Auntie Helps Out

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Kavitha, Tulika=Tulika, Priya

(Phone rings)

Kavitha: “Hello.”

Priya: “Hi auntie Kavitha.”

Kavitha: “Hey Priya! What’s up?”

Priya: “Could you come pick me up from school? Mom didn’t show up and I can’t get her on her phone.”

Kavitha: “Sure. I’ll be over there in about 15 minutes.”

Priya: “Thanks auntie. “

Kavitha grabs her keys and heads over to the school. Kavitha pulls into the school and sees Priya waiting patiently on a bench out front. Priya hops in and they head back to Priya’s house.

Kavitha parks and heads into the house with Priya.

Kavitha: “I still can’t believe your mom ghosted like that. I’m going to hang out here and try to get a hold of her.”

Priya: “Ok. I’m going upstairs to study. Thanks again for the ride.”

Priya grabs her headphones from the hallway table and goes upstairs. Kavitha starts to call Tulika on her phone, but walks into the kitchen and sees Tulika; naked and jerking off in front of the fridge with peanut butter.

Kavitha: “What the fuck!”

Tulika: “I can’t cum. I haven’t been able to for days no matter how hard I try!”

Kavitha: “So your jerking off with peanut butter? You forgot to pick up your daughter from school!”

Tulika: “I’m so horny I can’t focus on anything. I need to cum so bad!”

Kavitha: “So go fuck someone if jerking off obviously isn’t working!”

Tulika: “I’ve tried. I haven’t been able to get any hookups on any apps. I’m so desperate.”

Kavitha: “Well I don’t know what to tell you then, but you need to get your shit together because you can’t pull this shit with your daughter. You’re the one who didn’t want her to get her license and made her stay local for college. Being responsible does not include ditching her so you can… jack off that… giant dick of yours.

Tulika: “I know but you don’t understand. I can’t take it anymore. I feel like I’m about to explode but can’t. You have to help me.”

Kavitha: “What the fuck do you mean? How am I supposed to help you?”

Tulika: “Jerk me off” she pleaded desperately.

Kavitha: “Are you fucking crazy? You’re my sister!”

Tulika: “I know but I need to cum and no matter what I do I can’t seem to do it myself. I need someone else to try and do it.”

Kavitha: “No!”

Tulika: “Please! (Moving towards her) I really need this. Plus, aside from the fact that you’re my sister, you’re pretty hot… In fact, the sister thing makes it kind of hot and taboo, so that will probably help.”

Kavitha: “Oh my God. You are crazy. Don’t you think that’s pretty sick?”

Tulika: “I’m so horny that just the idea is keeping me hard. Please! Just put your hands on it and I’ll move them.” (as she grabs Kavitha’s hands)

Kavitha: “Oh my God. Are you fucking serious right now?”

Tulika: “Oh God that feels great. Just like that.” (as she slides Kavitha’s hands up and down her cock)

Kavitha: “I can’t believe this is happening right now. Is it working?”

Tulika: “It must be. It feels so good, so much better than doing it myself, but maybe it’s not enough because I don’t feel like I’m going to cum yet.”

Kavitha: (starts moving her hands faster up and down Tulika’s dick) “How about now? Any better?”

Tulika: “Oh yes. It feels so good, but I still don’t feel like I’m going to cum. Maybe if you suck on it?”

Kavitha: “What? Are you fucking kiddi…” (before she could finish her sentence Tulika stuck her dick in Kavitha’s mouth)

Tulika: “Oh fuck yes. That’s it.” (she was filling Kavitha’s mouth with the tip of her cock as Kavitha made muffled sounds of protest.) “It feels so good, but I need more!” (as she grabbed Kavitha’s head and shoved the entire length of her cock down her throat) Kavitha’s eyes widened as her sister’s dick forced its way down her throat, causing her to gag uncontrollably. Streams of saliva poured from Kavitha’s mouth with every thrust of her sisters’ cock) Tulika kept thrusting faster and harder as Kavitha let out loud guttural heaving noises with each thrust. “I think it’s working!” yelled Tulika as she fucked her sister’s face as hard and deep as she could. All of a sudden Tulika felt an intense warm sensation flush over her cock. “I’m going to cum!” she yelled as she looked down to see that the warm sensation was her sister puking while her cock was deep in her throat. Tulika held her sister’s head all the way down on her dick while she exploded in the back of her throat. She could see the streams of cum, puke, and saliva bursting out of the sides of Kavitha’s mouth. When she finally finished cumming, she pulled her cock from her sister’s mouth and practically collapsed on the floor, leaning up against the bottom cabinets in relief.

Kavitha took a few moments to recover, but quickly got to her feet with an enraged look upon her face.

Kavitha: “Open your fucking mouth!” she yelled as she grabbed Tulika’s face. Tulika was startled, but obeyed her command. Kavitha spit a wad of residual cum, puke, and saliva into her mouth. “We’re not done yet. Now it’s my turn.” Gaziantep Escort Kavitha pulled up her dress to reveal her equally gigantic, rock hard cock. “Make me puke on your fucking cock? Choke on this then you fucking cunt!” Kavitha shoved her entire cock down her sister’s throat without hesitation.

Tulika took the entirety of her sisters’ cock with apparent pleasure because her cock was now hardening again. She started grabbing Kavitha and shoving herself down on it harder, slamming Kavitha’s pelvis into her face.

Kavitha: (moaning) “Oh shit. You fucking horny bitch. You like taking your sisters’ cock, don’t you?”

Kavitha grabbed Tulika by the hair and pushed her head back against the bottom of the counter. With Tulika now unable to pull away, Kavitha began to fuck her face violently. She shoved her dick all the way down Tulika’s throat, slamming her pelvis against Tulika’s face and subsequently Tulika’s head against the counter with every thrust. Tulika was now gagging on her sister’s cock.

Kavitha: “That’s it! I’m going to fucking cum! Take every last drop down the back of your fucking throat!”

As Kavitha came she held her cock deep in her sister’s throat. Tulika heaved and gagged streams of cum with each pulse of Kavitha cock. Kavitha pulled her cock from Tulika’s mouth once she finished cumming and Tulika was ready for more.

Tulika ripped off Kavitha’s fluid stained dress and stuck her cock between Kavitha’s tits. Still covered in a mixture of cum, saliva, and vomit her cock slid effortlessly up and down as Kavitha squeezed her tits tightly around Tulika’s ever hardening dick. Kavitha, briefly sucking on the head of her sister’s cock with every stroke, moaned in unbridled lust.

Tulika: “Give me that fucking cunt.” She said as she grabbed Kavitha, lifted her onto the counter, and spread her legs wide open.

Kavitha: “Take it. Take my fucking hole.”

Tulika wasted no time shoving her cock into her sister’s pussy.

Kavitha: “Easy. Easy! It’s too big!” Yelled Kavitha as she tried to push away from her sister.

Tulika was overcome with lust and ignored her sister’s plea as she continued to thrust her cock as deep in Kavitha’s pussy as she could. Kavitha begins to scream as Tulika manages to shove the entire length of her cock inside her sister.

Kavitha: “I said it’s too big you fucking bitch!” Screamed Kavitha as she grabbed Tulika’s throat with both hands. Tulika eyes widened as she made eye contact with Kavitha, and began to thrust even harder. Kavitha, realizing there was not going to be anything slow about this, almost instantaneously switched gears and doubled down on embracing the lustful rage.

Kavitha: “Go ahead then! Fuck me! C’mon you bitch! Fucking fuck my cunt you piece of shit!” she yelled.

Tulika was happy to oblige as she continued the onslaught of her sister’s pussy. She would retract her cock almost entirely from Kavitha’s hole with each thrust, slamming her cock back in until their bodies collided.

Tulika: “Oh shit. Your pussy is so fucking tight wrapped around my cock. I want to cum inside you… fill you with my cum.”

Kavitha: “Oh no you’re not. I’m not done yet and I want that prick of yours to stay nice and hard until I’m ready.”

Kavitha pushes Tulika’s cock out and hops off the counter. She grabs Tulika by the hair and bends her over the kitchen table.

Kavitha: “Open that fucking cunt for my cock.”

Tulika spread her hole open as Kavitha pushed her throbbing dick inside. To Kavitha’s surprise, it went in quite easily, but Tulika let out a deep moan of satisfaction as it filled her hole.

Kavitha: “What a pro! Your fucking hole just swallowed my cock. You like that don’t you?”

Tulika: “Oh fuck yes. Please fuck me. Bury your cock in my cunt.”

Kavitha grabbed Tulika by the hips and began to forcefully bottom out her cock in Tulika’s pussy.

Tulika: “Yes! C’mon bitch, slam it! Slam it! Pull my fucking hair and fuck my pussy!”

Kavitha follows her sister’s instructions implicitly as she grabs Tulika’s hair and yanks her head back while she slams her cock into her cunt.

Kavitha: “Is that hard enough for you? Huh? You like that shit?

Tulika: “Can’t you fuck me harder? Huh? C’mon bitch! I can take it. Fuck me!”

Kavitha tries to satiate her sisters’ lust as she continues to fuck her as hard as she can.

Tulika: “Oh fuck yeah. That’s it! You’re going to make me cum!”

Just as Tulika exclaims, she is about to cum, Kavitha pulls out and flips Tulika over on her back.

Kavitha: “I said not yet. When I’m ready. I’ve got something else for you… Give me some spit.”

Kavitha grabs Tulika’s face and sticks her hand down Tulika’s throat. Tulika gags and Kavitha takes the wad of spit from her hand and rubs it on Tulika’s ass hole.

Kavitha: “Let’s see if this is a bit tighter.”

Kavitha shoved her cock in Tulika’s ass as Tulika gasped.

Tulika: “Fuck! I’ve never put anything that big in my ass before!” she yelled.

Kavitha: Gaziantep Escort Bayan “Oh god. I can tell. It feels fucking great. Squeeze my cock with your ass while I fuck you.”

Kavitha takes long slow thrusts to control herself, as the sensation is intense.

Tulika: “Oh my god! I feel so full with your cock in my ass. I want more. Give it all to me!”

Kavitha lets herself go and just starts to pound her sister’s ass with reckless abandon.

Meanwhile upstairs, Priya decides to take a break from studying and come downstairs to get something to eat. As she is walking down the stairs, she takes off her headphones and is taken back by the noises she is hearing. She is quite certain what those sounds are but is a bit confused and curious as to what is happening. She slowly walks across the living room and down the hall towards the kitchen where the sound is coming from. She creeps against the wall and peers around the corner…

Tulika: Yes! That’s it! Pound my fucking shit hole you cunt!” She screamed.

Kavitha is ravaging Tulika’s ass as she slams her cock in and out as hard as she can.

Kavitha: “You sick fucking whore! Is anything enough for your greedy holes?”

Priya is just standing there watching as her mother gets her asshole railed by her Aunt.

Priya: “What the fuck is happening right now?” she muttered to herself.

Priya was experiencing what she was referring to in her mind as morbid curiosity. She couldn’t help but watch. She was in fact surprised to find that it turned her on. She could feel herself getting wet as her hand began to wander down her skirt.

Tulika: “Oh god! More Kavitha! I need more! Fucking give it to me!”

Kavitha is at a loss as she is pounding away at her sister’s ass and she still wants more! Kavitha can see Tulika’s cock appear to grow harder and harder while she fucks her, as if it is ready to blow. Kavitha begins to stroke Tulika’s cock while still fucking her.

Tulika: “Ugh. Yes. Fuck, yes.”

Kavitha smiled as she could feel Tulika’s dick swell in her hand. She pulled Tulika’s cock to her mouth and began sucking on its throbbing head. Tulika groaned with excitement; her cock was so hard that it felt as if the skin were about to rip. Kavitha continued to fuck and suck her sister, her tongue dancing around wildly on the head of Tulika’s dick. She slipped her tongue inside Tulika’s urethra and Tulika let out a guttural groan. Kavitha grinned. She took Tulika’s cock from her mouth, grabbed the head, and jammed four fingers inside.

Tulika: “Oh fuck!”

Kavitha: “How’s that? You like me fucking your ass with my cock and your piss hole with my hand?”

Tulika: “Fuck yes! Oh god!”

Priya is captivated at this point as she watches and rubs her clit.

Priya: “I wonder if I could take both their cocks? Would they want to fuck me? She thought to herself. “Their cocks are so big. They would stretch me out so and make me feel so full… ugh god.”

Kavitha’s cock was rock hard as she fucked her sister’s ass and dick hole. She could feel that she was getting close. Tulika could feel Kavitha’s cock pulsing in her ass and knew, but she wanted something else from her sister first.

Tulika: “I want to fuck your piss hole.”

Kavitha was all too ready for the idea as she pulled out of her sister and leaned back against the counter in anticipation. Tulika spits on her hand and rubs it over her cock. Kavitha’s cock was still covered in her sister’s ass juice.

Tulika: “Mmmm… Do you think it will fit?” she said as she pressed the head of her massive prick against Kavitha’s.

Kavitha: “Make it fit.” She said with a serious and anxious tone.

Tulika was ready to oblige as she started to spread Kavitha’s urethra the head of her cock. Slowly she pressed harder as she attempted to breach.

Kavitha: “Fucking do it you bitch!” she demanded as she grabbed her sister and forcefully pulled her in.

Kavitha: “Fuck!” she screamed as Tulika’s cock squeezed inside her pee hole.

It hurt but in a way that only made Kavitha want more.

Tulika: “Oh my god it’s so tight. You want more?”

Kavitha: “Oh fuck. Yes! Do it! Shove your fucking prick in my piss hole!” she screamed.

Tulika grabbed onto Kavitha’s cock and began reaming it out with her own. Slamming the entire length of her dick inside her sister’s cock. Kavitha was screaming out at the top of her lungs in a mix of pleasure and pain.

Tulika: “You nasty fucking cunt. You tell me I’m sick because you catch me jerking off with peanut butter, yet here you are yelling at me to fuck your piss hole! Well? How do you like it, huh? Do you like my dick ripping your piss tube open, you nasty piece of shit?

Kavitha: “Fuck yes. That’s it! Fuck me like you mean it. Fuck me like a worthless cunt. Use my fucking piss hole to get your big fucking dick off. Slam it in me you cunt!”

Priya: “Oh my god. I can’t take this anymore. I’m practically cumming just from watching them.”

Priya decides Escort Gaziantep to just make a move and see what happens. She gets undressed and walks right into the kitchen.

Kavitha and Tulika: “Priya!” they said practically in unison.

Tulika and Kavitha both jumped to attention and separated from each other.

Tulika: “Priya, what are you doing? Why are you naked?”

Priya: “I heard you two and I’ve been watching… playing with myself.”

Tulika is flabbergasted. She’s just standing there, with no idea how to react. Kavitha meanwhile, although surprised, can’t help but take notice of her niece’s body. Priya has a very athletic build, almost muscular, but has impressively large breasts for her small short frame.

Kavitha: “Playing with yourself?” she asked Priya.

Priya nodded and began to walk towards her aunt and mother. Tulika looks at Kavitha as if to say “don’t encourage her”, but she was unable to get any words out.

Priya: “Your cocks are so big. I couldn’t believe that you could take them in all your holes. You must have felt so full.”

Tulika: “Priya!” she said with astonishment.

Kavitha: “It felt amazing.”

Priya, now standing directly in front of her mother and aunt, reaches out and puts a hand on each of their cocks.

Priya: “Could I feel what it’s like?”

Tulika looked at her daughter in disbelief. Although her face said no, her cock which had gone limp when surprised by her daughter’s appearance, has now hardened solid by the touch and thought of her daughter. Kavitha, cock equally as hard, had a more intrigued expression on her face.

Kavitha: “Are you sure Priya? What exactly were you thinking?”

Priya: “I want both your cocks inside me.”

Kavitha: “Oooh. You’re a nasty little bitch. I never would have guessed.”

Tulika: “Kavitha! We can’t!”

Kavitha: “Why not? She wants to.”

Tulika: “But she’s my daughter!”

Kavitha: “And I’m your sister, but that didn’t seem to stop you from making me puke on your cock earlier.”

Tulika blushed with embarrassment.

Priya: “I think that’s hot Mom. I really want you to fuck me. I want both of you to fuck me.”

Kavitha leans in and begins to caress Priya’s tits and run her hand across her pussy.

Kavitha: “Tulika, she’s so wet.”

Priya grabs her mom’s hand and puts it against her pussy.

Priya: “See mom. I want it bad.”

Tulika can’t deny herself any more and succumbs to her daughter’s advances. She joins Kavitha, sucking on her daughter’s breasts and rubbing her pussy.

Kavitha: “Ok, so who do you want in which hole Priya?”

Priya: “Mom, which of my holes do you want to fuck?

Tulika: “Oh, I don’t know honey.”

Kavitha: “If nobody minds, I’d like to fuck your pussy so I can watch those gorgeous tits of yours.”

Priya: “Ooooh, that sounds good to me. Mom, are you ok with fucking my ass?”

Tulika: “Sure honey… I still can’t believe this is happening.”

Tulika moves over to the table and lays down on her back, cock rock hard. Priya gets on top of the table and straddles her mom’s cock, slowly working it into her ass hole. Tulika and Priya both let out moans and groans of pleasure as Tulika’s cock sunk deeper into her daughter’s ass hole. Kavitha waited with cock in hand until Priya was fully seated on her mother’s dick. Kavitha then moved in as Priya spread her legs wide to open her pussy for her Aunt. Kavitha wasted no time and plunged her cock into Priya’s cunt. Priya let out a yelp of pleasure.

Tulika: “Kavitha! Take it easy.”

Priya: “No, it’s okay. Go ahead. It feels amazing. I’ve never felt to full!”

Kavitha: “See! I knew she was a little slut. You like that don’t you? Your mom and your aunt fucking your holes? Does auntie’s cock feel good stuffed in that box?”

Priya: “Fuck. Yes! I love it. Make me take it. C’mon mom! Fuck my ass harder. I want to feel both of you slamming your huge cocks inside me!”

Tulika: “Oh my god! Priya! I can’t believe you’re so nasty!”

Kavitha: “Oh she is a dirty fucking cunt. Aren’t you Priya? You just want our cocks to fill you up!”

Priya: “Yes. C’mon mom! I said fuck me! You can fuck me harder! Don’t you want to tear up my fucking shit box?

Kavitha: “Oh shit. Yes. C’mon Tulika! Grab your daughter’s fucking hair and fuck her shit hole! Get her fucking shit all over your cock!”

Tulika grabs Priya’s hair and starts slamming her cock as hard as she can up her ass.

Priya: “Yes! Yes! That’s it! There you go!”

Kavitha: “You asked for it and you got it you fucking cunt. Now take that fucking dick in your shit hole while you take my dick in your cunt!”

Priya: “Oh god yes! You like giving me those cocks? I’m so fucking full of your dicks I can hardly stand it!”

Priya was on the verge of cumming and it was bringing her mother and aunt closer as well.

Priya: “Keep fucking me! I’m going to cum!”

Kavitha: “C’mon bitch! Cum on our fucking cocks!”

Priya: “Cumming! I’m cumming!”

Priya reeled back as she orgasmed all over her aunts cock as it slammed in and out of her hole. Tulika and Kavitha could her holes squeeze their cocks to the point of no return.

Tulika: “I’m so close. I’m going to cum.”

Kavitha: “Me too. Fill your daughter’s ass with your fucking load sis!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32