Auntie Gives It All Ch. 07

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Female Ejaculation

Through her orgasmic fog, Em could still hear her brothers promise (threat) “Now it’s my turn.” He was pressed against her side, his cock thick and throbbing. She opened her eyes and saw her nephew, Dom, approaching the bed. His spent cock glistening with their combined juices.

She turned to look up at her brother, Antonio. He smiled, “You have been a very naughty girl.” His hands ran over her large breasts and she quivered.

“Give me your mouth,” Tony growled.

Her head was spinning, was this really happening. She was naked, with her older brother and his son, in a hotel room, and more turned on than she’d ever been. Tony was 10 years her senior and had always been her hero and protector. And the source of many a fantasy ever since that time as a young teen that she’d seen he and his wife on the couch in the basement. That was probably the first time she had ever masturbated, she could still remember the tingling between her legs as she watched her brother sucking and licking his girlfriend.

She rolled into him and gave him her mouth. Without hesitancy he took it in a demanding kiss. He pulled her soft body tight against his hardness. Em felt the mattress dip and then Dom’s hand tracing up her spine. She arched into her brother.

“MMMMMM, that’s it Baby Girl, rub that sexy body all over me,” Tony said against her swollen lips. “I always wondered… ever since that time in the basement.” He watched her eyes go wide and then close as he pulled at her nipples. “Oh, yes, I saw you on the stairs, your hand between your legs as you watched us. It made me so hot, and the whole time that I was getting her off I wondered how wet you were. You were always so hot, running around in your skimpy little baby doll pj’s, your skimpy bikinis, your little school uniform. I jacked off to so many fantasies about you after that night. Even after we moved out to our own place.”

He took her face in his hands and pulled her head back a bit so he could look into her hooded eyes. “Look at those sexy swollen lips… do you know what I’ve imagined that mouth of yours doing to me?” He guided her head down his chest to his thick cock. His breath caught at the first feel of her lips against the head of his cock.

Em rubbed her lips over the moisture leaking from the head of Antonio’s cock. She crawled between his spread legs and looked up at him, her lips glistening with his essence, her heavy breasts rubbing against his thighs. She saw the hot look in his eyes and looked over to see it mirrored in her nephew’s eyes as he lounged against the pillow next to his father, slowly fisting his own cock.

Em felt her own juices Escort weep from her pussy. Her breath came faster and she felt a power in her supplication that she’d never known before. Her tongue came out to swirl around the large purple head before she took it into her mouth and swallowed as much of him as she could.

Up and down her wet mouth consumed him as her hands caressed his tight balls.

“God, Emmmmmmmmmm,” he groaned as his hips came off the mattress. “That’s so good, Baby girl. Suck me deep. Your mouth is even better than I imagined.”

Her nipples were pointy hard, and rubbing up and down his thighs as she sucked him in and out of her mouth. She moaned with her excitement, and felt the big cock in her mouth grow and twitch.

All at once her brother pulled her up and flipped her over as he sat up. She was wedged between his legs with one arm banded around her upper body and the other snaking down towards her pussy.

“You’re dripping wet, Baby Girl. Does it make you hot to suck your brother’s cock,” he asked as he ran his fingers around her clit and she arched back into him. “Answer me!” he demanded.

“Yessssssss,” she moaned.

“You can do better than that. Yes what?”

“Yes, it makes me hot to suck your cock,” her hips bucked as his fingers plunged into her. “Ooooooo, yesssssssssssssss” she hissed.

Antonio put his mouth against her ear, “You know what makes me hot, Baby Girl?” He cupped both her breasts in his hands as he laid back with her arching on top of him. He rubbed her juices all over her nipples. “These big, gorgeous tits of yours, with their big rosy nipples.”

He looked over at his son, “Take a taste, Dom”

Dom leaned over her and looked up into her eyes, “Would you like that, Auntie? Do you want your nephew to suckle your wet nipples?”

Em could feel his hot breath on her nipples but he just stayed there awaiting her answer. She moaned.

“Come on Baby Girl,” her brother encouraged, “answer your nephew, tell him what you want him to do.”

Em moaned and squirmed, “Suck my nipples, suck them hard,” she begged as her back arched even more, offering up her bounty.

Dom licked at first one nipple then the other, teasing and tasting. Then he clamped on to one and sucked… and sucked. His father held them up to him like offerings.

“That’s it, son. Suck them good, she loves that, don’t you Baby Girl? Look how hard and high those nipples stand up, and see how her hips are thrusting, like they’re searching from something. What is it you want Baby Girl? Hmmmmm” he nipped at her ear.

“COCK, I need to be filled with Escort Bayan COCK,”Em gasped.

“Not just yet,” Tony licked her ear, “you look so pretty all flushed and hot, I think we need to tease you some more.” “What do you think, son?” He watched Dom move down between her legs and spread them wide.

“She’s so wet, Dad. I think she’s ready to blow,” he chuckled as he latched his mouth to her clit and sucked.

Emily’s hips came of the bed, her body bowed, she tried to grab Dom’s head, but Antonio pulled her wrists up over her head and held her captive. “That’s it, Baby Girl, ride it out, we want you nice and wet.”

Her climax was so strong that she felt like a wet noodle; when she could think again. She felt her body being lifted and turned.

Dom was whispering in her ear, “Come on Auntie, straddle him, you’re going to love this next part.”

She looked down at her brother as his big hands came around her hips and guided her onto his engorged cock. She looked into Antonio’s eyes as her hot wetness engulfed him. His eyes narrowed in pleasure and her pussy pulsed around him. He felt so big, so snug.

Em felt Dom pressed against her back, felt his rock hard cock nudging her ass as he pressed her forward onto his father.

“How naughty do you want to get, Baby Girl?” Antonio’s husky voice rumbled in her ear as his hands cupped her breasts and squeezed.

Em wasn’t sure what he was asking. She felt Dom behind her as he rose away from her back. She moaned cause she missed being pressed between their two big hard bodies. She reached behind her to find him. Dom grabbed both her wrists and crossed them in the small of her back. She felt completely at their command, even as she pressed her forehead to her brother’s chest and tightened her pussy around his steely cock.

“Are you going to punish me?” She said in a little voice, her heart speeding up and her breath rasping.

Antonio thrust his hips up to drive his cock deeper, just as Dom tightened his grip on her wrists and ran a hand over her ass cheek. Everything in her body twitched.

“Ah, I think this naughty girl wants a spanking.” Dom spoke just as his had came down on her ass cheek.

Em’s pussy tightened so hard around Antonio’s cock that he groaned and then reached around and took her wrists from his son’s hand.

“Get the lube, Dom,” he said over Emily’s shoulder as he brought her hands up to the head board. “Hold on and don’t let go,” he commanded.

Em came up off him a little and grabbed the headboard as she felt the lube dribbling into the crack of her ass.

“Oh, God… I’m not sure, Bayan Escort I don’t know… AHHHHHHHH” she didn’t get a chance to finish as she felt the tip of Dom’s cock slowly enter her little pucker hole.

She slid back a bit, as he arched down into Antonio’s chest. Keeping her hands on the headboard and her ass pressing up and back against Dom’s cock.

Her brother’s cock slipped slowly out of her hot, wet pussy, but he grabbed her hips so as not to slide out all the way.

“That’s it, Baby Girl. Nice and easy.” Antonio’s mouth found her nipple and sucked.

Em keened, a high pitched moan, and arched into his mouth as Dom slid home into her ass, pushing her all the way back down on his father’s cock.

“OH GOD, OH GOD, I can feel you both, both your cocks filling me, OH GOD, SO GOOD,” she arched again and then began to saw between them, feeling the two cocks go in and out of her, she could almost feel them touching through the thin wall that separated them.

Her mouth dove down to devour her brother’s mouth, eating at it, sucking his tongue into her mouth. “Yes, Tony, Yes, fuck me good, so good, you feel so good, filling my pussy full, so full with your hard thick cock….”

Her movements because jerkier as both men increased their paces.

“That’s it Baby Girl, ride my cock, take it deep, I’m not going to last in that hot tight pussy of yours.” Antonio’s hand wedged between their bodies to circle her engorged clit. “Tell us what you want, Baby Girl, TELL US.”


“YEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, Take it Baby Girl, feel your brother’s cock in your pussy, you like that don’t you, you dirty girl. With your nephew’s cock buried deep in your ass, fucking your ass.”

“I’m so deep in your Ass Auntie, your tight, hot ass, soooo damn goooooooooooood, AGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!”


Emily felt them both gush into her as all her senses heightened and she felt her orgasm grab her, starting at her pussy and reaching out to the ends of her limbs and the top of her head. She gasped, she jerked and her eyes rolled back in her head as her body spasmed.

She awoke laying on her side feeling a wet cloth cooling the sting between her ass cheeks. Another cloth dabbed at her face. She opened her eyes to see her big brother smiling down at her.

“That’s my Baby Girl” he said as he kissed her. Let’s order some room service and get washed up, so you can gather your strength. It’s going to be a long and pleasurable night.

Em closed her eyes and nodded her head as she smiled…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32