Aunt Sue, Sexual Predator

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Alexa Thomas

It all started when I came home after school one afternoon and my aunt’s car was in the driveway. This was no surprise since she often came over to use the pool. I walked in the front door turned down the hallway and went straight to my room. I just finished a project at college and I needed some down time. Quickly I stripped off my clothes throwing them on the bed and pulling on my swimsuit. I remember walking down the hall and into the kitchen. As I turned the corner I saw Aunt Sue stepping through the sliding glass door. I stopped dead in my tracks. She was topless wearing only a red and white striped string bikini bottom. I’d never seen her topless before and I thought…Oh My God! I stared at her breasts, which were perfectly melon shaped with small pinkish nipples.

Her usual smile got even bigger as she saw me and said, “Hi Tom How was school?”

Embarrassed from seeing my aunt topless I quickly looked away. “Okay” I replied. I tried to make myself look busy by staring at a bag of potato chips on the kitchen island.

“Did the professor like your project?” she asked in an interested voice.

“Huh…Ya he seemed cool with it.” I slowly answered trying to sound relaxed while not daring to look up.

The room was very quiet as I continued to look down at the counter. Feeling nervous I was about to turn and hurry back to my room when she spoke.

“Tom?” she asked.

Startled by her voice I jumped slightly but continued to look away.

“Tommy Look at me!” she commanded this time.

Slowly Escort I raised my eyes. She was standing with her fingers resting on the opposite side of the island. My eyes slowly centered on her beautiful nipples. They were pale pink in color with marble sized nipples. I had never seen any like hers before and I caught myself staring again. I felt more embarrassment but also a little excited as I looked down again.

After endless silence I heard her bare feet lightly slapping against the ceramic tile floor. Suddenly her hands were cupping her tits just inches from my face. My eyes filled with the sight of her bright red fingernails holding her tanned breasts.

Startled I felt myself move back a step and look away. I really felt uncomfortable like when I got in caught doing something wrong as a child.

“I know you have seen a pair of tits before.”, she announced to me.

Feeling stupid at my embarrassment I cleared my throat and got the courage to say “Yes I’ve seen them before.

“Then why won’t you look at me? Aren’t these pretty enough for you?” She said in a sweet almost innocent voice.

Surprised at what came out of my mouth, I exclaimed “My God their gorgeous! In fact you’re gorgeous and my friend John even said he wanted to fuck the sh…” Frightened I clamped down on my jaw only to have her finish my words.

“The shit out of me huh and would you like to FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME?” she shot back.

Scared I stammered backing up until I ran into the counter.

She Escort Bayan moved forward still holding her breasts. They were practically touching me as she continued to raise her voice and said, “Wouldn’t I be a hot enough FUCK for you?

Staring wide eyed in disbelief I finally blurted out “But you’re my Aunt!”

Quietly she dropped her hands and took a step back.

I felt surprised when I heard her laugh, “Oh so that’s it. Okay Tommy.”

Slowly she moved beside me and I swear I felt her hand squeeze my butt as she put her arm around me.

Softly she blew in my ear saying, “Why don’t you go out to the pool, I’ll bring you a nice cold beer and then I have to get going.”

A sense of relief came over me as she nudged me towards the sliding glass door. I walked outside feeling dazed as I plunked myself into one of the lounge chairs. After a few minutes I looked over my shoulder to see her walking out onto the patio. She had on a white T-shirt and a pair of satin royal blue running shorts. She clearly wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples pushed against the stretched cotton of her shirt. I relaxed and sat back as she reached the chair.

“Here you go.” She said as she bent over, reaching across me to set the bottle on the table beside me.

The coconut smell of her suntan lotion filled my nose and the french cut of her T-shirt gave me a clear shot of her breasts. I glanced at the smooth tanned skin. My eyes followed the curve of her cleavage down into her shirt and Bayan Escort I continued looking as she remained still for a moment. I felt a tingling inside until I caught myself staring and quickly looked up to see watching me. A mixture of guilt and embarrassment went through me and I wondered what was I doing looking at my Aunt like that?

Her dark eyes beamed and she smiled at me while her fingers brushed my cheek.

I felt another twinge of excitement as she spoke in a playful almost seductive voice.

“Just sit here, drink your beer and relax. I can tell your having a hard day.” And with that she turned and disappeared towards the house.

Bewildered at what had just happened I took a long drink of beer and relaxed slowly letting my head drop down. “OH Shit” I exclaimed as I looked down at my swim trunks. The swollen head of my cock was sticking out of the waistband. I broke out into a cold sweat and thoughts raced though my head: Did she see it? Is that what she meant by having a hard day? My God! I have a hard-on for my aunt! What is wrong with me…Mom would die if she thought… After several seconds I finally stopped myself by taking a deep breath and another swig of beer. The strong taste washed down my throat and helped me calm my thoughts.

Then it hit me! Aunt Sue had played another of her jokes on me. I started laughing as I thought about how I must have looked, studying a bag of potato chips to avoid looking at her. She got me good. I only hoped I could come up with one to play on her. I finally felt better and more relaxed. What an idiot? To think my aunt was coming on to me.

I looked down to see my deflating cock lying against my chest. I took another swig, straightened my waistband and decided to go for a swim.

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