Aunt Gloria in the Back Seat

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It was 1983 and my twin brother, Max and I were bound for college in the back seat of a 1963 Ford Falcon Station Wagon. The car was my dad’s pride and joy.

My dad and stepmother, Gina were up front while we had to sit in the back with our drugged out step aunt, Gloria. Even for the big station wagon it was crowded to say the least.

Gloria was leaning on my shoulder asleep and it was just five in the afternoon.

Max looked over at me and laughed.

“Fuck you.” I mouthed.

“Are you guys okay back there?” dad asked looking at us through the rear view. I could tell he was smiling. He was getting a kick out of us boys being packed up like sardines. The sadistic bastard.

“We’re fine dad.” Max volunteered and raised his middle finger at me but low enough that dad didn’t see it.

Gina turned her head and looked over the seat at us, “You boys behave. I don’t want you waking up, your auntie OK?”

Boys? I thought to myself. I got your fucking boy hanging between my legs mom. I smiled. I was fucking eighteen years old. Boy? I think not.

“Yes, Mom.” Max says and he starts looking out the window. What a pussy. I thought.

Dad gave me the eye and I looked away, “Sorry, Mom.”

Gina leaned over the back seat and shook Gloria by the shoulder, “Honey?”

Gloria’s blue eye’s, flutter open and she groans.

“What happened with not waking her?” I asked.

Mom ignored me, “How are you feeling, sis?”

I see my dad roll his eyes.

“I’m fine.” she mumbled.

I reckon she was fine with prince Valium rolling through her system.

“Do you need a bathroom break, sissy?” Gina asked.

“No I’m fine.” She turned her head and looked up at me, “Roy?”

I rolled my eyes, “No it’s Jim.”

“Jimmy?” Gloria smiled and then she closed her eyes again and dropped her head against my shoulder and she was out again.

My uncle Roy had really done a number on poor, Gloria especially after catching him fucking her best friend Jane. Who happened to be younger and prettier than her. It had devastated her to the point that her doctor had put her on Valiums to help her sleep.

Mom looked at me and smiled, “Thank you, Jimmy for letting her rest on your shoulder.”

“No problem, mom.” I said.

Gina turned around in her seat and I slid my arm around, Gloria.

Gloria wasn’t a bad looking woman by any means. She was thirty two and petite and she has a nice set of tits and a plump but not too big ass. She was just a younger version of mom you might say with the same blond hair and blue eyes.

Max leaned forward and took Gloria’s right hand and slid it over and laid it right on top of my crotch. I looked at him wide eyed.

“You little bastard!” I hissed.

Gloria opened her eyes and adjusted the position of her head and I held my breath because I thought for sure she would see her hand on my dick. But she didn’t. She mumbled Roy’s name and closed her eyes.

My brother was smiling at me like the cat who ate the canary.

I shook my head and reached down to pick her hand up and I suddenly felt her hand close around my crotch and she begins groping my dick! Oh shit!

Max looked at me wide eyed as fuck.

Damn her small hand felt wonderful and she really knew how to massage a dick too because I was as hard as a brick within minutes.

Max nodded at me.

I shrugged not knowing his gesture.

He rolls his eyes and takes his own hand and stuffs it down the front of his jean shorts.

Then it hit me and I reached down and took her by the wrist and I slid her hand down the front of my basketball shorts.

She opened her eyes a little, “Roy?”

“Yes.” I said,Bold face lying to her.

Gloria closed her hand around my cock and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Oh Roy, you’re so hard!” she whispered her lips pulling into a mischievous şahinbey escort smile.

I leaned in close to her ear, “I’m hard for my baby girl.” I whispered. Baby Girl had been Roy’s pet name for her.

Gloria moaned and she slowly began to stroke me.

“Holy shit!” Max whispered I looked at him to see that he was just as shocked as I was.

Thankfully mom and dad were discussing something and not paying attention to what was going on in the backseat.

“Do you like that, Roy?” she cooed with her eyes still closed.

“Yesss.” I groaned and I opened my legs to give her hand unhindered access to my cock. Damn this was amazing!

Max slid closer to Gloria and it was at that moment I saw dad glance up at the mirror. His eyes widened and then he smiled and looked at Gina. “I need to stop off at the next rest area, Honey.”

“Good I gotta go myself.” she giggled.

Dad reached over and put an arm around mom and pulled her up next to him. Gina just giggled but thank goodness she didn’t turn around.

Gloria started stroking me faster now and I could feel myself getting so close. And then Max had to go fuck things up. He pushed his hand down the front of Gloria’s dress and grabbed her tit.

Gloria suddenly pulled her hand from my shorts and opened her eyes. Max jerked his hand back and turned to look out the window as if nothing happened.

She looked at me and at Max. Her eyes were barely opened. She was still very much out of it.

Gina turned around and looked at her, “Gloria? Are you OK, sissy?”

“I just had a weird dream.” Gloria said rubbing her temples.

Mom smiled, “It’s the drug, Honey. The doctor said you would experience odd dreams.”

Gloria looked down at her hand the one she was jerking me off with. Her thumb and index finger glistened with my pre cum.

Shit! I thought.

She shook her head and rubbed her hand on her dress.

“Maybe you need to lay down in the back, auntie.” Max suggested.

“Yeah I think that would be a good idea.” I said.

“But there’s no room in the back. It has your suitcases and…” Mom said but she was cut off by dad.

“There is plenty of room, Gina, We can lower the back seat and shove everything to the front.”

“I don’t know?” Gloria said. “Where will you guys sit?”

“We’ll sit in the back with you auntie.” Max smiled and looked at me with a wolfish grin on his freckled face.

I nodded, “Yeah it’ll be like we’re having a slumber party.” Then I laughed.

Gloria giggled, “A mobile slumber party?”

Gina eyed us suspiciously. She could tell something was up, but she didn’t know what.

“Good it’s settled then.” dad said.

“But Honey…” mom started to protest.

“It’s SETTLED!” dad snapped at her, to which mom just nodded and turned around in her seat. And that was the end of it. She didn’t have much of a backbone when it came to dad. His word was law with her.

Dad pulled off at the next rest area and we all piled out of the station wagon, all of us except for Gloria because she’d fallen asleep again.

Mom looked over her shoulder at us as if to say something but dad grabbed her hand and pulled her along, “Let’s go, baby.” She hung her head and followed him.

Max just laughed and we walked around to the back and opened the big door.

We removed all of the suitcases and laid them out on the ground. Then with him on one side and me on the other we laid the back seat down and Gloria rolled backwards with it. She didn’t even wake up. I walked around back and reached in and grabbed her ankles and gently pulled her into the back.

Max stacked the suitcases behind the front seats as I unfolded a few blankets and spread them out to make a pallet for her to lay on. Then I placed a pillow under her head and positioned her body escort şahinbey so she was lying flat on her back.

Dad came back from the bathroom but there was no sign of mom.

“Where is mom?” I asked.

Dad smiled and winked, “I got her picking out some snacks for us.”

I almost laughed at that. Mom had no luck when it comes to dealing with vending machines.

Max chuckled, “We’ll be here for a while.”

All three of us busted a gut.

I guess we were laughing too loudly and Gloria woke up and mumbled something and turned over on her stomach.

“Damn look at that ass boys.” dad said and crawled into the back. He lifted the bottom of her dress and pulled it up past her pink panties. Gloria certainly had a fine ass. Dad slapped her left buttock and then grabbed her ass tightly in both hands. Gloria didn’t even wake up. Next he pulled her panties down to her knees and spread her buttocks to expose her flower shaped bung.

Max and I just looked at each other and smiled. To be a happily married man, dad was certainly doing a heavy duty grope session with his sister-in-law.

He looked over his shoulder at us and smiled, “Old Roy told me that he’s fucked your aunt up the ass on more than one occasion. And now I can see why.”

“Oh gross!” Max gasped.

“Ah get out of here with that shit, boy. I fuck your mom in the ass all the time and she enjoys it!” he laughed and with that he shoved his thumb up Gloria’s ass and twisted up on it, corkscrewing her little asshole.

Gloria groaned but didn’t move or even open her eyes. I couldn’t tell if the sound coming from her was from pain or pleasure.

“Yeah you like that don’t you little sis?” dad laughed and he smacked her ass hard.

Her mouth opened and she whimpered.

I was starting to get hard again, watching my dad molest Gloria in this fashion.

Dad smiled and crawled out of the back of the wagon and just in time too.

“Walter?!” Mom gasped which caused all three of us to look her way. She was walking over carrying an arm load of snacks. “You could have at least helped carry some of this, Walter!”

Dad rolled his eyes and walked over and took the snacks from her and tossed them into the back. “Alright fellas load up!”

“Where is my snack?” mom asked putting hand on her hip and looking dejected.

“Oh your gonna get a snack later, trust me. Now get your ass in the car Gina!”

Gina quickly got in on the passenger side.

Then he looked at us and winked, “You guys have fun.” he whispered.

Max and I climbed into the back and dad shut the door behind us.

Dad got in on the driver side and away we went.

Gina had turned sideways in the seat so she could peek over the wall suitcases at us, “Are you boys okay back there?” she asked.

“Yeah were fine, mom.” I said Max and I bumped knuckles.

I took my shorts off but left my tank top on. Then I crawled over and laid down beside her. At this point she was still lying on her stomach with her panties down around her knees. Her ass was cherry red from where dad had slapped it.

Max reached down and tugged her panties the rest of the way down and tossed them aside. Her pussy was covered in thick blond pubic hair!

I unbuttoned the little buttons on the back of the dress and then Max helped me sit her up so I could pull the front of the dress down past her waist. She was wearing a pink lacy bra that snapped at the front and was held together with a tiny gold clasp. I twisted the clasp and it popped open and her thirty eight double “D” tits spilled forth in all their ample glory! And needless to say our young eyes bulged forth at the very site of them. Max and I both have seen breasts but only in magazines, never in person. Holy shit my dick was swelling, man.

“I’m first, dude.” şahinbey escort bayan my brother said undoing his jeans.

“The fuck you are.” I said pushing him aside. We might be twins but I was bigger than him and meaner. Max didn’t make a fuss he just moved out of the way. I grabbed Gloria under her knees and spread her legs.

“Roy? Is that you honey?” Gloria whispered.

“Yeah, Baby Girl it’s me.” I said moving on top of her.

She opened her eyes a little and smiled but then she frowned, “Jimmy?”

I pushed my cock into her warm wet pussy and sank it all the way to the hilt in one thrust.

Her eyes went wide and she gasped as my dick stretched her cunt! “Oh god! JIMMY!”

I started fucking her slowly at first with long slow strokes. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and moaned in pleasure. I kissed her hard on the lips and she kissed me back and even shoved her tongue in my mouth. The bitch knew it was me and not Roy which excited me and I started fucking her and ramming my cock balls deep inside her tight wet pussy!

“Fuck yeah give it to her, Jimmy!” Max whispered.

“Oh Jimmy…Yes…Ohhh baby!” she moaned against my ear.

Max laughed.

“What are you, guys doing back there?!” mom asked.

I looked up to see a concerned look on mom’s face. She knew exactly what I was doing. I was fucking her sister and she knew it.

Dad’s hand came up and grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her down sideways into the seat.

Max smiled, “I think dad’s about to give mom a snack.” He winked.

I didn’t give a fuck, I was getting mine. I became so lost in the pleasure of my aunts body that I started pounding and stabbing her pussy with my cock.

Gloria whimpered in pleasure or pain or maybe both. I would venture to say pleasure by the way she was digging her nails into my back.

Max crawled over with his dick in his hand and positioned himself beside Gloria’s face. She shook her head knowing what he wanted. Max grabbed a handful of her hair and forcibly turned her head.

“Come on bitch! You know your my favorite aunt! he laughed rubbed the tip of his dick against her lips until she finally relented and opened her mouth. My brother gasped when she closed her lips around his cock and began sucking it. She might not like sucking dick but damn she was giving it her all. “Ahh fuck!”

Talk about a hot little scene worthy of any porno movie, here I was pounding my aunts pussy while she sucked my brother’s dick. My aunt was a regular world class porn queen! I became so excited that I jammed my dick to the hilt inside her and blew my load. I filled her pussy so full that it jetted and gushed from her folds.

I pulled out of her and sat back on my ass and watched my brother get his.

Max now had Gloria by the hair was roughly jerking her head up and down as he mouth fucked. She just relaxed and let it happen in fact she didn’t appear to be in any distress. I would venture to guess that she’s taken a lot of cock in that sweet mouth of hers. And I’m sure Roy has trained her throat very well.

Max suddenly buried himself to hilt inside her mouth so hard that I thought her lips were going to rip. He gasped and shot his load. And for a few seconds my brother just held himself in place until he finally sank back on his ass exhausted. His dick slipped from Gloria’s mouth and she sat up on her elbows and looked at us both and smiled, then she opened her mouth to show us the cum. Then closed her greedy mouth and swallowed every bit of it.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Dad exclaimed and we knew immediately that mom was finally getting a belly full.

The three of us looked at each other in surprise. Then Gloria chortled and laid back, she didn’t seem to be all that depressed anymore. She turned on her side and fell fast asleep. She never took anymore of those Valiums the doctor prescribed her because apparently cum has less side effects. 🙂 Let’s just say my brother and I were absolutely drained by the time we finally made it to college.

Mom and dad took Gloria in and she’s turned our old bedroom into her own and now she and my parents are one big happy FUCKING family.

The End 🙂

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