Autumn’s Turn at the Window

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I had been caught, and the thought dumbfounded me. Had Autumn really seen me jerk off? Or had she just seen the sticky mess I had forgotten to wipe off my window and assumed so? Either way, I was red with embarrassment as I drove to work that morning. This girl had been in the neighborhood for less than a day and already she thought the guy next door was a pervert and a Peeping Tom.

Hell, I was a pervert and a Peeping Tom. But who could blame me? 18-year-old Autumn, with her flawless white skin, firm C-cup tits, and flaming red hair had been naked and fingering herself behind an open window. A window that just happened to be across from my bedroom window. I was horny and lonely. Any 18 year-old guy in my position would have done the same.

Although, maybe Autumn wasn’t blaming me.

I ran the events of last night through my mind. I entered my bedroom naked, without turning on the light. There was no way she could have seen me. Or at least I assumed so. Her window shades were open, and her room was dark. But then, thanks to the glow of the hardcore porn video she began watching, I got a view of her naked body as she masturbated. I never saw her look my way, but most of the time my eyes were locked on either her breasts as she played with her nipples, or on her pussy as she rubbed her clit.

Yeah, Autumn could have looked right at me and I would have never known. But even after her orgasm, she never shut the shades. And this little surprise she had left this morning–the Windex bottle with “Now it’s my turn” written across the front it–seemed more playful than intimidating. The shock of finding it led me to think it was to mean “I know what you did; now let’s see how you like losing your privacy, jerk”. But now I considered another possibility. Maybe, in some beautiful turn of luck, having me watch her actually excited her. And now Autumn wanted me to be the star of the show.

I was still a little embarrassed. Getting caught with your dick in your hand, spurting cum all over your window, is always going to do that to you. But I was even more excited. I played everything back through my head over and over, looking for all possible outcomes and finding the best one was most likely the right one.

Growing up was so hard for me. I looked normal–an average guy. Light brown hair, 6 feet tall with a strong but slim build. But I was always working, with no time for friends or parties. My one sexual experience before this had been a disappointment. But bağdatcaddesi escort now, with things looking to get only worse, they may have actually gotten infinitely better.

Work dragged that day. I was so busy that I didn’t even get a chance to go home for lunch. I desperately hoped Autumn would be there, in her room, when I finally got back to mine. The anticipation was unbearable. Yet, I was very apprehensive about what she apparently wanted me to do. I’d never played with myself in front of anyone before. Sure, I had done it in front of Autumn last night, but I didn’t know that at the time. And what if I was taking her message the wrong way? What if she was upset with me? The last thing to do in that case was to flaunt my dick out my window again. No. No, I was being paranoid. She wanted this. And so did I.

I got home late again. I rushed to my room and looked out the window. Autumn’s shades were still open, but her room was dark. Her door was open slightly, letting just enough light in to show that she was not there. Damn.

I took a shower, hoping to cool off. I could not get Autumn out of my mind. I was still prepared to do what I believed she wanted me to do, but more than anything I just wanted to see her again, if only a glimpse. I dried off quickly, not wanting to keep Autumn waiting if she had, in fact, returned.

Back in my room, still naked, I checked Autumn’s window again. It was still dark. “Dammit”, I said to myself. I was so nervous yet so ready for this. Then I noticed that something was different. Her door was no longer open. Her room was actually pitch black–I couldn’t see a thing. I peered closer, looking for any other clue. Then the window shades moved. It was subtle, but undeniable. Someone was there.

My dick started growing instantly. As terrified as I was about actually going through with this, the excitement overwhelmed me. It was dark in my room, so I moved to the wall to take the first big step–turning on the light. When I did, it seemed as though that bulb had grown in intensity by about 1000 watts. I felt so uncomfortable, being on such obvious display, with all privacy lost. I could feel her watching me, and my hands were actually shaking as I took hold of my growing erection and stepped back toward the window.

On my way there, I considered the fact that last night, to get a better view of Autumn’s naked body, I had stood on my desk chair. With the way I was now, my dick was just below beykoz escort the bottom edge of my window. For her to see me, either I had to stand at the far end of the room, or get back on that chair.

I opted for the chair.

Sure, it would have been more proper, I suppose, to do as she had and pretended that the person in the other window wasn’t there. But to be honest, anything else I could have done would have been a distraction. I felt a lot of pressure on myself. I had to be able to keep it up, to not get too nervous or to chicken out. I had to hope she admired me, my size, and what I was about to do. Besides, now I was standing on that chair, just as I did last night while watching Autumn fuck herself, then lick her fingers clean. And that thought was more erotic than any pornography in the world.

Still trembling, I began to work my hand up and down my shaft. I ran my free hand up across my stomach, to my chest, and lightly rubbed my nipples. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I was so nervous, my mind spinning, that my dick didn’t even seem to know that my hand was there. I felt myself losing control. I felt myself softening.

Then, looking down, I saw the thick streaks of my cum on the window that I had yet to clean up. At that moment, everything started coming back. I remembered Autumn’s breasts first. So pale and white and perfect, they danced on her chest as she gyrated on the bed. Her hand grasped her tits one at a time, massaging and squeezing them, the flesh bulging out between her fingers. She plucked at her nipples, long, erect, and pointing at the ceiling.

I started coming back. My dick was hardening again, and even my nipples were responding to my touch. I pulled and pinched them for a while longer, then slid my hand back down across my stomach. My other hand was still pumping away on my cock, going a little faster every second. I was very hard now, at my full 7 inches, and I closed my eyes in pleasure as I felt my balls swinging back and forth between my legs.

I pictured Autumn as she was last night, with her hand rubbing herself with such speed and delicacy. I tried to imagine what it must have felt like. Did her clit feel each and every finger as they slid over it, or did it only sense Autumn’s hand as a whole, moving back and forth, wet with her cum? I remembered Autumn’s ass lifting off the bed to meet three of her long, thin fingers as she slipped them into her wet cunt. She fucked those fingers so hard, caddebostan escort with such lust and passion.

My pre-cum began oozing out the tip of my dick, and I wasted no time in utilizing it. I wetted my hand with the slippery stuff and rubbed it all up and down my shaft. Now my fist was really moving on my cock, which only produced more pre-cum, getting me wetter, and wetter, slicker and slicker. My testicles felt so good swinging freely. They would hit my fingers as I stroked my dick, then bounce back and hit the spot right below my asshole. Over and over, at a rapid pace they repeated this. But then I grabbed them with my free hand and massaged them between my fingers. I held them tight, and the skin on my dick grew more taut. My hand was sliding up and down my slippery cock quickly and with ease.

Finally, I thought about Autumn as she grew close to orgasm last night. Her eyes were shut tightly, and thick strands of her curly, wet, red hair clung to her face. She was taking deep breaths, and a number of times she was either biting her bottom lip, or mouthing a lustful “fuck” to herself–I couldn’t be sure which. Then her mouth opened wide in ecstasy and she lifted her ass off the bed, bucking and fucking against those fingers. Her tits jiggled and her legs kicked at the bedcovers.

Suddenly, I felt my own wave of pleasure overtake me as I pumped my cum out of my balls and up my sticky, throbbing cock. I threw my head back and moaned, “Oh God!” as my body went into convulsions. I released my balls and continued stroking as fast as I could as the cum shot of out me, spraying the window exactly where I had hit it last night. I grabbed for the wall with my free hand, trying to balance myself as multiple strings of hot, thick, white cum spit out of me.

As I pumped myself empty, I caught a glimpse of Autumn’s window across the way. It was still dark, but suddenly a female hand hit the blinds hard and pressed flat against the glass. The suddenness of the movement caught me off guard, but it didn’t scare me. Still reeling from my orgasm, I felt a wave of excitement rush over me as I realized her hand on the window must have been the result of her own mind-blowing climax. Just as had I needed my wall for support, Autumn needed her window.

With cum dripping from my still hard cock, I waited to see if Autumn would show more of herself. Eventually, however, her hand disappeared, and only darkness remained. After a few moments I stepped off my chair and turned out the light. I cleaned myself up, then tended to the window, using the gift cleaner Autumn had left for me. Then, hoping the gesture would keep this little game going, I left the Windex bottle sitting on my windowsill, with the “Now it’s your turn” message facing Autumn’s room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32