Aunt Linda Ch. 01

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Big Tits

I used to submit stories here under a different login. As these things happen, I managed to lose the password to the account and it was linked to an older email that I don’t really use anymore. Thus, the account was pretty much lost. No harm, no foul. But, in the last year I’ve been submitting a new story and it occurred to me that it might be nice to have those older stories under this login. So, I re-edited them, which was handy as you always find the typo after you’ve submitted the story, no? And I thought I’d post them again from time to time. So, if this tale sounds familiar (well, all of these stories have a certain familiarity) it might just be because you’ve read it before.

All characters are over 18.


I hadn’t seen Aunt Linda in close to 10 years. Looking back that seems such a short time, actually, but it was a world of difference to me. I mean, a decade one way or the other isn’t much when you’re over 30, but at 18 it’s a lifetime. It’s a world of difference in emotional and biological shifts. So, while I always had a soft spot for Linda, she was just meeting the ‘adult’ me. She hadn’t changed a jot in my mind, but I was a world of growth spurts gone.

I’d come to her place as a bit of a graduation present. She’d always looked out for me and after high school graduation she wanted to show me around my new stomping grounds. The college I had gotten into was a short 20 minute drive from my Aunt’s place. Honestly, I’d lost touch with where she was living years ago. She tended to move around and was certainly the family wanderer. But when she asked where I was headed after graduation on a recent phone call, we were all pleasantly surprised to find that she was in the neighborhood.

Mom agreed that I should take a week off of my summer job to visit with Linda and learn the lay of the land before moving into my town. I’d be living on campus, but I would definitely need a part time job while going to school, so this seemed like a good time to make my way on a trial run.

Linda met me at the airport. I spotted her right away. She hadn’t changed a jot. Not in 10 years. What a lovely lady. She was just the other side of 40, but the right side of gorgeous. She was barely 5 feet tall, but curvy in the way of my mother’s side of the family. She was a bit on the busty side, though certainly nothing cinematic, pixie-ish dark hair, a bit too much makeup for my taste (though perhaps not for everyone) and a lovely set of hips that got my attention right away in jeans that were, perhaps, painted on. Wow. What a lovely sight. And yet, she didn’t even look at me twice.

“Aunt Linda?” I asked as a form of introduction.

Slightly taken aback she blurted, “Bobby? No way. Little Bobby?”

“Well, it has been 10 years Aunt Ell.”

“Huh… well, then you are way overdue for a welcome to town hug. C’mere, not-so-kiddo.” And she crushed me in a bear hug far disproportionate to her size. I mean, I’m no goliath at 5’11”, but I must admit that I was aware of how she fit against me. Her hug was a long way from the careful, polite arm-wrapping of the ladies at Mom’s Bunko night. Linda was affectionate, demonstrative, and smelled … great. I felt welcome, comfortable, and then just a bit awkward. A bit too close. This hug went a little longer than I could justify, before we began the customary backslapping end to an overlong soon to be awkward hug.

“Honey, you are … well, you are something. I knew you were grown… well, I mean, I knew it on the calendar, but for me you’re still that kid who did cannonballs into my pool for 3 hours straight.”

“Well, I definitely learned my lesson then, Aunt Ell. I mean, wow. The only thing worse than the bruises from that day was the sunburn. I reeked of Old Spice cologne – Dad’s special trick for taking out the sting of a sunburn and, I’d guess, for driving off any hope of dating for a decade- and couldn’t walk normally for a week. It made an impression.”

“Sounds like. But, mostly I just remember the joy. You were running, screaming, diving – and I use that term loosely, dear- and having the time of your life. I always loved that memory.”

“Well, that’s nice to hear. I’ve always had a soft spot for you, too.”

“Well, let’s see about that,” she said with what might have been a smirk.


“Oh, nothing… Let’s just see about getting you home. I think you’ll like the new place. We’ll get you set up, rested, fed, and plan out your vacation. It’ll be a blast. I took off time from work, for at least a couple of days, and so you’ll get my undivided.”

“Sounds great, Aunt Linda. I could definitely use that snack. Airplane peanuts were just not getting it for me.”

The ride home was chatty and warm. Aunt Linda was instantly comfortable with me, a virtual stranger, in a way that made me comfortable with her. And, honestly, it’s rare that a beautiful woman is that talkative with me. I’m not a hermit, certainly. But, it’s also true that I’m no ladies’ man. The teen years are not kind to Sütçüler Escort men as they develop social skills. But with Linda everything was easy. She had read books that I had just discovered, seen bands in concert that I’d only ever heard on Spotify, and gone places I had only dreamed of. I’m close to my Mom, but her older sister was fascinating. While Mom was raising my sister and I, heading to PTO meetings, and packing school lunches, Aunt Ell was backpacking through Italy. What a different life.

We arrived at my aunt’s place in short order. It was a nice middle class ranch on a quiet street. Lots of trees and landscaping surrounded the house and she pulled her Toyota into the two-car garage.

Piling out, I shouldered my bags and headed into the kitchen behind my aunt. She dropped her keys on the counter and turned to grab one of my bags, “Here, kiddo, hand it over and I’ll show you your room.”

Sloughing off my backpack I hobbled along behind her under a bit less weight. As we went from kitchen to dining room, we passed a glass patio door that looked out on a beautiful backyard deck and pool.

“I didn’t know you had a pool, Aunt Ell.”

“You didn’t?” she said rather archly, I thought.

“No, but it’s lovely. I guess the California climate makes it easy to find a pool in a lot of backyards.”

“It’s practically a state law, Bob. Feel free to cannonball in when you’ve unpacked.”

“Well, I didn’t exactly bring a suit, Aunt Ell,” I chuckled. “Didn’t plan ahead, I suppose.”

“Don’t let that stop you, bud. You’re on vacation,” She smirked teasingly.

“Uh” I blushed in a way that was unmistakable and mortifying. Did my aunt just suggest that I…

“I mean, of course, that you can pick up a suit any ole time you like while you’re here.” Her soft laugh was intoxicating. And a breath of relief rushed out of me. I didn’t quite know where all that tension had come from, but, of course, Linda was just being gracious. What a perv I am.

She turned on one heel and sauntered through the dining room swinging my backpack onto one shoulder, “… though, I hardly ever wear one myself.”

I picked up the bag I’d dropped along with my jaw. Californians sure are different.

“In here, dude.”

I followed Aunt Linda into a modest, though comfortable bedroom. She’d tossed my pack down on the full sized bed and was opening the curtains to a window facing out into the yard.

“The view isn’t much, but everything is pretty green this time of year so at least there is that.”

As she turned around, Linda was framed in lovely summer sun with a background of bright green shrubbery. The house wasn’t totally isolated, but the hedges and plantings gave the whole place a sort of Secret Garden feel.

I dropped my bags and breathed in a deep breath. Strangely, I just felt right. Comfortable. Content.

Aunt Linda brushed past me – what is that scent… well, besides intoxicating- and stepped through the door behind me.

“So, the house is yours. No formal guest bullshit, okay? Bathroom is here on your left and I’m down at the end of the hall.” She pointed toward the open door at the end of the hall and I could just make out the rich red comforter on a wood framed bed.

“We came through the kitchen with what passes for a dining room around here. The TV is in the living room over there, and that’s about it. You saw the pool so feel free to hop in whenever you like.”

“Once I’ve gotten a suit, of course.” I teased eversoslightly.

“Whatever.” With a grin, she spun around and marched down the hall to her bedroom.

What a mind, I must have. Was that teasing? Was she seriously suggesting that I go skinny dipping? Or that she was skinny dipping? Hey, whatever. She’s a grown up. It’s her place. She can swim any old way she wants. Hell, I would if it were me. She’s just a lot more comfortable with herself, than I am. And besides, to her I’m just her sister’s kid. So, the last thing on her mind was that her nephew would be hormone addled enough to take her innocent comments as … well, as not exactly innocent.

I started unpacking my bags for the week. I don’t generally empty out the suitcase for less than a week, but I had some clothes that I wanted to hang up. I slid open the closet doors and found some spare hangers. Hanging up a pair of pants and a couple of shirts I saw that the floor of the closet was filled with paperback books. Most were well-worn, and all were clearly reading rather than display copies. Potboilers, bodice rippers, and the like.

I admit, I’m nosy. I know, it wasn’t really my business but I thought it might be nice to have a book to read by the pool. So, I squatted down and started thumbing through the titles. Nothing surprising really. Best sellers and legal thrillers. A few horror novels. And, huh… that’s interesting… even some classic scifi paperbacks from the late sixties. How interesting. I pulled out a stack to get a look at the few behind the front stack, Sütçüler Escort Bayan and was surprised to find that the books stacked against the back wall were of a different type. A very different type. There were probably 30 small novels with similar spines and identical typeface for the titles. And the top ones featured scantily clad and naked women. Smut… wow. Aunt Linda has a collection of old dirty novels. I had only seen a few of these before. My buddy Rick found some in his dad’s dresser back when we were just tweens. We poured over those books in a way that made us equally aroused and uncomfortable. I guess even with the net, Aunt Linda had a fond rememberance for porn of a bygone time. Blushing I put the novels back as I’d found them. I knew I was beet red, but thank goodness I was alone. Subconsciously, I glanced toward Linda’s bedroom hoping that she hadn’t seen me snooping. And fell on my ass.

At the end of the hallway, I saw Linda facing away from me towards her bed. She had kicked off her shoes. In those too tight jeans, she was just pulling her top over her head and tossing it onto the bed.

My heart skipped a beat.

Reaching behind her back, Linda unhooked the black lace band of her bra and let it swing loose from her shoulders. I was frozen, and fascinated. She leaned forward and let her bra drop from her chest to the bed … With a slight sway I could make out just the smallest hint of the side of her breast. Her gorgeous back was slightly marred by the indentations of a recently removed foundation. My breathing seemed to have stopped, but I couldn’t move.

Linda slipped something over her ducked head, and then I saw that she was putting on a bikini top. She turned to her left and I panicked. She was going to see me. See me being a total creep. Damn it. I really had to move. But if I moved she would see me. But I can’t just sit here. Then Linda walked further into her bedroom reaching back and tying her top behind her as she disappeared from view.

I rolled out of the view of the doorway, and felt my heart triphammering in my chest. Calm down, Bob. Calm down. What did you see, really? I mean, just a bathing suit. That’s all. A bathing suit. But, just for a second… just for a second… topless. The curve of the breast. The smooth expanse of a naked back. The length of neck to shoulder to hip… uncovered and warm.

My breathing was coming back under control but I couldn’t stop running the image through my head. The books. The back. The bra. The breast. The b’s were going to cause me trouble this trip, I could tell.

Close your eyes and think of calculus, Bob. You are proving that you’re just a ridiculous kid. Be an adult. Bodies are just bodies. You’ll be sharing this place with Linda for a week. Don’t make a proposition out of a maternal comfort with you. And that stiffness in my jeans… well, that’s just being stupid and 18. Nothing happened here. Nothing will happen here. Aunt Linda is just going for a swim. Simple as that.

Something dropped onto my head. I opened my eyes and couldn’t see a thing. Reaching up I removed a pair of bright red nylon swimming trunks.

“I remembered that Jim left a suit here the last time he stayed over. He was a little guy, so those might not fit very well, but try ’em out.”

I turned and saw Linda standing in the doorway wearing the rest of that bikini. A blue string bikini top, as I’d seen, and a white pair of bottoms that seemed to ride up on her hip fairly high. She wasn’t tall so, of course, she didn’t have super long legs, but they were delightfully strong with hips that made the cut of this bikini really work for her.

“‘Course Jim didn’t come back and that’s been a few months so let’s just call it the spoils of a breakup. I think you’ll look better in it anyway. You’ll certainly be a better conversationalist.”

I nodded dumbly.

“Eventually,” she smirked.

“See you in the pool, Bob. Don’t make me swim alone.” She turned around and hips swinging walked toward the glass patio doors. The bikini bottoms were, of course, a thong.

I love California, Aunt Linda, and this trip.

That, or I really hate California, Aunt Linda, and this trip.

Either way, I’m sure I left my jaw around here somewhere. Maybe it rolled under the bed.

Well, there I stood.

Aunt Linda had been, I suppose the word is, kind enough to loan me a swimsuit from, what I guess, was a former boyfriend. She had also just sashayed away to her backyard pool in a little bit of nothing she was almost wearing. A bikini I could handle, but a thong bikini… well, that was going to take me a minute to process. I suppose I had to literally adjust to it. That adjustment would be fine in jeans. We have all had to make a little genital recalculation from time to time, haven’t we? The trouble was that here I was holding a pair of swim trunks, which I was fairly certain weren’t going to provide me the same kind of deniability.

The glass patio doors slide Escort Sütçüler open and I heard Linda sing out, “C’mon slow poke. Last one in is a something or other.” The door slide closed behind her, and I looked down at my situation.

Okay, so, I had a stiffness that was just not appropriate for a family reunion. Let’s call that a con. I did, however, have a bathing suit. This was mostly a pro. I mean, at least my decidedly wilder than I remembered Aunt wasn’t asking me to skinny dip or anything. So, let’s call that a pro. Sort of. I could tell from looking however, that even if these shorts fit me, they would cling a bit more than I would like. Aunt Ell wandering around in next to nothing was tough enough, but I would never be able to hide the effect she was having on me if I wore this suit. So, I guess that goes in the con column. But, you know, I could wear a t-shirt over it. Yeah, that’s it. A t-shirt will cover a multitude of sins. Great. I can do this.

I closed the bedroom door and skinned out of my clothes. Strangely there was a bit of an electric thrill that shot through me as my bare feet dug into the carpet while I was standing there completely naked. Aunt Linda had been just down this hall. She had stood in this doorway wearing the tiniest of bikinis. In a way we were sharing the space… naked. Now, that’s… a mistake. Focus Bob. Focus. You can’t wear a bathing suit in front of your aunt, shirt or no, with a raging hardon. She’s going to notice. Hell, it’s all I could think about. So focus.

I slipped into the trunks, and was pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn’t as bad a situation as I had imagined. They did, actually, fit reasonably well. My turgidity issue wasn’t much better, but at least I could fit in them. There was no lining, but the waist fit comfortably and the legs weren’t too tight. Okay, so one hurdle down.

I found a t-shirt with a sufficiently long reach, adjusted my trunk trouble, and took a few breaths. I thought of puppy dogs and homework. I thought about the anxieties associated with starting a new life at school. I took a moment to think about how expensive everything would be. And then, sure enough, with a little lack-of-thought my trunk issue calmed itself down. Sure these were a little tighter across the front than I would like, but I could comfortably tuck to the left and all was fine.

I opened the door and stepped into the guest bathroom where I grabbed a towel. I wasn’t sure if Aunt Linda kept towels outside, but it seemed like a good precaution. Tossing it over one shoulder I headed for the door.

As I stepped to the glass door, I looked out on the backyard. It was a nice isolated spot. Not country as much as well groomed suburban. There were hedges and trees as well as a nice privacy fence. The pool itself was nothing fancy, but did feature a diving board and seemed to have a hot tub attached as well. The patio table had an umbrella and four plastic chairs. There seemed to be a cabinet for towels and pool sundries. There was even something of a bar. It was a really nice spot. I could spot the lighting around the perimeter, but of course it wasn’t on just yet. The single most attractive feature of the pool area was Aunt Linda laying on the diving board at the far end.

As I opened the patio door, Linda’s head popped up a bit and peeked through her toes to spy me walking down the rear steps onto the patio proper.

“I see you found a towel, bud. Good deal. You’ll also find a few in that bin next to the bar. Feel free to use them when you like and just drop the used ones in that hamper next to the door when you’re done.”

I stepped over to the chairs and pulled one out into the sun. Laying the towel across it, I sat down and stretched my legs out in front of me, reclining my head towards the sun.

“Don’t fall asleep over there, handsome. The sun is pretty high and you aren’t lathered up in SPF 5000 or anything. You’ll fry and that will ruin your trip, I’d bet.”

“No trouble Aunt Ell. I’m just enjoying the moment. I don’t think I’ll stay out too long.”

Hearing a bit of a shuffling across the pool area, I opened one eye slightly and peered down my nose at Linda sitting up at the end of the board. She adjusted her top slightly. It was a casual move done unconsciously, but I have to admit that after the teasing and the brief peeks, it was enough to fire my imagination a bit more than it should. Fingers sliding under bikini material and shifting over full breasts. Well, I really should close my eyes. In a minute, certainly.

Linda spun around on her behind and crawled up on all fours as she climbed to her feet facing away from the house and from me. On the edge of the board she hovered in space. Tanned skin, full curves, a couple of blue strings tied across her back and the barest evidence of a white thong dipping between her full, curvy asscheeks. She wasn’t 20, no doubt, but that mature ass had only the smallest hint of cellulite. Taken as a whole she was a spectacular mature woman.

I was painfully aware of the state of my arousal. As much as I might like to accept that she was just family and that family could be comfortably unclothed around one another, I just wasn’t there yet. This gorgeous woman was three quarters naked and I was reacting like every red-blooded male my age would. Uncomfortably.

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