Aunt Judith Ch. 02

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“God he’s ready for more!” she said, “How gorgeous – you can take me doggy on the sofa, while Norman just watches us. It is so great having you here, Andrew – now I’ll make you properly welcome, like a good Aunt should! Let’s just harden you off first…”

I can still remember her words to this day, and the image of my Aunt Judith, smiling and naked except for her unbuttoned lemon yellow cardigan pulled over her breasts, looking at me with that twinkle in her eye and giggle in her voice. It had only been a few moments before that she had been kneeling in front of me and my Uncle Norman, sucking us both off at the same time in the most amazing experience of my life. Now she was in front of me again, kneeling down and stroking my aching but hardening cock, licking her lips in anticipation.

“Well I think I should give you a little more of my mouth,” she smiled up at me, “because then you can give me lots of yours in a minute or two, can’t you? Would you like to give your Auntie a little licking? My pussy can’t wait to feel your tongue, you know! But first, put your hands behind your head and let me look at you and get you ready.”

As I moved my hands behind my head, it somehow made me want to show off to her, my body naked from the waist down below my black cashmere sweater. I watched as she moved her head forward, lifting my half erect cock towards her moist lips. Somehow this time it seemed even more amazing than before. I was feeling more relaxed, but still outraged by my Aunt and Uncle’s activities, and so turned on by the way that she just naturally seemed to want to pleasure me.

Then her mouth was around the end of my cock, and her tongue licked gently but firmly all around me, exciting me more and more. She lifted her hands to my waist, her fingers warm against my skin, then slipped them up under my jumper before holding me tight. She tightened her lips around me and pushed her mouth skilfully first towards me, then back again, then forwards, then back as she worked me up with her well-practised oral pleasuring. All the time her tongue was flicking my skin as I began to moan out loud in pleasure.

My eyes were half shut but I must have heard some noise as I opened them to see my Uncle Norman walking calmly round behind her – still wearing just his short grey polo neck sweater and nothing else. I couldn’t help but notice his cock, which was just hanging down, bouncing as he moved, with his uncircumcised skin now hiding the pointed end he’d held next to mine in his wife’s mouth only a little while before.

“She’s very good with her mouth, isn’t she?” he smiled at me, as if talking about her jam making or knitting skills. “At least that’s what all our friends say. And you must give her a good licking too before you slip inside her – she’s been telling me that’s her fantasy ever since you said you’d be coming around. I’ll just get her nipples ready for you as she can’t do anything until her nipples are properly aroused, and then she can’t stop! Isn’t that so my poppet?”

And with that he knelt down behind her, and slipped his hands around her cardigan till I could see them stroking her breasts and tugging at her nipples. Judith’s head movements speeded up as she was aroused by her husband’s fingers, and it was so gorgeous to watch as he massaged her breasts through the thin yellow wool while she kept up her sucking, up and down my shaft. After a while of this delicious pleasuring I noticed that one of his hands had slipped down her body and round under her thighs as he fingered the moistness between her legs.

Now she was moving her head up and down on my shaft as fast as if she was tossing me off, and I was fully hard and enjoying every minute. Even my aching seemed to have gone away. Feeling more confident, I moved my hands forward to stroke her shoulders, feeling the softness and smoothness of the lemon wool as I rubbed her muscles under it. She felt so good, yet it was still so unbelievably strange to be standing here, my Aunt sucking me off with her husband working her up with his fingers.

After a while of total pleasuring she pulled back and looked up at me. “Well that should be enough for you for a while, and fortunately my lovely husband has been attending to my needs a little too. But now I need that extra treat I’ve been waiting for – for more years than you can imagine! Come over here, Andrew, and follow me to the sofa where I want to you to show me just how much you’ve learned from all your girlfriends!”

And with that she stood up, leaving Norman still crouching on the floor, and led me over to the sofa.

“Just wait a second till I get in position.” she said, sitting down in the middle and carefully pulling the two side of her cardigan together, so hiding those full breasts that I’d grown to adore.

She carefully buttoned up the middle four buttons, leaving the top and bottom ones undone, and the wool stretched tightly over her breasts with aroused nipples now Eskişehir Escort pressing enticingly forward, then she looked up at me.

“There,” she said, “Now I’m decent! I shouldn’t be showing off my breasts to my young nephew now should I?”

“No Aunt,” I replied, “And I probably shouldn’t be half naked in front of you either – and I dare say I shouldn’t have just cum in your mouth and all over your face!”

She giggled back, “Well to make up for this naughtiness, I think you need to come down here and say sorry to my pussy!” she giggled again, laying back towards the right hand side of the sofa, and lifting her feet up so she was lying full-length along it, only a couple of feet in front of me.

Then slowly and deliberately, she lowered her left leg to the floor, looked me directly in the eyes, smiled and lifted her right leg up over the top of the back of the sofa, exposing her shaved and smooth sex totally to my aroused gaze.

“There! Does that remind you a little of my photo on the beach?” she smiled.

I nodded, thinking back to that amazing photo that I saw just a few hours earlier, in a different lifetime.

“Well I think you’d better come down and give your Aunty a little kiss…. right here!” and she moved her hand over her mound leaving her second finger sliding gently down the pink folds between her legs.

Still rock hard and now much bolder, I just seized the opportunity and got down on my knees, resting both my hands on the back of her hand. As she pulled her hand up her belly so my right hand followed it up, sliding over the soft wool of her cardigan till I felt the swelling of her left breast, now hanging down under its own weight. As I stroked the wonderfully soft flesh so I quickly found her nipple under the wool, and began to tease and squeeze her, feeling it harden more under my fingers…

My left hand was at the same time moving down from her mound, following the line of her panties – if only she’d been wearing them – round towards her bottom, then up the other side teasingly avoiding the soft folds of her womanhood. Then I licked my fingers, and still stroking that gorgeous left breast with my right hand, lowered my left hand to slide gently over her clitoris.

She made a delightful sigh, and her body pushed down firmly to meet my fingers, as I pushed back into her, feeling the details of her clitty, then backwards through the deeper folds of her cunt. Soon she was beginning to squirm as my fingering persisted in arousing her, and I moved my body closer to the sofa so my hardness could push against it.

God it was just so amazing to be fingering my Aunt’s moist cunt and fondling her breasts, while she lay back, arms behind her head and legs wide apart. And all the time I was aware that Norman was back in his chair behind me, watching every move.

I was now using all my fingers on her cunt, with one slipping in and out and my thumb rubbing her clitty, while my other hand moved over her cardigan between her left breast’s hanging flesh and her right breast tight under the wool.

“Mmmm…” murmured Judith. “You are good with your fingers, young man. I’m very jealous of all the girls you must have had your way with… but now its my turn! So please give my pussy a little kiss – I’ve been longing for it for ages you know! Ever since I saw you having a shower all those years ago…”

Not remembering or even realising that my Aunt had ever seen me showering, I just lowered my head to the smooth folds of her shaved cunt, licking the salt of her juices as my tongue flicked over her swollen clitty.

She tasted so good, and all her folds seemed really well defined as I sucked and licked the soft flesh, picking out all her details. Then I sucked at her clitty, bringing it between my lips and tickled the end with my tongue. God how she moaned! By now I’d also got my left hand busy fingering her vagina, which seemed so warm and welcoming as I slipped a second finger into her. Once inside I began exploring her front wall, moving from side to side to build her up. I pressed my hips harder into the sofa to force my erection harder still. It wasn’t long till she had started a regular moaning, and her hips had begun a rhythmic movement pressing up into my mouth and fingers, then down again.

It was so outrageous and so gorgeous at the same time – and so amazing that my Aunt was responding to my lips and fingering just like my girlfriends usually did. She was getting carried away!

“Oh God, you are such a beast, Andrew!” she moaned, “You’ve making me so slippy that I’ve got to have you inside me, soon. I don’t want you to stop licking me, but I just need you inside me…” and she trailed off as I continued to suck at her clitoris.

“Oh please stop for a minute, so I can get doggy for you. I long to have that cock of yours inside me, and I love a good shafting from behind you know – it just fills me so nicely and I Eskişehir Escort Bayan cum so much deeper.”

So I slipped my fingers out of her, pulled back and stood up as Judith first sat up, then stood up and moved around to the right hand end of the sofa. Watching me, she straightened her cardigan, then just smiled and kneeled, rolling her body forward over the arm, resting herself on her elbows with her breasts hanging clear of the sofa but her bottom was pressed up into the air. As I walked towards her she opened her legs wide to give me easy access, and a wonderful view of her body.

“Come on, nephew!” she smiled, looking round at me, “I’m nearly ready for you now! Norman – have you got a little johnny for him, first?”

I was right behind her as she spoke, marvelling at the colour contrast between the soft lemon yellow over her back and the warm pink of her bottom cheeks, and the darker shadows between her legs.

Suddenly I was woken from my dream by Norman walking over from his chair, his cock still dangling between his legs and showing off plainly under the short grey polo-neck. He was taking a condom out of a packet as he walked.

“Here!” he smiled, “I’ve been warming this up for you so it should slip on nicely. Just put your hands behind your head for a tic.”

Not think why, I just did as he said, suddenly very aware again of the outrageousness of the situation as my Uncle moved round in front of me, condom in his right hand. And I gasped when he just grabbed the base of my throbbing cock with his left hand, forcing it hard up towards his other hand, which expertly covered my bell-end with the thin rubber. It felt just so wrong for my Uncle to be seeing my cock, let alone holding it, especially the way he smiled as he rolled the rubber fully down the length of my shaft. But it somehow felt so good at the same time.

“There!” he said, giving my shaft a quick pump with his hand that caused me to moan with pleasure, “That seems to fit nicely doesn’t it? And you’ve certainly got a good hardon again, haven’t you? Now just slip yourself into Judith and give her a good seeing to. I’ll just get my camera for a few snaps, if you don’t mind.”

He must have sensed my apprehension with the camera, as he added, “Don’t worry – I won’t be taking photos of your face – just your lower half!” and he walked across the room to a cupboard.

“Come on, Andrew!” pleaded Judith, “I’m very ready now and waiting for your cock!” and she looked over her shoulder towards me, smiling and winking.

So I moved behind her, taking in the gorgeous sight of her wide-apart legs and full rounded bottom bent over the sofa, framed by her yellow cardigan around her waist, then her labia pushing proudly back with such an inviting dark gap between them. I massaged her bottom cheeks with my open hands, before sliding one under to feel her moistness, quickly slipping inside her vagina again, now so wet and slippery. After just a little fingering I could feel she was ready, so holding my cock forward, I bent my knees slightly and slipped my cock straight into my Aunt’s waiting vagina.

“Mmmmm..” she moaned as I slid in, “Oh yes, please, Andrew. That feels so good!”

I pushed in more fully, then out a little, moving my hands to hold the soft wool around the top of her hips, and gripping her more tightly as I pushed finally all the way into her soft moistness.

“Oh!” she sighed, “God you are a size, my boy! I must be in heaven! Now just have me, please, take me completely!”

I saw the first flash from behind me as Norman started to photograph his wife’s penetration, but tried not to let it distract me from the most amazing experience I’d ever had. I pushed in fully and pulled back slowly, then began a more regular thrusting after a few minutes, moving my hands to slide up and down her soft cardigan as I pushed in and out of her slippery cunt.

“So, how do you like it Auntie?” I asked, now feeling bolder, “Is it like your fantasies?”

“Oh God yes!” she panted, “It is so good to have your hard young shaft inside me – and you fill me so well. Just keep going and I’ll be cumming in no time!”

“Oh but Auntie,” I teased, “don’t cum too quickly, I want to enjoy my fantasy too!”

And I slowed down my shafting, now slipping my right hand forwards over the soft wool, then down under her body to her hanging right breast. Soon I found the nipple and began teasing it, feeling it hard between my finger and thumb. Then I lent my body forward, resting my left elbow beside her, so I could feel her left breast and nipple too.

God it was wonderful, feeling her two full breasts dangling into my hands and her nipples now rock hard under the wool, while my cock pushed firmly into her and her bottom pushed back into my hips. I opened my legs to get a better grip of pushing into her, now hearing her breathing coming in more regular pants.

Norman was still flashing Escort Eskişehir away, but I didn’t care now as I was living my fantasy of fucking Aunt Judith. Not as a dream, but for real.

It got noisier as we went on, with slippery noises from her cunt and squeaking from the sofa as it took our weight with every thrust, and panting getting louder from Judith as she got more aroused. There were more flashes from behind and I could see Norman out of the corner of my eye, getting so close has he watched my cock pushing fully into his wife’s cunt.

Judith was nearly there now, her panting coming faster and louder as my body slapped more noisily against hers, my hands feeling her wobbling breasts as I kept up my nipple pleasuring and my cock pushed deep inside with every thrust.

“Oh, ” she was saying, “Oh, yes, oh, yes,”

I joined in, enjoying the feel of her, and the look of her body as I held her tightly to get a better pushing motion.

“Oh Aunt!” I cried, matching her panting, “Oh Aunt, Oh Aunt!”

“Oh yes, oh, yes” she panted, then to my amazement, “Now Norm! Finger my clitty while I cum!”

Suddenly I felt Norman moving between my legs, and between hers. He must have been kneeling somehow, I guessed, as I could feel his body pressing against my right inner thigh as he moved closer to finger her. I couldn’t see him as I was still leaning over Judith, now resting my head on her cardigan as I stroked her breasts and continued my hip movements to keep on fucking her. By now my hands had found there way inside her cardigan, feeling the softness of her breasts directly and squeezing the hardness of her nipples.

Then Judith let out a long low moan as her husband’s fingers founds her clitty – and I could feel him moving against my thighs. Then I shouted out too as I felt him stroking my balls as he still fingered his wife. It felt just so outrageous but so arousing too, with the three of us having sex, and Norman encouraging us both towards our inevitable orgasms.

“Oh YES!” she was panting now, “Oh Andrew, yes, please, now, now now NOW!!!” and she started her cumming with a loud shout, moving her hips violently about as I struggled to keep inside her. It was like riding a bucking horse as she pushed back and arched her back in ecstasy, but I held on, holding her breasts and keeping deep inside her.

Then I let out a cry as I felt Norman’s fingers move from my balls back between my legs, and start to probe around my anus. God, what was he doing?

He seemed to still have one hand fingering his wife, and was also somehow grabbing my shaft, as I pushed harder into Judith, still cumming beneath me. But his other hand was now fingering around my anus with an amazing tickling arousal, which pushed harder against me every time I pulled slightly back from a thrust.

Judith was still panting and cumming as I began to feel my spunk build to that unstoppable point, and my own panting got louder and louder.

“Oh Aunt!” I remember panting, “God I’m going to cum inside you! Yes! Aunt! Now!”

And then as my Uncle’s finger pushed right into my anus and he gripped my balls, I squirted my first spasm of spunk inside Judith with such intense pleasure and a loud cry.

I grabbed her breasts tighter, and pushed hard into her, as my cock continued its wonderful spurting and my hips pounded against her bottom, Norman’s fingering of me still intense. Her panting increased to as she felt my cumming and moved faster to pleasure me more.

There were so many pleasures that I just kept on cumming and thrashing into her cunt in a total abandoned ecstasy, with both Aunt and Uncle taking me further than I’d ever been before.

After a while we slowed down, and Norman slipped his finger out of me, leaving a tickling warmness, then I felt him move away behind, and saw another distant flash. He was still doing his photographs!

As our breathing died down so I felt myself beginning to soften a little, but then Judith turned her head to glance back at me:

“Don’t go just yet, pet, I can feel another little cum coming!” and she smiled, half shutting her eyes.

I pushed back inside her, straightening up to a half standing position, so I could hold her hips betterand take in the view. Her cardigan still covered her back but was now much crumpled, so I stroked the soft wool to pull it straight. She’d started her rhythmic hip movements as her second orgasm developed, so I just kept pace, feeling myself harden inside her, when I saw Norman moving round in front of the sofa with his camera.

“Just lift up her cardigan so I can see her breast, Andrew, and keep your head up so it’s not in the photo. Jude, just look up at me and smile!”

So as Judith’s moaning began, I pulled the left side of her cardigan up, exposing her breast to Norman’s camera. Realising he was failing to arouse her fully, I slipped my other hand between our bodies, feeling beneath to find her hot wet clitty. Just a few moments of stimulation and she was panting out loud again.

“Oh YES!” she panted, “Oh Andrew, yes, take me now, Oh, Yes, Yes, YES!!”

And as Norman kept on taking photos, so Aunt Judith had her second orgasm of the night.

(c) 2008 Maudecardy

To be continued

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