Autumn by Marina Ch. 04

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Disclaimer: This chapter includes a section where the main character willingly undergoes an orchiectomy. At that point in the story, the main character’s reservations about transitioning are gone and wants this procedure as the next step in her journey to womanhood.


In the morning, we gave Stephanie a call because it was time for a checkup and it would be nice to catch up with her anyway. We met her for brunch. I picked a floral print dress to wear over my purple panties and a matching padded bra with white heels–it was late spring. Marina wore a black skater skirt and tight purple short sleeve top with a plunging neckline and black heels. Stephanie wore a burgundy pencil skirt and floral blouse with black heels.

After brunch, we went to her office for the checkup. All of my working out had caused me to lose 5 pounds! We also took my measurements and Stephanie was happy to see a slight increase in my bust and hips, and an inch off my waist. She then took a blood sample to see what my levels were and said she’d contact me if we need to change my dosages.

“I’ve been talking with one of my colleagues, and if you’re up for it she can fit you in for an orchiectomy…” Stephanie said as she was touching my scrotum.

“Is that what I think it is?” I asked.

Marina answered, “That’s where your testicles are removed.”

I had been looking this up over the past few weeks and knew a lot about it. The idea had been growing on me. But because I didn’t want to rely on the internet, I asked Stephanie to tell me more about it.

Stephanie explained, “There are a number of benefits. First, any drug we give you to reduce testosterone may have side effects, so you won’t need that without testicles. Second, it makes clothing easier to fit. Third, some people want to in order to make progress–full bottom surgery takes time to get on a surgeon’s schedule, but this is easier.”

“I’ve been reading about both the orchiectomy and full bottom surgery as I’ve learned more about all this.”

Marina commented, “That’s up to you. Take this whole process at your pace–I’m happy and proud that you’ve done what you’ve done. But if you’re sure you want to transition, this might be a good option and you can still think about doing more.”

“I thought you might be interested, so when my colleague said she had a cancellation, and considering how you have thought about this for a while, I thought I’d mention it,” Stephanie continued.

“Oh, I’m interested. I’ve been reading that full SRS can take a year or two to schedule, so maybe I should. I also definitely like the idea of only having to tuck one thing.”

Marina was biting her lip waiting for an answer so when I said, “Yes, let’s set it up” she immediately leaned over to me and gave me a long french kiss.

The cancellation for surgery was Friday, which worked out great because it would only be one day off from work. I could take it easy for the weekend and do light activity starting the next week. But it meant I had to change some plans to meet with the doctor on Tuesday.

Marina and I went to her office together. Her name was Sharon. For once, this was someone Marina didn’t know beforehand. Sharon was a fit and leggy, straight-haired brunette. She wore black pants and a black v-neck shirt under her white lab coat.

“Stephanie has told me all about you Autumn. I’m so glad you agreed to take this step!” She took a minute to get to know us then described the surgery in detail and answered our questions. “OK, I’m going to need to examine you, so if you’d undress and sit on the exam table. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Marina interjected, “Oh, you don’t have to go. Autumn’s not very shy.” Marina gave me a wink before Sharon was able to turn around. Marina helped me undress, fully naked. I think Sharon licked her lips as I undressed, but I wasn’t sure. My she-cock was limp, but without clothes I was a little cold so my nipples were hard on my breast buds.

Sharon grabbed my hand and led me to the table and helped me sit up and get in position. The table had retractable stirrups, so Sharon swiveled them out and put my feet in the supports. Fortunately, I had socks on.

Dr. Sharon put on her gloves and explained the procedure again, tracing with her finger where the incisions would go. When she was done, she again asked if I was sure I wanted this procedure. I told her I was, and we gave her the permission letter we got the day before from my therapist’s office.

“What is the recovery time like?” I asked.

“Usually you’ll want to take it easy for two days, then don’t do anything strenuous for two weeks, princess.”

My heart literally skipped. “Princess, I love that.”

We talked a little longer, but then thanked the doctor and headed home.

As soon as we got back to her place, Marina was all over me. “I’m so turned on by you taking this big step. I want you, now!” We shut the door and took each other’s tops and bras off. Then we took turns licking and kissing each other’s tits. She led me to the bedroom niğde escort where we pulled each other’s skirts and panties off.

Marina pushed me to the bed and said, “I’m going to fuck your natural strap-on, Autumn.” She straddled me and grabbed my she-cock, lining it up with her pussy.

I protested, “What about a condom?”

“No need. I’ve got a morning after pill and you may be sterile now anyway.” The next thing I knew I was inside her as she bounced up and down. Her boobs bounced in front of me. She rubbed mine and was smiling wickedly as she continued to ride. My stamina had been improving thanks to the estrogen. She was able to keep bouncing at a good pace, then her moans picked up. I moaned in response almost as a reflex. Her excitement reached its peak and she came. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock-let which caused me to fill her with my cum.

She purred, “Now Autumn… be a good girl and lick that mess up. Give some to me.” I immediately started to eat her out, scooping out our combined sex with my tongue, then moved up to kiss her. We kissed and shared our cum.

We followed that up with a shower together, changed into satin chemises we had bought the other day and fell asleep holding each other.

Wednesday evening I went to Amy’s spa for another session of laser hair removal. I entered and gave my name to her receptionist, but Amy was around the corner and immediately greeted me and walked me back to the room with the laser.

“No Marina today?” she asked as we walked.

“Nope, she had to catch up on some work.”

As she shut the door, “Well because I know she’s not the jealous type…” She gave me a big hug and kiss on the lips. We opened our mouths as we kissed we tongued each other. She put her hands on my butt as well.

After about two minutes of that she said, “I don’t want to go too far without telling her though. So let’s get on to business. Did you take a pain reliever?” I nodded and she sat me down and put the eye mask on me. We chatted as she zapped my face and neck with the laser about 200 times. Two hours later and she had done pretty much my entire body below my head too, just leaving a heart shaped pubic area.

While she was working, during breaks, I told her about the orchiectomy and she was impressed with how things were going. Amy said she was excited to see me each time and how pretty I was getting.

Amy helped me dress, and we kissed goodnight.


The rest of the week leading to Friday was more of the same.

Friday morning came–it was an early wake up. Be at the hospital by 7am, and I couldn’t eat and could only drink water starting at 9pm the night before. We decided I’d go as a woman. It seemed like it would be a better fit for the situation. I wore a floral print dress and we did my makeup. The second session of hair removal seemed to be working, but I still needed a close shave followed by some beard cover-up. Once ready, Marina drove me over to the hospital and I checked in, using the name Autumn.

The nurse, named Megan, called my name, so I said goodbye to Marina who gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. Then the nurse led me to a small room where I could change into the hospital gown. She took my height and weight again.

Doctor Sharon walked in and greeted me. Megan asked, “So Autumn, just to confirm, you’re here for an orchiectomy?”


“Wow, a big step to womanhood. I’m so proud of you sweetie,” said Megan.

“Thank you.”

Sharon put me at ease, “You’re looking great today Autumn. This procedure is easy and I don’t expect any complications. Any last minute questions?”

“Not really… two weeks recovery, right?”

“Yep, and this weekend stay in bed as much as possible.”

The anesthesiologist Ingrid came into the room and greeted me, so the doctor said goodbye to scrub up. She added that she’ll be there when I wake.

I was given an IV by the nurse and once that was set Ingrid added something to it to put me to sleep. They started wheeling my bed down the hall. Ingrid was facing me and asked me to start counting backwards from 100.

“100… 99… 98… 97… 96…” and I was out.

I was in the recovery room, being nudged awake by the nurse. I looked around and saw Marina holding my hand. The nurse Megan was on the other side of me and Doctor Sharon was sitting in front of me.

“Welcome back Princess!” Sharon said. “And that name is now more appropriate than ever. The procedure went perfectly. I don’t expect any complications. You should ice the area for 15 minutes every hour while you’re awake. Do you have any other questions?”

I wasn’t really thinking clearly, so I just nodded “No.”

Sharon said goodbye, and the nurse did some paperwork while Marina helped me take the gown off and put my dress back on. Marina got a glance at the surgery area and said, “I’m so happy for you Autumn” and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

The dress was a good idea. It was easy to put on without getting up. The nurse stepped out to finish ordu escort the release paperwork and returned 10 minutes later with a wheelchair. For legal reasons, they had to take me out using it. Marina ran ahead to bring the car to the curb.

Once home, we simply watched a marathon of a TV show and cuddled often for the weekend.


Monday morning I was a little sore, but took some Tylenol and walked a little more gingerly. I was still at Marina’s.

Once we dressed she looked at me and said, “Oh, babe, I think you’re going to want to wear a sports bra under your shirt or else people are going to start noticing…”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, your tits aren’t growing too much yet, but your nipples are big and puffy. That’s going to show, depending on how your shirt is hanging on you. The sports bra should help smooth them out a bit.”

I nodded, took off my shirt, got one of my sports bras, and put it on then put my shirt back on.

“Oh, and maybe it is time to start looping your boss in. Maybe Alex will notice or someone else will notice and tell him.”

“I’m not sure if I’m ready for that.”

“Trust me, if he finds out some other way he won’t appreciate it. If you tell him first he won’t be blind-sided and he’ll handle it better.”

So we left for work. After our morning meeting, I asked my manager Alex if he had a few minutes to talk about a personal issue I’m having. We found a conference room and I was honest.

“Alex, I don’t know if you’ve been noticing anything different about me over the past month…”

“Not really. I’ve sort of been busy fixing Stan’s work. He hasn’t been working out too well. I’ve spent a lot of time coaching him. I appreciate that you’ve been getting your work done on time and with quality.”

“Well, I’ve been going through a big personal–not crisis–but realization.”

“How can I help?”

“Just be understanding.”

“OK, lay it on me.”

“Well, I guess the only thing you might have noticed so far is that I’ve been wearing baggy tops. And there were a few days I was wearing clear nail polish. But I’m planning to get my ears pierced soon…”

“Uh huh.”

“And maybe in a couple months I’ll want to change my name and which wardrobe I wear to work.”

“So you’ve been thinking of transitioning, being female, and you’ve decided?”


“Luckily we’ve had some training for managers about this. I’ll support you any way you want me to.”

“For now, I just wanted to give you a heads up in case you’ve been noticing things or you will soon.”

With that we wrapped up our talk.

I had a lunch time appointment with Sharon to check on my surgery, meeting Marina there. Everything was fine, but Sharon wanted me to get a second follow up the following Monday just to be sure. That week flew by whether it was due to taking pain relievers every 6 hours, because my body was adjusting to its post-surgery state, or something else, I wasn’t sure. In any case, it was mostly a matter of going to work, then to Marina’s where we ate at home, watched TV, and cuddled, then fell asleep.

So when the next Monday came after working together for the morning, Marina met me at the doctor’s as we were still being careful to not let others at the office know we’re dating. The nurse called me in and told me to get undressed and sit on the table while we waited for the doctor.

Once undressed, Marina helped me into the stirrups. “Maybe we should get a table like this…” she joked.

“Or you could just come by after hours some night.”

We both turned our heads, surprised someone else was there. Sharon had opened the door without Marina hearing. I had a view of the door, but Marina had just helped me get into position so neither of us noticed. Sharon was wearing a black knee-length dress and black stockings under her lab coat.

“Oh, I didn’t know that was an option.” Marina responded, half jesting but half serious in case the doctor was.

Sharon moved into the room, closed the door and said, “For special patients anything is possible.” As she said that and walked toward me, her hand brushed against Marina’s bottom.

“I think we’d enjoy that,” Marina said.

“Well, let’s see how the healing is going before anything else.” Sharon put her clipboard down, sanitized her hands and then checked my penis and now empty sacks. “Yep, healing up nicely. On Friday you can resume normal activities.” She winked.

Marina followed up, “So would you like to join us for dinner on Friday night?”

She looked at me, “Well, since you won’t be my patient anymore, there’s no conflict of interest. Plus you’re probably better off having a doctor with you the first time you do anything…”

Sharon continued, “There is one catch: can my husband watch?”

Marina gave me a look.

“He doesn’t have to participate… we’re just looking to spice up our sex life and I thought watching me with you two would be fun for all.”

I saw Marina lick her lips and could tell this rize escort was giving her a bunch of ideas. “Can Autumn wear a plug now?”

Sharon thought about it, “Well, considering where the incisions were, and how they’ve healed so far, that will be OK as long as we’re not going too big.”

Marina opened her purse and got one out. It was relatively small with a pink jewel on the bottom. “Care to do the honors?” Marina asked.

Sharon smiled broadly, “I’d love to.” She took the offered plug, then went into one of her drawers for lubricant. She rubbed it over the plug and my entrance. “Relax princess, I’ll be very careful.” She kissed me on the lips which relaxed me and at the same time she slipped it in. She swept her hand across my body as a gentle caress as she got up from leaning over me.

Marina smiled broadly at both of us and thanked Sharon. Sharon gave her a kiss on the lips as well, explaining, “Just so no one gets jealous.”

We returned to work separately. Having the plug in me was a little awkward, but didn’t hurt. It was just there, a constant slight feeling of sexiness.

At my place that night I browsed clothing on-line because Marina told me Sharon texted her the restaurant for Friday and it was a pretty formal place. Marina and I face-timed a bit and then I went to bed early after another Tylenol. Marina ordered me to wear the plug any waking minute. So I took it out at night, then put it back in after showering.

On Wednesday my dress arrived in two sizes. It was a navy knee-length sleeveless dress with a lace bodice. I kept the one that fit and returned the other in Thursday’s mail. Marina reminded me to do my nails that night so I did a clear nail polish.

Friday evening came. I went straight over to Marina’s so we could work on our makeup. She was wearing her burgundy sleeveless high-low lace dress. “You should get yourself prepped,” Marina told me.

I gave her a confused look. “In case we want to have any fun with your bottom.” So I used an enema, then took a shower. Once I put on my dress–she complimented me for wearing a bra & panty set that would match–she did my smokey eye, blush, and red lipstick. (She had already done hers, and we were running late.) Once done, she gave me a fine silver necklace and matching bracelet. She had a gold bracelet and matching necklace and earrings. “We do need to pierce your ears soon so you can wear earrings. I don’t have any clip ons.”

We met Sharon and her husband Tom (he had a resemblance to Tom Selleck in his prime as well) for dinner. She was wearing a light pink dress similar to mine, but where my dress was sort of an a-line, hers was more of a sheath dress. She too had on dark eye shadow, mascara, blush, and lipstick. A pearl necklace and earrings finished her look. She looked great. Tom was wearing a blue blazer, pinstripe shirt, and tan pants.

They asked a bit about our work, but of course focused on my transition and Marina’s role in it. They had been married for 10 years, no kids, and both had gotten lost in their own work. They’d been seeing a marriage counselor for a month and he suggested they broaden their experiences and try to topple any boundaries.

After dinner, we drove separately to Sharon’s office and she let us in. Marina gave me a kiss and Tom gave Sharon one too. We walked to the larger exam room. As soon as Tom closed the door behind us, we three girls were kissing each other, unzipping our dresses, and caressing each others breasts. Tom politely took a seat.

Marina led Sharon onto the exam table and said, “Doctor, I think you need a checkup.” We pulled off her matching baby blue lace bra and thong as we put her in the stirrups. Marina continued, “I’m great at diagnosing problems with my tongue.”

“I can’t wait,” said Sharon. She looked over at Tom. “Is it alright if Tom plays with himself.”

Marina answered for us, “Be our guest, and maybe a bit more.” She smiled and then gave Sharon’s pussy her attention. She had a landing strip of pubic hair and Marina parted Sharon’s swollen lips. “Someone’s really excited and wet,” Marina said. I kissed one of Sharon’s nipples and caressed the other. Marina started tonguing Sharon’s clit. Sharon reached over for my she-cock and pulled aside my navy bikini panties to grab my she-cock and stroke it. She then pulled my clitty to her mouth and began sucking.

I looked over and saw Tom was naked and stroking his 6″ cock at us. Marina got her face out of Sharon’s pussy and saw my glance at Tom. “Don’t blow that load… I’ve got a use for you later.”

Sharon looked at both of us and asked, “Can I feel you inside me? I’ve been fantasizing about you since I cut off your balls.” In response, Marina pulled me over to stand in front of Sharon and guided my cock-let into her pussy. Even though I was “hard” there was no doubt I had shrunk some: I slipped in easily. Marina played with Sharon’s clit as I fucked her pussy. Marina was also leaning over Sharon and nibbling seductively on Sharon’s ear.

The feeling of being fucked by a woman (albeit one with a natural strap-on) and being caressed by another woman was too much for Sharon to hold back further. I could feel her shake with an orgasm, but I knew Marina didn’t want me to cum. And I didn’t blow it early, probably thanks to the hormones.

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