Aunt June Ch. 05

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Aunt June was lying on her chaise, still in the afterglow of her most recent fucking. And as Mom was watching her and smiling, her hands rose to her nipples and toyed absentmindedly. I could feel my cock finally getting flaccid. I turned and dove into the pool. The water felt wonderful and refreshing. I decided to put in a few hard laps before slowing down to a relaxing pace. After about 15 to 20 minutes I stopped to float. I could hear Mom and June talking softly.

“Honestly Faye, it is incredible! I have never had a cock that huge before and he is the best fuck I have ever had. And his cum! Oh my god! Well what did you think?”

“Really June?” Mom replied, “You have to ask? It was amazing! Yes, he tasted good, but that is mostly due to his hygiene, health and diet. But I couldn’t believe how much jiz he makes! I mean, fuck that is a lot of cum!”

“And every one of his loads has been that big and that good!” Aunt June added.

Mom’s voice dropped lower but my hearing was excellent… “Did I really deep throat him last night?”

“Damn straight you did!” June responded. “I never have been able to do that, I envy you.” They were quiet for a moment and then Aunt June tried to whisper, “So… are you going to fuck him?”

“I need a cock, June.” Mom answered faintly. “I need a good fucking and a whole shitload of orgasms. And I know he’s clean, unlike some dick I might pick up in a bar… But he is my son. I agreed with his arguments and I love him so damn much, but I’m not sure I can do it. I want to. I watched the two of you and I so badly wanted to join you.”

Aunt June spoke in a normal voice now, “Tommy be careful! I don’t want that cock getting sunburned!”

I rolled and dove, swimming along the bottom of the pool until I reached the end and climbed out. “Yeah well I get more sun than you two do, so maybe we ought to all go in.” I noticed that as they walked in, the two robes were left on the ground. We paused in the laundry room as I toweled off and I could tell that they were trying not to seem obvious about looking at me. I stopped in the kitchen for more drinks and then walked into the family room and they followed me. I plopped down on the couch. Mom and Aunt June looked at each other for a moment and then started to sit in the recliners.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.” I said. “Look your status as lovers is a fact and you do not need to pretend to be proper. Just sit together and cuddle.” I waved at the love-seat. “I know you want to.”

They giggled a little and got cozy in no time at all. I saw that Aunt June relaxed and took Mom into her embrace. Mom actually looked happy with her head resting on Aunt June’s large breasts. There was nothing sexual about it, no caresses or kisses. Just two sisters relaxing together.

“You know,” I said, “Maybe we should lay some ground rules for this new, uh… well, relationship dynamic.” They giggled some more. “Such as clothing being optional when we are alone. Are you guys okay with that?”

“Sure.” they both said.

“Okay, next we need to probably agree that checking each other out is allowed.”

More giggles followed by approval.

“Hmmn, what about bedroom rights?” I asked. “How do we handle that one?”

Mom fielded this one, “Simple, we each control our own bedroom. We extend invitations to the interested party who may accept or decline.”

“That works for me,” I said.

Aunt June asked, “What about sex in progress? Can the new arrival ask to join?”

“Uh, no,I don’t thinks so…” I said. “That could get awkward. It would be better if the participants invited the new arrival. Without an invitation the new arrival should assume the participants want to be alone.”

“Then they should close the damn door! “Mom said.

“That works in the bedroom,” Aunt June said, “but not for everywhere.”

“Ugh!” Mom feigned distaste. “Just don’t do it in the kitchen!”

Aunt June giggled, “No promises…”

I lay there and watched them. They seemed so happy together, maybe more so now because they could relax and be at ease. Aunt June played with Mom’s long light brown hair. She actually dozed off. Well, we all did.

I awoke and it was late afternoon. I was alone in the family room, but listening I could hear voices in the kitchen. I strolled in and saw that they were working on dinner. I pitched in and in no time at all we had plates of grilled chicken, roasted red potatoes, and steamed broccoli. We sat and talked as we ate. Then we poured drinks and went to enjoy the sunset, poolside again. No one had bothered to dress. Everyone seemed to like the freedom. I liked the view. As we talked I decide to try to learn more about my Mom’s mysteries and secrets.

“Hey how about we have a Q&A session?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” Mom seemed guarded.

“Well there are questions that I have but couldn’t ask before, and I’m sure you have questions for me.” Mom frowned. I quickly added, “You can decline to answer, it has to be voluntary.”

They agreed and Erenköy Escort I asked first, a rather obvious question, “Do I need to use condoms with you?”

Mom answered me, “No hon, we’ve both had our tubes tied. We’re safe in that regard.”

Aunt June asked me the next question, “Tommy, do you mind telling me just how far you got with your girlfriends?”

I grinned. “Well Traci was a good kisser and I finally was getting her to use some tongue, and she allowed me to caress her tits, but only through her clothes, never on bare skin. Beth did that much and allowed me to play with her tits, I mean she swam topless here once and we fooled around but no ‘crotch rubbing’ as she put it. Frankly I was disappointed because while Traci was bigger, oh maybe a C cup, Beth was not even a B cup I’m sure. And they both had really tiny little nipples. It’s weird because while Beth let me play with her tits, she didn’t seem to enjoy it, I mean she acted like it wasn’t a turn on.”

“Well for some women it isn’t.” Aunt June answered, “Erogenous zones can vary from person to person.”

“True,” Mom added. “The fun part is discovering your lover’s zones.”

Then Mom asked me a doozie, “Tommy, where in the hell did that monster cock of yours come from? How long have you been so big?”

I laughed out loud. “Wow, well I dunno, I guess my first hard-ons came in around nine or ten. I didn’t start growing hair and getting big until about twelve, and I just seemed to keep getting bigger until, well I haven’t grown any this year.”

Aunt June asked the follow on question, “Tommy, just how long is it?”

“To tell you the truth I’m not sure,” I said, “it was ten and a half inches when I measured last year, but next time I’m really rigid, you can measure it.”

I looked at Mom and asked “Are you ready to talk about the reunion?”

She shook her head. “Okay substitute question, what’s the story behind the tattoos and piercings?”

Mom laughed and smiled. “Fair enough, I’ll tell you about these. When I was in college, I had my first girlfriend. My roommate and I got drunk and felt sorry for ourselves and the way guys were acting like real dickheads. Well she was very attractive to me and I made a move on her and she liked it. We didn’t want to get labeled as lezzies so we kept it quiet, only making out in the dorm room. Once we got drunk and decided that we would get tattoos to always remember our love for each other and our college days. She loved butterflies,especially these purple ones. So that’s what I got.”

“What did she get?” I asked.

“One hell of an orgasm!” Mom replied, then laughed. “Yeah, well she got a downy woodpecker on her mons.”

Aunt June cracked up but I was puzzled. “Huh?”

Mom smiled, “On her pubic mound just above her pussy. It was a joke you see? She was swearing off cock… no wood allowed?”

I had to laugh, but then urged her to to continue. “What about the rings?”

“Well,” Mom said, “She and I both got nipple rings when we got our Bachelor’s. The labia ring was my 30th birthday gift from June. I wanted to get her one too but she’s too chicken.”

“No way!” Aunt June added shaking her head.

“Okay but why only on your right side?” I inquired.

“You see Tommy, I use these to remind myself of my girlfriends, But I’m not gay, I’m bisexual. So by leaving my left side open…”

Aunt June finished for her, “You’re leaving your heart open for another man…”

Mom smiled and looked down into her drink. “Yeah, something like that.”

“You still haven’t explained the ivy.” Aunt June reminded her.

Mom laughed and brightened up, “Oh shit June! Do you think he want’s to hear about that?”

“Sounds like I should!” I said perking up.

“Well okay but I think it’s kind of silly.” she said, then took a drink before continuing. “I got this when June and I decided to live together after we were widowed. It is to commemorate that we were lovers forever and to remind me of our first session… well, hell, our first orgasms together. I won’t go into detail but she was upset and I wanted to make her feel better and we have always been very close so I touched her and we both liked it. I kissed her. We liked that. When we went to bed that night, well that’s private but I’ll say we made our discoveries that summer.”

“That is so sweet…” I said

Aunt June had another question for me “Tommy did you ever get teased about your big cock? And how do you swim in meets? I mean, well where do you hide it in speedos?”

I laughed. “Well it isn’t always as big as you see it. I mean, since last night I haven’t been completely flaccid for more than a few minutes it seems. And there were guys in the gym who were big too, so no, I didn’t get teased.”

“I have a question that maybe the two of you can answer,” I said. “I love titties, and I watch porn videos some, and I see so many variations of, well, not just tit size and shape but nipples too. I can guess that tiny Erenköy Escort Bayan tits have tiny nipples,and the big tits have big areolae, but not necessarily big nipples. And I have seen what they call ‘puffies’ where the whole areola is swollen and enlarged… But dealing with the breasts at hand,” I gestured at the two of them. “You are sisters and have similar breast shapes but Aunt June’s areola and nipples are soft pink and slender, coming to a point; Mom, your’s are darker,more red and your areola is larger and your nipples are really huge! Is this just the way you’ve always been, well since you developed, or what?”

Aunt June answered, “Well I developed a B cup by the age of thirteen and a C cup by sixteen and my areolae and nipples have always looked this way. I personally thought that Faye’s were more attractive, well, to me at least. And her’s were pink at first too, but as for their size, well, that may be my fault…”

“No June, I liked it as much as you did.” Mom interjected. “You see Tommy, when we became lovers June discovered that she liked nursing, or pretending to, and I discovered that I liked it. I liked it a lot. Anytime we had the chance I would give her a tit and she would suck. That’s how your father got me weak in the knees enough to date rape me. Then when you were born I really got to nurse. I breastfed you and June as well; apparently I made as much milk as I had a demand for… And weird as this may sound, it was delicious. I really, really loved it. You drank your fill and then June would milk some into a cup for me and then she would nurse. Hell, we even used it in our coffee. And the feeling I get, when I have someone nursing is amazing! It feels so good. Well, I never wanted to stop. In fact I wonder if your fascination with breasts might be due to the fact that I didn’t wean you as early as everyone suggested. I breastfed you until you were three. Do you remember any of that?”

“Mom, my mind is full of memories like that, very vague and confusing. Nothing clear, and all of them pleasant, happy memories.” I answered honestly.

“Good,” she said. “Well when I got to college of course my girlfriend sucked them a lot and we picked up something called nipple training. It comes in many varieties but basically is a suction device placed over the nipple and left in place for a time. We used them on each other almost nightly.” Mom laughed at a memory. “If you think mine are big, you should have seen hers! they were even longer and she had smaller tits and like to go out bra less with her nipples obvious to everyone!”

Mom could see that I was lost in thought, “What is it Tommy?”

“Well, You have never said anything about when you were raped…”

Mom stared into the distance for a minute before answering. “Your father was a good kid, but we were just kids. He was…”

“He was my boyfriend actually.” Aunt June said. “At least for a while. And then when I wouldn’t fuck him, he managed to get Faye alone and manipulated her until she was aroused and pressured her and forced himself on her. He raped her, but she wasn’t convinced at first.”

“I thought it was my fault.” Mom said. “I also thought he loved me. I was sure it was because I was a bad girl, you see Tommy, I wasn’t even a virgin.” Tears were flowing as she spoke. “I’d already… already been fucked.” She paused to sniff and wipe her eyes. “But when I discovered I was pregnant, the truth was evident. He skipped town.

“And you never saw him again.” I said.

Mom’s voice was almost a whisper, “Until Saturday night.”

“I see. So he came to the reunion…” I understood now why she had fallen apart. It all made sense. But there was more, I was sure of it. I looked at Aunt June.

Aunt June took a deep breath and spoke softly, “It’s more that that Tommy. He came and saw us and tried to brag about his success and importance, neither of which he really has, and then tried to bed both of us. When we refused, he started telling everyone about how we had been sluts in school.”

“There was a scene on the dance floor,” Mom said. “He was out of line and I stood up to him at last. But then he yelled loud enough for everyone to hear that I wasn’t even a virgin when we fucked.” She was crying again. “The DJ wasn’t even ready and it was too quiet and everyone heard… and they all stared at me… then they started whispering. He went on to suggest that my success in business was won on my back. I was so, so angry. I wanted to hit him so bad…”

“But your Mother is a good person Tommy, and she’s never been in a fight in her entire life.” Aunt June said. “So I kicked him in the balls and broke his nose with my knee.”

“Good for you!” I said gleefully.

“Well they threw us out and we went back to the hotel. Your Mom was crushed and cleaned out the mini-bar fast. We went down to the hotel bar and she started really knocking the drinks back. I went up and packed our bags, loaded the car and then dragged her out and we headed home.”

I Escort Erenköy looked at Mom and softly said “I am so sorry that this happened to you, that you got hurt by him, again. You are a fantastic Mom, a smart businesswoman, you have a brilliant mind and you are a really good person. You are bright and funny, fit and sexy, and if I may say so myself, an absolutely awesome kisser and a mind blowing cocksucker! I am proud of you and I love you.”

“Tommy, you are such a surprise!” Mom sniffed again. “I was afraid that if you knew all of my ugly secrets, my past, my loving June, my weakness… that you, you would hate me or despise me or, or… stop loving me…”

“Never Mom, never.” I replied. “I want to make you feel better, to make you happy. To thrill you for a while and give you some pleasure. I want to share my passionate love for you. Will you let me?

Can you set aside your concerns and open up your heart, your mind and your body so that I can show you how much I love you?”

Mom looked at me in a peculiar way and then asked me “Tommy, what if I can’t fuck you? What if I can’t convince myself to screw my own son? Or what if I physically can’t take you? You are so big it’s scary! What happens then?”

I got up and went to her and, taking her hands in mine brought her to her feet. I kissed her hands and the guided them to my shoulders. I slipped my arms around her waist and pulled her close. I gazed into her eyes and then we kissed for a very, very long time. A soft, sensuous, loving kiss. I parted my lips and teased her’s with the tip of my tongue.

“Then we find other ways to express our love.” I said softly. And we began to sway gently with the soft music coming from… What? I glanced to the kitchen where Aunt June was coming out the door with a tray. She had slipped away and turned on the music. She sat the tray down on the table and looked at us. She was practically gushing with happiness. We watched her walk back inside.

“She really does look great doesn’t she?” Mom said.


I held Mom for a long time and we slow danced by the pool as the moon rose over the trees. After a while we went over to the table. On the tray were two of our small crystal goblets, a decanter of golden liquid, a plate of summer sausage, cheese and crackers; and a tube of lube.

Mom grabbed a nibble and said “Pour us a drink baby.”

I filled the goblets half full and handed one to her. I sniffed the liquor and raised my eyebrows. “Mom, I’m an athlete, I don’t drink.”

“It’s okay baby, just this once. Besides, I think you’ll like this.”

I tried it; it was really good! Ginger flavored, strong but not overpowering, sweet and oh so smooth. We set our goblets down and Mom reclined on a chaise. I sat next to her right hip and we kissed. I could taste the ginger in her mouth and my hands found her breasts. I caressed and kneaded them gently. Mom moaned, her lips parted and I felt her tongue seek entry. I opened my mouth and our tongues touched, and danced. To feel her tongue stroke the sensitive underside of mine was exhilarating! I liked this! Her hands were on my back and her touch was light and delicate. I shivered and Mom giggled. I turned my attention to her breasts. I kissed them and explored them. They were almost the same size as Aunt June’s, but on Mom’s smaller frame they seemed larger. Her tattoos were so pretty and I examined them closely, touching them and tracing the lines lightly with my finger tip. Mom sighed. I moved to her left breast and kissed her nipple, then took it between my lips and teased it with my tongue. Mom giggled again.

“Go on baby, suck on it, it’s okay.” she whispered. “I have missed your mouth for fifteen damn years, Tommy. Please do it for me, please suck on me.”

I took her whole nipple and areola into my mouth and began to suck as Mom wrapped her arms around me and held me in her tender embrace. I sucked and I felt… good, happy, safe, and… it just felt so right. Mom was sighing and bent her head down to kiss my cheek.

“This, this is so strange, and I know it’s wrong and I should feel like a pervert… but oh Tommy it feels so good. It feels so natural and so perfect. I love my son and I nursed my son, and I am nursing him now and it makes me happy.”

I took her nipple ring in my left hand and toyed with it. When Mom allowed this I grew bolder and pulled on it gently, slowly lifting much of her tit. Mom moaned more and her right hand slid down to my hip. Holding her tit by the ring, I shook it gently and made it jiggle. Oh I like titties when they jiggle. But I saw Mom bite her lip, she didn’t scold me or stop me, still I decided to let it go. There was so much more of her I wanted to discover. I sucked a minute longer and enjoyed the feeling of her enormous nipple in my mouth, then released it and moved to the foot of the chaise.

I started by rubbing her feet and then my caresses slowly rose up her lovely, firm and shapely legs. When I reached her inner thighs she was moaning more and more, her hands were on her tits and she had her eyes fixed on me. I stopped to kiss them. I worked my kisses slowly, first one leg and then the other, from her knees to her upper thighs, almost to her pussy, as she let me spread her legs apart. She was moaning loudly now and finally spoke.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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