Aunt Peg’s Panties Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Peg had a short nap and then woke up. Her hands moved to her thighs, feeling the crusted remnants of her own secretions and her nephews cum. She moved her hands to her pussy and cupped it and she could feel she was still wet down there. Bringing her hands up to her nose, she sniffed at her fingers that smelled of her own sex and man cum. She felt a slight tremor go through her as she recalled hos she had just fucked her nephew. More importantly, she remembered how good it had been. It was the release she had wanted, more like needed.

She felt no remorse or guilt at having fucked her nephew. None at all. The problem at hand was to see what Tyler’s reaction to their escapade would be. She smiled to herself as she thought back to various men she had fucked recreationally. Some found it awkward after the fact while others were mature about it. Still, she knew it was different when a family member was concerned. The best way, as always, was communication. She needed to talk to Tyler about it and make sure he was okay with it.

Peg slipped into a t-shirt and shorts and made her way out to the lounge. Tyler was lying on the sofa. He looked up at Peg as she came out and then looked away. “This may be harder than I thought.” Peg thought to herself.

She sat herself next to her nephew. “Ty…” she said softly. “You okay?”

“ummm…Yeah…” Tyler responded, avoiding eye contact. “I already heated the food.”

“Thanks honey.” Peg said. “Lets go have dinner then. And talk.”

“Do we really have to?” Tyler asked.

“What? Have dinner or Talk?” Peg laughed, trying to make a joke. Tyler smiled at her.

They got up and made their way to the dining table where Tyler had already laid out the food. They sat and started eating in awkward silence.

“What we did…” Peg broke the quiet. Tyler looked up at her.

“Firstly… it was great… You were great.” Peg went on. “Secondly, it seems like…well…”

“Well what Aunt Peg?” Tyler asked.

“I don’t know how to say this… But I guess after what we did, there’s no point in hiding anything…”

“What do you mean?” Tyler asked with concern.

“This stays between us.” Peg said. “You never heard this from me. Or from anyone. Promise?”

“Uhhh.. yeah… yes… what is it Aunt Peg?”

“ok… here goes…” Peg sighed. “remember when I said no one has smelled my panties in a long long time?


“Well, it looks like it runs in the family…” Peg stated.

“What?” Tyler asked leaning forward. “What do you mean???”

“Your father… he used to do it too.” Peg said. “and… And… we used to fuck too.”

“No Way!!” Tyler said, his eyes wide open. “How? What happened? Tell me…”

“You sure you can handle this?” Peg asked softly.

“y…yes… I wanna hear… tell me.”

And so Peg started her story.

“I was about 19 or maybe I had just turned 18… I cant really remember. Anyway, one day I was doing my laundry. I always kept it late till I had almost run out of clothes. While putting my panties in casino oyna the washer, I found a pair or two that were missing. I wondered where they could be but just dismissed it as I thought maybe I had left them in my gym bag or somewhere. A few days later, they were back in my drawer. That was kind of odd. It still didn’t strike me. I figured maybe Mom had mixed up my panties with hers or something like that.”

Peg’s eyes shifted briefly to Tyler’s crotch. She could see the outline of his cock stirring to life. Her story was getting him just a little worked up.

“Then one day, Mom and Dad had gone out early in the morning. I had just woken up and gone to the toilet. As I sat peeing, I glanced into the laundry basket and the pink pair I had worn the previous day and that should have been on the top of the laundry pile wasn’t there. Again, I really didn’t think too much about it. I went back out and there was no one around so I went to Brians room. It was locked. We had adjoining rooms separated by the bathroom and so I opened his door from there.

“I still remember this so vividly. My pink panties were pressed against his face and he was playing with his cock. Not really stroking it but just kinda playing with it. ‘what the hell are you doing’ I cried out. Brian pulled the panties away from his face but I had seen enough. ‘My god Brian! You were sniffing my panties! Is that why my panties are always missing?’ I asked my brother.

“Brian just smiled at me. ‘you fucking smell so good sis.’ I don’t know what it was, but him saying that seemed to set my insides on fire.”

“were you a virgin then?” Tyler asked.

“Noo… I lost my virginity early, maybe 16…but I was pretty selective and didn’t have much sex.” Peg replied.

“So anyway…as I was saying, something tripped inside me and I just stood there staring at your father’s cock. Cut a long story short, I ended up pressing my panties against his face and sucking him. It was such a buzz. Then he pushed me over and told me he was going to fuck me and make me cum like I had never cum before. I didn’t protest and he slipped his cock into me and we fucked like crazy. He was right… I had never cum so hard before. Finally, he pulled out and shot all over my face.

“And that was the start of it all. We’d sneak into each others rooms all the time and fuck each other silly. Your father definitely had a panty fetish and now that I knew, he would ask for my panties whenever I came back from classes. Sometimes he’d ask me to keep my panties on so that they got really soaking with my juices. He loved smelling them especially when we had sex but his favourite was sniffing and licking them while I blew him.”

“So you were 19…” Tyler said. “Dad would have been 27 or so.” Tyler said thoughtfully

“yeah.. I don’t remember the exact time… but yes, 26 or 27.” Peg replied

“Ummm… wasn;t Dad dating mom at this time?” Tyler asked.

Peg laughed. “Go get the cigarettes baby. I need to smoke if I’m gonna tell you more.”

Tyler rushed over to the lounge and picked slot oyna up the cigarettes and ash tray. He brought them over and they both lit up, taking long drags out of their cigarettes.

Peg went on.

“So… shortly after that first session, Brian started seeing your Mom. It was wild though. It didn’t stop him from fucking me or should I say it didn’t stop Us from fucking. In fact, it became even wilder. There were times when Brian would bring Mandy’s panties back after a night out and make me sniff them while we fucked. Sometimes he would stuff them in my mouth too. I loved it. There was just something so kinky about the taste of another woman in my mouth and the fact that it was from her panties just somehow made it even more exciting.

“There was once, when Mandy’s panties were so wet when Brian stuffed them in my mouth. While he was fucking me, he told me how he he had fucked her with her panties on and then they had gone out for dinner. His cum had dripped into her panties during dinner and then she had given them to him before he dropped her off. I sucked harder on those panties and I could taste his cum mixed with hers. I came right then and there.”

Peg sighed as she stubbed out her cigarette and lit another one. “There’s more… you sure you wanna hear this?” She asked. “you may not like it so much.”

“Go on… ” Tyler said eagerly.

“Okay… well, as you know, your Dad married your Mom and almost immediately she got pregnant. Your Dad says they went off sex for almost the whole nine months and even after you were born Mandy seemed to have lost interest, other than birthday sex and Christmas sex.”

Peg paused for a while and took another deep drag of her cigarette. She seemed lost in thought for a while and then she looked at Tyler and sighed before continuing.

“I’m really not sure I should be telling you this but anyhow… Your dad and I kept at it. I cant explain it. It was almost like a drug. I felt guilty but the fact that they weren’t having sex kind of made it seem okay. We’d find ways to sneak off and meet somewhere, often in hotels. There were some nights that Brian would come into my room late at night and we’d spend the night fucking… then he’d return to his room before morning.

“He loved my panties and loved sniffing and sucking on them and of course making me smell my own panties too. It was something that we both found kinky… extremely sexual and satisfying. And as I said before, he’d make me suck and smell your moms panties too. I used to find that so hot, especially knowing he was fucking me instead of her.”

“Your father was wild. He loved going down on me and I loved sucking on his cock. He was the only man to have ever fucked my ass and I have to admit I loved it, although it did hurt the first time. We practically did everything imaginable. Sex just got better and better. We were both insatiable and the fact that it was ‘forbidden’ just made it all the more exciting.

“Then one day Brian said that your mother was starting to suspect something. He also said she had canlı casino siteleri changed and making more of an effort. She was now wanting sex more frequently and he needed to work on his marriage. We stopped having sex so frequently coz obviously he was doing it with her. He’d even tell me what they would do and how she would react or how she would enjoy it. Hearing him say that, something snapped inside of me. I couldn’t handle the fact that he was fucking her as well as me. Suddenly, what was great sex before seemed dirty and I started wondering if he had fucked her before he fucked me…or if he would fuck her after he fucked me. Even simple things like him licking me would get me feeling repulsed, wondering if his mouth had just been on her pussy.

Pegs eyes took on a wistful look and she paused again. Tyler thought that perhaps he saw a tear in her eyes but he wasn’t quite sure. Tyler took her hand. “You okay?” He asked. Peg smiled at him ruefully.

“Truth of the matter is, Tyler… I think I had fallen in love with your father. My own brother. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I couldn’t separate the sex from the emotions anymore. I was jealous of your mom. The whole thing was just a mess…”

“When was this?” Tyler asked softly, already suspecting the answer.

“Oh, about 6 years ago. ” Peg replied. “Just after your 14th birthday.”

“That’s when you left for your job…” Tyler said. “And that’s why things were always a little stilted whenever you came back… and you never stayed over but always in a hotel or with a friend.”

“Yeap.” Peg responded.

“So… you and Dad were fucking for 15, 16 years?” Tyler asked. “And mom didn’t know???”

“Whether she knew or just suspected I will never know. I just couldn’t do it anymore.” Peg said.

There was a moment of silence between them.

“There. I’ve told you everything.” Peg said. “I hope you don’t think any less of me.”

“Not at all Aunt Peg.” Tyler said. “A little surprised…or maybe stunned perhaps… But I get why Dad wanted you so much… You’ve always been so hot.”

“Youre sweet.” Peg smiled at her nephew and rested her hand on his thigh.

“Can I ask you something?” Tyler said. “What about after Dad? What about the last 6 years?”

“The last 6 years?” Peg laughed. “There were a number of men. Nothing really serious. A bit of fun here and there.”

“Tell me.” Tyler prodded., his cock starting to swell up again.

“You want all the gory details?” Peg teased, moving her hand up his thigh to his cock.

“Yes! I wanna know.”

“You wanna know how many cocks I wrapped my lips around and how many spread my pussy lips?” Peg cooed. “Ohh.. You really are a bad boy. ” She was feeling all horny again. Her hand slipped into his shorts and she scraped her nails against his balls.

“Ohhhh Aunt Peg…”

“Telling you all my stories has turned me on” She said seductively, licking her lips as she did so. Her hands still toying with his balls. “Tell you what.” She said as she got on her knees and pulled his shorts down, exposing his stiff, throbbing cock. She licked it and then looked up at him. “let me wrap my lips around your cock and then you can fuck me hard again. Then I”ll tell you all you want to know.”

-To be continued –

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