Aunt Sydney’s New Cottage

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Dear Reader… this story is a bit of a slow burn, but my intention was to move it along as naturally as possible. I hope to build the tensions between the characters, so that the final desired result feels more natural, plausible, and hot. I hope you enjoy.


The level of uneasiness that twin brothers, Hayden and Clayton, felt when being summoned to their father’s study for what their mother referred to as a “chat” was fairly equal. Mercifully, now that they were adults heading into their last year of college these chats had become blessedly less frequent. It also helped that as the brothers matured, they became smarter about not getting caught when up to no good, and they were often up to no good.

Hayden sat himself in one leather chair on the opposite side of the desk from their father, and Clayton did the same in the chair next to him, but added an exasperated exhalation to the action. They both faced their father, Marshall Westwood, who was a formidable man even if you didn’t know he was a high-price lawyer; not to mention a man gearing up for a campaign to run for mayor in the next election.

Marshall, a substantial man to say the least, sat up perfectly ram-rod straight in his high-back executive desk chair. Hayden straightened up in his own chair subconsciously. Clayton was always more relaxed or seemingly relaxed, and leaned back lazily and unaffected by their father’s ridged demeanor. Hayden always wished he could have his brother’s casual nonchalance.

“Father.” Clayton said by way of greeting.

They never called him Dad, although there may have been a brief time when they had called him Daddy as children. Neither could remember for sure, but their mother told the story that way. Marshall wasn’t exactly the “Daddy” type in Hayden’s estimation, but once when he was younger, he had inadvertently walked in on Marshall fucking their maid and she had been calling him “Daddy” quite enthusiastically.

Marshall did not speak for a full minute. He simply sat there assessing his sons. Maybe this was for dramatic effect. They were his only children, that they knew of at least. As children they had often heard their father crudely joke that he had hit the jackpot having twin boys on the first go. He wouldn’t have to “breed the wife” a second time, and further ruin her figure. In reality their mother was ruthless about diet and exercise. Her figure was always perfectly trim, if not a little too thin. Hayden often wondered if Marshall would leave their mother if she gained any weight. He suspected he would.

“Boys, I have a job for you this summer, and I am willing to pay you for it.” Marshall finally started without preamble. Hayden felt his jaw tighten. Propositions from Marshall never usually went in their favour.

“What job might that be, father?” Hayden asked despite himself.

“Your Aunt Sydney is finally divorced from that buffoon she married in spite of my protests.” Marshall paused to take a sip from his ever-present glass of cognac.

“She will be moving up North to Belford where she bought a little cottage. Personally, I think it’s a dump, but she insists she can fix it up, and make it livable year-round. I have my doubts, since she’s never repaired anything in her life. In fact, she’s never even lived on her own. Simply put, I am worried about this entire cockamamie endeavor.” Hayden wondered if his father even heard how pompous he sounded, and highly doubted it.

Marshall stopped talking so he could open a desk drawer and withdraw his cigar humidor. He sat it on the polished surface of his massive desk, the same desk he had been fucking the maid on years before. He took his time opening the humidor, selecting a cigar, and lighting it. Of course, he did not offer his adult sons a one of his prized cigars. This was perfectly okay with Hayden since he couldn’t stand smoking of any kind, but he knew it rankled his brother when their father wouldn’t even at least offer. If they had been Marshall’s work acquaintances or his gambling cronies, he would most certainly offer.

It also didn’t sit well with either brother the way their father spoke of their Aunt Sydney, whom had always been their favourite ever since they had been young. Secretly, they had both admitted to one and another that their childhood admiration had somehow morphed into a bit of a crush as they had grown older. Their crushes remained into their adulthood. Aunt Sydney was of course incredibly beautiful, but she was also this warm, loving, open, kind of person. Marshall disliked most of these qualities about his younger sister, and that made Hayden and Clayton like them all the more.

In truthfulness, Hayden had pleasured himself more than once thinking about his extremely attractive slightly older aunt, and he would put money on it that Clayton had too. Maybe it was just a guilty pleasure? Or maybe they were just sickos, but the truth was the truth, and the truth was they both found her attractive and intriguing like no escort bursa other woman. Of course, they knew better than to act on their thoughts and desires.

Clayton’s interest was piqued, and Hayden could sense this. Clayton sat forward, but didn’t sit up. He more shifted into a lazy forward leaning slump, and rested is elbows on their father’s perfectly appointed desk. “So, father, what exactly does this have to do with us?”

Marshall ignored his son’s tone, but sniffed indignantly at his elbows on the desk, and yet wisely chose not to say anything about it. Smoke curled in the air from their father’s strong smelling cigar. “You boys have the summer off, before heading back to school and I want you to do something productive with your time instead of drinking and chasing tail. I want you to help your aunt get that cottage into some semblance of order so she is not living is complete squalor. I will, of course, pay you for this service.” Marshall used an equally disgusted inflection when he said the words “cottage” and “squalor” as if they held mutually exclusive meanings.

“Okay, sure.” Clayton agreed readily on behalf of himself and Hayden. Hayden glanced at the back of his brother’s head before looking back to their father. He was onboard, but he worried that Clayton had agreed too easily, and maybe seemed too affable.

“No argument from the playboy sons?” Marshall was trying to goad them and they both knew it. He was always telling them how they didn’t know the first thing about responsibility, and they were just playboys looking to get laid. It wasn’t entirely inaccurate, but still insulting all the same.

“No, Sir. When should we leave?” Hayden asked. He was always the more diplomatic of the two brothers.

The arrangements were discussed. Hayden and Clayton would meet their aunt in a couple days at her new cottage. They would help her unpack, and begin working on renovations immediately. Each week their father would e-transfer them allowance, and funds to cover gas and other expenses. They would live with Aunt Sydney for the summer and help her get as much done in the cottage as possible before going back to school.

It wasn’t exactly what the two of them had in mind for their summer, but both of them agreed later on that they genuinely looked forward to spending an entire summer looking at their sexy aunt’s body. The area where the cottage was situated was beautiful, the cottage couldn’t possibly be as bad as Marshall made it sound, and with any luck there might be a beach nearby. All and all this seemed like a good twist of fate.


Sydney was so thrilled to see her tall handsome nephews. They rolled up a little before dinner time in their huge red pick-up truck. Many people couldn’t tell them apart, but Sydney always knew the difference. Clayton got out of the driver’s seat, and he was all huge smiles as he loped over to his aunt for a big strong hug. Hayden was close on his brother’s heals and he also gave her a huge hug. When had these boys become such solid muscular men, she wondered.

It was hard for Sydney to figure out how her overbearing older brother, and his “stick-up-her-ass-wife” had produced two such loving young men. Sydney herself still held out hope of having a child one day, and she hoped he or she would grow up to be a lot like Hayden and Clayton.

“I am so thrilled to see you both!” Sydney said with unshed happy tears in her eyes as she stepped back to take them both in. They had gotten taller since she had seen them last. They were both tanned, could probably both use a hair trim, and both had smiles that she suspected made many young women’s hearts melt. If she was to be perfectly honest, they were kind of making even her heart melt a bit. Not that she would ever admit that to anyone. Ever. Period.

“We’re happy to be here.” Hayden said, and he looked as if he meant it. She watched as he glanced up at the cottage assessing it with keen eyes. Sydney could only imagine what Marshall had told them about her new home, but it was no doubt an exaggeration of the reality. It just needed some TLC.

“I am sorry that Marshall stuck you here all summer, but don’t worry. There’s not much to do, and I will be hiring people to help me. You boys can hit the local attractions and have some young people fun. I have noticed some attractive young women when I am in town, and there’s a beach just down the road. Marshall will know nothing!”

Clayton turned his soulful green eyes on his aunt. “Marshall did ask us to come here, but we’re actually here because we want to be here. We want to spend the summer with you, and we are thrilled to help you make this into your new home.” Hayden nodded in agreement with his brother. “To new beginnings and adventures, Aunt Sydney!”

Sydney felt her heart flipflop in her chest. Emotions were running close to the surface after her recent divorce, and having these two incredible men here to help her meant the world to her. She secretly bursa merkez eskort planned to make sure they got out to have fun, but she would gratefully take the help they seemed to truly want to offer too.

Surging forward with tears quietly running down her cheeks now she tackled both of her tall nephews into a tight embrace. They both let her hold them a little longer than would be typical, and when they all took a little step back Hayden reached up and used his thumb to swipe a tear off her cheek. “Don’t cry, Aunt Sydney. We are here to make everything all better.”

The gesture was so startlingly intimate and sweet that it temporarily took Sydney’s breath away. She felt her face flush, and she quickly turned away. “Let’s start with a tour.” she managed to choke out.

“Perfect, lead the way.” Clayton agreed.

Sydney showed her nephews the new cottage, and they all bobbed and weaved around stacked boxes and haphazardly placed furniture. She was beyond pleased when the boys said only positive things about the cottage, especially since Marshall would have only said how small and grimy, he thought it was.

“This is my room; as you can see all I have so far is a big old bed.” Sydney stood in the door to her barren looking bedroom. The movers had helped her set-up her bed before they left. She had managed to find pillows, sheets, and a duvet. The king-sized bed did look decidedly inviting, but the rest of the room left much to be desired.

Clayton pushed passed his aunt grazing her breasts with his arm as he did. Once in the room he promptly flung himself down onto her bed and made himself comfortable. Sydney felt her nipples harden at the unintentional touch, and sincerely hoped her nephews wouldn’t notice her body’s strange reaction. She tried her best to just chalk it all up to the fact that her cheating ex-husband hadn’t touched her in a very long time. No one had, actually. Her body was just on overdrive, so of course that would explain her unusual reactions, even to her own nephews.

“So, this is where Aunt Sydney will make the magic happen!” Clayton declared. Hayden made a small choked sound from just behind his aunt in the doorway. It sounded as if he couldn’t believe the audacity of his twin brother.

Sydney also couldn’t believe her nephew being so bold, but she chose to just laugh it off. They were adults now, and she would have to get used to them talking to her like adults. “I don’t know about all that, but with a coat of paint and some decorating I think it will become a cozy place for me to recharge.”

Clayton turned on his side to get a better look at his aunt. “Oh, come on! You’re free now. It’s magic time, Aunt Sydney. You need to cut loose and get some.”

“Shut up, Clayton.” Hayden said between clenched teeth, but without any real rancor.

Clayton wasn’t about to be quieted. “This is an awfully big bed for just tiny you. In fact, I bet we could all fit in this bed together. Hop in!”

“He might be right.” Hayden whispered so softly from just behind Sydney. Then she felt his hands gently land on her hips as he guided them both further into the bedroom.

Hayden moved around his stunned aunt, and plopped himself down on the opposite side of the bed from his brother. There was a big space between the two men, right in the middle of the bed. Sydney looked from one handsome face to the other matching equally handsome face. She shook her head at them good naturedly, but she felt hopelessly awkward in this moment. What was this strange tension, and was she the only one feeling it? What was wrong with her?

“I am not sure what kind of fun you two boys are implying I might get up to in here, but I think the bed is good enough for just me. Come on, you goofs. I will show you to your rooms.”

Sydney attempted to spin on her heel to walk away, but Clayton snagged her hand and gave a big tug. Before she knew what had happened, she found herself tumbling into the bed in a tangle, and then was hauled clumsily into the middle to be tucked between her two big nephews. They were all laughing at the ungainly way she had ended up there. Both men moved in to cuddle her, and it felt equal parts exhilarating and awkward to find herself in their embrace.

“You two are terrible brats! And here I was thinking I’d let you have a fun free summer, and cover for you with your controlling father! Now, I am going to make you both work your asses off!” Sydney protested with mock exasperation. Her mind was racing. She was enjoying being tucked against the hard bodies of her twin nephews, way more than would be acceptable. She was their Aunt for heaven’s sake!

Both Hayden and Clayton seemed to move in a little closer. There wasn’t even the smallest amount of space between them all. Clayton was all sexy smiles, but Hayden looked more serious. “We’re going to have plenty of fun, Aunt Sydney.” he said tenderly.

Suddenly the playful demeaner bursa sınırsız escort between them turned to something else. Something that Sydney didn’t dare put a name to. Something she suddenly craved so badly it made her feel dizzy. She needed to get out of this bed, and out of this room. She needed way more oxygen than this room could even hold.

“Why don’t I show you guys your rooms, and let you get unpacked. No work today. We’ll have some beers on the porch, I will make a nice dinner, then if you feel up to it, we can walk down and see the beach.” she suggested by way of redirecting the situation. She begged them in her head to move their hard bodies away from hers, so she could think clearly again.

“Sounds good to me!” Clayton agreed after a moment, and then he hauled himself up out of the bed as fast as he had jumped into it.

Sydney felt the loss of closeness as a jab in her heart. He offered a hand to his aunt, and soon enough they were all standing and the strange sense of intimacy Sydney thought she had felt was slowly ebbing away. She let out a breath she hadn’t known she had been holding. Had that all just been in her filthy mind? Maybe. She’d have to check herself going forward. These men were her nephews, and that was a family bond that could not be tampered with under any circumstances. Sydney felt a little repulsed by herself in that exact moment.


Hayden actually enjoyed painting, even though it wasn’t entirely sure about his aunt’s choice of paint colour for the kitchen, which was aptly called sunshine yellow. It seemed blindingly bright, but Aunt Sydney kept telling them that once everything was back in the room, and pictures up on the walls the yellow paint would fade to the background.

Aunt Sydney was nothing less than pure distraction in a pair of short cut-off jeans, and an almost see through white tank top, which now had yellow paint on it. Her long strawberry blonde hair was tucked up on her head in a messy bun with a few escape tendrils sweeping down her slender neck. It was hard to tell if she was totally unaware of just how sexy she was, but she had both nephew’s full attention.

When Sydney would bend over, Hayden and Clayton gave each other knowing glances, full of unspoken common desires. They would have had to be blind or maybe even dead not to notice how sexy this woman was even though she was their aunt. Hayden had made Clayton promise to behave, and to watch his mouth around their aunt, but it was most likely a futile request. Clayton was a loose cannon around any sexy lady, and it didn’t seem to matter that she was family. It had been obvious they had kind of spooked her the first night, but that silliness would have to stop. If they went too far, surely Aunt Sydney would kick them out and tell their parents. Then, there would be hell to pay. Marshall wasn’t known for being forgiving.

There was music playing, and they were working up a sweat. “I need to pick-up more beer.” Aunt Sydney declared. “In the meantime, I will get us some cold water. Be right back.”

The twins watched their aunt bounce out of the room to go find the cooler they were using since the fridge had been unplugged and moved for painting. She seemed so much happier now than when she was with her husband.

“She’s killing me in those little shorts, man.” Clayton whispered just loud enough to be heard by his brother over their aunt’s pretty decent music.

“Dude, she’s our aunt…by blood. You gotta get over this.” Hayden chastised.

Clayton looked his brother in the eyes. Hayden knew better than to try to mislead him. He knew his brother like he knew himself, and the truth of the matter was they were both carrying a hard-on for their hot little aunt. “Don’t even fucking try that with me.” Clayton deadpanned.

“Clay, this isn’t even feasible. So, we both have to get the hell over it. We’re just sick horny fuckers.”

“Did you notice those cute freckles across the bridge of her nose? What about the ones running down her arms? I want to fucking lick every single freckle and beauty mark on her entire body, and every space in between.” Clayton’s face was set with a determination that Hayden knew all too well from his brother.

“Impossible, so knock it the fuck off.” Hayden said a little louder than intended.

“What’s impossible?” Sydney asked as she came back into the room three bottles of water, and a package of chocolate chip cookies.

“It’s impossible to know why you picked this shade of yellow.” Hayden teased in an effort to redirect the conversation.

Sydney placed the snack down on their make-shift table in the middle of the room. She glanced from one twin to the next, assessing. “It sounded as if you two were having a disagreement, and I am pretty sure it wasn’t over my on-point paint selection.”

“No way.” Clayton responded a little too quickly.

Sydney squinted at the two of them for a long moment. “After we finish painting this room you two need to get out of here and go have some young people kinda fun. Deal?”

“We’d rather stay with you, or maybe we can all go out somewhere together?” Hayden suggested. He was relieved she hadn’t pushed them about what they had actually been discussing. He would have lied, but he didn’t like to lie, not really.

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