Ayaan The Somali Cleaning Lass

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I am definitely going to have to wash that new Hijab after my boo Adam Stephens got cum all over it when he came. Seriously, I wish the cute biracial brother I love so much had more self-control. To be fair, I was sucking his dick something fierce, and I know he can’t resist me when I stick my fingers up his butt while going down on him. So the whole thing is at least partially my fault, I guess.

After I finished polishing his dick with my mouth, Adam pulled me on top of him and wrapped his strong, manly arms around me. We kissed passionately and Adam thrust his long and thick manhood into my cunt. I gasped as he entered me, welcoming this most wonderful of intrusions. Adam knows how to pleasure a woman, let me tell you.

Smacking my thick Somali rump playfully, Adam buried his dick in my pussy. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and began rocking as I rode him. Hard and fast we went at it, making love with a deep urgency. Our screams of pleasure filled the apartment, and I cried out Adam’s name in the guttural Somali tongue, the age-old language of my people.

Adam put me on all fours, and fucked me like this. Doggy style is honestly my favorite position, and when Adam yanked off my Hijab, grabbed my hair and started pulling on it while slamming his dick into my cunt, I howled in pleasure like a crazy woman. Escort Bahçeşehir I squealed for Adam to fuck me harder, and did he ever! Afterwards, we lay side by side on the bed, holding hands and smiling. It was a good day and a good lay.

My name is Ayaan Ismail, a young Somali-Canadian Muslim woman living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I’m head over heels in love with a tall, sinfully sexy brother named Adam Stephens. He’s of Afro-Caribbean and European descent, and I am one hundred percent Somali. I am Muslim and my boo is a lapsed Christian but we’re happy together and choose to focus on our love for each other, rather than our cultural and religious differences.

Adam and I recently returned from our holiday in the City of Montreal, Quebec, and let me tell you, we had lots of fun in Canada’s most romantic metropolis. We got back to Ottawa, the most boring city known to man, but that’s okay because we had our fun. I returned to Algonquin College, where I’m studying and Adam returned to the university where we met. I’m part of the overnight cleaning crew there.

The other night, something happened. I always knew that one day, our romance might be discovered. I’m pretty sure the university administration might frown upon having a young woman from the cleaning crew dating Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan one of the male students, that’s part of the reason why Adam and I kept our relationship a secret. The other reason? I am a Somali woman, and Adam is definitely NOT a Somali man. The brother’s not even Muslim. If my family were to find out, I’d be deader than Disco.

As much as I love my Muslim faith, certain aspects of it irk me. Like the fact that Muslim guys can date and marry women of any faith but us Muslim girls must limit ourselves only to Muslim men. When a Muslim gal dares to break that rule and cross the religious line in the name of love, her life is forfeit. Trust me, most Muslims will abide by this rule, even though a few will admit that it’s unfair.

Still, there are times when pretending not to love someone hurts so much that I’d risk life itself not to have to go through that sort of pain. My first night back at work, something happened. I was walking through the atrium, on my way to the cleaners bureau in an adjacent building when guess who I ran into? Adam, on his way back to his dorm after spending the afternoon studying in the library.

There we were, lovebirds, surrounded by our respective peoples. I was with my friends Ibrahim and Nadia, who are part of the university Bahçeşehir Escort cleaning crew, and Adam was walking with a couple of his male friends. Our eyes met, and I swear, everything in me wanted to go to him. Adam saw me too, and for a moment, he froze. I smiled at him and nodded, and after a brief hesitation, Adam did the same.

My heart winced, but I kept on walking. I told myself that it was for the greater good. That didn’t make the hurt go away, nor did it lessen the pain I felt in my chest. I briefly looked at Adam as he headed down the hall, and I caught him looking back at me. I waved, and he smiled and did the same. I hurried up to catch up with Ibrahim and Nadia, and when my colleagues asked me if everything was okay, I just smiled and nodded.

Seriously, this secrecy business is killing me. I am not ashamed of my love for Adam Stephens, the young Christian man who stole my heart and brought life into my otherwise dreary existence. Sometimes, I want to shout my love for him from the mountaintops. Adam makes me happy, and treats me better than any man I’ve ever known. What do I mean by that? Adam makes me feel alive, loved and protected. What more could any woman ask for?

The brother is speaking of taking me to the small Ontario town where he was born and introduce me to his parents. I am so not ready for any of that, but I am touched that Adam considers me worthy of such an honor. Adam is serious about me, and that excites me more than I can explain, seriously. I am proud to be with Adam and I will be by his side no matter what. Of course, this might get me killed by family but it’s the price we pay for the chemistry.

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