within seconds she gave him what he wanted, grinding her red, wet bush into his face.

This sent the guys wild. Money was waving in the air all around the dance floor. Sara was now moving from man to man, top ripped open and thrown to one man in exchange for a wad of hundreds. She would dance in their lap, climb up on the chair and dance with her dripping wet pussy above each man’s mouth. Tongues strained to get a taste and within minutes each girl was moving around the circle, doing the same thing.

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