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To say I was out looking for someone would be a lie, yet what I found changed my life forever….

I had only been on Aol for a while and one night, while in a chat room, I began talking to a stranger, as the night turned into early morning, I realized we had been talking for hours about anything and everything, we had so much in common, our likes and dislikes, our hopes and dreams, and even our desires.

Online conversations led to phone conversations, and within 6 weeks we had set a date to meet. My friend drove me to the town we were meeting at, since for all I knew he could have been an axe murderer, waiting to chop me up, but deep down I knew this felt right.

We pulled up to the hotel, and there he was with such a friendly smile, I did my best to hide my anxiety as did he. We made small talk on the way to the hotel room, he unlocked the door and as soon as we stepped in and shut the door, he sat my bag down, took my coat off, and took me in his embrace.

He held me in his arms for what seemed like an hour, in reality it was only a few minutes, but it was long enough for me to realize, he was real. This wasn’t a man I had invented in my lonely mind, he was true, genuine, and he was holding me.

He looked into my eyes, we both knew this was right, and he gently kissed me, washing away all my fears, and at that moment I knew for certain, I was inlove with him.

After a few minutes of kissing, my legs were shaking from excitement and anticipation, I sat down on the bed and he sat next to me. We continued to kiss, as our bodies were turned to one another, I began to lie back on the bed.

We had talked of his job in our many conversations before and I loved the fact that he wore a dress shirt and tie everyday, so on this day he wore jeans, a blue dress shirt that complimented his eyes, and a tie. I began to loosen his tie and as i slid it from around his neck, I let the material graze my lips as i let it fall on the bed next to me. I had worn a chocolate brown satin blouse and brown jeans, and it wasn’t long before we were unbuttoning each others shirts.

What began as a sweet hug and romantic kiss was quickly heating up from our anticipation of this day mixed with pent up desires I had only recently become aware that I had held back for so long. This man had the most gentle touch and a sincerity to him that I knew he shared my feelings. There was nothing I could have done if I wanted to stop this, my body took over and I completely surrendered myself to this stranger who knew my most intimate desires and intended on exploring them.

As he unbuttoned my blouse and began softly caressing my breasts through my bra my fingers were busy finishing unbuttoning casino siteleri his shirt, our fingers began to explore, my hands slid down his chest to his stomach and back up again, feeling the smooth skin mixed with the warmth his body was giving off. He traced circles around my breasts from the base to my nipples, which were completely erect and aroused from his touch.

A few minutes went by and my desires were getting the best of me, I pushed him back on the bed and began unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his jeans. My hands slid over his cock through his pants, God he was so hard, I couldn’t wait to free his cock from these clothes. I slid his pants off and underwear, tossing them aside, I bent down to once again kiss his soft lips. Our tongues explored each others mouths in deep passionate kisses, I paused to sit up and take my blouse the rest of the way off.

I unhooked my bra freeing my breasts from the constricting material as I saw a pleasing grin on his face as he saw the only thing I had on from the waist up was my gold necklace that now dangled between my breasts. He reached up and his hands began to caress and massage my breasts, my head went back as a moan softly escaped my lips.

His petting became deep, massaging touches as I felt him squeeze my breasts, pausing to let my hard nipples graze over the palms of his hands. I placed my hands over his and began squeezing his hands harder over my breasts, I leaned down for another delicious kiss, pressing my breasts against his chest.

Any lady-like resistance had gone out the window as I began to kiss down his neck to his chest, making a wet trail of my mouth as I kissed, licked and sucked my way to his nipples, taking turns between each one, I licked in circles around his nipples. Slowly sliding my tongue around them before I began sucking on them, hearing him softly moan, my desires intensified as i began nibbling on them, grazing my teeth over them, completely devouring them as I felt his hands in my hair pressing me against his chest.

I continued my trail down his stomach to his cock, how long I had imagined what this moment would be like, I slid my hands over his hard cock, feeling every inch slide through my fingers, he was a good nine inches, thinking to myself, “how was I going to get this into my mouth”, but I was determined to taste him.

I slid down his body until I was between his legs, I squeezed his cock hard in my hands, feeling it pulsate against my gripping fingers. I heard the sound of his precum forming on the head of his cock and I guided his cock to my mouth, tracing my lips with his precum, then sliding his cock past my lips to my begging tongue.

I began slowly sucking up and down his slot oyna cock, pausing to lick the underside from the base to the tip, causing such erotic moaning from him, I was determined to continue. Feeling myself becoming completely wet from giving him pleasure, I once again slid his cock into my mouth using my hand on the base of it to stroke him in rhythim of my sucking, I loved how his body was reacting to this. I felt his hands in my long blonde hair moving it to the side as I looked up and saw him watching, my pussy began to throb as I was getting so turned on by him watching me sucking and stroking on his beautiful cock. I continued stroking as my other hand began massaging his balls, my lips lowering to lick and kiss them before taking them into my mouth and rolling them over my tongue.

I was milking his cock harder and harder, his moans coming faster now, I knew it wouldn’t be much longer, I grasped his cock between my lips and sucked long and hard as my hand stroked harder and faster in circular motions up and down his length.

I locked my eyes with his and watched as his body tightened and he exploded into orgasm. When his body had finally began to relax and his breathing had begun to slow, he reached for me, kissing me so passionately and whispered, “now it’s your turn!”.

He laid me back on the bed and unbuttoned my pants sliding them down my thighs as he seemed to be watching every inch of my body being unveiled before him, he quickly tossed them aside and began sliding my panties down before tossing them on the pile of clothing in the floor. He laid next to me kissing me so gently, so passionately as his hand began sliding down my stomach, down my thigh, before pausing to press my thighs apart.

The sensation of his hot hand on the inside of my thigh, sent chills through my body as a moan escaped my lips. He slid his fingers over the mound of dark hair and began tracing the lips of my pussy. God he had such great fingers, his touch so soft and gentle and yet so erotic. He ran the tip of his index finger over my clit and began gently massaging it with his index finger and thumb sending me into deep moans of pleasure.

He continued kissing me as his fingers slid down past my clit to where the wetness was overflowing and slid one finger then two deep into my pussy. I gasped with pleasure as he continued to slide his fingers in and out of my wet, wanting pussy. My body began to rock against his fingers, my back began to arch, my head back as my eyes rolled back in such ecstacy as I felt the hot waves of cumming crashing through my body causing my thighs to shake and my pussy to contract back and forth against his fingers, all the while his mouth covering mine swallowing canlı casino siteleri my intense moans that escaped into his mouth.

My orgasm was the most intense pleasure I had ever experienced, and it left me with wanting more and more.

My hand began to squeeze his cock once more, finding it already incredibly hard again, as I felt him slide his thigh between mine, pressing it hard against my wet swollen pussy, driving me insane before sliding his other thigh between mine, spreading my legs open even farther.

I wanted him inside me, I needed to feel him slide his cock deep into my pussy. He leaned down to kiss me so passionately as I felt the head of his cock begin to slide over my clit, I reached down and squeezed the base of his cock, guiding the head of it into my wet wanting pussy. Feeling him slide his head just inside me,I couldn’t contain my moaning, and as he slid each inch deeper and deeper inside me, I instinctively wrapped my legs around him, driving him completely inside me, the head of his cock pressing against my flower.

He began sliding in and out of my pussy and soon my movements were meeting his, my mouth sucking on his nipples as my hands squeezed his ass to pull him so deep inside me. Our hips began thrusting toward one another, our bodies clapping as our sensual love making had turned into primal fucking.

My body was grabbing, griping his tightly, pulling him deeper, harder inside me, as he was thrusting so hard into my pussy, giving me every inch of his cock deep inside me. Our bodies glistened with perspiration as we no longer were two strangers meeting but instead we were one being of two people melted together in pleasure, passion, desire and love.

I began to feel his body start to tighten as I was at the edge of another earthmoving orgasm, this sealed my fate as my body surrendered to the sweet contractions of another orgasm, causing my pussy to tighten and release again and again against his cock until he could no longer hold back as he filled me with his warm cum, his cock throbbing, pulsating with every spurt until my pussy had milked every last drop from him. We collapsed in each others arms, trying to catch our breath, as we softly kissed and enjoyed the after glows of our love making.

Our day together lasted seven hours, four orgasms later, my friend came to pick me up. She didn’t have to even ask, she said it was written all over my face.

My encounter with this stranger would be the first of many we would share over the course of the next four years, everytime meeting and exceeding the last one, our love has grown to a place of completeness and our desires, well just when you think you have met them all, we come up with more and more ideas to send each other over the edge again and again, and who would have thought that a lonely night in a chat room so long ago would lead to such awakenings in my body, heart and soul, I have truely found my soulmate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32