Aussie Bi-Guy Drills Me

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I have found the online hook-up sites and apps to be mostly a waste of time, at least for me. And my profile was pretty upfront – I am a bottom who likes to be filled by a dominant man, and I like piss, threesomes and group sex.

So I was hoping the latest chat message would led somewhere – it was from a bi-guy in his forties who said, “I’m looking for a tight hole to nail.”

I gave him access to my pics and shortly afterwards he’d done the same for me. He looked good. Lean hard body but not skinny, a few decent tatts, and a nice average cock, uncut. His name was Jack, and I let him know mine was Denis.

I waited a bit to see if he still wanted to go ahead, and soon he messaged back, “I wanna give you a real hard fucking right now, and my wife is gonna watch us, ok?”

His location was just a few minutes drive from my house, but I told him I could be there in twenty minutes – I needed time to shower and douche and lube my crack ready for action. He sent me the address and told me not to be late.

Twenty minutes later I knocked on the door and Jack directed me into the bedroom where his wife was sitting in a chair wearing only knickers. He said, “This is Sheree, now get on your knees mate.”

I gaziantep bayan escort complied instantly and he unbuckled his jeans and fed me his half-erect cock. I licked and moaned and soon began sinking down on his hardening cock right to the base, as he groaned, “Yeah, you suck cock real good, mate.”

Sheree spoke up, “Why don’t you both strip off, I want to see some flesh,” so we stripped like she wanted.

Jack told me, “Get on the bed on your hands and knees, I’m gonna fuck you that way.”

I got into position and took a nice long hit from my bottle of amyl nitrite. Sheree handed Jack a condom and a bottle of lube, and Jack slipped the condom over his cock, lubed it up and without any further delay slid into my rear.

I grunted, “Ah yeah, feels so fuckin’ good mate,” and it sure did.

I looked across at where Sheree was sitting, her knickers were now off and she was fingering her clit and moaning encouragement to her man – “Fuck him hard Jack, he wants it rough, don’t you Denis?”

I groaned “Yeah boss, I need a real hard fucking, gimme every inch of your weapon.”

Jack was really pounding me and Sheree was whimpering with pleasure as she fingered her clitoris faster – it was obvious Jack was watching her do this and was getting totally turned on by it.

Soon he grunted “Gonna come” and then let out a roar and bucked into me so hard I fell forward, with his tool still buried deep inside my hole.

Jack wasn’t done. He pulled out of me, strode to the en-suite, dumped the condom then beckoned Sheree onto the bed beside me. She quickly lay on her back and he entered her with his still-hard cock and began humping her.

“Fuck me hard like you fucked Denis,” she moaned, “Fill me right up, baby.”

Soon Jack was coming again inside his woman who was squealing with pleasure. I was so turned on by their sex show I shot my load over my belly.

Jack leaned across and slid his finger into my puddle of cum, then told me, “Suck your cum off my finger, fella”. I opened my mouth and sucked as instructed, loving the power he wielded over me.

Then Jack moved out of Sheree and ordered me, “Go down on Sheree and lick my cum out of her pussy.”

I had never done this before but there’s a first time for everything, so I started licking and sucking at her slit.

I swallowed every bit of his cum that my tongue could find as she moaned, “Yeah, lick up my man’s cum-load and swallow it all.”

Jack spoke again, “Now lick Sheree’s clitoris,” so I did as I was told.

That got her moaning again and she told me, “Keep licking me, don’t stop,” so I gave her my best effort. She soon came again with a yell that could have alarmed the neighbours.

Then Jack moved in and slid his softening cock into my face and I slurped and tongued on his sex-tool for a bit. Then he suddenly held my head firmly and warned me, “Don’t spill a drop of what’s coming, mate,” and I knew what he intended.

A few seconds later a steady stream of hot piss was flooding my mouth and I guzzled it all down as Jack boasted to Sheree, “I’m filling him with my piss-load, babe.”

When he had finished we got dressed and Jack told me this was the first time he’d done anything with a guy though he had often thought about dominating another bloke. He had confessed this recently to Sheree who had admitted she would find it a turn-on to see her guy using another man as a sex slave.

I told them I had enjoyed every second of the encounter, and then asked whether they thought a repeat might be possible. Jack looked to Sheree for her opinion and she said, “I want to watch you fuck Denis again, babe, and he’s going to lick my clit again too.”

So we set a date for the following weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32