Awakening Submission

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This story contains dominance/submission, spanking, deep throating, punishment, voyeurism, rough, hawt sex and a little pussy punishment. If any of these fetishes turn you off then I am not the one you want to be reading 😉

For everyone else, may you get as hot and bothered reading this as I did writing it 🙂


Glancing at his watch, Nathan quickly factored in the time zone, determining that she would most likely be home as it was the weekend. He felt his heart start to beat a bit faster as he logged onto his laptop, signing into the social media site they always used. Smiling, he tapped out a greeting and sat back to wait.

How’s it going baby girl?

The screen stayed dormant for what felt like an eternity and then finally a little tick appeared at the bottom of his message telling him it had been read. He smiled and leaned forward, waiting for her response.

‘Hey Nathan! I’m good. How’s you?’

Great! Bit tired as I worked out at the gym this morning but apart from that, not bad. Where have you been the last couple of day? I’ve missed you.

‘Oh I had something urgent that I had to do. It took up all my time so I couldn’t get online. Sorry I wasn’t able to check in with you.’

He frowned, staring at the screen. It wasn’t like Julianne to be so mysterious about her activities. He was instantly concerned about her evasiveness.

Everything okay, Jules? What was so urgent?

‘Uhm, I’m not sure if you’re going to like it or not. I’m a bit afraid to tell you.’

Nathan’s frown deepened and he started to feel uneasy. They lived miles apart and had been talking for a long time. He liked Julianne a lot…hell if he was truthful about it he had even fantasised about her even though they talked just as friends. They did flirt a little in an offhand manner but their relationship couldn’t be classed as anything serious, not like his mates’ sexed up girls online.

Now she was being reticent with him and it made him wonder if maybe she had met someone and didn’t want to tell him in case it would upset him. It was the only thing he could think of that would explain her current mood.

He sat back and considered his response. Would he be upset if she’d hooked up with a guy? The answer to that was yes. Though he hadn’t made any moves on her he did consider her as his. His what? he had no idea, but he was very territorial where she was concerned.

‘Nate? Are you still there?’

Yeah I’m here Jules. What is it you want to tell me? You know you can talk to me about anything, Princess. There’s no need to be afraid of me. I’ve never done anything to hurt you before, have I?

It was the hardest thing he had typed, his emotions not in sync with the words he sent. Damn, if she started going on about some douche she was head over heels with he would have to sign off until he got himself under control.

Waiting for her to reply seemed to take forever. Nathan knew she’d read his last message but the clock ticked around minute by minute until it was 8 minutes since she’d read his message and no response. The screen suddenly scrolled up and her words flowed across the screen…

‘Uhm… I’m here, Nate. I’m sitting in a hotel room right now writing to you. I’ve sent you an email. Go check.’

Nathan blinked stupidly at the screen for a moment as her words seeped in. She was here? In Michigan? Really?

Quickly opening up his email he saw her mail and clicked open the jpg attachment. It was a shot of one of the local hotels, less than 10 minutes from where he lived. She really was here! And she hadn’t breathed a word about coming over. His heart was thumping painfully, excitement starting to kick in as well as a bit of annoyance that she’d kept him in the dark.

Why hadn’t she told him? He would have met her from the airport and made sure she was safe. It could be a bit rough sometimes around his way. She could have been hurt. Sucking in a deep breath, he decided what he was going to do and quickly typed out a message before closing down his laptop.

Stay where you are. I’m on my way.

That would get her worried. He was smiling as he grabbed his car keys and repositioned his semi-hard cock in his cammo pants. Just hearing she was so close was enough to get him worked up. He had no idea what was going to happen when they met face to face but he knew what he wanted to happen. Just the thought of it being a possibility was enough to make the short drive to the hotel uncomfortable.

Nathan was there and at her room door in under a quarter of an hour. Nerves kicked in as he hesitated before knocking. Would she like what she saw? He didn’t have the prettiest of faces but he worked out daily and had a well-muscled physique. The ladies liked his body so he was never short of a willing bed partner. Would Julianne like it though, that was the question.

Breathing in, he rapped hard on the door and waited for it to swing open. When it did, he had to slowly bahis siteleri let out his breath as the woman he’d been speaking to for months slowly came into view. His first thought was she was tiny, barely five feet tall. He was a strong man and she looked as if he could snap her in two she appeared so fragile.

But, Lord, was she beautiful. He knew beauty was in the eyes of the beholder and some may find Julianne a bit plain but to his eyes, she was stunning and that was all that mattered. Her deep auburn hair was loose and hanging around her shoulders. She was wearing a deep purple gypsy type skirt with a pale lavender button down sweater. Her pretty blue eyes were appraising him as thoroughly as he was her, and she didn’t appear disappointed, more concerned.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” Nathan entered the hotel room, pressing Julianne back so he could close and lock the door behind them. His dominance appeared to surprise her and she actually stammered as she replied.

“I…uhm…I wanted to surprise you.”

Her accent was just adorable and he breathed in deeply as the soft lilt washed over him and his cock stood to attention. Fuck, he was in trouble. She sure as hell better have come here for the same reason he hoped she was.

“Why did you come?” Again, his words came out sounding dominant and he was almost as surprised as she was.

“Uhm…because I wanted to see you.”

She tucked her hair nervously behind her ear and it was the cutest darned thing he had ever seen. Nathan wanted to reach for her and touch her hair but her sudden appearance in the flesh had caught him off guard and he was acting out of character. The strange thing was he could see a flash of excitement in Julianne’s eyes every time he barked out a question. Did she like it? He decided to test his hypothesis.

“You’ve been a very naughty girl, Julianne. You kept a secret from me and that’s the same as lying in my book. What do you think I should do about that?”

Another flicker of excitement across her face, her plump bottom lip trembling as his words filled the air. She did like it. He was starting to scent that heavenly musky scent of a woman who was turned on.

“I don’t know, Nathan,” Julianne answered breathily, her beautiful eyes fixating on his face.

It was all he needed, reading her body language and the husky tone entering her voice. His baby girl had come here to be with him in just the way he wanted to be with her. His cock flexed in his boxer briefs and hardened even further.

“Just as well I do,” he answered, snapping open his cammo pants end stepping out of them. His boxer briefs followed swiftly as did his boots, socks and T-shirt until he was naked. Julianne’s expression was a mix of shocked surprise laced with a healthy dose of lust. She clearly like the view and his cock danced under the heat of her gaze.

“Come closer, Julianne.”

She did as he bade, coming to stand in front of him. Nathan wanted to bend her over and gift her a good shafting but he also wanted to take his time and that meant he needed to empty his balls fast.

“On your knees,” he ordered, giving in to the urge to fist a hand in her glorious hair as she obediently knelt. “I was going to punish you by giving your butt a good spanking but instead I think I’ll use your pretty little mouth to bring me off. Open your mouth, baby girl.”

He tugged her head back until her mouth was wide open, hot air laving his aching cock. She looked so beautiful, sitting on her knees, fully dressed as he brushed his cock again her lips slowly. It was hard not to groan as her tongue snaked out and danced against the side of his shaft. He was ready to blow already and he hadn’t been inside her hot mouth yet.

With another groan, he grabbed the base of his cock and fed it into her waiting mouth. Hot, wet lips enclosed his engorged flesh and he groaned and jerked, pressing more of his cock inside. Julianne clamped down and sucked hard, taking him as deep as she could. When she stopped accepting him, he pressed in further, the tip of his shaft brushing the back of her throat and causing her to make a gurgling noise.

It was so damned hot he wanted to hear it again so he pulled out and surged forward as hard as he could, holding her head pinned to his body as he tried to fit all of his cock inside. She choked and struggled a bit so he eased out and quickly checked her face as he slapped the head of his shaft playfully against her parted lips.

Nathan thought he would come on the spot from the expression of lust on Julianne’s face. He’d been worried he was being a bit too rough with her but she appeared to love having him force his cock into her mouth as hard as he could. It was the most erotic thing he had ever seen and he slapped his dick against her lips one more time before he thrust slowly into her mouth once more.

He took his time, his eyes never leaving hers, as he pressed deeper and deeper. He could see the point canlı bahis siteleri it became a bit uncomfortable, but he pressed on until he was brushing the back of her throat again. Julianne’s lust filled eyes watered slightly as he kept pressing, kept pushing his cock deeper until she suddenly swallowed and he slid down her throat with the movement.

Nathan’s knees shook as fire raced through his veins. His dick was lodged down the cutest girl’s small throat and it was being clamped so hard it was the most incredible feeling. He didn’t want it to end but he knew she wouldn’t be able to breath with him down there so he pulled back reluctantly, savouring as much of the moment as he could. No woman had ever blown him the way his baby girl was. It was fucking incredible what she could do with her mouth and throat.

“I’m gonna fuck your mouth real hard now, Julianne. You’re going to be a good girl and take every inch of my meat. When I cum you’re going to drink every single drop I give you. No spitting, only swallowing. Are we clear on that? If you think you can’t do this then tell me now and I’ll get dressed and walk right out of here and you can go back home.”

He had no intention of leaving but it seemed a fitting thing to say in the circumstances. Julianne’s nod of understanding meant she was happy to go along with the game they were playing. Wow, he’d had no idea of the fire his baby girl had deep inside her. Never in a million years had he dreamed that she would be submissively on her knees choking on his dick and loving every moment of it. The girl was just perfect!

His lust rose up as he stared down into wide blue eyes with an even wider open mouth. With a growl, he tightened his fist in her luxurious hair and brought his other hand to her chin, positioning her to receive his aching cock which was drooling pre-cum. Nathan surged deep, hitting the back of her throat and coming back out quickly. He held Julianne’s head still and began bucking fast into her mouth, fucking her hard and fast, hearing her choke with each hard push.

It felt fucking amazing and sounded fucking amazing. She was his to do with as he pleased and it pleased him to use her mouth like a whore’s pussy, thrusting in and out over and over as she gagged and dug her nails into his straining thighs. She would mark him and he loved that. Every time he stripped naked and saw those marks, he’d relive this moment of his dick sawing in and out of her mouth until his balls erupted and she was drinking down his thick, hot juice.

The pressure was building and he knew he was about to erupt. Panting and groaning, he forced his dick down her throat and jerked convulsively against her face as his seed splash down her throat. Nathan groaned again, pleasure washing through him as he pulled back so he could let go the next load inside her mouth.

“Drink it, baby girl. Drink every drop.”

The sight of Julianne’s head bobbing on his cock, her throat working to swallow everything he gave her was so erotic he shot a couple of extra squirts into her eager mouth, before he slowly eased himself away. His semi-hard cock was wet and glistening in the sunlight coming through the unadorned window.

As he worked to calm his breathing an idea formed that was so off base from what he would normally do that he was amazed it came into his mind. As soon as it did, he felt a rush of excitement.

“That was very good, Julianne,” he said softly, changing tack and gently stroking her hair as she still knelt before him. “I feel that you’ve almost made amends for your deceit but not quite. Do you want to continue to make amends?”

“Yes, Nathan.”

Her soft lilt was even huskier than before, probably due to having his dick rammed down her throat. Looking down, Nathan could see the crescent shaped cuts on his thighs where her nails had dug in. It hurt a bit but it was a delicious kind of hurt and it made his cock stir again.

“Good girl. I want you to take everything off from the bottom but leave your top on. Then I want you to walk over to the window, look out and spread your legs.”

Julianne blinked at him and looked at the window, starting to frown when she noticed how low down it was. Even at her small height, if she did what he asked her to do, her pussy would be visible to anyone who chose to look upwards. She appeared to consider it for a moment before she stood and stripped off her skirt and panties and walked towards the window.

Nathan’s eager eyes took in the neatly trimmed V between her thighs and her perfect heart shaped ass as she did as he asked. His cock immediately sprang to life again and he was so grateful that he was such a horn dog and recovered quickly from orgasms. He was itching to slide his dick deep inside Julianne’s pussy but he was going to have some fun first.

“Good girl, spread your legs nice and wide now. We don’t want to hide that pretty little pussy do we?”

“Nate…” her voice came out sounding unsure and for a moment, canlı bahis he thought he’d maybe pushed her too far.

“If you want to stop all you have to do is say your name, baby girl.”

He held his breath as he waited for her to say it but she remained silent, spreading her legs for the entire town to see if they chose to. Not that the lane the window looked onto got much traffic at the best of times, but Julianne didn’t know that. Nathan knew he was being a bit wicked with her but it was exciting and despite that moment of hesitancy, he could smell Julianne’s. She was loving every moment.

Coming to stand behind her, Nate slid a large hand over her stomach and down between her legs. His middle finger parted her slick folds and stroked slowly up and down, giving special attention to her clit. Julianne moaned loudly and her thighs trembled at his touch. He knew she wouldn’t be able to remain standing for long so he slid his other arm around her chest to hold her up and began to stroke her with long, hard strokes.

“So wet, baby girl. Your pussy is soaking my fingers. Do you like being fingered in plain view of any passers-by? Does that make you wet, dirty girl?”

Her beautiful ass was rubbing against his cock as she jerked against his all-knowing fingers. He’d had many a girl tell him how talented he was with his hands and he used every single trick he knew to draw as much pleasure out of her as he could. Not many people knew it but he adored touching a woman’s skin. It didn’t have to be tits, pussy or ass, anywhere on a woman’s body got him rock hard. He just loved women and the one currently in his arms had him so hard again, he felt like he was going to burst.

She was so fucking sexy, her head resting on his shoulder as he rubbed her clit hard, setting up a rhythm that didn’t push her over the edge but teased her mercilessly. Julianne was shaking and moaning, soft pleas coming from her parted lips.

“That’s it, baby. Grind your pretty pussy onto my fingers. Make me wet, girl.”

The eroticism of his words seemed to send her into a frenzy. It was clear she was enjoying his dirty talk and the more she responded to it, the more her abandon turned him on. A movement from the corner of his eye alerted him to them being watched. One of the guys he’d gone to school with, Karl, was staring up with his mouth hanging open.

“Oops we have a voyeur enjoying the show, baby. Would you like me to stop?”

Julianne’s eyes flew open in shock and she stared down at the lanky, blond man whose gaze was riveted to her spread pussy. Karl was actually one of the better looking guys about town so he was easy on the eye for most women. Nathan didn’t think Julianne would find him unattractive so he picked up speed, rubbing her clit hard.

“Shall I stop, Julianne?” he asked again even though he knew the answer by the way she ground against his hand.

“Say it, baby. Say the words.”

“Oh God, don’t stop, Nate!” the words rushed out on a strangled moan and it broke the last of his self-control.

“Good slutty little girl. Time for your reward. Open your eyes and keep them firmly on Karl’s face while I give you a good fucking. Don’t look away, Julianne. If you do I swear I’ll stop.”

With a loud groan, Nathan rammed his cock deep into her soaking wet pussy, bracing her by the hips as her hands splayed across the window for support. She felt so fucking good wrapped around his cock, so tight and wet he had to steady himself before he could begin.

“I bet Karl’s dick is rock hard watching this. What do you think, baby? Tell him you want to see it.”

He had no idea why he said what he did but it brought another moan from Julianne and then she was gesturing towards the man outside. Nathan began thrusting in and out of Julianne’s fit body, amazed that she could accept all of him and that she was obeying him by keeping her gaze on Karl’s. Even more amazing was Karl had pulled out his stiff dick and was stroking it hard and fast in time to the fucking he was giving Julianne.

He must have been so turned on because the cold didn’t appear to be bothering him. Nathan couldn’t blame him. His cock was buried deep inside Julianne’s tight body and it felt amazing. It must be an amazing sight for any man to watch.

“Fuck, you’re such a dirty little slut, Julianne. Look at you, taking my cock in front of another man jacking off and loving every moment of it. Jeez, you are fucking perfect. Your pussy is so tight, so fucking hot.”

The only thing missing was seeing her breasts bouncing up and down. Nathan paused and pulled her back against his chest. “Undo the buttons on your top.”

She did so with alacrity, freeing her large breasts to the cold air, her light pink nipples hardening instantly. They were thick and long and so fucking perfect he wanted to be sucking on them but didn’t want to leave the tight cunt gripping him so tightly. Nathan rammed into her hard, growling his pleasure as her tits bounced with each surge into her body, up and down as he took her hard and fast. She was fucking glorious to look at and even better to fuck. He couldn’t remember a time with another woman being so good he didn’t want it to end.

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