Aunt on the Roof

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Note: The following story is entirely fictional and all of the characters are over 18 years of age.


Hello. My name is Miguel and I live with my mother in the city of Boston. Although we live alone, we have a large extended family throughout the city’s neighborhoods. As is our custom, we are often called upon to perform small favors for each other, depending on our skills.

This past summer, after finishing high school, and before starting college, I was looking to make some extra money. My mother’s sister, my Aunt Carmen, told my mother that she needed her living room painted, and asked if I would be interested. Of course, I was, so I loaded my painting supplies and headed over to her apartment on sweltering August day. My aunt lives in a modest apartment in one of the meaner parts of town. I parked my truck across the street from her building, locked it, and headed in, carrying my gear.

After buzzing me in, I rode the elevator to the sixth floor. I had always liked my Aunt Carmen. She was only two years older than my mother, making her 39 this past summer. She had never married, which was a surprise to me because I found her extremely attractive. If she had a boyfriend, none of us knew about it. She worked hard and seemed to spend her money on clothes and personal accessories. She dyed her hair, so it was a sort of blonde-orange, but with her tan skin, it looked rather attractive. Like most of the women in my family, Aunt Carmen liked fancy clothes, jewelry, perfume, etc. Her hair was always styled and she always smelled great.

Aunt Carmen greeted me at the door with a big hug and a kiss. “Miguel!” she exclaimed, “I’m so glad you could come over.” Although it was blazing hot outside, her apartment was cool and comfortable. She showed me around the living room, explaining what she wanted done and pointing out the various paints she had purchased.

“Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to get a little sun.” Like some city-dwellers, she had taken to sunning herself on the roof of her building. Gaziantep Escort I can only imagine what the neighbors thought, but, as much could be seen and a local beach or park, so what was the big deal?

As I set up my things, I realized that my Aunt was in the next room, stripping and putting on a bathing suit. My breath caught in my throat as I thought of the scene unfolding just a few feet away. Would she emerge in a bathing suit, or would she cover herself? On many family trips to lakes and beaches, I had often found myself staring at my Aunt Carmen. She wasn’t tall, but she had beautiful legs. She had a large rear-end, but she carried it well. Without doubt, her most attractive feature was her lips. In spite of my self, I had often found myself fantasizing about kissing those lips, and more…

Aunt Carmen emerged from her bedroom, to my disappointment, wearing a robe over her suit. “Are you all set, honey”, she called as she put a few things in a bag. “Sure, I’ll be fine. Thanks!” She then entered the living room. “I’m only going up there for an hour. In case I fall asleep, would you be willing to get me? I want a little sun, but not too much! Wrinkles, you know!” With that she flashed me her beautiful smile, showing off her perfect teeth. “Sure, in one hour!” I promised. With that, she exited to climb the flight that would take her to the roof.

An hour passed, and I made some good progress. I checked my watch, and right on cue, I headed up to the roof. Emerging into the bright sun, I spotted my aunt at the far end of the roof. She was reclined on her chair, wearing a hat and a black bikini. Her head was tilted to the side and she looked to be asleep.

As I approached her, I observed her tummy rising and falling gently. There was a chair next to her, and I decided to give her a few more minutes before waking her. Besides, I was enjoying the view!

I looked Aunt Carmen over from head to toe. Her breasts were full and firm. There didn’t seem to be an ounce of fat anywhere Gaziantep Escort Bayan on her body. I stared at the triangle that made the front of her bikini bottom, and I tried to imagine what might be under there.

Inevitably, my dick began to stiffen. Unconsciously, my right hand dropped, and I began rubbing my dick through my jeans, only a couple of feet away from my aunt. Suddenly, I had a tremendous urge to head back downstairs and beat off.

Before I could move, my aunt opened one eye, and saw what I was doing. She jumped up, startled, and shouted “What the hell! Miguel!”

I was shocked and I took off running for the door that would lead me downstairs to safety. Once back in Carmen’s apartment, I pondered my next move. Should I go home? Being my mom’s sister, surely there would be a follow-up about the painting. How would I explain?

As I stood there sweating and shaking, my aunt entered the apartment, calling, “Miguel, I’m SO sorry!!!”

Sorry? Wasn’t I the one who should be saying that?

Out of breath, she rushed into the living room. “I know I yelled and startled you, but let me explain. Please, let’s sit down.” We sat on her couch. I couldn’t help but notice that she was not wearing the robe, just her bathing suit.

She began, “On the roof, I was sound asleep. As you know, I am a single woman, living along. The thing I fear more than anything else is sexual assault. I was dreaming someone was watching me, getting all worked up to attack me. Then I awoke, and I saw you, there. I didn’t realize it was just a dream, and I was terrified, thinking I was about to be attacked. Do you understand?” She held my arms, and she looked pleadingly into my eyes.

“Uh, of course”, I replied, now thoroughly confused. Had she seen me rubbing myself, or not? “Well, Aunt Carmen. I had gone to the roof to wake you, but you looked so peaceful, I just decided to let you sleep a little bit more. I had no idea you were having a bad dream.”

“It seemed so Escort Gaziantep real, he was getting all worked up, rubbing himself, preparing to take me…” she continued, looking into the distance.

Trying to make light of the situation, I volunteered, “Well, I WAS watching you, and I was getting rather turned on, myself!”

Aunt Carmen froze. It was then that we both realized that she was only wearing her black bikini, here in her living room with her nephew. My eyes stole down to her round breasts.

Very softly, she asked “And how about now? Are you excited now?” Together, our eyes traveled to the crotch of my jeans. The huge bulge there was obvious.

Without a word, my aunt slid from the sofa to the floor, to face me. “Would you like to show me?” she asked in a husky voice.

It had been such a strange turn of events, that, without thinking, I undid my belt and slid my jeans and underwear to the floor. My erect penis was standing straight up. Within the past month, I had taken to shaving off all of my pubic hair. I know it made me look younger, but I liked the feel better.

Resting her left arm on my right thigh, my aunt reached over and held my penis with her right hand. She drew herself forward and lowered her mouth over my swollen dick. I stared, not believing, as those full, beautiful lips parted and closed over my shaft. Before I knew what was happening, my beautiful, busty aunt, still wearing her black bikini, was pumping my dick into and out of her mouth. I watched her breasts heave as I realized that only moments earlier, I had been contemplating jerking off, imagining just such a scene!

My aunt may not have had a boyfriend, but she sure knew what she was doing. I felt her swirl her tongue around my cock. Then she pulled my dick out of her mouth and jerked it, while looking at me with semi-closed eyes and pursed lips. “Come on, baby” she hissed.

“Aunt Carmen, I’m going to cum!” I practically yelled, and with that she inhaled my prick back into her mouth and pumped furiously. My mind went blank as I began to shoot my sperm into my beautiful aunt’s mouth and throat.

She didn’t stop until I did. Slowly, she withdrew my penis from her mouth. Looking at it in her hand, she planted a kiss on the head, and then she gave me a wicked wink. “Now, how about that painting?”

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