Auntie Knows Best Pt. 05

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An aunt teaches her nephew the art of sex with an older woman.

A few words from Jayne.

This is a story told from the perspectives of two people: me a forty-something- year-old woman and my nephew, a twenty-three-year-old, delicious young man who fantasises about his mother, my sister. It would probably make things clearer if you read the other parts first but, if you can’t be bothered this should stand as an erotic read by itself.

Let me know what you think please.


As my orgasm exploded from you finger fucking my arse, I felt your cum spurting from your rigid cock with one stream hitting me under my chin. I collapsed on top of you my face falling right onto your sticky, still jerking cock. As I lay there recovering, I heard the sound of a car on the driveway.

‘What’s that’ I wondered then quickly realising that it must be Samantha, my sister, your mum.

“Quick, she’s here,” I told you. “Go down the back stairs and into the pool area, just wear your shorts leave everything else, I’ll sort things out, now hurry.”

I quickly tidied the room although I was acutely aware that it reeked of sex so I sprayed some perfume, just as I slid into the shower. Then the bell rang. Wrapping myself in a towel, I called out.

“Jack, your mum’s here, let her in, I’ve just got out the shower,” knowing that you wouldn’t hear me but she would through the open main bedroom windows. For even more covering affect I called out. “Is that you Sam?” and leaned out the window. Looking up she saw me and we cooed our hellos. “We’re in the country here love, it’s back doors all the time,” I told her, to which she raised her eyebrows, smiled and said.

“Hmmmm not really my scene love but here goes.”

As she started to walk round the cottage, I heard Jack saying hello to her and offering to help with her bags. By then, I had dried myself so I slipped into a black bikini, put on a yellow, voile sundress and scooted downstairs. With quite a lot of effusive greetings we kissed and hugged each other as we always did when we met and immediately started talking nineteen to the dozen.


Mum looked good as she always did, but then, of course, so did Jayne. In fact, both looked great and eminently fuckable particularly as they hugged each other and kissed, unfortunately not on the lips but that was wishful thinking and more jerk off thinking than reality, fuck it.

Although I wasn’t really interested in what they were gabbling on about I hung around as we had cups of tea on the patio. It was such fucking a turn on to see the two pairs of big tits and lots of your body in the bikini, albeit covered by the sundress. Luckily that fell open a few times showing your lovely legs right up to the panties of the bikini. Obviously, I couldn’t help recalling that less than an hour ago I had been naked between them and my cock that was hardening by the second was between your tits shooting my cum onto your chest and boobs.

I was hardly part of the conversation and that suited me fine as I was like a fly on the wall listening and looking at my mum and you, one of which I was now fucking and the other I wanted to fuck. God, what a delicious mess I thought to myself as I rearranged my shorts to cover my now nearly full erection that a couple of times, I had seen you looking at; if only mum would I kept thinking.

My mind was a whirl as to what had happened since arriving in Norfolk and what lie ahead over the next couple of days. The mere thought of the two of you sleeping in the bed where we’d fucked yesterday and last night and had oral and anal sex just minutes ago was enough to complete my erection, making getting up impossible so, I just sat there, drank my tea, listened to the pair of you going on about the family and let my imagination run riot.

Mum was older than you, I think by two years or so and, although probably prettier to look at with gorgeous, long, blonde hair that tumbled onto her shoulders and didn’t wear glasses she carried a little extra weight around her hips and on her boobs. They were larger than yours but sagged and wobbled more which was not at all unattractive and looked especially alluring when she came and kissed me goodnight. She did that most nights, particularly when dad was away on business and it was just her and me in the house. As I roared through my teens, I often wondered why she only came in and said goodnight when he wasn’t there and why she usually seemed to be wearing a nighty with a plunging neckline or a dressing gown that gaped open.

“You did bring a swimsuit with you didn’t you Sam?” you asked.

“Oh bugger no I didn’t, I didn’t realise there was a pool,” mum replied.

“Sorry I should have told you, well we can’t go skinny dipping with Jack here, can we?” you replied staring at me making me both more embarrassed and harder at the thought of our time in the pool this morning. You added with a broad smile nodding at mum’s boobs. “Don’t worry love you can borrow one of mine, that is if you can get all Lefkoşa Escort those in the bra.”


Although not much overtly sexual had happened between Samantha and me recently, when we met, which wasn’t that frequent, probably three or four times a year including Christmas, there were undertones. The atmosphere always seemed to me to be laden with erotic expectations and I was pretty confident that she felt it as well, but not a great deal had happened or been said. Sure, there were glances, light touches, standing or sitting close to each other and often innuendos, but nothing really significant had happened since we stopped making love to each other in our early twenties. Actually, that’s not quite true for a couple of times after she left home, which really probably was the main reason the regularity stopped, we were sexually intimate with each other. Once or twice, we kissed heavily and fondled each other, another time when our husbands went off to golf when we were at their house, we spent the afternoon in bed and once, we slept together when the guys were in Spain on a golf trip.

As is often the case with sex between spouses it was having children that stopped our lovemaking, well that and opportunities. I often thought that had we lived closer together we may have continued through the four pregnancies and baby rearing that happened between us.

We spent the afternoon round the pool catching up on family and friends in common gossip while Jack did whatever kids do on his PlayStation or X Box or whatever it was. I had lent Sam a white bikini that I had to admit was a little tight round my boobs so hers looked as if they were tumbling out of it and I saw that Jack couldn’t keep his eyes off her and in a way, I felt a little jealous; how daft is that?


It was a fucking amazing afternoon. At first, I thought I would stay indoors as playing FIFA and Fortnight in the open air is not very good but when I saw mum in the white bikini and you in your black one that was a total no go so, fuck the clarity on the screen.

Mum’s tits literally were spilling out of the bra that was clearly too small and, as usual you weren’t hiding much. Several times I saw in both your bikinis clearly hardened nipples but, of course, I had no idea what caused them. And as, especially mum moved around or got up the cups would move and twice I had the thrill of thrills, a flash of pink! Fortunately, my shorts were a little baggy thus, leaving me room to grow. As I eyed the pair of you up and as both of you did nothing to hide ‘your charms’ it was, in my juvenile pervy mind, like being part of a virtual orgy; if only!

We messed around with a ball in the pool throwing it to each other, with me purposefully pitching it to both of you so that you’d have to stretch or dive to reach it risking your boobs falling out but, regrettably that didn’t quite happen.


The afternoon and evening passed very pleasantly.

It was lovely spending time with my sister hearing about all the goings on and hearing her views on loads of topics as she held fairly similar views to me on such things as Brexit, politics and the crap on TV. Aside from being lovers in the past we were and always had been good friends and I couldn’t recall us ever having a serious row; I often thought that we would have been better off marrying each other than the guys who became our husbands!

As it got a little chillier around six, we all showered and changed into shorts and tee shirts and I fired up the barbecue. We had chicken and steak washed down with a nice red wine although you opted for beer claiming not to like wine which made me look at you and raise my eyebrows.

When Sam was in the shower and I was lighting the barbecue you came up behind me, wrapped your arms round me, cradled my tits in your hand and whispered. “I am going fucking crazy being around you two dressed in those bikinis.”

“Well just enjoy it as it’s your mother you’re lusting after,” I replied squirming my chest against his hands.

“Wanna bet?”

“Sorry about the lack of beds Sam,” I said as around 10.30 pm we were in the bedroom starting to undress. “Carly thought the new ones would have been delivered by now.”

“That’s ok,” she smiled sliding her tee shirt up and off. “Not often I get the chance to sleep with a beautiful woman these days.”

“You use the bathroom first,” I told her turning my back to hide my face that I knew would show my excitement at what she had just said, as she went in there with her nightdress in her hands.

When alone I always sleep naked but when needed I have a long, mid-thigh-length, thin tee that I use as a nightdress so I put that on and sat on the bed sipping a glass of wine waiting for my sister to come out of the bathroom. And when she did, I was amazed and thrilled. She was wearing a pale, probably ice, blue, silky, ankle-length nightdress that from the plunging neckline was, I guessed, the one you had told me about; the Kıbrıs Escort one that gapes when she kisses you goodnight. Standing looking at me as she picked up her wine, I saw that the sides of the neckline went between her breasts to meet in the middle of her cleavage. She looked fucking fantastic and I really was lost for words.

“Better go and say good night to Jack,” she said quietly.

“You sure?” I asked smiling and nodding at the nightdress.

“Well, I do at home so why not here, didn’t you last night?”

Feeling very guilty and wondering if she suspected something I mumbled. “No, I just called out.”

“Leave your door open did you, I know he likes that?”

“Not sure,” I replied panicking a bit in case she asked Jack the same question. “No, I think Sara closed it, probably shy.”

“How did they get on?”

“Fine, just as always.”

“No little romance there then I hope?”

Feeling guiltier by the moment from her ‘interrogation’ I mumbled. “No, I don’t think so but, in some ways, it would be nice as they really are a lovely couple together.”

“What keep it in the family sort of thing?”

“God wouldn’t that be strange?”

“Don’t even mention it, I sort of dread him getting a steady girlfriend.”

“How do you think I feel with Sara.”

“It’s different with a girl.”

“How? You still lose her and see her giving her affection to someone else.”

Turning towards the door and taking a sip of her wine she said. “True, of course, but a mother and son’s bond is unique isn’t it, if you get what I mean?”

Actually, I wasn’t quite sure what she was really saying and wondered whether it was an admission that her feelings for Jack were more than merely maternal. And absolutely crazily and without any real foundation, I felt myself becoming jealous. Fuck, I thought I am jealous of my sister because she wants to fuck her son who is already fucking me.

Things didn’t get any better and in fact the feeling increased when she said.

“Come on let’s go and make his day.”

“What, how?” I asked my lurid mind momentarily seeing us in a threesome with him.

“Well, he’s always had a soft spot for you Jay, you know that don’t you?”

As I stood up my mind was racing and without thinking I cracked back. “Well as long as it’s a soft and not a hard spot that’s ok isn’t it?”

“Yes, but actually love,” Sam smiled as she looked at my chest. “Seeing you like that it could well be one of those as well.”

Looking down at my breasts in the thin tee I saw what I guess I expected, my raging nipples were bullet hard. I tried to laugh it off and bluff my way out of a tricky situation.

“Well, it is a bit chilly isn’t it?”

“Oh right, that’s what it is is it in 75 degree heat?” she said smiling as she led the way across the bedroom, down the corridor and to Jack’s door. Tapping softly on the door she didn’t wait for a reply, but opened it and we walked in.


Hearing the mumble of their voices as I lay in bed was a torture. Interspersed with the occasional giggle or bursts of laughter I could only imagine what wonderful sights there would be as they both undressed and got ready for bed. And of course, my mind was visualising them both naked their fantastic tits bare and wobbling as they moved around. Naturally, as I imagined having my face between first mum’s and then yours then chewing your nipples then hers, I got hard, in fact massively hard, rigidly hard.

I wanted to wank. I needed to cum again, after all it had been early afternoon since I had, since you had finger-fucked my arse and my cock had been between your tits and I had shot over them, on your chest and face. But I couldn’t, well not yet as I guessed mum would come and say goodnight and that made me wonder whether she would wear the nightdress or dressing gown she usually did at home, the one with the plunging neckline, the one where I saw most of her tits and almost her nipples as well.

Then fuck me just as I was thinking that there was a tap on the door and in walked not just mum but you as well. Oh, fucking hell I thought as the pair of you came to the side of my bed and yes, for Christ’s sake, she was wearing that nightdress without the dressing gown and, if anything it plunged further than usual and showed more of each boob with surely it couldn’t be, I must be imagining it the slightest touch of pink. And Jesus wept when I looked at you, I saw that your super, fucking nipples were going mad. Was I dead and in heaven I wondered? Was this the ultimate threesome?

“Just came to say goodnight love,” Sam said quietly, bending forward as you looked at us.

As I had learned over the years, I got to see more if I continued lying flat with my head on the pillow as opposed to sitting up. When younger, I’d sat up, but as my curiosity about and attraction to her had increased I remained lying flat making her bend more and thus, flash more of her tits. I can remember that when I first started doing Lefkoşa Escort that she would hold the front of her nightdress and dressing gown so it didn’t gape but over the past few months, maybe a year or so, she didn’t do that and the nightdress gaped so I got flashes of more of her tits that by sneaking looks at her bras in the laundry basket I knew were thirty-eight GG cups. Several times now I had also seen flashes of her areola, as I had recently learned that the pink surrounding her nipple was called and on two occasions her jewel in the crown of the nipple itself and both times, I thought it was hard.

“Having a good time?” mum asked sitting on the edge of the bed facing me with her back towards you.

You were staring at me with a slight smile on your lips.

“Yes, it’s been great, it was lovely seeing Sara again, pity she couldn’t stay and see you though,” I muttered looking from mum to you and seeing you nod and a smile come onto your face.

“Shame I missed her, maybe I’ll call her up and say I missed you and invite her over for a weekend or something,” mum replied.

I almost laughed when I saw you mouth, ‘oh fuck no.’

Anyway, leaning forward mum kissed me on the cheek and, of course the nighty gaped and I got an eyeful. At the same time, you moved forward and I wondered whether this was it? Perhaps you and mum had discussed it? Maybe you did want me in a threesome?

With mum still sitting beside me with most of her tits on show and you now standing right next to her in the mid-thigh-length tee shirt with your nipples standing out like, what is it people say, oh yes, organ stops my cock was as rigid as it could be. I was sure that you for certain and maybe mum as well had noted its outline under the single sheet covering it, for I could see it clearly. I thought that mum was going to say something for her glance again ran over it again and I wondered if perhaps you or she would either, pull the sheet back or simply put your hand on it and rub it. Fuck, even the thought of that made me think I might explode.

But no, with a flurry of her long night dress, wafts of perfume from both of you and a series of good nights and sleep wells you were both gone and I was alone.


Back in our bedroom Sam sat at the dressing table and brushed her, probably slightly too, long for her age, well beneath her shoulders hair as I recalled her doing each night when we were young and shared a room.

“He seems to have enjoyed himself with you and Sara,” she said, innocently I am sure, but making me feel as guilty as hell and wonder what on earth made me construct this crazy story.

“Yes, they were great together,” I told her pouring us glasses of wine and finishing the bottle that I had brought to bed with us.

I took them over to where she was sitting and standing beside and behind her I handed her the glass. Our eyes met in the mirror as she reached out for the glass. That stretched the neckline of her nightdress on one boob, so that her nipple was as prominent as mine, and made it gape around the other so that some of her darker than my, areola was on show.

She smiled and said. “Woops,” as she saw me looking at it. Taking the glass from me our fingers brushed together and still holding her gaze, I replied.

“Don’t worry about woops love, there’s been plenty of those in the last few minutes.”

“What you mean, Jack?”

I did but didn’t feel right bringing up his erection and wished I could take the phrase back. “Oh, I don’t know,” I hesitated as I got into bed and watched as she finished her hair and removed her make up.


It was such a lovely feeling pushing the sheet down and taking my ragingly erect cock in my hand. I started to pump it slowly thinking back to mum sitting on the edge of the bed with most of her tits out, you behind her with your nipples leering at me and you and I exchanging glances behind mum’s back. ‘She must have seen it,’ I told myself, but she hadn’t said anything, though you had nodded and raised your eyebrows as you looked at it.

As I started to fuck my own hand, albeit slowly, my mind couldn’t help imagining what it would be like if the pair of you came back to my room, slipped your nighties off and got in the bed with me? Just what happens in a threesome is really a mystery to me although in the porn I watch I see lots of ‘sucking and fucking’ by the bloke on the girls and, of course, the women get it on as well. That made me think back to some remarks you made that I didn’t follow up about you and mum and again I wondered just how far the pair of you had gone when younger. Simply thinking about that made my cock get even harder, my imagination go crazy and my cock explode cum all over my stomach.


Sam finished her hair and her wine and leaving her glass on the dressing table she came over to the bed. Standing beside it for a moment or two she had a sip of water before getting in and lying down on her back.

“Ah well love,” she said turning her face towards mine, sitting up a little and leaning over and kissing me on the cheek. “Night love sleep well.”

“Night love,” I replied, loving the feel of heavy, full breast on my arm. “Sleep tight, I added turning the light off and being surprised at how much the full moon lit up the room”

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