Aysha Ch. 2

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I guess I took my home life pretty much for granted as most teenagers do, when mom had died 10 years ago dad just seemed to take on both rolls, mother and father, as well as a few things like chauffeur for sports and to and from School etc. So I had really not looked at him as a man at all, never thought much about the fact that he rarely seemed to go out or that he hadn’t seemed to have a close lady friend in a long while. Now, after the incredible events of the last weekend I was definitely looking at him as a man, and when I thought of what he might have sacrificed I was secretly pleased, because it had made him what he now was – an incredibly hungry, horny man!

He couldn’t seem to get enough of touching me, stroking me, licking me and sucking me, and best of all he couldn’t seem to get enough of fucking me – which suited me perfectly, as I couldn’t seem to get enough of his big, thick cock either! With a few other males I’d sucked them off, but more as a quick way of defusing them, and had never really thought about enjoying it, but with dad, it was different, I loved licking and sucking his glorious tool and sucking his heavy balls, and learned quickly how to bring him to a pitch of excitement and hold him there, hovering between ecstasy and agony. But I wasn’t always successful, but I didn’t mind, I found I loved the taste of his cum juice and enjoyed feeling it shooting down my throat.

He also showed himself to be an inventive and caring lover, always trying different ways to arouse and excite me with his hands, his lips and his tongue. But most of all he was eager and horny, so I got lots and lots of wild fucking over the following two weeks, so much so, that I found myself putting off introducing either Yasmine or Carla to the fun, even though the thought of it turned me on like crazy. When it did happen, it was more my accident than by design, the three of us were scheduled to go out for our usual Friday night of dancing and man hunting, but Carla rang up in the morning to say she had the flu and wouldn’t be able to come. Neither Yasmine or I were keen to go off without her, so I suggested we might just get a few videos for a change and meet at my place. Not unexpectedly, Yasmine jumped at the suggestion and her first question was.

“Will your gorgeous dad be there?”

I laughed and said that I thought he’d be out, but wasn’t too sure, and anyway, if we got some hot videos, maybe it would be embarrassing to have him around.

“Wow, with hot videos, that would be the best time” she exclaimed, then laughed.

I laughed with her and said I’d see her that evening. As soon as I got home I told dad that Yasmine was coming over, and that we planned to get some hot videos to watch, and asked if he was going out.

“I had thought about it” he said, with a grin “But if you two are going to get turned on with hot videos, it would be a pity to waste the mood, so maybe I’ll stay – if you want me, of course!”

I slid my arms around his neck and pulled his head down and mashed my lips against his, darting my tongue into his mouth and grinding my body against his, and quickly felt his cock start to respond, to grow and thicken and press against my pussy mound. Then I pulled back and grinned hotly at him, “What would you like me to wear – or not wear – to arouse and excite you tonight? I guess Yasmine could be wearing her black number that shows her tits so well, or she could just come casual as we aren’t going out, but I’m sure she’ll dress to attract your attention, just in case you’re in, and I’d hate you to be looking at her all the time” I said, pretending to pout.

He groaned slightly and lifted his hands between us to cup my breasts, “Absolutely no chance of me ignoring you” he said “I’m on fire every time you come close, but if you really want me to suggest something, why not one of your half tops with no bra, so I can reach up under them and play with your breasts as we watch the videos, and perhaps a short skirt to go with it – and no panties”

“Mmmm daddy, that sounds so saucy, perhaps I should wear my hockey skirt, that’s real short”

“Oh, wow, I had to stop coming to the hockey matches because seeing you in that turned me on too much, yeah, wear that, so hot!, but you’d better not put it on until the last moment or pornhub we may not get to answer the door when Yasmine arrives” He said.

“Oh daddy, why?” I asked in pretend innocence.

“Because I’d be too busy fucking you already” he growled, and then we both burst out laughing.

I went out and got a couple of videos while daddy made dinner, I didn’t go for the heavy porno stuff, just some light sexy frolic films that involved a bit of partner sharing and in one a bit of lesbianism, just a perfect stage setter, I thought.

And that’s how it proved. Yasmine did turn up casual, in tight denim shorts and a loose, thin T Shirt, and from the look of the nipples pressing against the cloth, no bra! Dad noticed at once, and grinned like a Cheshire cat! Yasmine was equally delighted when she found out dad was staying in, and expressed the hope that he was going to join us for the videos.

“No chance in the world that I’d miss it” he said with a grin, “Why don’t you get them started while I mix up some drinks”

Yasmine and I put on the first video and both sat on the couch to watch, making sure we left room between us for dad to sit down, but when he returned with the drinks, he handed them over the back of the couch, then stayed there, leaning on the back of the couch, looking at the video screen. Already the action there was hotting up with a couple naked in bed exploring each other’s body’s very slowly and very sensually, and I was already beginning to squirm, reminded of the way daddy liked to stroke and lick me very slowly to start with. I glanced across at Yasmine and saw her staring wide eyed at the screen, her mouth slightly open and her tongue brushing over her lips. In sitting down she had pulled the T Shirt tight against her body and it was even clearer now that she wasn’t wearing a bra, the shirt material hugged her gorgeous breasts and sculpted their shape, and her nipples were big and hard.

I was surprised and disappointed that dad had chosen to stay behind the couch instead of sitting between us, but I soon saw the method in his madness. Somehow, when I was busy looking at the screen and getting turned on by the action, he had discarded his drink, and now he moved slightly in Yasmine’s direction and slipped his hands down over her shoulders to brush briefly over her breasts and nipples. Yasmine’s whole body jumped and I saw her glance quickly in my direction, to see if I’d noticed. I kept my eyes firmly on the screen, pretending not to have seen anything, and instead of brushing his hands away, or saying anything, Yasmine seemed to fold back into the couch and close her eyes with a slight sigh.

Then Daddy was leaning over her, brushing his lips along her neck and cheeks, and Yasmine tilted and turned her head slightly so he could also brush over her lips. His hands were now cupping and stroking her breasts quite firmly, and her nipples were almost bursting from her top, and I was getting wetter and wetter from watching it from the corner of my eyes. Then I wasn’t looking from the corner of my eyes anymore, I was turned and staring directly, because daddy had lifted Yasmine’s loose T Shirt right up and revealed her breasts in all their naked glory, and they were mouthwateringly beautiful!

Although we’d been friends a number of years, I’d never seen her naked or even partially naked, and I was surprised at the hotness that was rising in me as I stared at her breasts and at Daddy fondling them. They were firm and high, with delicious large red nipples, and it was clear that she didn’t really need a bra at all. I found my hand coming up to cup my own breasts, almost comparing their size, and I knew I was smaller, but not by much. And then to my own astonishment – and to Yasmine’s too – I shifted my hand and reached out and cupped it around the breast that daddy had just released.

Yasmine’s eyes shot wide open and her head jerked over to look at me, and for a moment I thought she was going to grab my hand and push it away, instead, a slight shiver ran through her body and her tongue again came out and brushed across her lips. Daddy was watching all this, one hand holding up Yasmine’s top and one fondling her other breast, and he smiled hotly at me. Then he leaned down and whispered something quietly porno 92 in Yasmine’s ear, and I saw her swallow the dryness in her throat and nod slightly. Then she lifted both arms, careful not to dislodge the hand I had on her breast, and daddy lifted the T Shirt up and away from her body.

Instead of simply discarding the T Shirt, daddy carried it around the front of the couch and placed it carefully on a chair, then turned and moved over in front of Yasmine and raised his hands to take his own top off and place it with hers. Video forgotten now, we both watched as he undid his belt, unzipped his trousers and eased them to the floor, taking his pants with them, so that when he stepped out of them and straightened up he was completely naked and totally rampant!

There was a loud gasp from Yasmine as she saw his massive cock for the first time, then she quickly looked at me to see how I was reacting. I grinned at her hotly, and as she looked I reached down and took the hem of my half top and lifted it over my head to let my hard swollen breasts out in the open, and her eyes widened in surprise, then darted to daddy to see how he was reacting.

Daddy was looking at me and grinning equally hotly, and his massive cock was throbbing and bobbing wildly “Yes Baby” he said with a certain degree of hot passion in his voice, “Take off your clothes, be naked for daddy” then he turned and smiled hotly at her too, “And you Yasmine, please take off those shorts, I want to see you totally naked, I want to enjoy your sexy body, or perhaps you’d rather I did it?”

And he dropped to his knees in front of Yasmine and began to unhook and unzip her shorts and ease them off. Yasmine seemed frozen in place, unable to move, except for her eyes which were darting backwards and forwards between me and daddy, watching me strip my skirt off and daddy strip her shorts off. And her lush breasts, they were moving too, heaving up and down as her breathing became faster and more ragged. Mmmm they looked sensational!

Quickly, Yasmine was totally naked and daddy eased her ass cheeks forward slightly on the couch and parted her legs, then leaned forward and pressed his lips to her sopping wet Pussy, and a cry came from her as her body jerked and jumped. Then his tongue slid into her, lashing, lightly her swollen clit and her body began to respond. Her eyes half closed and little gasps came from her as her ass cheeks writhed and lifted to press her pussy harder into daddy’s face, and he licked and sucked at her juicy pussy.

All this was really turning me on, and I knew I just had to get involved, so I knelt on the couch beside Yasmine and leaned down to suck one of her hard nipples into my mouth, and she arched and screamed, and her hand came up to clutch my hair, but not to push me away, to press my face even more firmly into her breasts. God, I’d never sucked a woman’s tits before, it was an amazingly erotic experience, feeling the throb and pulse of her nipples, and my own body started to throb in unison. I ran my lips and tongue all around her firm breasts and she continued to moan, and I could hear the slurping as daddy really sucked on her pussy and clitoris, lapping up the juices that were pouring from her as small orgasms spun through her body.

Then her hand left my head and I felt it brush against my breast, then cup and fondle it, and a spasm of pleasure raced through me. She was moaning loudly now, “Mmm, yes Aysha, suck my hot tits, Oh God, Daniel, suck my hot pussy, so good, so good” and both of us sucked harder, and her body jumped and jerked. Then I felt the light touch of daddy’s hand and I knew he was ready to take things further, so I lifted my lips up from her breasts and replaced them with my stroking hand as daddy lifted to his knees and leaned forward to rub the head of his massive cock against her pussy, her eyes flew wide and she glanced down, “Oh yes Daniel, fill me up, fill me with your hot cock, fuck me, fuck me, please” and her body was wracked with a series of shudders and shivers.

Slowly, ever so slowly, daddy slid his cock into her writhing pussy, and I watched with fascination and excitement as the whole length of it disappeared into her welcoming pussy, her ass lifting to greet him, her hips twisting and turning qiqitv porno as he thrust deeper and deeper, “Oh yes, oh god yes, fuck me Daniel, fuck me” she almost screamed out, and I could feel the fire raging inside my own pussy, it was as if I was being fucked too, and my hand dropped and my fingers slid into my own pussy, keeping time with the thrusting of daddy’s cock.

Now he was increasing the tempo, thrusting harder and deeper, and Yasmine was going wild, and I found myself urging him on, “Yes, daddy, yes, fuck Yasmine good, fuck Yasmine hard, fuck her”, suddenly one of his hands reached out and darted between my legs, displacing my fingers, and he was finger fucking me frantically as he cock fucked Yasmine, and my body was bouncing and writhing on the couch too. I leaned forward and pressed my lips to Yasmine’s and rammed my tongue between her lips, kissing her deeply and passionately, and she was responding wildly. My hands were clutching her breasts, squeezing hard and she was bucking and heaving, and daddy was ramming his big cock deep and hard into her steaming pussy.

Then I heard daddy cry out, “Cum with me Yasmine, cum with me, I’m gonna shoot my load into your hot, tight pussy, I’m gonna fuck you good, shoot my juices up your cunt, I’m Cumming Yasmine, I’m CUUUUUMMMMMIIIING!”

I pulled my lips from Yasmine and watched daddy ram his cock deep then hold it there as shudder after shudder ran through him and I knew he was spewing his cum juice deep inside her, and my pussy exploded in sympathy as his fingers frantically worked my swollen clit. Yasmine herself had arched and momentarily frozen in that position as his juices shot into her pussy, then collapsed into a shuddering, juddering heap as a massive orgasm threatened to send her into oblivion. Daddy kept ramming his cock into Yasmine and I could see some of his cock juice seeping from her pussy as she arched upwards again and again, screaming wildly and incoherently, and I was feeling excitement like never before, god it was everything I thought it would be and more watching them fuck, and I wondered briefly if it would be as exciting being fucked while Yasmine watched me, Mmmm, I couldn’t wait to find out.

As daddy’s cock gradually softened he pulled back from Yasmine and slid from her pussy, his cock coated with a mixture of his own juices and Yasmine’s, and I slid off the couch and took his cock into my mouth and quickly licked and lapped those juices off him, Mmm they tasted so good, then as he slumped back somewhat exhausted, I saw Yasmine’s wide open pussy just a few inches away, still oozing juices, so I leaned forward and began to lick her clean too, wow, I was tasting my first pussy – and loving it!

Yasmine seemed to love it too, as her body went into another series of small shudders, and her hand came down to my head once again and pressed me closer, and I heard her murmur softly, “Oh yes Aysha, don’t stop, I’ve wanted this so long, wanted your lips on my pussy” I was surprised and incredibly excited by her words and slid my tongue deeper into her pussy, touching and teasing her clit as I scooped out the mountain of cum that daddy had deposited, and she suddenly cried out again and exploded, and I felt her hot juices splash onto my face, and incredibly, I came too, my body shaking and shuddering uncontrollably.

The rest of the night was absolutely incredible, as soon as we’d all recovered from that first bout of lovemaking, daddy and Yasmine combined to make love to me, and it was even better than I’d imagined. The momentary look of shock as Yasmine realized that I was going to take daddy’s big cock into my pussy, then the hot, hot look in her eyes as she joined in lifted me right up to a new level of ecstasy, and their lips, tongues, hands, and of course daddy’s gorgeous cock combined to keep me up there as I exploded into orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

Then daddy fucked Yasmine some more, and me some more, and Yasmine and I made a meal of each other’s tits and pussies, and the whole night became a blur of fantastic sex, quite the best I’d ever known, and even daddy admitted he hadn’t known better. Then all three of us sat around the breakfast table and plotted the seduction of Carla, Mmmm was she in for a surprise! One hungry, horny man and two hungry horny women were all determined to give her a night she would never forget either. Just thinking and talking about it excited all three of us again, so Yasmine’s departure was delayed a further half day as we did the only thing possible – each other!

To Be Continued…

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