Auntie in Nylons Caught Peeing

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Hi, I’m Mike and I want to tell you about my Auntie.

Auntie Liz had always been my favourite.

Even as a small boy I remember how I loved her pretty looks, long brown wavy hair, slim waist and fabulous legs. She was always so well turned out with lovely make up and clothes. As she came to stay with my parents quite regularly, over the years I had chanced a couple of peeks of her stocking tops from under her dresses. I was fascinated by the stockings that she wore. I hadn’t seen anyone else wearing them. I would touch them on the washing line, I loved the feel of the nylon in my hands.

Sometimes I would sit on her lap and play with her jewellery, especially the rings on her delicate manicured fingers. Over a period of time this progressed until she taught me to file her nails and apply her favourite scarlet red nail varnish. I so enjoyed pampering her like this and she seemed to enjoy it too!

So, fast forward a few years, I’m 21 now and Liz is in her 40s and divorced.

I would visit my favourite Auntie every couple of weeks and I would manicure her lovely hands and she would cook me a nice dinner in return. It became our little ritual. She had aged very well, still really glamorous. She had filled out just a bit, but it really suited her. She still had those fabulous legs. As a horny young man, she was my ‘older woman’ fantasy figure, but I couldn’t let on, she was my Auntie!

One day I went to Aunties house after playing football, still wearing my football kit. auntie was looking her usual gorgeous self. She was wearing a flared dress, high heels and scarlet lipstick that would match her nails when I had finished them. She told me that she was going on a date after my visit, so she wanted me to do a really good job. I felt a pang of jealousy, but I didn’t let it show.

As she sat there whilst I tended her hands, she would cross and uncross her legs and i could hear the delightful sound of her nylon clad thighs brushing against each other. I wondered if she knew how arousing I found this?

When I was approaching the end of her manicure, she seemed to become restless. Fidgeting and even more leg crossing. So much more, that I had to ask what was wrong.

‘I need to pee.’ she said.

‘Oh, ok, well I’ve finished now, so you can go ahead.’

‘No, you don’t understand, this is a brand new expensive dress and this varnish wont be dry for another 20 minutes. I cant risk ruining it by getting red varnish on it, and I certainly can’t hold it in for 20 minutes.’

‘Oh, er that’s difficult.’

Auntie was stood up now, pushing her thighs together and jigging around whilst holding her hands out to either side.

‘Mike, this is so embarrassing, would you help me?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well, would you come in to the bathroom, lift my dress for me and pull my panties down?’

I couldn’t believe my ears!

‘Er ok…’

‘You’ll have to do it with your eyes closed Mike, it’s embarrassing enough as it is.’

As we went in to the bathroom, I was shaking with excitement, but trying desperately to act cool.

Once in there, she stood in front of the loo and ordered me to close my eyes. I did as I was told, knelt down and put my hands on her legs. I gently slid them upwards, my fingers bumping over her metal suspender clips and across her cool soft thighs. Oh this was so good.

My hands went further, feeling around her pert buttocks. bursa otele gelen eskort She was fidgeting even more now, getting desperate. But something was wrong.

‘Auntie, I can’t find your panties.’

‘Oh no Mike, I’m so silly, I put an all in one body on this morning. You’ll have to undo the buttons underneath. Just make sure you keep your eyes closed!’

I felt between her legs, searching for the buttons. I could feel the heat from her pussy through the thin satin material. I fiddled with the buttons, fumbling around. I had two fingers inside her gusset, I could feel her soft pussy lips on the back of my fingers. I had a huge erection now. I was shaking with excitement.

‘Auntie, I cant do it, I need to open my eyes. Its ok, I’m 21, I have seen a pussy before.’

‘Oooooh, ok , then, I’m so desperate, I have no choice, but hurry or I’m going to pee myself.’

Now I put my head under her floaty dress and looked straight at the top of her thighs. Oh my god , I could see the bulge of her pussy restrained by the tightly butttoned crotch and framed by her black suspenders. I slipped my fingers behind the material and undid the first button, then as I was fiddling with the middle one, my fingers were rubbing against her pussy. She suddenly gave a little squeal and let out a little squirt of pee. It went all over my fingers. I couldn’t stop myself, I stuck my fingers in to my mouth and savoured the bitter taste of her pee.. I was just about to come in my pants.

‘Hurry up Mike, for goodness sake, this is getting more embarrassing by the minute.’

I quickly undid the last button , the material sprung apart and I gazed upon her shaved crinkled pink pussy. I then stood up, lifted her dress and let her sit on the loo. What a picture she made.

‘Get out then! you’re not going to watch me pee as well.’

I hopped out and pulled the door behind me. I heard her sigh and instantly the sound of her pee splashing in to the pan. It sounded so powerful, I so badly wanted to watch, but I couldn’t complain, I hadn’t been expecting my fantasy to come to life today.

‘Mike, could you come in now please?’

‘Could you get some tissue, wipe me and button me back up?’

I knelt down again, lifted her dress over my head and looked. Her pussy lips were now splayed open and I could clearly see her exposed clit at the top. There were a couple of golden droplets hanging from her lips. I took the tissue and gently wiped across her lips. Then as I drew away my fingers grazed over her clit and she gave a little gasp.

I thought I might have just gone too far and my nerve went at that moment. As I stood up, Auntie stared at the huge tent in my football shorts and the wet patch of pre cum. Before she could say anything, I turned and ran. I had to get home and wank as soon as I could!

That night, I climbed in to bed and wanked myself silly, replaying it over and over in my mind.

The problem was, I had run away, which now made things really awkward. I was so hoping she didn’t tell my Mum.

A few days later, I got a call asking if I was coming over as usual. Nothing else was said, so I swallowed hard and said yes, as though nothing had happened.

The day soon came around and I turned up at Aunties house. I was wearing normal trousers this time, so that it wouldn’t show so much if I got aroused looking bursa eve gelen escort bayan at her legs.

Auntie looked immaculate as ever, she had seamed barely black stockings on and a dress that buttoned all down the front. Her patent black high heels clacked against the wooden floor as she walked over. I already had an erection, remembering last week and picturing in my mind the top of her seamed fully fashioned nylons.

She sat at the table and our usual ritual began as I gently massaged her delicate fingers and manicured her nails.

I was applying the varnish when she asked, ‘Mike, did you run away last week because you became aroused?’ I went bright red and mumbled back ‘Yes auntie.’ ‘Hmmm,’ she said, ‘nothing to be ashamed of, I have to confess, that I became aroused myself. I enjoy your tender touch. I find it both relaxing and now stimulating. I bet my date wondered why I was sooo wet later!’

Again, I felt that pang of jealousy caused by the thought of some man doing things with my sexy Auntie.. Now I didn’t know what to say either.

‘In fact’, Auntie said ‘If you promise to behave, would you like to help me again afterwards?’

‘Yes please’ I stammered, wondering what ‘behave’ meant.

‘OK then, you’ve finished the varnish and I need to pee again, please walk me to the bathroom.’

We got to the bathroom, Auntie stood in front of the toilet, I was ordered to kneel, and with shaking hands, I started to unbutton her dress.

‘I remembered to wear panties this week Mike, to make it easier for you.’

As I pulled her dress open, I could see that she was indeed wearing a tiny sheer black thong. I could clearly see her lovely pussy squashed up against the sheer nylon. As I went to pull them down, there was a problem.

‘Auntie, your suspenders are over your panties, I cant pull them down.’ By now she was jigging around, desperate to go.

Ooooh no Mike, you’ll have to unclip them and re do them, these stockings are really expensive and I don’t want them to fall down.’

So, with shaking hands, I started to undo each of the eight straps, pull the thong down a bit, then re fasten each one. with my face just inches from her pussy this was fiddly and fabulously arousing at the same time. With the last one done, I slid the tiny thong down her long nylon clad legs and she stepped out of it. I so wanted to sniff it, but now wasn’t the time.

‘OK, she said, now hold my dress apart and let me sit down. You can wait outside.’

Suddenly , I gained courage. ‘No Auntie, please let me watch?’ At that very moment she gasped and a little squirt of pee escaped.

‘Oh no, she squealed, I’ve no choice, I can’t wait any longer!’

Some more pee squirted out and went all down one stocking leg. ‘Please just quickly part my pussy, or its going to go everywhere?’

I gently parted her labia and even as I was doing so, another spurt came out all over my hands. I quickly licked off and savoured Aunties nectar as she slumped on to the toilet and let a hard, fast never ending stream of pee go. I couldn’t take my eyes away. With her pussy lips parted, a powerful jet of pee came straight out and spattered in to the pan. Oh I So wanted to taste it.

When she was drained, I was ordered to once again, clean her up. I looked at her pussy. Her clit was now fully exposed, standing proudly out bayan eskort bursa from its hood. Pussy lips now full and splayed. I delicately, stroked her open pussy with tissues. Carefully collecting every drop. she seemed to shudder with every stroke and her clit pulsed even larger.

‘Right’, she said, ‘That’s enough, can’t have you making your Auntie cum, that would be too much. Just pull my panties back on and don’t run away this time.’

I stood up once I had finished this delightful task, although I was disappointed to encase her pussy , it did look beautiful behind its silken cover once again. On the way up , I managed to catch some of the droplets from her stockings on my hands and I eagerly licked them off.

‘You are a very naughty nephew’, she said from her seated position. Her face was just inches away from the huge bulge in my jeans.

‘Oh my, you are excited. Let me have a look at that for you.’

‘No, no, no Auntie, you can’t!’ She grabbed at my belt, ‘Don’t be silly Mike, after what you have seen, It’s only fair for Auntie to just have a look.’

‘Please, please don’t’ I begged.

With one swift movement she flipped my belt buckle and yanked my jeans down. I was now stood there with the biggest dripping hard on ever, bulging out from under a pair of Aunties panties, framed by her suspender belt and stockings. I was beside myself with embarrassment and shame.

‘Oh my! I wondered where they had gone. You are a bad boy, and a thief. Perhaps I should have a chat with your Mother.’

‘No, no, please don’t do that Auntie!’

‘Well, you must let Auntie have a look then. I need to see what my naughty nephew has to hide.’

‘Ok then, as long as you don’t tell mum.’

With this, Auntie popped her glasses on, leant forward and gently peeled her panties from my rock hard erect, twitching dribbling cock. She studied it carefully. Then dragged one bright red nail gently from my ball sac all the way to my throbbing tip. It gave a huge twitch and some more pre cum dripped out the end and landed on the welt of her stockings.

‘Well what are we going to do with this mess? what has caused you to get in such a state?’

‘It’s you Auntie, you are so beautiful and the girls my age don’t wear those sexy stockings. also when you pee, it makes me really hard. Do you think I could I drink it one day?’

‘Hmmm, I don’ know about that. I’ve never let anyone do that. Let me think about it whilst I have a look at your lovely young cock.’

Auntie proceeded to examine my cock closely. Stroking her nails along my shaft , squeezing my glans and murmuring as she extracted more pre cum. I wasn’t going to be able to take much of this.

‘You really do have a nice cock and it thrills me that you find Auntie so attractive. You can never have sex with your Auntie, but maybe we could continue this arrangement. You make me nice and wet so that I am ready to be properly fucked by one of my boyfriends later in the day’.

I had that awful jealous feeling again, but didn’t have much time to dwell on it.

She then gently pulled my foreskin right back and squeezed around the tip with finger and thumb. That was it. I grunted heavily. The first spurt caught her by surprise and spattered all over her glasses and face. Globules of my spunk on her cherry red lips. As she pulled back, the second one went all over her cleavage and black bra and then the rest landed on the welts of her stockings and her creamy thighs.

‘Well, looks like needed that, judging by that copious cum. I think Auntie is going to enjoy our little sessions. You have obviously stretched my underwear, and I find it strangely arousing, seeing your young hard cock encased in my panties, so you may as well keep it. Ready for your next inspection.’

To be continued.

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